So despite Codemonkey's efforts FOSTA passed and Craigslist shut down their personals section. Are we next?

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We figure out how to abuse this so as to shut down mainstream social media sites.

Probably. I mean you have the CLOUD act now, which is essentially the death of privacy online *yeah i know it's already dead but i mean legally speaking*. I wouldn't be too surprised to see more new bills targeting places like this. Although to be honest these places as so bogged down with government shill shit-starters and redditors it begs they question why they even bother.

trump will protect us

Oy vey! Think of the children!

Yes, think of all the children that we'll be able to protect by giving social media sites the legal incentive to conceal and preemptively censor all evidence pointing to sex trafficking. Such good people!

Good, that shit was full of gay faggots

As opposed to heterosexual faggots?


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Literally nobody brought up trump in negative light in this entire thread so far

This will be enforced selectively, Big Internet is too valuable to the US as tool of mass espionage and manipulation, nevermind boring old profit.

Don't know why this site is even hosted in the US.

that's our Samson Option

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How many of you faggots actually called and sent letters? Betting not many. Don't worry, though, I'm sure president faggot will veto it.

Obama is out for 2 years already you retard

President Faggot Traitor, King Nigger, what's the difference?

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The chans are too small and new ones pop up all the time. There's also IRC if they do decide to play wack-a-mole.

Selective enforcement isn't their intent. The purpose of this legislation is to push more moderation, on a level hotpocketeers can't do. This serves the dual aims of killing small sites that can't afford a full-time paid staff of censors, and to justify the harshest possible thought policing on the remaining giant sites (Facebook, Alphabet, Apple, etc.).

Actually it's only been one year.

So, people who are dedicated to having fun will just start popping out more Pirate Bays.
They've been trying to smack that site in the dirt for years across borders and they still haven't succeeded.
Hell, considering forums aren't for file sharing the initial trust for the platform is lower. Take on the Hydra.

This, a thousand times this

There's always TOR and I2P.

We're not quite at that stage yet. You're still allowed to access and post to unmoderated and lightly moderated sites that sometimes unwittingly facilitate CP & human trafficking, just not host them. As such, h8chan will probably move hosting outside burgerstani borders soon.

Just as soon as they finish rounding out the personality profiles of all the users on the site, then they'll pull the plug. Of course I'm joking, but I do wonder why "hate chan" hasn't received the dailystormer treatment

selective enforcement means it doesn't apply to kikes, ie google, facebook, and twitter.

doesn't mean anything unless jim is actually going to live there and get citizenship there.

craigslist personals were nothing but a hub of prostitution and faggotry and faggot prostitution anyway. this is why they immediately shut it down. they have no defense, one look at that is all you need.

when they came for the faggot prostitutes I did not speak out, for I was not a faggot prostitute


it's time fire up retroshare over tor again

What if logs aren't kept?

Anyway, the main problem isn't whether or not logs are surrendered, but whether or not the site is allowed to remain online without a "credible and responsive moderation policy".

is dis fosta the same reason why the main nntpchan node is down oniichanylo2tsi4.onion/ ? anyone know if there are still working nntpchan nodes?

i don't think anything behind a .onion gives a shit, fosta is the least of their worries

And the problem with that is the "hate speech" and other censorship laws in most of the rest of the developed world.

i think some i2p and deepweb nodes are up, not sure though.

old end/pol/ BO here. the dev came by once and said that he was sick of running an imageboard and he generally seemed disenfranchised by the current state of imageboards as a whole.

from what I remember, he felt like his work on the project was done and the only improvements that could be made were "beautification" which wasn't worth doing to a board with no users.

the tech is out there, so if there aren't any nodes why not make one? i'd gladly post on it. i also can't see why fosta would bring them down as they were very good about removing illegal content and clearnet nodes wouldn't display images posted from the darknet for maximum protection of clearnet node owners and posters.

it's shitty to run a site that get's no users especially an imageboard, and keep motivation to keep it up. there isn't enough imageboard userbase for multiple boards, it's 8ch and whatever faggots are left on 4ch and that's it. any imageboard is doomed to fail while 8ch and 4ch are up.

seems like retroshare is easier to keep people's interest and keep a userbase up, and it doesn't require a central server. despite retroshare's bloated shit interface i think it's the best solution at the moment.

what will end up happening with 8ch if pressure is put on is the moderation is going to increase 500x, with range bans on pol and leftypol going out at an even more furious pace. due to the nature of these boards even mentioning that bans are going out for questionable reasons will result in further bans and information suppression, which will be more complicated by the fact that banning for shilling alternative's is supported by the majority of the userbase, the userbase will simply dwindle down silently as people leave anyway for alternatives that are shilled through the bans.

another problem with these deepweb solutions is that people are fucking stupid and incapable of setting up anything that requires more than 3 clicks and it's going to be instantly dropped if any command line or config file configuration is involved.

retroshare over tor requires far more configuration than double clicking on tor browser, so maybe the immediate alternative is simply imageboards that only have a .onion. the problem with these is that they are still central servers and will be shilled relentlessly with CP in order to force a takedown, while with something like retroshare a user can simply cut off another user and be done with it.

yep, only reason endchan is still up is because of /sp/ and some dedicated richfags that keep donating.

also true, but at this point i'm pretty sure most >>>Holla Forums users are the_donald refugees and random boomers who are used to commenting on youtube. kind of sad tbh, since end/pol/ and other alternatives aren't doing incredibly well.

end/pol/ has sort of stagnated and meguca has the same people it's always had. i unfortunately think a lot of posters are going back to cuckchan.

I know the feeling, but I just keep mine up because it's on my VPS which hosts other stuff. It's kind of a shame because I created it to have nifty features like live post updating and creating boards / blotter messages without needing to restart anything.

reddit banned alot of boards also

r/piracy will be next
any other websites like

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1) NN isn't set to end for another month, you doofus:
2) NN is about allowing people to do evil things that are currently illegal, so nothing will happen until then. FOSTA is about punishing people unless they do evil things that were already legal, so preemptive action is obviously more likely.

Hidden imageboards!

Hidden everything!

We should change the frontpage to be something completely different