To the user who said my post was stupid two weeks ago:Fuck you

To the user who said my post was stupid two weeks ago:Fuck you.

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>>885931974nah fuck you m8

>>885931974it was stupid, and i stand by that

>>885931974unbelievably based

>>885931974Just read your post, it is pretty stupid

>>611119828dumb post

Your post was stupid but this one is okayYou're improving


To all of the Anons who called me a retardYou're right, but it's still not nice.

What a sensitive loser you must be.

>>885931974That's stupid

>>61119828It's pretty stupid I gotta admit

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>>611117264>>885931987>monsters in urban settingsI've been saying this for a while.I want a game about a Mageblade/Necromancer who goes around cleaning up magical phenomena to uphold the masquerade.

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>>885931988just have the game take in a parallel dimension where there's no humans around except you, freezing time is stupid

>>885931989take place in*


>>612683765Fuck this dude

>>885931982Sorry man. I won't do it again.

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>>885931974>better than your idea (none).pngTechnically true. Points to OP.

>>885931982I apologize, bro.

>>885931989yeah have it be like the backrooms wherr you're walking around your neighborhood and suddenly you're pulled into a desolate version of it where there's a monster chase you

>>885931987That really is stupid.

>>885931974cool idea desu that user was wsrong

>>885931974you are stupid

>>885931989>>885931996holy shit replying to your post made me have a stroke wtf

>>885931982Is this a Holla Forums apology thread? Are we breaking the fourth wall? Okay here I go. If I call you a retarded stupid faggot tranny or whatever I'm just mad, I don't actually hate you user you're probably pretty smart and cute

Am I stupid?What is stupid?

>>885932001kys tranny

>>885932003this but unironically you stupid cunt

>>885932000that's a pretty common phenomena of late night posting

>>885932001>you're probably pretty smart and cutet-thanks...

>>885931974>Your current status is -1 INT

>>885932005see even this guy is having trouble typing >>885931998

>>885932001>apologizing lol what a faggot

>>885932001>you're probably pretty smart and cuteI'm not but thanks anyway.

I need to get away from this place. Pretending to be retarded to upset retarded people is starting to bleed into my real life behavior and people hate it even more in the real world than they hate it on 4chan.

toastin in a epic bread :D

>>885932009most people in this thread should probably go to bed

>>885932010Don't be that way user!

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post cool webms

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>>885932010>>885932014go suck each other off on discord

>>885932016t. newfag zoomie doesn't recall the longstanding 4chan tradition of occasionally being nice and encouraging to each other

>>885932001y-you too..

>>885932015>EE&E shirtRetard, but based retard

>>885932011You talk to people in the real world?

>>885932017Ok groomer

>>885931974I was that user. I'm so sorry man I have reformed myself now. To show you my appreciation you can go to my home and fuck my sister. Thank you and god bless america.

>>885932021>brainrot so severe that he cant imagine someone being nice to him without having an ulterior motivei pity your generation

>>885932015>American houses are made of cardboard so they go up in flames immediately Dumb mutts.


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>>885932023nta but you're clearly some tranny groomer >uwu user don't put yourself down you're so smart and cutecease with your faggotry

>>885932026zoom zoom

>>885932023>anime pictures and flirting is being niceNah, you're just a fag

>>885932027you forgot your pic of an anime girl troon


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>>885932026I miss when insufferable cunts were just mascots instead of the majority.

>>885932028>>885932029no point in responding any further. you're both new and obsessed with pedos and trannies. posting cute anime girls predates you fucking election tourists and annoying culture war obsessed retards

>>885932024So you're just ignoring all the very flammable vodka that splashed all over the walls?

>>885932030The fuck is happening here?

>>885932031>>885932032lol the fags are mad because their flirting got called out, fuck off back to discord homos

>>885932019I can't tell for sure, but I'm pretty sure that he has some kind of boot leg negro Ed, Eddie, and Eddy on that shirt. And it says culture.

>>885932035I miss when /a/ ran this site. Your generation really ruined everything.

>>885931974kekbased user

>>885932034>american guy in japan goes to bar run by shady cunts>they hand him an inflated bill>he says he wont pay>they try to stop him leaving>he puts the chinks in their place

>>885932037Then you could have all the discord ERP your tiny penis requires!

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>>885932039>Japanese are hyper nationalists>their most popular entertainment is isekai>isekai>the idea of getting hit by a bus and no longer having to be japanese

>>885932037you're a disgusting 30 something year old faggot who does homosexual ERP with pictures of anime girls, you should seriously consider blowing your brains out


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>>885932040Shameless. A long time ago, when an user was throughly exposed as a newfag, he'd either shut the fuck up or samefag to damage control. Now you guys just keeping spewing out the same retarded nonsense, post after post. Literally almost verbatim, the same uncreative post again and again. What the fuck happened man

>>885932043>tranny!!!!! ERP!!!!!!! DISCORD!!!!!!! meds. now.

>>885932045You are still here seething and doing the oldfag LARP routine when you could be finding a new egg on your favorite chat program, get your priorities right sis

>>885932045>noooo I can't do my faggot ERP in peace this site is dead!!!yeah cry some more troon

>>885932044Wow, that is stupid.


>>885931988I'd play it user.

>>885932050Im trans btw, forgot to mention


>>885932001I forgive you, but you really need to come up with better insults

To all the anons I've debated as the thread archived, and neither of us could reply anymore, I just want to remind you: I won.

>>885932041what are the chances they fucked after that?

>>885932054Cope n'wah

>>885932055not if I get the last word in

>>885932056it's britain, so more likely they had a short and awkward conversation before leaving abruptly and trying their best to forget it ever happend

/a/nons still don't understand that cute anime girls s-stutter t-typing are associated with troons now. It's unfortunate but that's 4chan now

>>885932058You didn't see the reply I made in the archive site, BITCH.


>>885932059those slags were drunk out of their minds while the lads were clearly high on something

>>885932061you can do that?

>>885932061I embedded a reply in the last image before 404, it's over for you.

>>885931974you are even more stupid faggoti expect your reply in two weeks with the utmost anticipation

>>885932060>nowthe homos from back then who role played as cute anime girls became the trannies of today


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>>885932001>you're probably pretty smart and cutesaying that to a man is kinda gay user

>>885932067Perhaps I'm out of the loop but I really don't believe that all the old /a/nons are trannies now. Maybe 10% tops.

>>885932070yeah I'm sure most of them grew out of it and realized just how much of a faggot they were but the ones that kept doing it definitely became your average discord troon

>>885932063the lads were high on life.

>>885932071That's insane to think about. I always imagined that the whole time it was a gag. I didn't think anyone took it too seriously

>>885932063whenever I associate brits and being high it's usually ket

>>885932001To those anons who asked me for sauce to porn and got fake links from me, I'm sorry

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>>885932034the great otaku genocide

>>885932041This is how you get laid and enjoy life. Have little inhibition and 100% comfort with yourself.

>>885932060stutter typing was gay then and it's gay now.>>885932070I know at least a few who trooned out or became normalfags. it's a sad sight seeing an /a/non turn into a stereotypical twitter sjw.

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>>885932025why didnt it cut to her getting railed

>>885932001cope cringe

>>885932026the great irony is that you are absolutely going to troon out and then kill yourself in 5 years. normal non-mentally ill people aren't terrified that people are trying to groom them into inverting their penis

good. hold onto that hate.

>>885932001if I called you a faggot you deserved it.fuck all you dumb motherfuckers who reply to bait and shitpost nonstop.

>>885931986She likes her men the same color she likes her clothing

>>885931974>>6111198282/2, keep the stupid post record going, stupid.

>>885931974Holy grudge.

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>>885932046they are right. just so you dont cope and call me a samefag. the unique poster number of this thread as of posting this is 56.

>>885932087>I will just post on my phone, haha

>>885932088LOOOOL. whatever helps you sleep at night bud. enjoy your eventual trooning if you havent already

>>885932089I am not even american. Troons literally only exist in that place.

daki still sucks

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>>885932090here is your (you). dont spend it all in one place pathetic faggot



>>885932094sulfuric acid

Weak, fagot op

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>>885931974i was right, its stupid. cry me a river


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>>885932093oh no hes broken....


>>885932096Nah nobody can do this, it is banned now. Last time one user did it, I think he even received a visible ban. It was epic for the win (we still used that term) but mo.ds suck cock.


>>885932103im not the one who sees trannies in everything, user. i bet you dream about trannies kek. meds, now

these nasty Holla Forumsedditors keep bullying us /a/nons. why are they allowed to do this? cant the mods do something?

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Since this is the apology thread, to all the anons I called mongoloid, brainlets, niggers faggots and to kill themselves I didn't mean it, you're all wonderful people and capable of great things. I hope you understand it's all part of the banter

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>>885932041based lads

>>885932104>i bet you dream about tranniesmeds

>>885932105they're schizos /a/non. don't worry about them

>>885932084Same color as your tiny dead brain

>>885932106>>885931982>>885932001This is the best Holla Forums thread in ages. here's a cute aerith for you all

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>>885932041hell yeah

Since this is the apology thread, to all the anons I called mongoloid, brainlets, niggers faggots and to kill themselvesI did mean it, you're all cocksuckers and are incapable of anything. I hope you all fucking die and understand this isn't banter.

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>>885932109>they're schizos /a/nonthis is how lost this sites community is. they cant tell apart when someone is false flagging them or a genuine faggot. reflect on some things for awhile.

>>885931974To all retards I called retarded: I'm mad quite often, but I'm sure not as much as you retarded

Lets all be nice to each other!!!

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>>885932115>they cant tell apart when someone is false flagging them or a genuine faggot.There doesn't really seem to be a functional difference between pretending to be retarded, and actually being retarded anymore. Because no one knows when to say when.

Dear user that I called a stupid, dumb, idiot fucking retard,I'm sorry. You may be a stupid, dumb, idiot fucking retard, but you still deserve to be happy. I hope you're having a great day. You're a good person. Sincerely,Anonymous


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>>885932030What kind of subhuman is violent like that in a place surrounded by cute 2D girls? It's a place of healing and that ape shouldn't' be anywhere near it

>>885932105Fuck both Holla Forums and /a/. But /a/ in particular because why the fuck would you circlejerk over 23 minutes of a show for a week? That's like a F2P GaaS but with even less to discuss because it's just a video.I'm too intelligent for this shit.

>>885932119why are anime fans so mentally ill? just take a look at /a/ for more than 10 minutes. it is 100% cancer.

>>885932123>I'm too intelligent for this shit.hahahahahahahahaha

>>885931974To that one user that I told to kill himself cause he didnt like the Dead Space remake. Dont do it! I didnt mean it!

why are video game fans so mentally ill? just take a look at Holla Forums for more than 30 seconds. it is 100% cancer.


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>>885932105>MoeshitLeave this board. NOW.

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Why the fuck is there an /a/ vs Holla Forums war going on ITT

why are living fans so mentally ill? just take a look at earth for more than 30 seconds. it is 100% cancer

>>885932128lmao manlets


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>>885932127struck a nerve?

>>885932129i dont even know who that is faggot. i was false flagging you. get a fuckin clue.

why are hospital fans so physically ill? just take a look at the ER for more than 30 seconds. it is 44% cancer.

>>885932125I don't recall giving you permission to reply.>>885932131This but unironically.

>>885932130>/a/ is full of trannies>Holla Forums is full of newfags>they fight eachother>anons watch as the fire takes over the whole house.that clear it up for you?

>>885932130/v/ as per usually is stil sour over Nintendo running the gaming industry so they pretend to hate all things Japanese, and they have this weird obsession with troons. /a/'s most allied board is /sp/ and Holla Forums is not even an enemy because it barely even exists at this point

>>885932030Nigger mentality. I thought we were supposed to be better than them?

>>885932137you're definitely a 17 year old nihilist with a wicked sense of humor

>>885932139>/a/'s most allied board is /sp/>go to /sp/>first thing i see is 4 pepe threads.yeah checks out.

>>885932142there is nothing wrong with pepe posting THOUGH

>>885932143Pepe stocks are UP, BUY BUY BUYBUY HIGH SELL LOWNOW NOW NOW

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>>885932141Are you really so retarded you took everything I said seriously despite the quote from fucking GTASA? Return whence you came.

>>885932145give him a break user. he was not even born when that game came out.

>>885932142Well maybe not current /sp/ but back in the day the /a/ posting in NFL and NBA threads was quite fun

>>885932147How did /sp/ look after the Raiders v Cardinals game? I forgot to look

>>885932145>gta fan>calling anyone retardedlol. lmao even

>>885932149Lmao indeed, seeing as I think the series is shit and haven't played a game from it in over a decade. The retard is still (You), congratulations.

>>885932129you posted moeshit too?c-cringe!

>>885932041These two would be the protagonists of an early 90s film

>>312366534 imagine getting upset over a charity stream lol just have fun autist

>>885931974based. getting the final word in is chadlike

>moved to Holla Forumsyuck

>moved to Holla Forumswat

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I hate everything.

Might as well post video games.

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>>885932113Thanks for being honest m8. Glad we all have closure.