How do you think she will look like naked? I will continue stripping her for as long as the thread is alive

How do you think she will look like naked? I will continue stripping her for as long as the thread is alive.

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>>885930157skinny with big tits

What will be her best features? What will be her worst? I want to hear it all

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>>885930157foreign ESL coomers should die

>>885930201Best: reminds me of my ex.Worst: reminds me of my ex.

>>885930157Huge bush. And I mean like a forest.

prolly like she doesnt have clothes on... im expecting to see skin, but i may be wrong?Kinda interested to see now

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As I keep stripping her…Is she looking as good as you thought? Worse? Anything that may have caught you by surprise?

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>>885930201Looks like skinny, nice small ass and nice leg gapMaybe a bit saggy boobs and funny proportions too.

half expecting a penis

She has a dick

>>885930259I think her underwear won't match

Hint: underwear is coming completely off first. How’s she looking so far?

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>>885930259Nice tits, expecting skinny thighs

>>885930259Moar of those sexy feet

Inb4 penis

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>>885930346Nice hips

Frumpy but it's good at the same time

>>885930346Much butter than the first image lets on - she really needs to step up her dress game

Why'd you stop

>>885930346Hot. I'm into this chick big time. I want to see every square inch, including her taint.

How’s she compares to what you thought from the first pic? I guess since there’s some interest I’ll keep going

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>>885930157Quit being such a pussy and show her pussy

>>885930462hell yesssss, gonna coom

>>885930462Is she your gf or wife?How are her blowjobs?

apparently OP isa faggot. prove me wrong OP

>>885930462There's no light on the goods, she's looking better than expected. Would've thought a little pudgier, but she's pretty fit

>>885930462thought she'd have less ass from those skinny legs. Let's see it!

Hawt feet and legs. She a runner ? Either way tell her at least one Holla Forumsro who’s been edging himself all night is gonna bust a fat nut to her

>>885930507never mind

OMG, I can't wait to see the size of her areola. I'm hoping on the bigger side - silver dollar types.Praying for ass and bent over or on all fours.

>>885930157like one of those african children with anemia that have thin arms and legs but an inflated belly

I’m going to keep continuing. Almost time for that the full view. Who’s stroking? To answer some questions. This is my wife. I will keep showing the pics from this set if there is interest

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well, she has skin... that was mildly upsetting. I was kinda hoping for raw muscles and bone... this is why i never gamble

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So far, a lot better than expected

>>885930584>Who’s stroking?

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>>885930584She's hot as fuck. Can we see pussy, ass? Anything of her sucking cock or getting fucked?

>>885930584Really nice. Was expecting 5/10 but easily a 8/10

Sexy af


Hell yeah

>>885930584The only way this girl could be more perfect so far is if she voted trump

Semi interest.

>>885930584Alright guys. I don’t want to disappoint so here’s that full frontal. Thought so far?Did I do good wifing her up?

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done playing your game says it is his wife right you piece of cat shit

>>885930761Perfect body for being used. Good job


>>885930761Yeah she's a good one user, now dump the rest of go spend time with her.

>>885930761I want to suck her toes.

>>885930777coomer virgin LARPs are like 75% of Holla Forums now

>>885930761Great booba would put a ring on it

Don't know who you or what you did for her but nice


>>885930761How old was she when you met her?

>>885930761Basic. Slap some make up on, groom hair and tone her up a bit. Solid 8.5


>>885930761I guess I should turn her around. Now you’ve seen all of her. What are her best and worst features?

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>>885930797Trips dont lie

>>885930892best feature: titsworst feature: you

Where's that spread pussy tho


>>885930863How old is she in the pictures?

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Spread ass now faggot

Where's the rest

>>885930892Have you ever watched her pee outside?

Cute and sexy. Probably could sense of humor to put up with bullshit unless you are larping. Good job user.

>>885930892How tall is she?

Should she bend over?

She is so fine

>>885930892Why is her ass god-tier and her arms and legs look repulsive wtf

>>885931201Take a guess?

>>885931207Nice little ass on her


>>885931053Her worst feature is her smile. You should train her to make a sexy whore face. Kinda like this. Then she'd look hot, rather than like a prude librarian.

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She's a ball of genetic mistakes that's going to make weak sons who will be picked on in school. But at least she's cute

>>885931265t. This guy

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>>885931309I fuck more bitches than you

>>885931299Pretty close actually. I think more like 153 though

>>885931309Anyone know if this guys still alive?

>>885931352Petite is the best

Bent over for our enjoyment. Thread seems like it’s dying. I guess we will see. Rate her if you haven’t

>>885931424Perfect back arch


>>8859314247.5, still haven't shown the puss spreadWhat kind of man are you

>>885931424best feature: nipplesnow spread her pussy so I can rate her guts

Love her ass, nice and tight.10/10, would bury my face in it.

>>885931424Do you have any pictures of dripping candle wax on her

>>885931343>I pay way more for prostitutes than you do!>No, I'm the winner!Weird flex

>>885930462Shes okay

>>885931309Come on now, we used to be FBI, and CIA and all kinds of shit, no one knows if this guys still alive?Have we fallen so far?

>>885931424Any with your dick buried in her?

>>88593142410/10 up close pussy now


>>885931424Why is her pussy censored

This any better for you guys?

>>885931647Yes! Absolutely. 10/10

>>885931647Could be better if it was spread

>>885931647Yes and I want a taste. Looks delicious. Goddamn.

>>885931647Mucccchhhh better I'd eat that shit for hours

>>885931647Nice vaginaShe has very pokey nipples too

>>885931424She's amazing im jealous

>>885931695I second this.

>>885931265I like the librarian. No love for evil bitch whores.

>>885931647Definitely need more. Spread that pussy open.

>>885931695>>885931760>>885932165The people have spoken!!!

>>885931647Why did you delete it? No worries, I got you OP.

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She looks fun. Msg 'YourWifeMyProperty' on kik

>>885930584She looks fun. Msg 'YourWifeMyProperty' on kik


Fuck she's fine

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>>885931647Did the thread die?!

>>885932548Hoping not.......

>>885932229Fappin. Can we get a tighter shot of that starhole? Will splooge all over my screen to that.

>>885932229>>885932359>>885932541Are those the three deleted pix?

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