Say hello to the 47th president of the united states

say hello to the 47th president of the united states

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Gotta love how republicans keep pictures of muscular men’s bodies with Trump’s face attached.Just admit it, you’re closet faggots and you hate that about yourselves.

>>885925164Imagine any world in which real world Trump is not just a big dumpy fat fuck.

>>885925412Being impressed by the qualities of another man is not faggy. Only fags think this.

>>885925164440X, US undisputed champion

>>885925164How is it the right are all the homophobic retards who hate gays and trannies and yet they have the most homoerotic meme campaign in human history for their retarded fatass criminal messiah? This is some seriously messed up Orwellian DoubleThink shit.

>>885925164hopefully, Biden is a sad joke

>>885925164hola puta

>>885925164I wish that loser did lift a bunch of weights and get bigger like that. His heart would give out sooner that way and the entire world will be rid of his worthless ass.

>>885925164who is he going to run with? I doubt mike pence would want to run with the guy that told his giant angry mob of retards to hang him.


>>885925541OK fag

>>885925541>Being impressed by the qualities of another man is not faggy.Trump has none of the qualities in this fake picture. He is a morbidly obese lumpy person.

>>885925690No but it represents who he is. Power to the people

>>885925164Gladly.Where are they?

>>885925541Maybe. But there’s a lot of overlap.And Trump is a sloppy pudding of a man. Why fantasize about a body if you just like his thought process?Kinda faggy when you think about it.

>>885925690>He is a morbidly obese lumpy, let's be charitablehe is a morbidly obese lumpy person with a tiny mushroom


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>>885925893Nailed it.

>>885925164Bless your heart OP. That autism is really settling in well

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>>885925541being impressed by trump is a mark of an imbecile

>>885925742>No but it represents who he is. Power to the peopleNo. He is a fat sloppy motherfucker. He does not have any muscle mass like pic.


>>885925893Yeah that's weird. No reason to photoshop Hillary.

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>>8859259392 More weeks until more of nothing happening.

>>885925893One is funny and meant to be ironic. The other is the left can't meme.

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>>885926068>ironicAh yes, the "just pretending" defense.



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>>885926068>One is funny and meant to be ironic. The other is the left can't meme.Sorry America about storming the Capitol. That was just ironic. Sorry you can't meme.

>>885926208Look at his sweet mommy milkers.

>>885926241"Hang Mike Pence" was just ironic...


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>>885926068this x 100to be fair

>>885926356Is this ironic?

>>885925164so is he represented as he-man because he got cucked and thrown off his own show?

>>885926477You shills are useless. Wasted of shekels.

>>885926356Was this ironic, retard?

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>>885926550Ironic, don'tcha think?

>>885926550>Wasted of shekels.>Wasted>I don't like Jews>They have higher SAT scores

>>885926477This is where your shekels went faggot.

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>>885926671but better grades is just cause of better environment and privilege right? That;s your excuse why niggers do so poorly. So you're just saying the jews are more privileged than everyone else.

>>885926775His face looks like pudding

legend, if u want practice survival try zombie panic source, co-op horror, free on steam

>>885926790OKCaucs provide inferior environments

>>885925164I will never understand this weird homoerotic obsession you people have with making his fatass look ripped

Nigger here… all for a Trump and Desantis ticket!

>>885927024that's mighty white of you.

>>885925164Than fucker is almost 80; you need younger lads

>>885926068It's not funny. You trash have no sense of irony because that requires brains. It's really disturbingly stupid propaganda and it shows how childish you are.

>>885926471>to be fair>It's only retarded when you do it. It's cool and funny when we do it. HA-DEERRRRPPP!!Kill yourself.

>>885927295Much appreciated sir

>>885925164>Poorly-Aged 80s He-ManHello He-Man. How's Skeletor... -Sorry, I mean Melania?

Are Russians still posting this shit here?Trump’s a fucking loser. DeSantis is going to win the nom because of it. I wish these trump faggots would finally give up.

>>885928406It will be interesting to see whether the Mobster or the Russian Asset gets the denomination.

>>885928664*nomination. Sorry, brain was thinking cult cult cult, so I Freudian Slipped on the keys

>>885928406Trump's going to prison and DeSatan can't win an election anywhere there aren't a bunch of racist retarded meth addicts.

>>885928664One is a monster, both are Russian assets. The general public doesn’t care but Trump will lose to DeSantis because he’s now playing QAnon shit at his rallies and has literally zero message outside of “I’ll do what I said I was going to do last time but for real. Also the election was stolen.” DeSantis will wipe the floor with him in an election. It’s in the bag for DeSantis. Dems have zero people they can put up against him, and Trump’s team is too stupid to combat him.I hate DeSantis, by the way. That’s just what’s going to happen.

>>885928717Luckily, he’s running in the United States.

>>885928717funny how most of those racist retarded meth addicts are also usually just mired up in nigger hiphop culture. they talk black act black listen to nigger music and live among black. sure there's also the hick trailer people, but theres nigger rednecks picking a banjo with their toes too.

>>885928962I’m not sure where you’re going with this, but it largely seems unfounded if you’re talking about the rural United States


>>885928832DeSantis will get absolutely raped by anyone on the left. You don't get it. None of you do. Trump was the final straw that woke the sleeping behemoth. The entire left, center, and everything n between as well as the newest generations are 100% energized against the right now. The GOP is finished. Look at Kansas and Alaska, for fuck's sake. A historically easy win for the GOP during the midterms has turned into a bloodbath for Republicans.When people stay motivated to vote, the GOP straight up has no prayer. They are a dwindling minority of cultists, retards and grifters who can only get cotes by perpetuating bullshit in a bubble world.


>>885929220most of the criminally inclined whites at least in cities are big into black culture, rap clothing styles, etc etc. A large proportion of the rural ones are as well. especially if they are im saying the nigger culture plays a part. id be willing to wager that MOST criminal whites are in fact wiggers if its not mostly just shit like wifebeating or drugs which plague every culture.

>>885929411>especially if they>forgot to finish this sentenceare into rap music made by white "artists" like eminem, swollen members, or newer wigger "artists" i don't know about. look at (dont really) but like, tons of the new country music culture is morphing into black like, but with white swamp people and shit.

>>885929411You realize the meth addicts and opioid abusers aren't all gangsta faggots, right? Most are trailer trash rednecks living off welfare.


I'll provide a been and Trump

>>885929903> TRUMP WON(a copy of the home game)

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>>885925164Trump fags

>>885926578This is still funny.And illegal

Would be funny to see that page of history books with all the portraits of the presidents include DRUMPF!'s face twice.

>>885925965Pretty funny how some morons still believe all the lugenpresse bullshit. You WANT to be gullible.

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>>885925595Praise Trump and his magnificent penis

>>885930329you're a domestic terrorist using national socialist language.Also, please learn how to use it correctly, it's "Lügenpresse", you troglodyte lmao

>>885930329..... I am assuming you have eyes, user. Is that assuming too much?

>>8859251644 years older and less coherent with a smaller volcabulary, I'm sure he'll get cucked even harder as Melina smiles and watches.

>>885930339>Braze Brump Benis-you mean the one traditionally in his mouth? wouldn't that actually be Bootin's?

>>885930898>When your exit strategy is "Let Nature Take Its Course"Melania will likely bury us all

>>885925164I know you would, faggot.

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He's so masculine.

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>>885925541The why did you shop the head of a morbidly obese lard bucked to a body of a body builder? Just post the fatso the fat in all his glory, if you admire his "qualities".

>>885925164Based.Hail Trump, fuck the haters.

>>885925412>>885931386Yeah, it's not like libtards would put the head of a senile old man on an young healthy body, eh?

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>>885925412Liberals literally make everything about sex

>>885932739Found the "I voted for Joe!" sandnigger.

>>885931967No, you nutcases did that.

>>885925164Who are the homosexual faggots who keep drawing trump as if he were He-Man of Eternia?

>>885933504Elect me president. I have a foolproof plan for peace in the middle east.Bomb the shit out of israel. The plan is to bomb the shit out of israel.

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>>885933730He-Man is less gay than the drawings these weirdos do of Trump.

>>885933817Melania must be sick to her stomach being surrounded by so many filthy kikes.