Custom bullshit PC case

so, I'm looking to do something totally retarded and I'd like to ask you guys if its possible or wallet suicide (in the burning money sense, not the spending it on worthless shit sense).

This is the Hades nuc, and for my purposes, its a very attractive buy because I want to stick it into a book and need the slimmest gaming rid i can find.

the video has an disassembly of the nuc and the question I have relates heavily to its heat sink. My goal, is to cast a copper heat sink and apply it to the exisiting heat sink. The die of the sink will be mounted in a hollowed out book's binding, drawing heat from within outward. the problem I'm unsure about obviously is weather or not it will work

The heat sink itself seems at least vaguely sound, there are fan less heat sinks available on the market and some of them approach the amount of surface area and amount of copper I hope to use. that doesn't necissarily mean it will work though, or be something you could physically touch. but before we get into "will the copper be cool enough to touch" A much higher priority is "this heat sink wont be bottlenecked ontop of the existing heat sink for some reason and fry my cpu."

The video shows the heat sink is dark black, while the other images show a copper heat sink. assuming thermal paste and a plate, I'd like to get some idea of how effectively you could draw heat from the processor. gaming laptops seem to do just fine for what they're capable of, the thing runs hot and the fan is obviously on all the time in them, but the CPU doesn't generally die while the heat is making its way to that fan. but this is more like attaching a heat sink to a heat sink and I'm just not confident without someone to explain to me any technical hurdles this idea might introduce.

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regardless of what you end up going with, you need to make sure that surface of the cpu and heatsink is mirror finish and apply a small bead of thermal paste.
if its made of copper and has fans, it most likey wont overheat.

Are you sure paper transmits heat well enough that thing won't fry? I guess it should be ok but can't say for sure.

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Paper is more like insulation. That's why homeless people use it for blankets.

I would like to know the opinion of the future you about what he thinks about your present actions.
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actually the radiated heat should be exposed to the air, not the book, though I imagine the book will take some of the heat but the main goal is to expose the metal to air and have it radiate

despite how gay this is I am pretty sure I'll like this idea for decades to come. /tg/fags are nerdy like that

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you should make one from human skin

i literally just use cardboard boxes. i have 5 million of them so it's essentially free.

Prove it.

I'm pretty sure you dont use cardboard for heat sinks


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They work great, much better than diamond

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Diamonds are for loser, use Moissanite.
Silicon for Silicon, no need for filthy carbons.

is this for fucking real?

it must be a matter of not being able to shape it right for it to work.

you're retarded

where do heatpipes fit into this equation

Nope, they already exist, just extremely expensive hence
Worked for the government a few years back, can’t say much more other than they have thousands of these

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Ideally you’d use the diamond as a heat exchange with liquid nitrogen running over it as the coolant... please don’t ask how I know all this... ;)

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ok then mr smartypants how do you prevent this??

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Are you retarded? You basically HAVE to put it in a vacuum chamber anyways because otherwise you’d constantly have to cool the liquid nitrogen and it would waste a boatload of energy. Putting it in a vacuum chamber prevents ice formation because there isn’t any water to freeze. There isn’t any air which contains a small percentage of water vapor.

OP, please don't listen to this LARPer.
Here's a WAY easier solution: get a modest liquid cooler, leave the radiator outside the case.

Hmm...why not simply dehumidify the chamber?

Here’s a much better idea

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Any particle interaction between the liquid nitrogen and anything else will heat it faster and make costs higher. This is because temperature is average kinetic energy per unit volume. When you remove the particle interactions entirely via a much simpler and more effective vacuum chamber you end up with lower costs, even when you include maintenance. ;)

ok mr college enough of your lectures none of us could afford a setup like that

how do you prevent it from catching fire?


that looks great, you should leave that in a public place and walk away briskly


Conformal coating.
Oil bath.

not him but the average cpu won't burn cardboard. unless your chips are reaching over 450F you won't burn cardboard

Over 450C and this book sucks.