You will never have a zoomer gf

You will never have a zoomer gf

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bump check em

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Why the fuck would you want one? They all look like mentally ill slobs. Imagine the smell.


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>>885926250>Imagine the smell.Stop forcing your fetish into every thread, smellfag.

>>885926250are*You could make a joke about you being a boomer faggot but gen Z has serious issues beyond illuminati conspiracies

>>885926294Shut the FUCK up you fucking kike subhuman. This has nothing to do with fetish. You fucking cumbrain degenerates all deserve the rope. Go watch more incest porn you zoomer faggot

>>885926250>imagine the smellgood idea

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>>885925999Give me a 2004 Goth or emo anyday

>zoom zoom

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>>885926400I'm just words on a screen, man. I can't hurt you.

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>>885926503lol>>885926400lulz pwnt

>>885926433post em

>>885925999Storytime.I'm 29 rn and I started playing CS Go couple years ago. When Counter Strike Source was released, I was having great times playing Dust, Train, Inferno and I was also good in Office. Todays I'm not playing with my mates anymore, some of them have kids now. When I found out CS Go was ftp I was going nuts the first few months playing all day. I met a nice girl from italy. We were talking on skype bro


>>885925999YEA I KNOW I WON'T. SHUT UP

>>885926583Emo ish zoomer

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>>885926640lmao what does she like to talk about


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>>885926696pretty based

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>>885926843very debatable user

>>885926778fuck yes user

>>885926878One more I have of her

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>>885927067you got taste user

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>>885926731You never talked to a woman! Am I right !? We shared music, stories and laughs.

Its hopeless

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>>885927205How are you gonna make it last?

Been there done that

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>>885925999You're right. I'll wait till the next generation has matured, maybe their trends will be less insufferable

>tfw 28 yr old>zoomer girls throw themselves at me all the timebest pussy ive ever had

>>885927420>>885927390It was mid honestly, sex was great, tight af, perky tits but god is gen z mentally ill, it mentally drains u to the point where it’s not worth

>>885927734Forgot to add pic

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>>885927757lmao wtf was she getting at with you?

I think I do. My GF was born 1999 whe. Do zomers start?

>>885927537I’m 35 and had the same experience.That said, they’re basically retarded. Don’t know if it’s because they’re in college or they’re from a moronic generation. Maybe both.

>>885925999> You will never have a zoomer gfTHANK THE GODS!(also, checked)

>>885925999I have a 90lb 5’4 zoomer wife. Shits based as fuck.

>>885925999Don't know about the US but in my country zoomer chicks are into ageism hard. Even five years of age difference is too much for them. My last millennial gf has never said a single thing both positive or not about our age difference of 3 years. It simply wasn't a question.

>>885928559most US zoom bitches are for sure. Not really sure why, just a preference thing I guess

>>885925999I have a zoomer wife


>>885925999Already been there. Dated a 17 y/o when I was 24 (AoC is 16 here). Both the most memorable relationship, and the most toxic. They got all the sexual value, and psychopathic levels of manipulation.Having a young girl blow you is pretty hot, but her pussy was no different than any other girl I been with. If anything, it was the smelliest, and not in a good way. Pretty sure she originally liked me because I was the "Bad boy with a motorcycle" or some shit, and she thought that'd piss off her dad. To her dismay, her father and I got together amazingly. He had a PhD in philosophy, engineering, and was a truly great father to his kids. Coming from a fatherless home, he was the first example of a very stable father figure, and I had/have the upmost respect for him. Too bad one of his daughters got crazy once she hit public schools brainwashing. Why I will never put my kids in that fucking cancerous institution.

>>885929202>her father and I got together amazingly. He had a PhD in philosophy, engineering, and was a truly great father to his kids.Sounds like my fil. My wife jokes that I've stolen him from her

>>885925999I have one. Been together for 2 years. She turned 21 in May and I'm 31. Feelsgood.jpg

>>885925999I do, pic related

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>>885929415Gonna marry her?

>>885929424That's a fat ass

>>885929202>They got all the sexual value, and psychopathic levels of manipulation.Definitely my experience as well. Wtf is wrong with your public school system?


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>>885929432Maybe. I'm not sure. My ex I was with for about 5 years and she was bat shit crazy.Current gf is a really nice person. Her parents like me too.

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>>885929548She's a cutie. Good luck


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>>885929701>>885930029I know, thanks

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>>885930068Got any spread or butthole?


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>>885930420That asshole is fucking pristine.

>>885930420I think more is required holy fuck man

>>885927734Yeah, I'm a 20 year old coomer, all the girls I've dated have self-image problems or crippling anxiety. Such is life of zoomer coomer.

>>885930578same shit. Guess why its almost effortless them becoming emotionally attached so easily all the time



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>>885928052I think it may be that they are retarded. I have met zoomers in college and ones who’ve never went. Equally as stupid in their own way and both were almost retarded in their ability to deal with uncertainty

>>885927205good luck faggot but speaking from experience I wouldn't recommend LDR also don't have kids it ends your life, you become a provider, a loser, a nobody

>>885929701>>885930068dump everything bro

>>885930900>>885930420Actually insane moar !11!!!!1

>>885925999>implying I want oneTomboyish young millenial gf or twinky zoomer fag bf, please.

but I do..


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TFW have alpha gf. Take the youth pastor pill

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>>885931735kek your turn will come someday my friend

Had one a few years ago, her insecurities ruined everything

>>885932687Was the sex worth it?

>>885925999You’re right that’s why I pay to fuck one

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>>885932737that's actually genious

>>8859321575/10 would not bang

>>885932778because you are gay fag

>>885927319I moved to italy and bought a house there

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>>885932836these are great keep em coming


>>885932753I can second this. I'm 31 but was 30 at the time and she was 24, best damn sex of my life, tightest pussy I've ever had but holy FUCK the constant breaking down out of nowhere and asking me if I was gonna break up with her every single fucking day along with telling me she was gonna kill herself if we ever broke up because no one has treated her as well as I had. Also constantly told me that she was annoying and that I just didn't wanna tell her because I didn't wanna hurt her feelings. Straight up told her multiple times that her asking me if she was annoying was extremely annoying. Fuck, i miss that pussy, but that baggage was legitimately starting to fatigue the fuck out of me mentally.

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>>885932830A few months later she broke up with me because I didn't find any job and she left for university. I kept the house for some time and tried to learn italian because I really thought of a new beginning.

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>>88592684310/10 would knock up

>>885926263look at those fuckin teeth

>>885932862you cant do it

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>>885932933In the end I spend my life in a very small town in italy for a half year before realizing I din't earn any money and was living in a house with no TV no Laptop. When I moved out the landlord told me to drop my keys in the mailbox, he kept the one key for the mailbox. I always wanted to go back but its not so easy atm with my habit turning on the computer before I even have to go to work everyday

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>>885925999Thank fuck.I want my dick sucked, not spend all night dealing with anxieties and onesies.

>>885932836all of my boxes checked. now just the face

>>885933247youre a fucking pussy lol.shes easier than the older ones user

>>885931956>youth pastor pillPedo pastor, you mean.

I have a zoomer gf and got her pregnant, im 29 and she's 20, i kinda regret cause she's fucking crazy and abusive but the she turns sweet. Idk what to do I was just an incel before I met her. But I have a thing for zoomer chicks now