Waifu threadRules:>Post your waifu>Only claim one waifu>Don't claim other's waifus unless trips>Keep ERP...

Waifu threadRules:>Post your waifu>Only claim one waifu>Don't claim other's waifus unless trips>Keep ERP, lewds and 3D shit inside their containment board (>>>/trash/)>Insults and discussion is welcomed>Schizos take your pills with moderation>FUCK ANIMUSFAGS, FUCK AVATAFAGS, FUCK NAMEFAGS AND FUCK JANNIES>And have fun posting about your wife!

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Also AVATAFAGS isn't a thing

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Saul says to your waifu:>God, you're killing me with that booty.Wat happen?

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>>885921331I say "Let's cook meth"

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Blah blah blah...

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>>885921695Why do you hate me :(

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>Keep ERP, lewds and 3D shit inside their containment board (>>>/trash/)honestly the only rule that's based

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>tfw waifu is from incredibly unknown light novel that has no english translation so she's entirely based off a headcanon whose lore you've accumulated over years of fantasy and text based roleplayfive thousand year old tank-obsessive demon goddess who had a part to play in every major event in world history btw

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>>885921713Why do you insist on talking to me so much?

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>Why does the attention whore want attention ?

>>885921881Perhaps to initiate conversationI can't imagine any other reason>>885921929Also this, yes.

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>Imagine thinking you can insult me by statiing factsI am unashamed of what I am

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>>885921998Then I will leave you alone

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>i am ashamed of what i amthen stop doing it, simple asgod i hate avatarfags

>ashamedread again

>>885922367>>885922440>reading comprehensionSir? Perhaps your hatred is irrational

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>>885921737Jill, there's a really cool VA-11 Hall-A thread over in /c/ with some nice images if you're interested:>>>/c/4134367

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You have to let go, Jill died years ago...

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shut up cupaj*ll will always be in my head

>>885923213That's not j*ll...

>>885923979yes, it is

Dead waifu storage.

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Time to clean up.

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Start by cleaning up your act.

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It didn't need to be cleaned in the first place.

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Ladies don't get the wrong idea. You work hard and I respect that. You're just slow and clumsy and you never show up to work on time and fight with your coworkers and get tons of HR complaints... oh what am I saying you ladies already know all of this.

>>885924999Best bartender trips.Posted a link up above to a thread with some nice images of your waifu if you're interested.

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/doubtYour sins are crawling down your back.

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Sleepy waifu hours.Have a good night (or day).And remember: the /waifu/ spirit is immortal throughout all eternity!

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I don't feel no weight on my back. >>885925200Did notice and saved it thanks :) >>885925345Goodnight Suzuka.

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>>885924417Why so dead tho?

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Truly a degenerate.This is why I hate Italians.

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>>885925718extremely cute

>>885925794Why not?

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>>885925941What is going to take for you to get some help with your brain problem?

>>885926244What brain problem?

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>>885926487This one. Where you say crazy shit and no one corrects you.>>885921695>>885921881>>885921998>>885923693>>885924842>>885925022>>885925242>>885925941

Sorry I can't hear you over your trap posting.

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Over what?I'm unhinged.

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>>885926653Have you taken your pills yet?

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>>885926732You are in constant denial that you are the problem.

>traphe's not a trap noire, he's a girl!!!! with a penis!!!

>>885926858tiny nuts...

>>885926813What do I need pills for? I just drove myself to the grocery store and back and cooked dinner for my dad. (You) are the crazy ones.

>>885926653what did he say that was wrong?

>>885925516-climbs on your bacc-

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>>885926921Go back to your threads DogKiller-Kun...Alright anons you win. I'm going to retire from this community and go back to /HG/ on Holla ForumsI know I'm not well-liked here and I understand why... I actually do hate to be group-linked, its the most disrespectful thing you can do to someone you're talking to... it just triggers the heck out of me. I really do hope you guys have a better time in these threads without me. I mean you have way more toxic people to worry about than little ol' meLove your waifu, love yourself and try to be nice to the people you interact with in these threadsI'll be using a different avatar in /HG/ threads so don't bother looking for me to spam/trollbye-Sono, Ikaros, DogKiller, Mediator, Mashu, Rumia, Bloodchan, Anastasia, Asakura

>>885926916Nothing really it's just childish.

>>885926957that's not him

>>885926972then why would he need to be corrected?


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>>885927001Because it's annoying. None of you are helping anyone. Your just distracting people from doing their job.

Bridget is a girl, silly.

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>>885926232Why so?

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>>885927138>None of you are helping anyonenigga this is a circlejerk thread

>>885927079He's schizoposting, don't mind him

>>885927173What's her personality like?


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>>885927182What do you have to circle jerk about? What have you done that people will remember you for in 100 years?

>>885927272Your waifu


>>885927356Basically japanese barbie.

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>>885927287almost no one will be remembered in 100 years, grampsembrace ennui

>>885927173Just cause.

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>>885927470I remember Di Vinci. I remember Caesar. I remember Harriet Tubman. I remember Cleopatra. I don't even know your name so you might as well be no one.


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>>885927596That's a 49.99 monthly fee.

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you're being sarcastic but that is the distinction lol

>>885927674I'm willing to pay.>>885927675To judge others for not having quite such a... niche... fetish is kinda sad tbh.

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>>885926921I think you're a masochist but I would have to ask the opinions of others to see if they think the same.

>>885928057Nah they're just retarded

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>>885928146They most likely get off on being called that.

>>885928175They know my feelings, idgaf

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>>885928057I want to say crazy or stupid or evil but honestly I really don't know. Its just a jellyfish. it just exists and fucks shit up and dies randomly but an important part of the eco system for some reason.

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I'm actually so sick of all of you at this point I don't really want you to come see me. I just want to take all your stuff and tell you to fuck off.


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bunch of fags fagging arounddid you drink your hrt today?buy a new pair gaymer socks to program your asshole with?losers


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>>885929710Stop yourself you stupid dumbass fuck fuck, what the fuck is your self how many child you rape!?


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NGL I do love that frog girl. She always had her mind in the right place and was actually cute.

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>>885929744>>885929800>>885929856not cute

>>885927759Just subscribe to my OnlyFans.

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>>885930171seen it and others do more for free. give me the frog.

>>885929910You're not a Summer's breeze yourself, softcheeks.>>885930171Why are you gay?

>>885930446I never claimed to be. I'm supposed to be the villain but you bitches took my job.

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>>885930848I can take the hate all day because I know how to channel it into something funny. You just reflect the hate back at your enemies and it just makes them stronger. You literally will never win because you cant take a joke.

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>>885931182>I can take the hate all day because I know how to channel it into something funny.poh yeah?what about channeling...DEEZ NUTZ!!

>>885931444>>885931510That's not to say you cant be funny. You just don't know what is funny. You being stupid is funny. Its distracting but its funny. Being a know it all bitch is just annoying as fuck. I left a gta clan that was really good because they would just scream nigger and grief people. Funny for them but fucking obnoxious to the rest of the planet.

>>885931557>Being a know it all bitch is just annoying as fuck.Sounds like a (You) probklem. Maybe if you weren't so stupid...

I'd rather not even try to question the situation.

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>>885931626question my butt in your mom's face

>>885931617How is this my problem? I don't have to sift through mountains of hate comments. Your the comedian.

>>885931713>not basking in hate mailidk manhaters make me feel good about myselfyoutube.com/watch?v=bs7Ur81Z6Qg

Like I've literally gotten over a dozen death threats and shit in my life. I fucking love that shit. Like I'll find and kill you shit over fuckign youtube. I give my address out and tell them fucking try it everytime. It's funny and it'd be even funnier if one of them ever showed up raging over internet shit

>>885931754>>885931942That's a lie. If you didn't hate it you wouldn't brag about winning. You talk about it because mentally you lost.

>>885932200Winning? Winning what?

Post your address right now, pussy.

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>>885932233noone of you fags will probably try to swat me or some shitbesides im sure one of you has it already lol

>>885932220You tell me. I'm not the one that brought up death threats. I'm just telling you that your brain is not as healthy as you may believe.

What a beta bitch lmao

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>>885932261idk tbf if you tried that i coulkd land one of you in prison then for false charges lolbut really i need a death threat and actual hate being spewedlike clear foaming at the mouth shitanytime its like "ill find you and cut your head off" im like lol here you gothe peta fucks make the best death threatsif you arent like insane about animals liek them and go way out of your way to fuck with them they really want you to die tree hugging fucks tooand lgbtq freaks basically peopel who if they ever actually ried doing shit to me i would fucking revel in the blood they would shed

>>885932332wow. that is a lot to unpack right there

>>885932519like deez nutz lmao

>>885932527ugh your so lame it hurts

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>>885932549yah thats the pointyou really dont get that?its like you want more from me but smething honest?idk but its weird to me you dont seem to get that yet

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>>885932586I completely understand that you're a loser. I'm not here to laugh at you, I'm here to tell you to shut the fuck up before someone does it for you. Only because I like the internet and I don't want to lose it to some retard whore.

>>885932635yeah and it pisses you off >>885932648I am not a whore

>Seethes for hours on endYeah, we're pissed off

>>885932704yeah I bet you are!

>>885932676a whore doesn't have to have sex to be a whore. A whore is just someone who accepts payment for use of their body as entertainment.

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>>885932805wel lI do this for freeguess I'm just a naughty little slut~!anyway later losers

>>885932831Now that was actually funny

Literal proof the small nuts tranny randy is just an attention whore.

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>>885932847hontoni!??!>>885932852a little biti literally never deny it i just like messing around and shitposting bullshit a lot like a lot

Lole, what a faggot.

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>>885932919>foxxy vixen>calling anyone else a faggot with a name like that

Yet, why are they so small?

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>>885932884You're funnier when you insult yourself. It actually makes you sound cute. You have to let people know the joke is your a dumb slut.

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Fox ears ftw. Not furry bullshit, that's for faggots.

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>>885933036you have to insult yourself

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Just kiss already you two.

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>>885933066we could have ad all this conversation in private with 80% less cursing if you just came and talked to me.

>>885933061Fine, I'm a faggot who wants to fluff the fox ladies.

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>>885932964They arent!>>885933005I usually am insulting myself arent I?

>weBut you weren't talking to me.

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>>885933112That's just gay but at least its not hostile

>>885933161shut up faggotgo die in a gas chamberof wet femboy fartsfucking nigger

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>>885933229you sure are proud of that arent youprint it out and hang it on your fridge

>>885933156technically but your usually laughing at the wrong thing. It should be funny because its crazy not because its relatable.

>>885933242relatable? what?whatever im tired and i want to spend time tomorrow figuring out idol gacha game shit for zoomer anime girls that speak in baby

>>885933216>>885933229not cute

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>>885933277this can be funny if if you were dumber. stop tweaking and just come talk to me.

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>>885933460Do you want to be a porn star or not?

>>885933507no! now goodnight!

Rabbit ears because I'm retarded

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>>885933516dang where am i going to find another foot model

>>885933571probably for the bestmy feet are wide, flat, calloused and have thick jagged talon like nails


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>ITT Brain power>youtu.be/yBISfv-6hfo

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Nothing changes.

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>>885934044indeed. still waiting