Eternal trap/femboy thread

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>>885916388Come back!Need more of this ass!

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>>885920011Lol like this? Or you want nudes?>>885920081AwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwhThats so flattering ty so much :3

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>>885920446Cute body, more?

>>885920432second this

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Hewo guys UwU

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>>885920648Nudes would be much appreciated, ur making me so hard rn.

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>>885921053Oh my god I wanna shove my cock down ur throat so bad

>>885921016Don't steal my pics OwO

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>>885921374isn't that femboy link?

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>>885921709Fuck yes more, so cute

more camwhores please

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>>885920432Need that mf to fix the mega file

>>885921458....maybe? Summoning Cali

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>>885921850Sincerely hoping he does, really would like to finish to him

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where did that weeb qt go?

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>>885921374But they very good pic that QwQ

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>>885921952thanks for making me feel more tight in my chastity cage while i wait for cali oc

>>885921956That fucker really blue balled us man

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>>885922052Not surprised, that other user was being a bit of a cocksucker

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>>885922089You're welcomeyou motherfuckers need jesus

>>885922084sexy toes. show them more

>>885922187Why the fuck are you still here lmao gtfo

>>885922280Why is there a new thread? bitxh I fuckin live here

>>885922037Thx ;3 >>885922038

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>>885921956Yeah no kidding bro

>>885922448I would like to know who would who if us three did something like it UwU

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currently convincing myself traps arent gay

>>885920648Need moar, want you rimming my ass in that dress

>>885922785I would put Cali in the middle and you in the bunny suit UwUThen maybe we could swap a bit ?

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Oc :)

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>>885923799beautiful :)

>>885923799Show pp

>>885923873Thank you :3

>>885923582I did love bunny outfits >.

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>>885923799Ass with timestamp pls

>>885924019>>885922785hehe i remember going to my married sergeants house to watch some F1 and he had boku no pico on his youtube search and i brought it up without exposing that i knew what it wasalso me after an hour of getting pounded and creamed

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>>885924019Don't forget : making out and sharing cum is mandatory ^w^I love this hentai so much :x

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hey b, how does my ass look in fishnets?

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>>885924071So demanding~

>>885924422It looks like I want to rip them open and aggressively tongue ur boy pussy

>>885924474Always have been :)

>>885924397I would breed this tight ass without hesitation


>>885924397Yeah of course Ow

>>885924422Double dubs ! Hello Cali, I may have started a but earlier with UwUanon, come join usAnd I tried to find what we talked about but it's suprisingly hard (picrel)>>885924699Well Cali is here now, I will stop the posting

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>>885924422Omg it my favorite white boy :DLove your new outfit it very hot

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>>885924600>nice dubs Whoa how about I just lower them for u and u can have at it? >>885924699>more dubsThats me!>>885924860Thats okay Workanon im happy whenever i get reposted, just dont spam me too much XD. What did we talk about again, my memory is failing me, that i need a BOI hat?>>885924943Hello UwU user! Im only half white haha I hope thats okay. This outfit isnt actually new, i just put it on again and took some extra pics. People like fishnets

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Hi everyoneI was posting in an earlier thread but now I’m in my PJ’s

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>>885925116God damn ur backside looks tasty. I wish I could be back there for hours.

>>885925116>spam meOnly when anons beg for more otherwise I don'tThat you need to service me while I am distracted/watching TV etc Scroll up a little, UwUanon wants to try something with you and me :3

>>885924071Timestamp is upside down like an idiot -_-But 20/10/22 if you squint a little and turn it around

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>>885925116>I'm only half white haha I hop that's okay< It ok I love all femboys of color UwU>People like fishnets

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>>885924251Oh can you greentext the story please

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>>885925252Aw thanks user how kind of u :3 Pretty sure my mind would break after a few hours of ur play tho, are u big? >>885925256Thanks for that btw >885925614>love fishnets>Typical British Male, so Cowie? hahaWell i have more new OC in this outfit for tonite so please enjoy! U hope u leak for me

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>>885925503Anyone know who this is?!

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>>885925770Im confused, pic rel?

Femenine penis &

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>>885925758>Leak for me.

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>>885925758>are u big?Last time I checked I was in highschool and it was around 6 and a half inches.

hi i just returned to 4chan after about a year or sodo tranny haters still try and raid these boards? seems pretty clean here

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>>885926047Yeah I saw the pic on Twitter and I reverse searched and got nothing

>>885920432>>885920687>>885921144>>885921850>>885921956>>885922052>>885922089we will have to keep insisting for user to deliver, maybe in another thread, maybe another day. I'm gonna keep posting that cute ass femboy asking for the damn link

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>>885926459I think they just reside hrre but if you mean these threads, yeah occasionally

>>885926459>do tranny haters still try and raid these boards?They do, we just laygh at them knowing it is only a matter of time before they turn.Welcome back!

>>885926347of course! this is one of my new fav pics. >>885926417Im sure you've grown more since then user but around 6 is my preferred size ;), u will hit my sensitive spot perfectly for sure >885926459>clean hereFor now user, but yes there are plenty of haters still around cause its the internet and 4chan. For the time being tho please post more!

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>>885925758>no way i could last hahaWe will swap after you pass out don't worry ;)I'm like super horny today...Want to make me go crazy?>>885926347Thighs in fishnet yes :3

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>>885926581As we should, that faggot’s ass should be shared with everyone

>>885926661look I don't hate you.I just hate the mess you cause me to make

>>885926562Oh okay, was just curious since you atached a picture to your question but also referenced my post ~

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>>885926661HNNNNG! Cali, your cock is so sexy my mouth wants to be your chastity cage

>>885926661>u will hit my sensitive spot perfectly for sure

hello first time posting oc here

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>>885926840Why don't you come sit on my face while you post more...

>>885926661Going save that pic ;3

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>>885920711Ty Ty~>>885921051I dont think I actually any Asuka nudes.....Would you like some from my other sets?

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>>885926903yeah sure lol

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>>885926747My bad forgot to make a separate post

Any traps in oversized hoodies out there?Would love to see it

>>885926983mmm, just let me get some air every minute or so and you can sit on me all day!

>>885926673Hey Workanon how big is your dick,Just curious ;3

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>>885927031I second this request.

>>885926715Please dont hate me! :( I want you to obsess over me >:) but only when im in a thread otherwise that wont be healthy haha. Take a pic of the mess next time user, i want to see please>>885926777>LUKY 7s BabyYou wouldn't mind a femboy fucking ur face? Doesn't seem hair ur cock isnt been used tho >>885926838oooo im getting hard just reading this user, thanks you but im not the best. There are plenty of other traps/femboys better than me but as long as u cock gets hard, im happy!>>885926940U better save ALL the pics haha, thanks UwU user, means more than u think >>885927031If i where do to a outfit with a oversized hoodie, what other things would i wear? This is for research btw

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>>885927282>Doesn't seem hair ur cock isnt been used thoDon't worry about that, worry about keeping that cock in my mouth!

>>885927160I would not post a pic here But I would say at least 7inches :xHave a bunny boy ;3

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>>885927282>thanks you but im not the best.Don’t put yourself down like that, I would want nothing more than to make rough love to you. You are a dime piece ;)

>>885927388Bunny Bois are always welcome

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>>885927282I happy to help UwU

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>>885927282Cali those fishnets pics are very appreciated Fuck why am I at work

All the comments below and above me were written by faggotic subhuman mongrels. I hope all of you child fuckers kill themselves.

>>885927561Would marry

>>885927561fuck their stuff is primo

>>885927623I’m more fit and attractive than you.

>>885927604Holy shit moar

>>885927377>More lucky 7s, are u hacking?Have u tasted femboy cum before user, what do u think mine tastes like and will u share?>>885927388>I.Should.Have.Brought.A.Carrot.For.The.Bunny.Set.Goddamit.>>885927478Some of the beautiful people that post me make me so jealous like Lexi. Im defs more of a boy toy tho. Does rough include choking and spanking? I wanna be pressed up against u with no escape user >885927597Much love UwU user! Do u think a oversized hoodie set would work btw? >>885927614I did it after u said something like "Femboy Hooter has 50x pics while fishnets has 12x". Fishnet wasnt the only set i added more pics too ;). This was ur doing Work user, congratulations u played urself. BRB gotta go shower... a by my lonesome :(

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>>885927388Omg your bigger that me QwQ,I'm 4inc or 5incGod I love bunny outfits, can I be you cum dum bunny boy >.

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>>885927767Been a while, testing the waters...

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>>885927779You shouldn’t be jealous of anyone, you got it all bb. Ur cheeks will be a deep red by the time I’m done with u ;)

Kik throwaway997662Lf submissive QT traps, sissies femboys looking for bwc daddy

>>885928023I want to give you a big kiss on the lips, then I want to put something else on ur lips.

>>885927779Yes I think it would Cali and this to ;3

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>>885928189Tempt me user.

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felt like putting mine here

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>>885928257fucking slut. show us what you're wearing under that skirt.

>>885927779>congratulations u played urself.I cannot win against you lol I kinda want to play with you after your shower tho>>885927814Pls do :3 I will make sure you stay satisfied at any time, giving you a lot of horny cuddles

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hey /b how are we doing today? x

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>>885927814Why does he have 2 eyebrows

>>885927282>what other things would i wear?Thigh high socks

>>885928319nice dumpy


ello everyone

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>>885927646It's a little hit or miss but most of their stuff is decent

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>>885928322Something like this...

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>>885928257God I wanna shove my phat cock in between those pillowy lips, forcing u to deep throat me until I shoot a massive warm load down ur throat.


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>>885928486ngl im usually not into bunny suits like that, but even then, this image doesn't hurt my predicament lol

>>885927779Hoodie reference

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>>885928549More ass and asshole pics please

>>885928351I love cuddles :3, oh Daddy how big/tall are you? Just curious

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>>885928579Sounds great and all, but can we hold hands before,m>>885928656Sure why not...

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I had no idea this website had so many beautiful boys

>>885927649And you fuck kids, faggot.

>>885928443Come get that ass drilled faggot

>>885928714Keep going with that ass

>>885928714Of course, i mostly care about affection. We can hold hands, snuggle, passionately kiss. Everything else is just an added bonus C:

>>885928732You can’t prove that

>>885928587and even more of meeee

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>>885928732Got any evidence, fucko?

>>8859286661m80 so 6 feet If you want to chat I can drop my discord

>>885928099>more dubs for deep redNot too hard user i bruise like peach but will still moan every time u do it. Make sure to squeeze me tight and creampie me deep>>885928204Gotta find a cute hootie for u then :3 That outfir is cute too are those jean shorts or do u just want me to cosplay this character haha (i forget his name, starts with an A tho)>>885928351Literally after u said that I looked at my catalog and went "dammit hes right, and these outfits are easy enough to bang out in a hour or so". Im all steamy, hair still wet and body will lotioned and smelling like coconuts. Come at me bb >>885928619Noted! >>885928409>thigh high socksEzpz, its by law every Femboy must own at least 4 pairs haha but what about bottoms/pants tho?

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>>885928796Like this...?>>885928809Alright I'm sold, as long as you got snacks though

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>>885928891cali you are so hot x

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>>885928891I’ll hold you in my arms while I penetrate ur cute little hole

>>885928891>Come at me bbLet me dry you and put some lotion all over you before I choke and spank you. Being gentle before a rough fuck then being gentle again, making out with my cum still dripping

>>885928435post more

>>885929185ok heres another pic,thats all im givin tho

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>>885928967Fir sure yes

>>885928967>as long as you got snacks thoughOf course ;) we can watch movies and cuddle and eventually lead up to passionate love making

>>885928443the other pictures last thread were hot as fuck, got discord?

>>885928879I'm also 6 feet :( I wish I was smallSure drop your disc but I'm going be honest here I don't think I'm that cute

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>>885926747this is the only ass in the thread that i would love to choke on, get sent to the hospital, barely survive so i can say "it was worth it"

>>885928969another one x

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>>885928715You must be new here

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>>885928969Says Ella the one with the perfect skin and booty. Any chance we see some new pics tonite Ella? Pretty please?>>885929158How would u hold me user? In ur lap facing u or pinned around my chest doggy style? I want specifics user! :3 >>885929165You know all my kinks now user its not fair >:( Maybe we need to explore new ventures haha

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>>885929511plenty of pics i can share yes babe x

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>>885929511I’ll pin u down and hold u while railing ur ass as in kiss you on the neck and lips. I wanna fuck ur tight boypussy so bad.


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>>885929601>>885929566>>885929511put a hotdog in your ass

>>885929511>its not fairCheckedThe only thing not fair is that I can't touch myself each time you post. I should'nt wear tight jeans when you are around. And I'm always up for new things>>885929326Don't woryy UwUanon, maybe I can make you feel small in the bed?

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>>885929617Unless it's frozen, my ass its tight enough to chomp a hotdog in two. Good luck lol

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>>885929703i love that pretty brown dick and balls.

>>885929753Brown asshole to match :p

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>>885929629>tight jeansAre you a femboy too, or just a faggot?

>>885929566>Ella dubshmm perfect, i wanna see the one of u in the leather suit thing with the zipper, I love that outfit on u so much. Looked into myself too haha>>885929617Why a hotdog exactly user? Does this not work, it kinda looks like a hotdog.. just big.. and also cock shape>>885929629>tight jeansBuy a bead vibrator and tape it to ur cock, just turn it on when im around and it will do all the work :) but its not like u ever know when im gonna show up but u can guess pretty easy if its been a while. Or maybe i just show up randomly even more to fuck with ur pants >:)

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>>885929809Ur hole is so tiny I can just imagine how good it would feel to shove my 7 inch cock in there.

>>885929809id slobber on all of it. sit on my face anytime.

>>885929601So hot

>>885929837>Buy a bead vibrator and tape it to ur cockCali, as much I love being horny, I doubt cumming in my jeans at work would be a good idea if I want to keep my salary x) And you know what is the next step of teasing me :pBut you are right, I should buy some toys>>885929830Hard to find jeans at my size, even normal one are slim. Not really a femboy, and everyone on this website is a faggot I think.

>>885929862>>885929893>>885929902Feels good to read these, forgot it even existed back there!Goodnight friends!

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>>885929837you mean this one hehe? ;) x

Attached: ella-latex.jpg (960x1280, 179.67K)

>>885928734oh my:0>>885929265glad you like! i hav a twitter:)

Attached: DA701A11-EB64-4AAE-B58D-3DDD52AE1106.jpg (827x1088, 260.99K)

>>885929976Have a good sleep! It was nice talking to u ;)

>>885928714Bodysuit superiority

>>885929992Drop it

Where's this cutie been

Attached: 1662273738974537.jpg (535x960, 39.43K)

>>885929977>more ella dubsomg yasss, i love this outfit. The little heart shape it makes so perfect. More pics in this outfit please and thank you. >885929970>cumming in my jeansOh noooo Workanon if thats not on the table, guess ur gonna have to take a "break" again. I love tight jeans btw, cause it make my ass looks nice hehehe

Attached: FBC_BA12.jpg (2156x2729, 574.21K)

>>885930133>guess ur gonna have to take a "break" againDubs again wowMake me take a break ;) I'm sure you can put into words something that will make me go crazy And same for tight jeans, even if your ass is way better than mine.

>>885929590My boypussy is tight as hell and ill squeeze every last drop of ur juices out. I love being pinned down and having skin to skin contact, my cock is so hard again. >>885930250Hmm if only u were here to creampie my ass over and over again user. If it was after hours in the office, i would talk up to u and rub trapped cock with my ass. Grabbing ur hands and forcing them own my pants too, ur not the only one thats hard. I would undo u zipper and relish in ur twitching meat, only to give it a quick lick up and down with a kiss on the cap to finish. Kiss u on the forehead and walk away. >:3

Attached: FBC_BA39.jpg (1805x2693, 365.37K)


Attached: 6ED26A6E-5B5E-4FD1-B2DA-4805EC01CDE6.jpg (827x1074, 291.88K)

Attached: IMG_20220909_182913_489.jpg (3464x3464, 1.52M)

>>885930133As an aside, I feel old. I'm a lvl 38 wizard, and my drive to fap has decreased significantly. Used to fap daily, now maybe 2 times a week. That said I fapped last night and got cummies on my shorts. Possibly precum, cuz I had my cumsock ready..

>>885930698Cute af

>>885921709I want to bully you


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Attached: IMG_20220908_020713_819.jpg (2423x2423, 1.1M)

>>885930726Hey its fine, as long as it will feels good user. It might be a surprise but i also dont fap everyday. Maybe get a male masterbator, as i dont think cumsocks are very cleanly, otherwise u do u! >885930895Sure thing but I have to leave soon :( lmao that pic tho

Attached: FBC_BA6.jpg (2316x2750, 778.78K)

>>885930577Bold of you to assume I wouldn't force myself in your mouth. You got me so horny I doubt you could swallow it all, you would have to clean yourselfThx for the break Cali ;)

>>885930942Ass please

>>885930953I know, strange request, but could you recreate that pose? Wanna use it for dubs

Attached: 1657522368415.jpg (1024x640, 50.72K)

>>885930942Would take out to dinner/10

>>885931021>clean yourselfOr just hop on ur cock, while covered on ur cum and share it back with u >885931136hhahaha sorry user but i dont have anything in my catalog thats pointing atm and im about to go to bed. Ill do one in the future tho, if u ever see my in a thread please ask for it! LAST Post for the night, thanks for the fun everyone, Cali signing off!

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Attached: 8DEDCD92-D04E-4692-ABAD-626AFEE55CBB.jpg (590x1127, 163.18K)

>>885931330Okay,thx. Gn cali

>>885931330I always miss Cali! QQ


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Attached: CD82776F-7C39-4A61-822A-6FFADA75C244.jpg (1926x2764, 1.47M)

>>885931507I don't get the obsession with him. He doesn't show face, and doesn't even wear a wig over his obviously male haircut. I could maybe understand if he had a special ass or something, but he doesn't.

>>885931537Omg, thanks

>>885931594It's a quick edit, I will make a proper one now that you gave me the idea

>>885931584>wigJust ask for it

Attached: PB11.jpg (2316x2361, 340.75K)

>>885931584Oh no boys who dress like girls sometimes still look a bit like boys. I don't really understand what you're getting at?

>>885931767>I don't really understand what you're getting at?That I can't get off without a face. Although handsome crossdressers are best crossdressers.

Attached: 1650682592390.jpg (1152x1440, 221K)

>>885931584Pretty sure Cali has said hes not trying to be a trap but a femboy anyways. Sooo idc he posts good content that I can fap to

>>885932218That's fine by me. In fact it's great. I hate fucking trannies. But without a face I don't get the obsession. There are plenty of better ones.

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>>885928361>>885928587>>885928858I’m good! I’m enjoying admiring your ass and legs. Also that pink cage is very cute! Thanks for the boner I hope you’re having a great night. (:

>>885932207>That I can't get off without a faceMy reason, and I'm sure many others, for not showing face is the fear of being doxxed. I've shown parts of my face, but I don't think I could go full face without the fear it'll one day be found

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>>885932626I wanna shove my cock into those lips and creampie ur mouth

>>885932626If you don't live in a 3rd world shithole or bumfuck Alabama, I don't see what you have to fear. Friends/family seeing you? Wig+makeup will make it hard to recognize you, and even if they do there's the question "why, exactly, was this person browsing a fag thread in the first place".

>>885932728I think you may need a tractor for cowie to accept fellow gentleman

Not a femboy, but here’s a pic of me anyways

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>>885932785you're cute though

this slut

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>>885932254You trying to say Luci> Cali?

>>885933128Honestly? Yes. Luciboo is cute af.

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>>885933114Reminds me slightly of pic rel

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>>885933291Bold take, but ya not wrong


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>>885933338Close to quints, sadHello

>>885933338Hey sexy x more? :)

>>885933354so close >885933363yes

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>>885933381So hot x love a chubby trap, fish nets are so hot on you

>>885933387He was the first trap to trap me.

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>>885933483Well hello slut

>>885933483let me see your face lol

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>>885933493Shave or depilate that fucking hair and you're as good as the other faceless fags. Get a wig, into makeup, and you're better than them.

>>885933493Either way your freaking sexy x

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>>885933483Hey, nice ass

>>885933506hii>>885933509no, I am too ugly :( all this handsom chads on 4chan would make fun of me :(>>885933548thx

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>>885933619Wets see that little cock then slut

>>885933619I would totally spank that ass till it was bright red

>>885933619Is that chainmaille?

>>885933662I would love that :3>>885933680100%>>885933643

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>>885933619Nice bussy

>>885933738Such a cute little cock x

>>885933738fine... let me see your boobz

>>885933738Oh, it's a sweater. Could use some femboys in medieval armor. So far best I have is femboys with modern weapons.

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>>885933738What i would give to see that little thing bounce while I fucked you just thinking about it is getting me hard

>>885933738What else you gonna show us you sexy little whore?

>>885926983Fuck, just the kind of ass I love.

>>885933752>>885933786thx :3>>885933846sounds hot :3>>885933880what would you like ? I gotta go soon tho>>885933800wish I had money for medieval armor but I was thinking about some viking femboy photoshoot>>885933794i dont really have boobz buuuut

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>>885928666>8based hoi4 enjoyer

>>885933926Well ill let you go once I see you spread that ass

>>885933926>viking femboy photoshootSounds good long as you don't have a horned helmet. A good spangen or nasal helmet would be better.

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