Nofap thread

Nofap thread

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>>885928186Cringe and jewpilled.

>>885928186AlisaPikaPika be tempting me

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>>885928216Wtf literally the opposite kek, why would porn be free and so accesible if the jew didnt wanted it? they just want to drain every male from their natural energy and make us docile obviously

>>885928371What worthwhile things do you do with all that pent up "Male Energy," my good chadlet?

>>885928371Why do you think Traps are so docile? they cum daily they have no testosterone buildup whatsoever thats why some look femenine without any treatment they just took their daily testosterone dose and trash it, i have months wo cumming, i dont even get arosed by porn anymore, i feel really energetic and alive, my life changed after quiting porn. Do the same user dont let the jwe fuck you up.

>>885928494It should not matter to you my friend, but one of those things is making more people realise this...

>>885928540Yet you're still on 4chan with us, on Holla Forums

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>>885928738This is the end of my day bro kek, just waisting some time here and browsing pol and if being here and saying what im saying makes someone give it a try hmm thats wothy of a bit of my time

>>885928540>traps are dociletheyre literally all psychotic, youve never met one

>>885929190Maybe they are but when the f have you seen a trap beating the fuck out of a man? They literally cant they are docile

My ex and her knockers. Break your nofap faggotry to her tits.

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>>885929544I dont feel nothing seeing that, i need to touch, have the heart rush, feel the other person wanting it, and then i decide if its worth feeling empty some days for the pleasure of some hours... and even if i wanted thats unfappable material good thing you are not with her anymore f goblina

>>885929544Damn, she sure got tatas

Disc is goosey#6681 if anyone else wants to be off of here and help each other quit porn.

>>885929662Idk abt u but she was a fuckin blast in bed. Wild ass freak and her husband never knew.

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>>885929705Sadly she lost a lot of size after getting into fitness

>>885929789Sad, more from when she were busty?

>>885929886Bruh.... Kek in a no fap thread asking for porn... literal subhuman

>>885928186Listen to my friends podcast instead

>>885929886If you want to see big boob just go to any of the thousand of porn sites and type "big boobs" and there you have, if you are asking for more to fap to her specifically ther will be no difference in the feeling of cuming to her than the feeling to cuming to any other whore, just a dopamine rush of a moment an then to sudden depression

>>885929886Def got but not as much

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>>885929919Well, might be might be>>885930001Why should I search the internet when I already found someone that could provide me with that content here? And I don't know if I can relate to that sudden depression that you feel after ejaculating. Maybe it's more your general state of mind rather than cumming that is the problem?

>>885930117You cant relate becouse you are really used to it, after cumming you need a full week to recover the energy you lost, if you cum daily or several times a week you are perpetually depressed, maybe you got a good attitude and can get somewhat good even if you do it but if you didnt you would defenetly feel the diference

>>885930117and nice masterchief numbrs lol, bad thing halo is trashed by fems

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>>885930204After nofap if you're spelling it 'defenetly' you might as well start fapping again fucking autist

JC can help with that solo rub you have beeN urging to do.. play his music loudly or Climb up a "castillo" (castle) and yell Yo Gaba Gaba loudlyJC can help with that solo rub you have beeN urging to do.. play his music loudly or Climb up a "castillo" (castle) and yell Yo Gaba Gaba loudlyJC can help with that solo rub you have beeN urging to do.. play his music loudly or Climb up a "castillo" (castle) and yell Yo Gaba Gaba loudly

>>885930313english its not my native language, but i will make sure not to make that mistake again, also im typing fast so not paying much attention

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>>885929706Bumping because I want to talk on disc instead of this porn'd up thread


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>>, you should really try to focus on the real issues in your life. I get the feeling that you might have an unhealthy relationship to religion?

>>885930418Is she a cam model?

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>>885928295Not really

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>>885930448I have been adressing my problems constantly and still working on them, and no i've got my spirituality on point, and i feel it.

>>885930467No but she wud record those for me

>>885928371this is why i swallow my own cum after every fap


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>>885930570You should maybe focus less on "spirituality" since you need a full week to recover from praying to god. Maybe you got a good attitude and can get somewhat good but if you didn't you would totally feel the difference

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>>885930715I pray to no god...

>>885930669I'd go to hell for this

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>>885930826Haha, Jung! I now I will start praying that you will get back on track soon son. Feel bad for you and hope that you get back on track soon

>>885930918but user, he is on the good track

>>885928186Is that sum milo manera?

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>>885930970The delusional one?

>>885930918Why would you feel bad for me? Please answer as the intellectual being that you are..

>>885931010the exploring one. maybe you were the delusional blinded one all along

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>>885931010The fact that you are not even remotely in the consciousness level that he was doesn't mean he was delusional, it means you need to work a lot to get in that state. Try questioning everything from the ground up and reformulating your conclusions.

>>885930987What a gay shit

>>885931012I feel bad for you since I get the feeling that you face difficulties in your life that you try to cope with strategies that lack substantial value. Your crusade to end masturbation and your devoition to spirituality are only working as ways to suppress the symptoms without dealing with the true nature of your problems.

>>885931270Why is it right just because its hard? Digging a hole to China is also hard, but you are still delusional if you try

>>885931475You are just guessing my boy, i have no real problem in my life right now, and you are talking about symptoms of an hypothetical problem... who is the delusional here? i just keep answering so more people read this..

>>885931514No one said it is hard, if it is hard for you is becouse you are not in the mindset, if you really want to understad him just read one of the many books he wrote, or at least a documental "Face to face" it is in youtube. and then you will realize the blinded you where, he relies only on the most basic of knowlage.

>>885928494This post is much more telling of you than anyone else in the thread

>>885931930I refuse to believe he actually have that stance, he might be getting paid to be controlled opposition

>>885930004Where the fuck is this degenerate filth from?

>>885932241The Convent Of Hell [Ignacio Noe]

>>885931073Pure trash

>>885932616Damn, TY for the info