Hey Holla Forums I'm friendless neet, gooner, cringey retard that pumps to cartoons characters making fun of me

Hey Holla Forums I'm friendless neet, gooner, cringey retard that pumps to cartoons characters making fun of me....

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honk honk

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>>885928172yes we got it the first time you made this thread a long time ago.and i have already told you to get a better fetish.

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>>885928991Your silly human captions will never compete with the power autism

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>>885929247well i am gonna be honest here. i really don't care.

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>>885929392faggot at least post hot girls youtu.be/r8-xCu9hHa8

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>>885928991I really like these pornstar ones.


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>>885929485you saying hot girl is something i don't give much thought.

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>>885929696I bet you don't give much thought to anything don't you nigger

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>>885929735Ok Mr.I am angry at anonymous people on the internet.

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>>885929392>>885929696Your pics remind me of my pussyfree pics I have saved.

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>>885929857just fuck off loser youtube.com/watch?v=3Ar39o4p1x4

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>>885929857it's the same genre so no doubt.

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>>885929993no your porn is just everyday autism my porn is advanced autism

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>>885929937Hey I have autism too, okay?

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>>885930070toons girls are superior

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>>885930069is it a competition? anyways my stuff is way better over all, always.

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>>885930150to a pile of shit maybe but to anything else, nope.

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>>885930069It's definitely advanced autism. I'll give you that.

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>>885930876sissy hypnos made me do it.

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>>885931160You're a fag. Look at this gay autism cat with huge balls your toon gooning to. Huge cat balls in your autismo faggot loser face. I hope the cat tea bags you in your autistic toon dreams faggot.

>>885931572i hope so too.

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>>885931160>had an above average alpha cock>fucked older girls in middle school>younger girls in high school>threesome in college>transition lol>now pussy free going on a decade+>itty bitty baby/micropenis to go with itty bitty titties>slight urinary incontinence from transition meds leads into gf diapering me whjch leads into greater incontinence which leads into her getting me bottles and binkies and having me call her mommy>"sex" is now her sounding my peepee hole, me humping her leg while diapered, or her using a magic wand vibrator on my clitty, all usually with her also crushing my little hrt shrunken quail eggs and either sitting on my face or pegging meLiving the life! She was gonna help measure me for a chastity cage too.

>>885932176That sounds pretty dope tbh. I'm kind of jealous. Had a girlfreind magic wand my clitty before though. How is sounding? I've always thought of trying it and I have everything to try it I just haven't gotten around to it. Is it like a really powerful jizzing or piss that you can really feel in your dick? Have you ever had an infection?

>>885932176your dick was always little and weird

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>>885932326I've seen your threads before and your toon gooning amuses me. If I had a Harem of 4chan sluts you'd be in it as my pet. Of course your not going to get any real action ever. I think you've already realized that even. Just toon gooning for you. Your purpose is for me to laugh at your pathetic autistic toon gooning at least that's how I see what you do.

>>885932313>Is it like a really powerful jizzing or piss that you can really feel in your dick?Kinda tbh, like comparing anal to shitting like if you have to hold your pee or otherwise can't pee for a while and it's super intense when you let it out, or like ejaculating when I used to really SHOOT it out past my head instead of just spurting/dribbling under my bellybutton.>Have you ever had an infection?No but it varies, my mommy gf gets lots even without sounding lol.I have occasionally had some soreness for the rest of the day though and last time mommy was being really aggressive really hard fucking my dribblehole with the biggest sound I can take while holding the wand right on my clitty head when I came there was a little pinkish trace of blood but we probably just didn't re-lube well enough as we both got too into it.>>885932326I swear I had a big boy peepee once upon a time! Like 5 inches soft and nearly 7 hard! And it'd get fully super hard and I could fuck for hours too!


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>>885932779What's your dick like after HRT? Does it still work just smaller and not get as hard or not cum as easily? Do you mind if I ask your dick size now?

>>885932176Complete fiction. Neither HRT, nor chastity, nor anything else actually reduces the size of a penis. HRT and chastity can temporarily make it look very slightly smaller (we're talking less than an inch) due to it taking a while to get back to getting as hard as it used, that's it.

>>885933359One thing that can shrink your dick is antipsychotics. I was 5.5 in now I'm 4, 4.5 in on a good day. I swear by them they work. Want a smaller dick? Get on antipsychotics.

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>>885933359Idk man just based off my experience with antipsychotics I believe HRT can shrink your dick. If it temporarily shrinks your dick but people take it permanently why shouldn't I believe it shrinks his dick? I believe him. I just want to stack dick shrinking pills on top of each other. Apparently he can still cum he just has to get creative. I can deal with that.

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>>885933568get this jew cuck porn out of here you metafag

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>>885933687Everyone should go faggot and watch world population skyfall. Everyone's just shitting up the planet anyway. We could do that with about ten times less people make less impact on earth and our generations down the line a favor. Suck cock for the future of humanity. If one million faggots do that we can make a real difference for the future of humanity.

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>>885933852go suck daddies cock faggotyoutu.be/d8PLvyqQuU4

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>>885933852Jewish propaganda, there is barely anyone on the earth, the earth is not a sphere, there is infinite space and infinite resources.Demonic strength and influence is merely so high they can populate certain areas where there is a conscious human with hordes of demons which are all immaterial.They want you to become a sinful faggot.

>>885933928I'm glad you at least made a wise choice and took yourself out of the jean pool.

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>>885933957cia niggers glow in the dark youtu.be/mtbaVx7QDo4

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>>885933990I should have been aborted

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>>885934024i hate this earth

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Smaller, erections come much less easily, and I rarely get FULLY hard, usually if I do then it's only right before I cum though often I just cum still half-soft.My size now is like >885933359Hrt certainly CAN shrink your junk but it's very much your mileage may vary.There's even a saying amoung trannies to "use it or lose it", that is to "exercise" your dick regularly with erections if you didn't want to lose function for sex or even size for eventual surgery.Basically your body is no longer producinging the hormones and spontaneous erections to maintain shit and fight off atrophy. This can theoretically be compounded by avoiding all erections like with chastity even though chastity normally only causes temporary shrinking.As you said some medication and drugs can potentially have a dick shrinking effect too, obviously hrt, some anti-psychotics/depressants, adderal also has widely reported ancedotal effects causing shrinkage, even permanently with long term use, and trouble getting hard/especially coming. Smoking can supposedly cause it too from plaque build up and relaxation of the smooth muscles(maybe nicotine patches right on your junk could work?).Again, i swear I'm telling the truth about being that big once, back then I was more concerned with my size and really measured a few times. It's only recently after a more than a decade not paying attention that I suddenly realized how small I've gotten.

>>885933957You make it sound like the Jews are causing demon's to tempt me to suck dick with all their power. I hate to break it to you but everyone they already tempted was a faggot to begin with.

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