Media is saying that using IP technology CIA has managed to track down not just the exact building the DNC hack came...

Media is saying that using IP technology CIA has managed to track down not just the exact building the DNC hack came from, but also the office, terminal and identity of the hacker.

He is of course, Russian.

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I literally just got cancer from that webm

this entire board is mostly conservative.
we don't buy into the mainstream media narrative anymore.

you can even take DNA sample and test whether they are true ethnic Russian and not just Chinese hacker employed by Russians, cuz you know, they are the bad guys

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How can you even be a Holla Forumsie while at the same time being a disgusting communist?

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Some expert on "smart blockchain" had proofs of Russian hackers influencing American elections by collecting IP addresses of the public wifi near the Kaspersky office in the Netherlands.

Anti-establishment would be more appropriate to call it

Well the establishment IS far left wing....

Yet trump is in office

Trump is centre left, moron. He's a New York style democrat, you just think he's right wing because he thinks borders are a good idea.

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It isn't as ridiculous as the nork hackers but it's still pretty stupid to just assume it was a foreign agent (who'd be more likely to use the proof of wrongdoing as a trading chip) instead of an internal leaker.

But user they aren't neo-anarcho-marxist-bolshevik-trans-negroid-feminist-syndicalists, the only true form of gay space communism.

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The Russians are going to be blamed for ==EVERYTHING== now for fuck sake IP can be falsified like hell if they have the ressources, if it really was Russians if would be some BS IP like france or UK.
Also for some fucking reason their an enormous amount of slander and fake news coming from officials and "journalist" in a lot of European countries since muh Russian hacker it's like they try to start war or make them look like the bad guys.
Honestly if people want to look at the bad guy's look at fucking china and communists in general.

I see they are still pushing the evil communist Russia narrative, and why wouldn't they the masses are easily manipulated.

Nobody here is a conservative because modern conservatives are weasels

How am I supposed to trust what you're saying when you don't even know your left from your right?

Despite all presented evidence, I have trouble squaring the circle of invincible Russian state hackers with past experience of the only time Russian state hackers managed to hack anyone, police had to raid the office, seize server, take hard disks out and bring them to said hackers to copy the files.

Also according to some rumors, Putin's personal dacha's security system is operated by "if ((time1)) start_system();"-tier of code.

>if ((time4)) start_system();

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Meanwhile, actual ex-CIA and ex-NSA officials demonstrate it was physically impossible for the DNC servers to have been hacked across the Atlantic:

Whom to trust? Whistleblowers or current employees of an organization that has lied to the American public for the entirety of its existence? Neither! No need for trust here, just follow the arguments and basic physics.

Are you retarded? The rusmutt was actually working for the DNC itself. Says so right in the article.

What a tweest. I'm sure the CIA has plenty of convincing proof for this timely revelation.

That's ju-jitsu. Kid needs to learn who is boss if he is to make anything of himself.

the establishment is liberals and neoliberals, idiot
tech is full of retards and extremists, which is why it is more fun than the establishment
fuck centerists, red-yellow-brown-black alliance for hackers is the only path forward

This isn't a left-vs-right issue, it's Democrats alongside Republicans being neocons to keep their MIC sponsors in embezzlementbux. Don't write off any of your normalfag acquaintances and let them swallow this poison pill:

First off, Guccifer 2.0 was a secondary redistribution point for NGP-VAN, not the original source of data from the DNC, which evidence suggests was probably an internal leak. Second, Guccifer 2.0 probably wasn't Wikileaks' source, and may in fact even be a DNC counter-op to taint Wikileaks' intel:

Holla Forums is a russian board.

The password to the DNC servers was, drum roll....


No fucking joke.


try me
putin is not a commie

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How do you know this?

Because I was the russian hacker


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I wish I could be like Alexander Dugin when I'm older.

Is this a serious post? Do you think right and left in that image refers to physical position?

And I'm sure the CIA just wants us to take their word for it, of course because muh seekrits


You're already a Jew, so you're half way there. :^)

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populist rednecks would be a more appropriate label

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le 56% master race everyone
top tier political expertise

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all the cancer on this board identifies themselves with 1 of 2 political parties in the US

because Holla Forums is about technology, not politics. if you are here only to complain about the SJW shit in the western tech sector, you're not Holla Forums

Amerimutts are too mongrelized to understand context, so they use Ben Garrison-tier labeling on all their memes.

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Good goyim, keep fighting among yourselves.

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I asked that because technology is a polar opposite of socialism.

Come on now.

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They hacked it through a Visual Basic GUI

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I'm not American, I'm just pointing out that the bird of paradise lands only on the hand which does not grasp.

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imagine my shock