Why is this board full of thin skinned white internet warriors who get their panties in a twist over the slightest...

Why is this board full of thin skinned white internet warriors who get their panties in a twist over the slightest criticism?Just start any debate and they get all chuddy and go “we wuz inventing computers and trains and shit” even in the most unfitting contexts

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>>885932364lmaoing @ that chinlet's jewish nose

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>it's the whignat race warriors that are seething, not me creating another off-topic thread to bitch and whine about them, h-heh

>>885932364You’re the only one I see whining here. Imagine getting shit on in a thread then making a whole topic to cope like a little bitch.I feet dogpiled all the time by retards, but I don’t make general threads about it. Just log off you pussy.

>>885932364Lack of BBC rape correction

>>885932364In which thread did the White people hurt your feelings?

>>885932369The one where they said I'd never have an ethnostate.


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>>885932364>“we wuz inventing computers and trains and shit” But those were indeed invented by whitey like most other relevant inventions

theres a rise in white nationalism due to the fact that white people are slowly becoming less and less respected/relevent on the world stage. white people are the ultimate copers and sneeders and will literally chimp out over the slightest affront to their self esteem.

>>885932373As a brown this isn’t even true, have you met a black person?White people bear shit talking and hostility better than anyone save for Asians. Feel bad for how much Asians get shot on, but whites are a close second.

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>>885932374>As a *self hating brown who worships white people* this isn’t even true, have you met a black person?hitler genocided 11 million over a stupid little conspiracy theory. stalin starved and exterminated 20 million because he knew communism was a scam.white boys will call you a gorilla nigger over jokes about not seasoning their food. white women cry rape when a man stops betabuxxing her. white men started worshipping andrew tate and larping as american psycho because the media keeps calling them racist.keep bootlicking and covering for a race of people that literally do not want anything to do with you.

>>885932365>jewish noseI knew whites were actually a lesser, sub race of Jews. Fucking knew it

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>>885932374>White people bear shit talking and hostility better than anyone save for AsiansI feel like we're not even using the same websiteMost of the white "men" here are incredibly insecure and probably mentally ill. I can easily go into desuarchive and pull up logs containing thousands upon thousands of threads and posts made by whites, towards Chinese, Indians, Arabs, Persians, etc. Very few posters here are of the groups I mentioned above.

>>885932375You are disconnected from reality

>>885932375>white women cry rape when a man stops betabuxxing herStopped reading right there, should have know I was talking to an incel.The internet has buck broken your brain boy.>>8859323774chan is a drop in the bucket compared to sites like Reddït, twatter, and other mainstream media outlets where white hate is a regular punchline.All of America exists to appease black people who get more assistance from the government and private corporations than anyone relate and still act oppressed.Blacks are the most fragile group by a long shot and Asians are objectively the most opressed. Black people even assault them openly for no fucking reason and the media covers it up.

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IMHO this place got invaded by Pajeets.

Just think about it from a white dude's perspective>be white>not smart>not handsome>not strong>no talents or skills>overlooked in school, work, relationships/dating, and so on>have basically nothing to be proud of...>nonetheless, from your childhood you are exposed to a multitude of media that puts a select few whites on top>internalize this to a deep level>falsely envision yourself as the top 0.001% of whites, in both past and present eras>live vicariously through aristocrats and billionaires who happen to fall in the same census category as you>grow increasingly hostile and angry at any examples of aristocrats/billionaires who aren't white>begin forming a world view around what leftists call "euro centrism" ...>one day>find 4chan>find thousands of other whites just like you>you all share the same hatred and resentment towards minorities>enjoy your safe space for years>enter 2016 presidential election>4chan goes mainstream>notice that many more third worlders have internet access >they talk and banter the same way as you>indicates a substantial middle class in "shithole" countries >you never recover from this...>fast forward to 2020>covid hits>China's fault>asia's fault>jew's fault>this all makes sense based on your 4chan education so far>even more normies flood your safe space, turning you into an extremely racist and angry incel>people start posting about Indian CEOs>people start posting genetics studies with Chinese/Indian authors>people start posting things from reddit, Twitter, and so on, things that aren't explicitly pro-white...You are here>you begin doubling down on your seething>you make threads unprovoked towards minorities>PAJEETS AND CHINKS is all that goes through your head>half your posts involve rape fantasies >much of your identity revolves around ancient populations and civilizations which don't exist >you long for a time when whites had it all

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>>885932375If Africa could ever muster the resources and skills to organize a world power like the USSR or Germany, they would commit genocide on that level too. Instead you haves a bunch of low level, yet constant tribal warfare. They run around with machetes and hack each other to pieces and have child soldiers shoot up villages with AK’s.Africans never even developed to the point to murder over nationalism because they still murder over tribalism.

>>885932381As an Asian, don’t use us in your fantasies faggot. I hate liberals and leftists more than whites, and I’m tired of you faggots acting like you speak for us when you’re making life as hard as possible for Asians in America and around the world.Despite this we will succeed and we will crush you.

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>>885932364Why is board filled with thin skinned white internet communists who get their panties in a twist over the slightest criticism?Just start any debate, and they get all gullotiney, and go "WE WUZ SOVIET PARTISANS N SHIET" even in the most unfitting context.

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>>885932381Spot on.But to be fair, not all whites are like you described. Just the ones on 4chan and parts of the internet. Living in the midwest all my life, I've never encountered a white person similar to the subhumans who inhabit 4chan. In fact, every single white normie I know thinks 4chan is a shithole cesspool for racists and white nationalist virgin losers. I used to get a bit defensive about this, but honestly they're right. Almost every white person here is a fucking loser.

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>>885932385This is very true. The only people I know who use 4chan and are even remotely well adjusted are the people who aren't Holla Forumsfags.

>>885932375Stalin was non-white

>>885932386Right? My and my white, asian, indian friends found 4chan back in like 2015. I probably use it the most out of anyone, just for kicks but also out of habit. My white friend also uses 4chan a bit, mostly frequents /int/ because he's a francophile and stuff. And honestly he's even more of an anti-racist, leftist than I am.

>>885932374>White people bear shit talking and hostility better than anyone save for AsiansLmfao. If you says something racist to a brown they just defend themselves. If you say something racist to a white, they'll go on a long rant about jewishcommietrannyniggers. They think White people are so superior that any criticism could only come from some organized cabal of anti-White authority figures.

>>885932384>if you're not racist you're communistI don't get it.

>>885932390Simple, commies created the worldview that race doesnt exist and were the first to use “racist” as a derogatory term

>>885932378care to actually give an argument against what i said? or will you keep seething?>>885932382>white boys will call you a gorilla nigger over jokes about not seasoning their food.like clockwork. you get called out and your first instinct is to cope and complain about black people. how about you stop arguing with hypotheticals, thats such a childish way to deflect criticism.>>885932379white hate is 100% deserved. you guys brought it on yourselves. are you serioulsy suprised that genociding and enslaving people will make them hate you? are you suprised that acting like condescending little bitches will make people resent you?

>>885932381How much of a newfag do you have to be to think that racism on 4chan is a post-2016 phenomenon.

>>885932391But the USSR brutally oppressed minority groups within their own borders.

>>885932389>They think White people are so superior that any criticism could only come from some organized cabal of anti-White authority figures.Pretty much. It's not even just insults, they project this view onto literally all facets of their livesTheir president didn't win? Must be the Jews and pedostheir new doctor is an Indian woman? Must be the Jews and anti white communiststheir favorite image board is being used by non whites? Glowie psyop to turn all white people into tranniesAlso their obsession with transgender related shitWhy do white people care so much? Is it because they feel as if whites are overrepresented in tranny statistics?

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>>885932393the current wave of extremist racism is in fact a post-2016 thing. before 2016 only the edgiest posters posted Holla Forums infographics. now its the status quo. retardedly racist boomers and Gen Xrs heard about 4chan from fox news and flooded in. ever notice how we havent actually had any new memes since 2016? theres no youthful posters here. its all jaded racist boomers complaining about blacks

>>885932393post-2016 Holla Forums stopped naming the Jews and began worshipping the pozzed Western governments and I'm tired of pretending they don't. All of you fags need to go back to crying about CornPop on reddit.

>>885932393It clearly isn't the same, dumbass.I've been here since 2011. Its one thing to call people nigger faggots or whatever. And of course Stormfront came here a long time ago. But they were always contained and people acknowledged the difference between unironic seething towards other races, and offensive banter. At the end of the day, a lot of the whites here turn off their computer and STILL think the same way as they post on here.

>>885932396>4chan was only pretending to be racist back then!

>>885932396>before 2016 only the edgiest posters posted Holla Forums infographics. now its the status quo. moot deleted the /news/ board in *2011* because other boards whined about /news/fags derailing threads with infographics lol, you're just a newfag whining about how election tourists ruined the designated racist shitposting containment board>>885932397>no one mentions anything remotely related to US politics>STOP CRYING ABOUT CORNPOP ELECTION TOURISTGo back

>>885932385>samefagging>look goy you can be a good goy>just shut up and be a self hating cuck and take it>>885932392>you guys brought it on yourselves.I’m not white dumbass, I’m speaking the truth and you can’t handle it. White people take more shit than anyone besides Asians in modern society.They dish out very little for how much open hostility they take.Blacks on the other hand are hyper fragile and have glass egos even though all of Western society works to give them multiple advantages.

>>885932399It's more like nobody was stupid enough to think that 4chan was a good place to learn about real world politics. Millennials may suck, but we weren't literally retarded to the point where we thought the things we saw here were serious and important.

>>885932399thats not at all what i said. i said that racism wasnt the primary culture of the site. now its all you see in every thread. jews and niggers 24/7.learn how to read before you try and argue please.

>>885932399I have yet to see any proof of this so called “2016 boomer invasion”. 4chan was always like this, it’s just lefties astroturfing with no proof so newfags believe them.

>>885932400>t. plan truster

>>885932398It's obviously the same, this is just the latest round of "nazi extremists ruined my wholesome chungus *ironically* racist 4chan"

>>885932401outside of social media, blacks arent being worshipped or coddled. take it from me. people still act like scared little bitches when im around and refuse to speak to me. people wont sit next to me on public transit, women clutch their purses. white men like to act tough and love talking down to me. asians give me dirty looks, hispanics turn theire noses and cuss me out in spanish.black people arent crying racism for nothing. we're still seen as subhumans just like we were 200 years ago.

>>885932401>I’m not white dumbass, I’m speaking the truth and you can’t handle it. White people take more shit than anyone besides Asians in modern society.white people don't take anything you self hating cuck. 90% of the seething threads made by whites on here are the direct result of some twitter post made by normies, usually mocking white people. Even the simple act of mentioning spice tolerance will elicit every racial slur. Tell a white dude that he sun burns easily and he'll immediately call you a nigger, streetshitter, chink bugman, gook, monkey, etc

And as a brown Asian, I’d like to apologize to any whites in this thread for any hostility delivered to you from my kind. We all must police our own, and believe me, I do, and forcefully.I’ve even punched a white liberal in the skull at a party for telling an anti white joke and expecting me to laugh along. That shit won’t fly, and you have the right to start swinging.

>>885932409>I’ve even punched a white liberal in the skull at a party for telling an anti white joke and expecting me to laugh along. That shit won’t fly, and you have the right to start swinging.kekd

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>>885932409>white worshipping brown asianthis is fucking sad bro.

>>885932407They are being worshiped you little punk bitch.>tfw asian american>tfw every month on spotify/amazon/netflix/etc is black month>we get 1 month and have to share it with pacific islanders>shitlibs constantly kiss black ass and act like you walk on water for existing>shitlibs cover up black violent hate crimes against the Asian community>shitlibs make it easier for blacks to get into college or federal jobs than anyone else>shitlib companies throw blacks billions just for existing>black people walk around with massive egos AND act like they're opressedFuck you bitch, I’m not your ally and you love life on easy mode. Deal with it.>>885932408Sounds like you have a persecution complex related to 4chan. Get off this website and literally the opposite is true on any mainstream social media website.

>>885932409>I’ve even punched a white liberal in the skull at a party for telling an anti white joke and expecting me to laugh along. Ideology > race. I will always respect and support a anti-liberal non-white over a white liberal

>>885932412>Sounds like you have a persecution complex related to 4chan.>Get off this website and literally the opposite is true on any mainstream social media website.assuming you're actually brown, why are you victimizing whites this much? are whites really such massive faggots that they can't handle banter? If anything, you are proving everything that this user >>885932381 said earlier. White "men" are spineless subhumans who can't take the smallest jokes at their own expense. You need to use 4chan as a safe haven for your retarded worldview that doesn't hold up anywhere else. Imagine relying on fringe idiots to validate your pathetic identity because nobody else will LMAOJesus christ, you make me so happy to be a normie who just happens to use this website. Not a pasty, pale insectoid who mentally lives here.

>>885932409>I’ve even punched a white liberal in the skull at a party for telling an anti white joke and expecting me to laugh along>I punched a white person because I like white peopleOn behalf of white people, we invented this shit called Thorazine and I think you need to take some.

>>885932412did you read one word of my post? we're treated like second class citizens in REAL LIFE. people virtue signalling on the internet and companies virtue signalling for their public image doesnt mean shit if its not reflected in day to day life. >im not your allyno you're not. never said you were. its clear your just ANOTHER brown asian who worships white people. i've met millions of your kind. acting like you're too good to talk to me cuz a white person smiled at you. you'll never be white jfc. why are you riding white dick so hard? asians get curbstomped by blacks because they act like bitches unironically

>>885932414"People" like you have ruined this site alongside the rest of the internet.

>>885932416ignore him. He has a massive inferiority complex and takes it out on blacks, asians, indians, everyone except for whites. Who he worships every single day. LiterallyLook at the chat logs. There's 15 PAGES of this shit. Every single day he posts so much. Most of it is just Holla Forums drivel and typical reddit neo nazi stuff. Rarely, he comes to his senses and calls out hypocrites, even if they are saying something he generally believes in. Honestly don't even engage with this guy.

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>>885932417Am I ruining your safe space? Me? Aw, sorry pal. Next time I'll be more considerate of your feelings and your fragile white ego :)

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>>885932419>safe spaceIs this what you call places where you wont have "people" chimping out on you just for calling a nigger a nigger? If so then yeah i do like this safe space and dont want it to turn into leddit 2.0(guess it might be too late for that)

>>885932420This whole thread is literally about how white men are fragile and throw slurs over the dumbest shit. You’re a testament to that fact. it’s like you guys are trying to be as mentally ill and immature as possible

>>885932420jesus christ are you 12? Listen to yourself You're angry at me because you can't call me a nigger and simply get away with it. You're angry that I would respond to you with a similar insult, and hurt your feelings. lmao

>>885932421This is what freedom of speech is, my ancestors fought for this

>>885932422>You're angry that I would respond to you with a similar insultIm not, after all im a supporter of free speech. What angers me is that you're trying to infrige my right to say nigger

>>885932423>>885932424>you don’t get it I NEED to say nigger You’re just proving me right more and more. You are mentally ill

>>885932425It's sad that using the white man's technology flusters you so much. You should take a break from this site. Try black people twitter? Or watch some goyslop, that'll calm you down.

>>885932424>What angers me is that you're trying to infrige my right to say niggerhow? by using the same website as you? you fucking subhuman crackerYour entire identity depends on normal people like me coming here and arguing with you. Your "right" to call me a nigger is the only thing keeping you from roping right now. Nobody here is "infringing" shit, you're just a faggot tranny like every other white boy on here who can't take a bit of banter without devolving into a raging, seething autist.

>>885932426>using the white man's technologyermmm actually I'm using a USB mouse, so that's a brown man's technology. And guess what? this website relies on a base ten number system to exist. It also relies on the concepts of negative integers, decimals, exponents, fractions, and more. Hold on let me just accept a Vemno payment from your mom, thanking me for amazing sex last night. Oh wait! that's also invented by an Indian. HAHA!

>>885932426>thread about how white men are so insecure they go on racist rants over the slightest criticism >white guy comes in the thread, gets angry and proceeds to prove the main point right Hilarious. Absolutely hilarious, Zero self awareness or sense of irony.

>>885932429ok to be fair, I almost feel bad for the whites here. We put them in a bit of a catch 22. They either admit to being pussies with horrible inferiority complexes, or prove us to be correct. Oh well lol

>>885932430This shit happens in real life too. White boomers will randomly try to lecture me about staying away from crime. Then they find out I make more than them and they start seething.

>>885932431And then everyone clapped.

>>885932432sounds pretty believable to me. whites always talk to non whites in a dumb way, basically setting themselves up to get BTFO'd

>>885932432>no argument so he resorts to a Reddit meme responseIt 100% happens. In school my teachers would try to ask me questions out of the blue to embarrass me cuz they thought I wasn’t listening. Then they’d get BTFO and give me dirty looks the rest of class White people are the biggest copers and sneeders. You just have your heads up your asses all the time so you don’t notice it

OP is a huge faggot

>>885932435I agree with you 100%, and I'm also a transgender woman if that explains my opinion

>>885932436It explains your faggotry and disagreement with his opinion. This is the faggiest thread on the board right now.

>>885932434Wow...a teacher told you to answer a question? In a classroom? Oh my god, you were so persecuted by white people growing up. Did the voices in your head tell you that they hated you?

thread up for 5 hours lol. dead boardthese threads are all made by a single deranged korean chinknadian btw, you can tell who he is because he says chud every other word and brings up his nonexistent "career" when no one asked

>>885932438>sneeds and copes again A lot of teachers assumed I was a dumb troublemaker and when I’d prove them wrong, they’d sneed and try to make me look bad. Because, again, white people get angry when non-whites expose them and make them look stupid. Why does pointing this out make you so mad? Could it be… because it’s true, and you don’t like facing the truth?

>>885932440White women asking you questions traumatized you this much? Who's the fragile one again? >I was a dumb troublemakerYour teachers were right.

>>885932441you're proving him right lmaowhitecels really are the weakest links of society. you guys don't even exist in the eyes of normies, you're a subhuman underclass who is totally ignored and forgotten.

>>885932441Not a trouble maker but he was definitely one of the lower kinds of human if you happen to believe in that stuff (doesn't have to be necessarily racial). Harboring resentment, grudges from a thousand years ago. Cowardly, meek.I was like that once. Then I got a mirror shown to me unintentionally and saw how absolutely pathetic I was.

>>885932376>brownoid can't tell the difference between an aquiline nose and a fully curved Jew nose

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>>885932442Why should I care if I'm proving someone right? I don't set out to change anyone's mind, especially a mentally unstable person that is still losing sleep over what a teacher asked of them a decade, maybe even decades ago.

>>885932441>traumatized No. More like blackpilled me. Just showed me that white people are incredibly insecure around non-whites. Any display of competence by a non-white is an affront to white peoples self esteem. Simple as. You guys can never be happy for a “nigger”. just angry and bitter. No matter what we do. >>885932443Believe me, I’m not holding any grudges. I laugh at white women when they start acting like Karens. I laugh at white men who try to act tough when I’m simply STANDING next to their women. I’m not angry, just amused. Keep coping guys…. Keep coping.

History and Humanities?

>>885932447We need to help this Korean get over decades of trauma because a teacher actually expected him to do some work in school.

>>885932444literally the same nose KEK

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>>885932409>dear whitey I love you please let me into the ethnostateAsians are the most cucked race on the planet.

>>885932445>mentally unstable person that is still losing sleep overHe just recalled an experience from his life that supported his argument. It's called using evidence and logic, albino monkeyI've rarely heard white "people" do the same

>>8859323814chan is mostly brown people nowadays

>>885932424>Im not, after all im a supporter of free speechWhites will literally call back to regimes that existed to suppress undesirable groups and censor speech when you insult them KEK.

>>885932452>everyone I don't like is brown>everyone I don't like is a gook>everyone I don't like is a nigger>everyone I don't like is a trannykeep going

>>885932449He was a crypto-Jew, look at what he did to make lives easier for Jews in France. Everyone in his day made fun of his nose.

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>>885932444Anyone who insults you is labelled Jewish regardless of what they look like.

>>885932454Jews are white

>>885932457Anyone who insults Whites are at the very least influenced by Jewish behaviour, if not Jewish themselves

>>885932458Not according to Jewsyoutube.com/watch?v=9X2t-DmkgCgThough they will happily pretend to be White when it's time to lecture their "fellow White people" about how evil we all are

>>885932416>asians get curbstomped by blacks because they act like bitches unironicallyAnd there you go LARPing as a violent manchild. I’m glad China is dominating Africa now, you’re all about to become vassals under Asian fascism and there’s nothing you can do to stop it.Blacks in China are even crying about black women being stolen by Chinese lmao, losers exist in every race and you’re one of em.

>>885932461>Blacks in China are even crying about black women being stolen by ChineseMeant to say blacks in Africa

>>885932422I can call you a nigger though

>>885932451Anecdotal evidence is not a substitute for real evidence. This isn't an intersectionalist sit-down, your lived experiences don't trump reality. Especially when this experience with a single person "...blackpilled me." What kind of slippery slide is that? Might as well say that anyone sucker-punched for walking down the street has a valid and blackpilled worldview.

>>885932461You worship white people. You’re a BROWN Asian who worships white people. Let that sink in. You’re most likely short so white people LITERALLY look down on you. And you worship them. No white women will date you. No white man will respect you. You are trash

>>885932464Every white person I meet is an insecure condescending loser. When they first meet me they’re apprehensive and think I’m gonna kill them. Then when I start BTFOing them in arguments they start sneeding and coping. And they ALL eventually call me nigher after getting logically raped for long enough.Every single time.

>>885932465You’re so desperate to land something on me and you keep missing. Sorry I ruined your circlejerk thread about who the real fragile pussies are.>no white women will date youI hope not, I’m already married to a Mexican one.

>>885932466do you mean people in real life or online

>>885932466I’m watching you have a mental breakdown in real time dood. I gott one more hour on the clock at work of paid shitposting to laugh at you. Please, keep going.

>>885932468In real life. 99% of the time. The other 1% are Karens who try to play the whole “damsel in distress” meme.

>>885932450Yes they truly are and asian men don't even realize how badly white men shit on them to make themselves look like a better option to asian women. Asian people seem to have a pathological desire to cheerleader and bend over backwards for white people.

>>885932412>>we get 1 month and have to share it with pacific islandersYou don't deserve a month at all. African Americans are far more entrenched in American history than any other minority group.

>>885932470Damn you must live in one hell of a place. I pitty you. and everyone else residing in whatever squalid suburb/west coast city you live in.

>>885932473This is not even an insult it genuinely sounds like a very miserable place.

>>885932466Wait you just approach random people and "debate" them? Lmao what the fuck is wrong with you, what do you even talk to them about? Why are you so obsessed with Europeans?

>>885932475No I don’t just randomly start arguing with white people. If we happen to find ourselves in a little disagreement, white people get extremely angry when I beat them. That’s all.

>>885932476You should embrace the Buddha Dharma and work single-mindedly to apprehend your true timeless original nature. We are one in our Buddha nature.

>>885932471>noooo they won’t kneel for crack smoking gettho thugs burning their businesses, they’re secretly white supremacists!No one outside of the shitlib cult believes this.Sorry some of us have too much pride to bend over for the fragile black ego. Oh wait I’m not sorry, suck my dick nigggggga

>>885932375I am mongolian but he is rightwhite people are treated like a bacteria in their own country

>>885932478You Asians also seem to have a complex when it comes to black people. We’re a constant reminder that you’ll NEVER be white so you shit on us hoping it’ll bring you closer to white men. Super pathetic

>>885932479>being called out for being condescending and fragile racists>this means they’re treated like insects Reminder that it’s only WHITE PEOPLE who have the power to even discriminate against their own. Don’t blame black people, the race with absolutely zero institutional power or wealth for why white Men are hated The whole concept of “social justice” was invented by whites. They only have theirselves to blame

>>885932480I never see real Asians like this desu. Most Asians I know in real life are fine just not being white or "PoC." This is a 4chan mentally ill kind of thingt. whiteoid

>>885932479The Cave of the Yellow Dog was one of my favorite movies about Mongols. The Russian film Urga (1991) was also very good, and I suspect you would like that one more.

>>885932476Kirikou and the Sorceress was a nice movie about African folklore.

>>885932478>Western asians>prideKek. The stereotype of asians being submissive sidekicks for whites exist for a reason.

>expect to have a dogpile le whites circlejerk like on ye olde Reddït >brown guy joins in and mentions blacks are privileged and have fragile egos>thread implodes>black user has a mental breakdown>chud user wins againSad, many such cases! Anyway, I’m off the clock, see you losers tomorrow.

>>885932478Oh and go back to shaking your pom-poms.

>>885932486>gets BTFO so now he’s suddenly “off the clock”Lol

>>885932459That's fucking retarded. When non-Whites blame some mass conspiracy to discriminate them you mock and ridicule them. Here you are, claiming there is a systemic effort to discriminate against you.

>125 posts by 28 ips in a thread that is neither history or >>>>>>>>>>humanities

I always thought red hair looks cooler than both dark and blonde. The way the color of Cuchulainn's hair is described in The Tain is pretty cool. He also had six fingers.


Blame Holla Forums for unironically meming white superiority onto 4chan culture for years to come.

>>885932490It's just one gook defending White people's honor. As if they cared how much he hates le niggerinos kek

I think stretching the hips is easier than the lower back. It won't be long until I can sit in full lotus from half lotus. Stretching the lower back seems a bit tougher, so I need to look into more yogic stretches. I think yoga is pretty great especially when you breathe deeply.

>>885932491Based redhead enjoyer

>>885932494And a person overdosing on negro self worship complex responding to him.

>>885932497>if you don't agree 100% all the way with racist Holla Forumsniggers, that means you're leftist nigger lover or whateverWhites will never accept you or him anymore than niggers accept White liberals.

I like hummingbirds. They are like little balls of air wrapped in light.

>>885932498You do a lot more than that.And you clearly are black. Or at least come off like that.Certainly a particular specimen. Even by the standards of this board.

>>885932499Hummingbirds are if cocaine was a bird. they are great I love them.

>>885932500Copium. Whites will never accept you. You yourself constantly mock virtue signaling from leftists. You abandon that sentiment as soon as someone insults people who hate you lmfao

Scuba diving is fun. I want to do it more. I one saw a manatee close up. They're cool.

>>885932502Ah I see. You are now talking to an archetype in your head.Sorry to inform you I am not the "chud user" you were talking too.

>>885932364/pol/ is trying to catch a serial killer that's been posting his victims dismembered corpses on there.

>>885932503they're like potatoes.


>>885932365/thread.OPs faggot ass BTFO.

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>>885932375Stalin is a churka, not white.

>>885932364Chin implant, then beak needs to be broken and reset. How are his teeth? He can be rebuilt better than Johnny Handsome.