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They actually didn't invent that stuff.

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>>885922164>feeding white children without peanut butterback to pol incel

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>>885922222I know, your mom did and your dog was all the much better off for it

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>>885922222Nice quints.

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>>885922164A black person didn't invent peanut butter... (ib4 Frederick Douglas, google it faggot)

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Yall are gay, OP abandoning thread

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>>885922222based trump btfo'ing negro myths

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>>885922222Witnessed based Trump quints

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>>885922363Holy shit the most racist people are old white women I'm fuckink--

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>>885923155These clash ones get me for some dumb reason.

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>>885922164>>885922585Sage in all fields

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>>885923415these newfags have no idea what that isa rare breed


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>>885923470You mean Paul McCartney was in a band before Wings?

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>>885923460I'll never forget my first Head Cleaner show. My date never spoke to me again afterwards.

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>>885922222>retruthedHoly fuck, my sides. No way they actually cope that hard and label everything they say as "truth"

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>>885922222>quints>QQ IS SPEAKING

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>>885924385It's legitimately disturbing how it looks like it makes sense until you try to pick it apart and realise nothing about this image is a real objectIt's like how everything looks out of the corner of your eye

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>>885924507>It's like how everything looks out of the corner of your eyethat is actually a really amazing way of putting it

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>>885924637holy shit

>>885922222Quints of queers check'd.

>>885923670What anime is this

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>>885922858fuck. Lost

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>>885924808Not user, but it's the Junji Ito stuff I believe.

>>885922164I remember that you tube video.Bitch got what she deserved.

>>885922992Kek It's a real account. My sides.

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>>885923107>>I'm fuckinI doubt it

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>>885923223The Pikachu person needs a penis, then this would be 100% accurate

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>>885922164anyoine have that thing that she do promotional poster showing of chicks doing deep throat?


>>885922164Dreads were recorded by the fucking minoans long before the nigs decided they owned the look

>>885922391I'm starting to believe what agent k said in men in black that those tabloids are actually true because it turns out that the body the russians got that is supposed to be Hitler was tested genetically and turned out to be a 30 something year old female.

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>>885924808>>885925016Anon is correct, this is an adpatation of Junji ItoThis particular story is called "The Neighbour's Window" although it has a couple other namesActually one of my favourite of his.


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>>885925426Well then it's not Hitler, user. There were other people in the bunker aside from Hitler

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>>885925306Have you never seen the video?Are you not familiar with the story?

>>885922437Fun fact, I've been selling bensodiazepines, amphetamines and hashish on that geographical square pictured in the left. Central Gothenburg.

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>>885922164This would be more accurate if her tits were not covered.

>>885923711Sgt. Schultz on the left

>>885925235Which one has the "FAETH" tattoo? My guess is that it is the tweeka on our right, and the tat is on her back left shoulder.

>>885922164George Washington Carver is the man known for inventing peanut butter.By pure coincidence, he has the name "George Washington" in his name.That's strange.


>>885925983That's a lovely picture of Bosnia

>>885922743I have now seen this enough that I’m saving it

>>885922743Also save one share one

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>>885926128neck yourself

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>>885923657Dude, seek help. If you find this stuff funny there’s something deeply wrong in your life.

>>885924350if they ever go back to makin mofos wear masks im doin this.

>>885924613oohohoho you fucker. i like that.

>>885926061More like the white trash redneck version.>"I ain't know shit about nothin'!"


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>>885926300>AppletonCliff Yablonski Hates You


>>885922164>yo yo>just thinly veiled Holla ForumsshitAlso blacks didn't invent peanut butter, just traffick lights, carbon light bulb filaments(too ban for all the cons that hate newfangled leds!), automatic elevator doors, clothes dryers, refrigerated trucks(where would con states like texas have been without those when they couldn't keep up with their covid deaths?), home security systems, blood banks, fiber optic cables, etc.

>>885926745Ah another SA oldfag, I approve

>>885926830But user, black people didn't invent any of those things. They may have been involved in part of the process in some of them but I’m going to have to ask you to back up your claims. Nigger.

>>885923483But the Holla Forumsjack was literally based on a Holla Forumscel after their chimpout

>>885926830>home security systemsInvented BECAUSE of blacks, not BY them, dumbass.

>>885924494>joking or brainwashed? The world may never know!

>>885927062Did they invent blood banks so they could have more shit to rob, too?

>>885926881DRINK A COKE U F44GORT!PEPSI IS FOR F44GROTS LIEK U1!I was never a forum goon; I just visited for JEFF K, Cliff Yanlonski and Photoshop Phriday.Though I do remember this one story on the site somewhere told from the first person perspective of some Karen roastie wanting to have a girl's night out at Applebee's and then go try on clothes while smearing their shit all over the dressing rooms. Was fucking hilarious.Oh, oh, and the "we track a UPS package as a Greek odyssey."

>>885926638I would watch that reboot

>>885925625His oneshots are some of his best, but then horror thrives in shorts. The more you stretch it out and explore and expand on what's going on the more you lose in fear of the unknown.Like my favorite lovecraft story is probably "the rats in the walls" or "pickman's model".

>>885923460i used to love HC.. but then i turned 20 and realized how immature their shit is

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>>885926982>>885927062>b-but muh cope! bahaiteachings.org/african-american-inventions-that-changed-the-world/


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>>885926504it is funny though, because we've all met these people IRL. that's how parody works.

>>885926405I don't listen to people who defend Extreme-Dance-Dance-Revolution-Land.

>>885927224Here’s Charles Drew, the ‘black’ man who invented ‘blood banks’. However it was Karl Landsteiner, a white man, who discovered serotyping and blood types, without which blood banks would not have been possible.Given that drew was at most 1/16th black and Landsteiner was white that gives us 31/32 points to white folks and 1/32 to the blacks. Keep crowing from your dungheap, little rooster.

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>>885923383>>885923483I think the left can't meme because their emphasis on identity tricks them into entrenching their self-image in leftist ideology, which in turn makes self-parody impossible because any self-parody is therefor a heretical attack against the ideology itself. While the left is shitting over right wing memes and bitterly engineering their replies, the right is depicting themselves as pants-shitting midget frogs, morbidly obese chuds, and sucking all the power out of the left's few successes by appropriating them as their own like in pic related.

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>>885927416>Baha’iNice citations there you fucking fruitcake

>>885927439>it didn't strike a tree>it didn't strike a nearby streetlight>it didn't strike any other building, one that was taller than one story>it didn't strike the roof of this building>it didn't strike any of the other walls>it didn't strike any other parts of the wall>it struck the part of the wall with George Floyd's face on it and turned it into a pile of bricks on the groundI iterate: it was struck by lightning.You have to compare the odds of getting struck by lightning to winning the lottery to even put it in perspective.You have to acknowledge that god exists and he hates niggers or that this is one of the biggest coincidences ever documented.

>>885927568>inventing computers doesn't count cus it wouldn't have been viable without someone inventing electricity first!!1!Cope harder lol, virtueally all inventions build off of previous advancements

>>885927691>NOOOOO i need a source that just says "blacks bad and dumb"!!!

>>885927719Lightning strikes the continental US 90,000,000 times per year.Lightning causes an estimated $5 billion in property damage per year in the US.Lightning by the NumbersLightning by the NumbersA 50’ tall building in an average lightning activity has a .25 probability of being struck in any given year.Lightning in an average year kills 58 people in the US.Lightning causes over 75,000 forest fires per year in the US.Lightning causes 30.2% of church fires per year in the US.god hates churchessee how bias can cloud the mind?

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>>885927807I already have a source for that, it’s called ‘observable phenomena’.

>>885928033The left can't comparative.

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>>885927633Children care about memes

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>>885928108I'm curious what you mean by this. Would you care to elaborate? I'm all for constructive conversation.

>>885925318celts sort of did them as well, mixing slaked lime or chalk into their hair and forming it into dreads or spikes and shit not sure if that was before niggers did. Also pretty sure certain sects of India indians had similar dread like styles.

>>885928180Give him a second. Their online dictionaries are slow this time of day on Kremlin Online.

>>885927568He was raised black. He was discriminated against as black. Therefore he is black. Cut the copium, bro.

>>885927769What part of ‘computers’ do you mean? Babbage’s differential engine was invented before electricity generation (by a white man, in case you’re wondering).Also, electricity is a natural phenomenon- white people didn’t ‘invent’ it, they simply developed the means to generate it artificially in usable amounts.

>>885928091>I don't need no facts, jus muh feels!

>>885928091Ain't that the same shit them flat earthers use? Crazy shit.

>>885928277>He was discriminated against as blackCitation needed. Even his Wikipedia page records a rise so meteoric that he’d be called ‘privileged’ if he were not ‘black’.

>>885928033The United States is one of the largest countries in the world by landmass and one of the largest in terms of overall population.The odds of this happening is still like a billion to one.>>885928133Are neckbeards right wing now.I thought they were liberals that were always going on about atheism and defending women and I don't know. Neil Degrasse Tyson.

>>885928342Ad hominem >>885928425False analogy2/10 try harder, niggers.

>>885927568naw dawg. the black part held him back from inventing it sooner.

>>885922222This is prophecy. Trump will be back

>>885928430Wow, he wasn't raised in a shotgun shack and made to work fields, ya got me.

>>885927352>His oneshots are some of his best, but then horror thrives in shorts. The more you stretch it out and explore and expand on what's going on the more you lose in fear of the unknown.Couldn't agree more. The unknown is so intriguing because it can have so little limitations. 'It's like that because it just is' situation can allow for a lot of creative things to happen.>Like my favorite lovecraft story is probably "the rats in the walls" or "pickman's model".Wow, these are the works by him I've actually read. Really long time ago now but still, a lovely coincidence

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>>885928673First as tragedy, then as farce.It will be hilarious to watch two senile old men attempt to convince the American public that they are still relevant.I've already made up my mind who to vote for.

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>>885928511>False analogyBro, calm down. I used observable phenomen.

>>885928669>straight hair>Roman nose>pale skin tone>thin lips>literate>educated>no criminal record>gainfully employed>successful>knew the difference between a Windsor and a half-Windsor>didn’t stink of menthols, nigger sweat and unwashed swamp ass>not afraid of dogs>no aspirations to be a rapper or a b-ballerWhat makes this guy ‘black’ exactly? He doesn’t tick a whole lot of black boxes so far.

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>>885928893Okay I’ll pay that one, made me laugh 8.5/10

>>885928893flat earth isn't observable phenomenon you schitzo.

>>885929141did he know how to swim?


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>>885927352>>885928804Come to think of it, I read those when I was a little kid. Honestly wouldn't of remembered that if it weren't for your comment. Thanks bro.

>>885929257I wish we knew, so we’d have a record of whether the water beaded in his hair or not

>>885929229How can I observe it to not be flat? I don't observe any curves aside from changes in elevation.

>>885922164>in b4 we waz kangzThe glass window ripped out but the glass jar remaining in the final panel is a curious compromise. Glass was likely invented in Egypt, 5,000-6,000 years ago making it an African invention. Africans also had pottery and ceramics from an early time. It is harder to say who invented pottery and jars, but the jar in panel four suggests that making jars was a black invention.

>>885928445Nope, that's probably some site you visit. Republicans feed the power fantasies of lonely impotent retards, and harness their aimless rage against brown people. It's really quite pathetic.

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>>885923557No, he was not.

>>885929336That's peanut butter. You wouldn't think it's peanut butter if it was a glob on the ground.

>>885929393Funny how interracial crime statistics show that 90% of interracial violence is committed by niggers. Seems like the ‘aimless rage’ problem’s definitely a Coontown phenomenon.

>>885929493...he said as he seethed with anger.

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>>885929272I'm always happy to see rage guy.

>>885929563wrote teh pastyfaced acne pocked soiboi as he sipped his oat milk in the closet, one hand jacking off to a nigger fucking his girlfriend, latest model iPhone with an anime waifu dickgirl enblazoned phone case in the other.

>>885929331if you are this dull, i feel bad for you. think a little harder buddy.

>>885929686His lack of punctuation was telling. We knew his homeschooling in a trailer park by Walmart check out clerk parents was bad. The real issues was his rage made him flail uncontrollably. He forgot how to use punctuation while listing off all the repressed sexual proclivities that make him so angry on the first place. It was sad, really

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>>885929393Try to summon enough cope to make the astronomical coincidence that a mural of a nigger was struck by lightning sound reasonable in your head


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>>885929756Hmmmm well is there some way to derive evidence without depending on my own perception?

>>885922164Did niggas invent glasses? Shouldn't it be a clay pot instead? Also white ancestors wore dreads probably too. So fuck those niggas

>>885929860I think you might be having a stroke

>>885929973Calm down, son. It's just a drawing. It's a plastic jar for artistic purposes.

>>885930019You and what army

>>885930061Uh...maybe you should call your parents or doctor

>>885929563Don’t know where you’re getting the idea that I’m angry, Sambo.

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>ylyl thread on Holla Forums>someone posts something about an objectively funny cop murder>thread gets derailed by one seething leftist who's furious that someone made an edgy joke in a ylyl thread on Holla Forums

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>>885930349But user, all leftists seethe when someone disagrees with them. Their emotions triumph over their logic every single time.

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>>885930139He was frothing at the mouth, a state that was normal for him as he often blew men. This however was something else.

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>>885930366you knock it off too, unless you're posting something objectively funny like biden needing a cheat sheet to get through a photo op

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>>885929877Nice penguin.

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>>885927416I literally could not give a snippet of shit about a products inventor's skin color

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>>885927489You never go outside apparently.Real life is nothing like your funny internet political strawmen

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>>885927685>>885929877the same person

>>885930633>>885930575>>885930549>>885930483>>885930414christ user, enough with this facebook-tier shit

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>>885930549Yeah nah cunt

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>>885928445Neckbeards were never inherently political, just the stereotypical reddit mod funko pop collector.But nowadays polarized retards like:>>885929393>>885928133use them as a strawman insult against [Other team]

>>885922222What a waste.

>>885930519Fair enough

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>>885929563fake news ya russian feggit

>>885930759thas fake ivanski

>>885923670Why the fuck did I just watch 2 minutes of that bullshit

>>885931229well, you're here, so you clearly have some time to kill

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>>885931026Go to politifact and look it up yourself

>>885927685adorable would bail out of jail and impregnate

>>885922858Where's Todd Howard?

>>885923670Well that's not something you want to glance at after you look away from it because you're pissing and you haven't slept all night.

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>>885929850Proof for EI is weaker than for IQ, but I've seen people who accept this shit no problem but will reject the idea that IQ is of any real significance.

>>885932167People don't want reality. They want a nice story that perfectly flatters their beliefs and perceived self interest.

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>>885923726It's a (bad) pun on "retweeted" because their network is called Truth Social, you fucking idiot.

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>>885929850But that doesn't make them wrong. Liberal men are more likely to have low testosterone and not defend themselves against attacks.

>>885931972It’s is a long time that i haved seena gif.file that also a short movie/film.

>>885928116Oh no, did they ACTUALLY BREAK A WINDOW OMG KILL THEM ALL!!!!

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>>885927685Should've named it opposite day


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>>885933410Came here to post this. Good work user.

>>885922222Witnesed and checked


>>885927633They can't meme because a meme relies on being both transgressive (as most humour does to some degree) and quickwitted enough that people get it immediately.Leftist ideology relies on a vast number of contradictory positions which all have to be explained in order to create the framework of their ideology before you can explain what's inside, like describing the entire fucking universe in order to tell someone what an apple pie is, because of this it also relies heavily on removing possible alternatives to itself (often via censorship) because if something can exist outside their construct then it can be critiqued from the outside.It can't be transgressive because the only things that could possibly be transgressed upon are those things that are forbidden to joke about within the ideology itself. And before anyone says 'They joke about white men all the time' - Humour is not the same thing as contempt and people can tell the difference and transgression is not the same thing as acceptable targets. Joking about white men in the progressive ideology is like taking pot shots at the devil as a Catholic, it challenges nothing, dances on no line and as such has all the punch and flavour of a bowl of porridge.You can't thumb your nose at the world and break into temples to put big, wobbly fake dicks on the sacred cows when you're a priest.

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>>885928133They also say the left can't meme because they just take a meme, put a maga hat on someone. They're given feedback and ignore it like usual. This meme is a perfect example of that.

>>885933621Name a leftist ideology without screaming about adult males who identify as such dressing up and dancing on a stage.

>>885929850>Those with lower out of control empathy more likely to engage their brainpan when discussing realityGood to know.

>>885923296This reminds of one time as a kid I thought it’s be funny to pee on the sauna stones. HOLY SHIT that stuff stinks bro

>>885930716im 5'7 and this is pretty funny ngl

>>885933410Peanut butter is a recipe not a fucking invention

can you niggers stop posting pol tier shitits so fucking boring and unfunny and im tired of iteveryone, democrats and republicans are all fucking niggers and i dont care about any of your views, i just came to this fucking thread to have a laugh and all i see is trump's fucking facei dont care about that old faggot, stop posting fucking trash

>>885933796You're kidding, right? Is the automobile an invention or a recipe calling for four wheels, a frame and an engine?

>>885933656Let's see:Marxism, Anarcho-Communism (Which is different to Marxism and is, fascinatingly enough, the only surviving branch of Communism that hasn't been absorbed by Marxism in its various forms, possibly because Kropotkin was too far from Marx hunting ground to get fucked over by Hungry Santa; it's still terrible, but a different flavour of shit).Centrally planned market based theories; government ownership of all property; Lysenkoism.You could make a real argument for Keynesian economics being purely leftist since its foundation is based in decoupling supply from demand through government intervention and a central bank.If we're going into social theories then we have CRT, the Progressive Stack, Intersectionality, all of which are based on the Marxist Dialectic; which is a whole other post in and of itself.Fuck it; lets just be simple and say 'Social constructionism is the foundation of leftist theory'; the idea that fundamentally reality doesn't matter or even exist and everything is a social construct, it's all word games so if you can just fuck around with the words hard enough then behold, Utopia. All you have to do is keep quietly fucking with the mad-lib that is society.If you want a more succinct way of describing it though:>Liberalism (Which includes Conservatives, as well as a number of other ideologies) starts from the standpoint of 'This is how people are, how do we deal with this?', Leftism/Progressivism starts from the standpoint of 'This is how people should be, how do we make them like that?'And would you look at that; not a single mention of transgenderism in sight.

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>>885933830A car is not food you fucking moron A better analogy would be if MRE's are an invention not a recipe Or powdered milk but God damn those are leagues apart from peanut butter

>>885933796A recipe is an invention, it's a specific way of doing things that creates a certain output item that is distinctly different to the input items.If fractional distillation is an invention (Which it is; thanks Jabir ibn Hayyan) then so is making peanut butter.

>>885922222hey guys, what's going on in this thr-

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>>885933971So by your logic a butter basted steak and spaghetti are both inventions

>>885933830nigga its peanuts and butter!

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>>885933924So because it's food it can't be invented? That is about the worst rationalization I can think of. If food can't be invented we should all be eating whole vegetables and animal carcasses instead of cheeseburgers and sweet potato fries.

>>885925983>StrypeEvery time I see this name I get sad.Strype was a totally normal, functional, cool guy but he got knee deep into trans shit and left his wife after deciding he wanted his own tits/pussy.She claims she's happier now as a woman though.

>>885933871transgenderism is just a tool to dismantle the family unit and part of the demoralization process. transgenderism is a marxist tool. also it's inherently jewish, the merging of two to one. but you already know all of this.

>>885934031This, but minus the butter. It's just nuts with the shit beaten out of them.

>>885934006Yes. Spaghetti is distinctly different to the grain, a garlic steak is distinctly different to a cow. What of it?Oh I'm sorry did you expect me to think that's silly? I mean for fuck sake; the Vegas Strip was only discovered in 2013.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2515929/The-Vegas-Strip-New-cut-steak-discovered-time-10-YEARS.htmlBeing a new and unique way of preparing meat, a process for trimming and refining the carcass into a specific cut. We're still doing it after, what, 10,000 years of having cows around?