Drawthread: Bravado EditionPrevious Thread: >>885926043

Drawthread: Bravado EditionPrevious Thread: >>885926043

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Beware of Cece the Tumordick Midget Spammer>Harass drawfags that ignore his requests and characters>Talks about personal information and private conversations in threads>Parades his deliveries around acting smug whenever someone draws for him>Preys on newfags who aren't aware of his history>Spam threads as a false flag attempt for sympathy draws>Was caught changing IPs to samefag>Creeps on drawfags that happen to be female>Admitted that he shits up threads on purpose for his own amusement>Holds autistic grudges against drawfags for drawing pictures he doesn't like>Believes that nearly everyone in the thread loves him, and that any criticism he gets is from Dante or "botfag">Keeps requesting the same request even after getting a delivery simply because the delivery didn't meet his commission-tier standards>Keeps fighting with other requesters and trying to run them off because he gets jealous of them for getting requests done or if they hurt his feels>ehg's argument with them about cece always shifting the blamearchived.moe/b/thread/868665487/#868671227>thread where majik killed his egoarchived.moe/b/thread/876960709/#876970194>kay's commentarchived.moe/b/thread/877543060/#877547238https://archived.moe/b/thread/877547723/#877550037https://archived.moe/b/thread/877547723/#877552347>Lee had enough of his bullshitarchived.moe/b/thread/878855537/#878858858>Ren exposing his manipulative behaviour and calling out Cecearchived.moe/b/thread/879835849/#879845432>Exposing his crazy theories about drawfagsarchived.moe/b/thread/882163052/#882168668https://archived.moe/b/thread/882163052/#882168986>Recently caught IP switching begging for artthebarchive.com/b/thread/882356819/#882359831>Insulting drawfagsthebarchive.com/b/thread/882356819/#882357894https://thebarchive.com/b/thread/882340198/#882344450>Known spammed charactersarchived.moe/b/thread/880715282/#880721416

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/r/ tumbling, cheer, dance loli! I like small bodies, small appendages, flat chests, no curves, smol asses, TIGHT tummies, blue eyes, and freckles!

>>885928455Requesting Yael lewds

Requesting Ava Ire presenting her flat titties with a condom in her mouth

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>>885928455no bumps and no drawfags tonight rip: youtube.com/watch?v=9CIt0H30Toc

Should I post the shitpost comic dub I made...

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Requesting Louie from DuckTales taking a piss

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>>885929430Yeah sounds fun

Let's take a moment of silence to honor the drawfags who sacrificed their lives to defeat Scetic and his army of goons.

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>>885929965none of these people did anything

>>885929984ignore it. it's just scetic trying to make the newfags think that he's the joker of drawthreads


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>>885930086funny that >>885929965 lost it's post numberas soon as this person posted

>>885930109what the fuck are you babbling about

>>885930109I'm confused. SO, huh?

>>885930160>>885930131tfw small brain trying to find an excuse for being half retarded

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>>885930221Lol. That post made it even more confusing... wtf, dude.

>>885930236help I'm retarded!

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>>885930236I think it's a cry for help

>>885930255Are you saying I am, or are you saying you are? Fucking type an entire sentence out, please. Lol.

>>885930305I am saying I am

>>885930286Oh. Well, fuck.

>>885930305he just said that he is, but you are too since you can't read a 3 word sentence

>>885930332>>885930305>>885930255>>885930236>>885930221this whole interaction

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>>885930332hurr durr he's been typing like an asshole for the last 20 minutes but now suddenly he's easy to decipher. Fuck off, faggot.

>>885930401lmfao everyone is the same person? prove it was him

>>885930332tfw my autism spreads

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I'm going to swipe these little guys in your favorite slot

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>>885930430Prove it wasn't, Philip.

>>885930440It's okay. I still like you. I'll ride the retard roller coaster straight to hell with you.

>>885930491as the coaster falls so does the iq

>>885929642No I'm scared ..

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>>885930530just post it!!I'm going to go piss and when I return I want to see it up

>>885930547Hmmm.. no

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>>885930604Make it smaller like -9 inches maybe

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>>885930531Okay, so a drawfag has access to a photo editing program. nice shop. Color me shocked, faggot.

>>885930675>he doesn't knowLOL

>>885930662I'm scared>>885930666A little more smaller like -5 inches

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>>885930706>I'm scaredit's just a shitpost you'll be fine


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am I about to give up trying to sleep tonight? probably. but drawing motivation strikes at the worst of times so guess I ain't sleeping

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>>885930784draw a pair of fat nuts

>>885930738For rizzles..?>>885930769Okay, okay now make it like.. -4 inches.>>885930784SLEEP.

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>>885930820>For rizzles..?yes

>>885930820I swear to god

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Requesting a busty chested ena getting her tits groped by user

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>>885930869request the user groping them get cut due to her sharp polygons

>>885930808haven't even turned my computer on but haha penis funny>>885930820SLEEP IS GAY ART IS NOW

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draw oppai loli buttholes

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>>885929965files.catbox.moe/gboz8f.pngWould be surprising if someone adds anyone else that isn't in here yet or something after how long it was since last roster update

>>885930961>full of no-names and non drawfagsinto the trash it goes

>>885930996>requestnigger canned cope

>>885931020I can actually draw but it sounds like you can't

>>885931036>more requestnigger copesure sure

>>885930961How does octo manage to be so repugnant

>>885930921now draw those nuts buying wonder bread

>>885931036>I can actually draw but it sounds like you can'tno you can't scetic

>>885931049just grind construction and you'll get the hang of it eventually

>>885931090>the non-drawfag has no reply>he pulls out his list of boogeymen

>>885931167>>885931094just grind construction and you'll get the hang of it eventually

>>885931167Arguing with a retard only makes you look dumber bro.

>>885931193looks like I broke him

Why is Scetic talking to himself again?

>>885931203then you must feel pretty dumb right now

>>885931257just ignore it


>>885931276Ay I'm just a spectator... Trying to help ya out.

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>>885931375I disagree with that argument

>>885930921How are you drawing if you arent on computer, dumb phone doodles?


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>>885930996>trash and filters anyone for competition purposeProbably the one asshole in the other thread. Probably has a drinking issue as well.


>>885931417yee, ibispaint be doing the job when i just need to get a quick doodle outam on the pooter now and happy to say csp now recognizes my backup tablet pen

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>>885931697Are you taking phone requests or doodles? Or its too hard >3 AMIs it really 3 AM? youtube.com/watch?v=cTafloAkpCE

>>8859316973AM are surreal moments in life. Where one has a moment of self-realization, reflection on life, and seemingly to choose where one wants to head in life.Then you sleep and wake up and all of that is gone.

>>885931741>Is it really 3 AM?sure is, tried to sleep but brain won't shut up>Are you taking phone requestsi can take regular requests :D>>8859319463am just happens to be the time i for some reason have the most creative motivationCAPTCHA: AYYMA

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>>885932163Dont wanna overwork your fingy, but draw patrick for the meme, anything simple

Jeff Andonuts.

>>8859321633AM is usually extreme depression moment, as for some odd reason, every singular shameful thought or regret comes to me if I am awake during those times. Have had moments I had sleeping pills and shoved them in me due to it.When nighttime falls, though, that's when creativity hits for me.Kisses. -Kotori

requesting titfuck

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>>885932163Is Jeff Andonuts simple?

>>885932208who u callin tubby>>885932230>3AM is usually extreme depression moment, as for some odd reason, every singular shameful thought or regret comes to me if I am awake during those times. Have had moments I had sleeping pills and shoved them in me due to it.i usually just masturbate and keep my monkey brain distracted until i'm more tired than the inner demons>>885932565who now

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>>885932577That’s very cute, are you actually doing it with the fingers?

>>885932577Ilu spergie

why would you simp for a woman who pretends to be autistic on the internet?

>>885932577Nice dubs, that's actually the playable boy from Earthbound. Oh yes, google mentions "gun" nintendo.fandom.com/wiki/Jeff_Andonuts

>>885932618To be a simp I'd have to send her money. Compliments are free.

>>885932643infinite cope

>>885932590thanks! and not anymore, since luckily the drawing tablet cables reach the bed>>885932602lub ya too user :D>>885932618because i am fucking cool and epic thats why>>885932637oh, jeff! i always rename those mfs so i always forget

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>>885932681Based chad wire, can you draw a loli at this hour?

is it still colourless talking head season?

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>>885932732Yes we're shooting you all and putting you up on the wall as trophies

Requesting lewds of this little boy pls

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>>885932819who made this

>>885932565el jefe>>885932698have one in mind user?

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Girl masturbating with pipe bomb

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>>885932890/jp/-tan pregnant pleaseAlso how silly the boomer sticky lmao. And Earthbound nerd

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>>885932869ena drew them..

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>>885932890thanks, loved him in earthbound

Requesting this trap lying on a bed happily with a body covered in cum.

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>>885932931she qtalso speaking of boomer-isms i fully have to turn my flashlight on to see the keyboard

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>>885933305Lazy eye, and thanks! Now that’s quite the traditional swimsuit for her native of her board. Is it a nice flashlight?

I'm gonna go work out (lie) so leave Yael requests here and when I return I will add them to my list and maybe draw some

>>885933324>Is it a nice flashlight?its my phone flashlight so it's alright, does the job. i do have one that's rechargeable and can double as a portable charger, that one's nice>quite the traditional swimsuit for her native of her boardyee i figured it'd be a cute addition since it's not every day you see a pregnant girl in a primary school swimsuit>>885933362draw yael telling someone they're going to the gym and then them sitting on the gym floor on their phone looking at memes

>>885932943how come you asked if i was still here? were you going to post a draw?

>>885933394>it's not every day you see a pregnant girl in a primary school swimsuitMaybe it is but we aren’t aware or present, thanks again hamrisu


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>>885933362hey can you repost the toast yael, I forgot to save it.

>>885933422yeah okay you're lucky you caught me while I was still setting up my workout music


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you have taken the fun out of this for me




>>885933520draw a thicc coyote girl

>>885933406I was going to post doodle of boy waving his hand..

>>885933593i didnut know... i will wait patiently for doodle...

Requesting an image that depicts what happened right before this, with the 'Animal Crossing' characters gazing at each other and holding hands.

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Is it weird that I want to become better at drawing just to prove how lazy incompetent and unoriginal most artist are? I used to have an old art teacher that could draw a bunch of crazy shit in just a few minutes. She used to say that laziness is the biggest problem that artists face.

>>885933633My drawing juice are dry >_< I will share doodle next week.. probably

>>885933678i did not mean to rush fren.. i got excited when you asked.. pls take time


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>>885933655I don't think it's laziness so much as it's distraction: living in a world full of things to care about and stuff to do.

>>885933725not the same guy, but distraction can be a form of lazinessI get distracted by things I shouldn't be wasting time on, and that I let this happen means I am being lazy

help gib lewd reqs

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requesting the Mice lifting the Fox's skirt to peek at and grope her phat ass!

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>>885933694I hope I'll be able to finish a doodle soonish. it's very fun sharing draws with you!

>>885933837Can you draw Muffet wearing a swimsuit, a life guard one is cool too

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/ r/ abusefags thoughts on this oskar x3

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>>885933719I just listened to this, myself:youtube.com/watch?v=GoPl9QLfj4A

>>885933837does loli or shota count?

Requesting a follow-up to this in which the cow anthro gets a facial and says something like "Humans are too needy."

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>>885933837My Angel femboy stuck in a Chastity cage with a desperate look on his face, him hip thrusting as he tries to jerk his caged cock

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>>885933725lazy bones

>>885933869arms, my one enemy, and your waifu has 3x the regular amount>>885933893oh yeealso who tf mows their lawn at 5am on a tuesday??? literal psycho, its still dark outside

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