How Congress Censored the Internet

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"we care so much about this that we didn't use our network over to raise awareness"
t. EFF

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craiglist shut down their personals relationship thing because of it

I'm currently raping a child as we speak, time to shut down 8ch.


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We still have free speech. Just not over the internet. But that's okay. The internet doesn't have to be your platform. Get up out of your chairs, go over to your window, open it up and yell "I'm mad as hell, and I'm not going to take it anymore!"

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I tried that and some people down the street shouted back "Aloha Snackbar!"


Is wonderful all of the fags are rioting because they can't solicit strangers to stick cock anymore.

I hate when bills are named in a way where people who are against it are countered by others who have just heard the title of the bill.

>The platform liability created by new Section 230 carve outs applies retroactively—meaning the increased liability applies to trafficking that took place before the law passed.
rip 8ch

Congress censored Americans, not The Internet.
I am from EU and this does whatever USA law does not affect me.

think again, bozo. Most sites are hosted in America, and another law passed that allows the US to force other countries to censor or give info from foreign servers that are owned by US companies

What is this and why should I care?

It was inevitable. They passed no NN now they passed this. It's obvious nobody can enforce this law universally since almost every webhost is a victim of it. So they will selectively enforce it.
Suck it up faggots.

Yeah, most sites hosted in US are shit anyways, nothing of value will be lost.

what's a site not hosted in US that isn't shit?

Here's one:
You can also find a lot of 80's microcomputer-related stuff on european servers. I care a lot more about those than trendy modern botnet shit.
Other example:

I prefer abandonia but I don't know where it's hosted.