Loli bread marathon 1/3How to train your niggerfish

loli bread marathon 1/3How to train your niggerfish

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/r/ tumbling, cheer, dance loli!


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back to looking and getting horny to loli again.. deleted a big folder last time. i wish i could quit this stuff but i want to fuck a loli so badly.

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>>885917218same bro...same>the sex doll helps alot though

>>885917218It's only drawings user, that's like feeling guilty for playing GTA

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I have a sequel, should I greentext it? The little shit is in a mental home now.

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>>885916166Holy shit who is this artist??

>>885917345those dolls are illegal here unfortunately.>>885917351it just bums me out that its impossible to live out, and immoral for me to be the most sexually attracted to lolis as far as girls go. i have no idea why i'm like this.

>>885917501jlullayby, sadly they retire from art, big sad


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>>885917576illegal? Ausie?

>>885917625nah leaf.

>>885916166I honestly never thought to look up rule 34 for Dishonored


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>>885917595That's what I heard


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>>885917708damn, don't know how you live up there loli/b/ro


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>>885917576>i have no idea why i'm like this.I assume you're a man and it's only natural for men to seek out youth, beauty and fertility from women, we used to seek out those types of women for most of human history and people think a few decades will change that for some reason

>>885916166Do The Witcher loli

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>>885917926It's illegal to leave

>>885917926mmh, not great. i have a lot of shame and self hate about it cause of it i think.

>>885917576I’m in the same boat, I like it but it’s immoral to me. You got a discord fren, would be cool to talk to someone else in the same boat

>>885917475I'm interested especially how sweet the story turned out

>>885918000nah i don't use discord sorry. don't have any friends really. not big on socializing outside of 4chan.


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>>885918087Fair enough fren, I hope you can quit loli one day, I sure wish I could stay off of it, but I keep coming back

>>885918163i've been on and off looking at it and fantasizing about stuff for years honestly. well over 15 years. just what it is.

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>>885918227It’s only been 4-5 for me, I’m still in my early twenties

>>885918104I love anything loli related with an ending like this where the main characters stick together, it's why I can't watch movies like lu over the wall because she leaves at the end, for good reason but still sucks

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>>885918281i'm 30.

>>885917576Dude, Barbie has sisters

i have a strong neverending urge to empty my balls into a loli

>>885918026Here you go. (made the thread around a month ago.)I don't prewrite my greentexts.>A couple of days after he had attacked her, he was released from the jailhouse.>I heard it from a friend and immediately went "OH FUCK.">Later, I found out that he had one of those ankle monitor things on.>Kind of unnerved me, because of his mental stability, he probably didn't give a shit.>Got a notice for a court hearing, alongside him, and some of the workers who saw the incident.>The hearing lasted for a couple of hours, but in the end, we won.>A shitload of evidence was shown in the courtroom, including the rat incident, the birds, and all that.>Every fucking THING he did was caught on camera.>Judge came to the conclusion that he is to be sent to a mental home for several years.>The whole courtroom became fucking silent.>I was caught off-guard, I was expecting jail, but holy FUCK.>Shithead started screaming that it was unfair and all kinds of bullshit.>Got dragged out.>Parents surprisingly didn't cry or do anything.>I and anonette have begun sleeping together (not sex)>Mostly on weekends, alternating between houses to know the families.>Always go shopping together.>My dad finally accepted that I'm dating a 16-year-old.>Mom passed away in January, but I like to think that mom and her would get along very well.>Even though mom was a heavy alcoholic, I do honestly think that she'd enjoy Anonette's company.

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>>885919120love this artist.

>>885919072When I read he got out I had the same reaction. Not surprised his parents didn't cry, he was a menace at work and probably at home. I have a hard time believing sex wasn't involved when sleeping together but it's whatever. Condolences about your mom but glad you had a good relationship with her and glad your dad stopped being judgemental

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>>885919072What country/state are you in?

>>885919253To be honest, our relationship, in the end, was "ok". Her sunlight years were full of pain because her body just started going at a rapid rate around 2020. Since she had been drinking from 16 years old, her kidneys were totaled and after they just gave out in 2018, her body started going faster than we thought. Her last year was the worst, and thinking about it hurts me so fucking much. She collapsed in July of 2021, and her lungs stopped working properly, so she had to be put on an oxygen tank. Last time I and my sister saw her was on December 17th, 2021.She died alone, and I never got to say goodbye. My sister and I really never got to reconnect with her because we were four towns apart. We had planned a trip back to Yellowstone because we knew she didn't have much time left and we wanted to do it while she wasn't drinking so we could enjoy it, maybe with a family-like feel, as we originally wanted back in 2009. When you have the chance to say goodbye, fucking say goodbye.

>>885919690USA. Central Midwest.

>>885919744>Her last year was the worst, and thinking about it hurts me so fucking much.Yea, I can't say the same if my mom died, guess I'll have to see when it happens

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>>885917218Why? It's really not that bad my guy.

>>885919802Idk why but I thought you were either from the Midwest or the south

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>>885919886Majority opinion has a lot more power than we'd like to admit

>>885918000Ive always wanted to have a friend to talk to about these feels but i get too nervous to go through with it

>>885917595>JlullabyYou damn nigger that’s not Jlullaby the Op image artist it’s John_ kikes disrespectfully mentioning Jlullaby name

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>>885919975When people like to treat it like cp, nobody can blame you

>>885919974>>885920018Why use a pic from the demon of pride?

>>885919886i don't know. i think its because of that attraction always being there since a YOUNG age and always being told its extremely evil and awful and the worst thing a human can do, being raised catholic with a lot of shame about everything didn't help. it sticks in your brain. i know its ultimately not bad and i need to just get over it and accept what i like.

>>885919928The midwest is beautiful man, when you get the time, come visit. Kansas has some paleontological dig sites for the public on the west side of the state, where the Western Interior Seaway used to be.

>>885920061Im a p word so it might as well be for me. I use this to imagine it.

>>885919253What a great show. Too bad they axed it. Two top tier lolis and no fear in the producer's heart.

>>885919928>at some point a human male has experienced exactly this with a lg that looks just like her

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>>885920033> of truth

>>885920135>Im a p wordAnon, you're anonymous so you don't have to speak like that, unless you're avoiding being banned then keep on, I'm a nepiphilie (baby lover) so imagine how I feel

>>885920131Funny enough I have plans to visit so I can try the barbecue and iirc snake venom hot sauce might be in Kansas as well

>>885920207I'm just sad the group fell apart, I don't remember if they joined back together tho

>>885920556Kansas City has the best BBQ in the state. Topeka is on that line, but it's more on the lines of great homey cafes.

>>885920478I'm calling 1800 police on your ass

>>885920645>Kansas City has the best BBQ in the stateI've seen YouTube vids on bbq from Kansas and my mouth was watering so I have high hopes

>>885920786Do it, I have no shame especially since Americans on Twitter tried saying young looking Asian women want to attract predators

C-C-C-Combo breaker Reverse Loli edition

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Taking a cute little loli's v would be so much fun

>>885920112At least you know what's up. God speed user. Don't let the cucks tell you your attraction is wrong.

>>885920478Different user, but that's unfortunate. It's already hard to defend yourself as a pedophile but at least there are arguments to be made. I can't imagine there are any good ways to argue for nepiphilia.

>>885921197>Don't let the cucks tell you your attraction is wrong.Especially since they're trying to tell people obesity is attractive

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>>885921372Exactly. Imagine looking at pic related and thinking she'd be better looking if she was 300 lbs.

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>>885921528I'd rather kms tbh, tbf I'd rather starve myself than be fat

>>885921369>I can't imagine there are any good ways to argue for nepiphiliaThere's not that many but idc anymore, as long as my freedom isn't in trouble I'll gladly defend it, only reason it's hard to defend yourself as a pedo is because people see it the same as rape, and when people think you're the worst type of human it won't matter what argument you make so that's why I pretty much ignore most people's opinion

>>885921464>>885921528>>885921372>>885921197like. i really don't understand why its so hard for some people to accept lolis are incredibly hot. if more people were willing to treat it like any other porn i imagine i'd have zero hangups or guilt. its just really fucking hot girls with the most fuckable, perfect bodies and the most attractive faces. they drive my libido into overdrive, the only thing that makes me want to fuck.

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>>885921858>i really don't understand why its so hard for some people to accept lolis are incredibly hotConsidering we had a time where people blamed violence in media for real life violence I'm not shocked plus western women hate competition, they literally insult Asian women for their young looks yet western women try everything to look younger, it's fucked >>885921858>if more people were willing to treat it like any other porn i imagine i'd have zero hangups or guilt.Sorry that you feel that way, it probably won't happen but one can dream

>>885921067Something a pedo would say

>>885922299Ok. And?

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How come no loli futa exists? Is that a bridge too far?

>>885922383It exists, and that was my first official loli hentai but it's understandably either not popular or just not given any thought

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>>885920989Someone needs to make A SS thread

>>885922790No idea what A SS is but if its more this....yes

>>885916554Sauce? Saucenao says murai-renji but Pixiv page comes up blank and nothing under that name at kemono party. I found a gallery at exhentai but it is kind of old. Any other places I should look?

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>>885923006He apparently traced real images so they assumed everything was traced and blacklisted him, you didn't ask what happened but in case you or any lurker doesn't know

>>885922960Straight shota is what ss means

>>885923151That particular one isn't a trace.

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>>885921831That's true. Though that's also what makes it easier to argue because it is an issue of consent and it's much easier to argue for a 9-13 year old's consent as compared to a baby. I don't really care that much at this point either but it'd be nice to have a better time of it.

i would be forever grateful if someone posted some anya.

Never had a gay thought in my life until a week ago when my sister-in-law (15) commented on my brother-in-law's (13) dick bulge (told him he was gross and to put proper clothes on)Since then he pretty much exclusively wears loose fitting boxers and I can't help but stare & today I caught a glimpse of it and it is at least 6 inches soft. Monster size for his age.Now I can't stop thinking about it

>>885924584guys irl do nothing for me despite liking some drawn femboy stuff.


>>885923151Japan gets away with everythingCanada is retardedAmerica think its okay to start a angry mob and beat and murder pedophiles/sex offender registered even if they already serve their time.

>>885918000whats ur discord ill add you so i can show you my collection


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>>885925917It wouldn't be so stupid if it weren't so inconsistent. American politicians do all that and more but the mutts don't seem to care.

>>885919253What show is this

>>885917475Green text is still for fags


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>>885927801ty user i appreciate it, i love her so much.i uh. gotta really just make a permanent loli folder already. cause i just end up looking at stock images of irl shit like a retard to cum like i did tonight, and loli is 1000% the better alternative lol. cause there's endless loli.

>>885928688I'm more of a Becky guy but yeah Anya is cute uoh

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>>885928941i like her too but i don't want to breed and fuck the shit out of her like i do anya. she fuels my lust for lolis lately, obsessed.

>>885929203this pic in particular i really wanted. haven't felt such strong sexual attraction to a character in a while.

>>885928941becky supremacy


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>>885929530this artist is great.


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>> out his page. Samuneko's great

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Anyone know who this artist is?

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>>885929691No, sorry mateBut I love me some ballet girls

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>>885929741Good taste user

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>>885919928More sarah Always more Sarah

>>885929828Would be so goddamn amazing with sex

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Ok I'm not sure if anyone can be honest with me or themselves in this thread so I'll take responses with a grain of salt. When I see these posts, obviously as an outsider they just look like CP. So my brain assumes anyone into loli stuff is also attracted to children. But devils advocate, I used to think lola bunny was hot as a kid and I'm not attracted to rabbits. So maybe there's just something here I'm not seeing. My question. How many people here who like loli porn are attracted to children? And I'm not asking which of you fuck kids. Maybe you use this as an outlet so you don't have to find your kind of porn with actual victims. Maybe you're attracted to it but would never act on it. Whatever. I don't need to know why. But is 100% of people into loli into kids or is there another attraction im not seeing?

>>885930045Hi there glowieHere's my uohchuubas enjoying my dick

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>>885930045>I used to think lola bunny was hot as a kid and I'm not attracted to rabbits.It's pretty much this. Actual kids are gross, but I'm also not really big on 3DPD in general.

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Can anyone help me find a specific Loli pic ? It's of a blonde girl laying on her back holding her legs back. She has two blonde very curly pont tails on each side of her head and she is wearing purple clothes. The clothes are almost old armor type clothing . She has an extremely puffy pussy in the picture too.Anything helps ! Thank you so very much !

>>885930045It like in everything, how you said, maybe there are people who liked Lola bunny and wants to fuck real rabbit, but their love for rabbit stops them from torture them and raping them.It's the same there are people who like only lolis, there are people who like both, and are people who only lives on the shadow trying to hide their horrible behavior.It's very hard to tell because there's a lot of people with good intentions, but sadly with 1 of the making damage will stigmatized all the whole.

>>885930161I found a pic of the character ( I think) or at least her curls are JUST like this.

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>>885930045i just like loli faces and body types. they make my dick as hard as diamonds, i don't think about it much beyond it just being the type of porn i like the most with the girls i think are the most attractive.

>>885919120Look at that child butthole, absolute delicious

>>885916166ToT Uohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

>>885930161>>885930183There's 52 pages of drill_hair and blonde_hair on ATFbooru. Start there.

>>885926173Sneedler#6909 user, was asleep when ya posted

>>885930045They don't care about my one-way mirrorOh, they're not frightened by my cold exteriorThey don't, ask me questionsThey don't, want to scold meThey don't, look for answersThey just, want to hold meBut nah I ain't stupid enough to not know how much it will influence their lives if it was allowed, not to mention there will be fools out there who will just throw them away once they're no longer a cunny. It's just better off for everybody to keep things as they are. I just wish they'd leave us fictional loli lovers alone and not treat us as if we'd rape them the moment we get a chance. Look for the bastards in Epstein's book instead for fuck's sake.

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>>885930045i don't like real cpi just like loli is because they look cute and i find attractive the slim and small body typealso, you have to realize this is just fiction, just a weird sexual desire, it will never happen in real life. maybe some of these guys are really pedos, but at least they're satisfying their fetish with something fictional which isn't harming anyone. i don't know why Americans and faggots get so mad about these topics, it's just a fetish like another. you could argue about the morals of having this fetish and nobody is ever right. also there exists even worse fetishes. what about guro? are guro guys serial killers and murders? i don't think so.lolicon is just a fetish and there's nothing wrong with it. what is wrong when you actually kidnap a child and rape against its will, because obviously kids can't understand sex. there is an abuse there, and i don't see any abuse in fictional drawing.

>>885930447Shut up faggot

>>885930468yeah pretty much this. loli is just a fetish and porn genre. one of the less fucked up ones considering its just fictional girls.


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>>885930045I mean for me it atarted out just attraction to girls my age, and over time I found just loli attractive, and then I started finding pedo aged girls attractive. It stoped there so maybe it was always in there, no clue, but it’s not like I get a hard on for any little girl I see, I treat em just like any other man would and wish them protected by society. Makes it harder to not get horny though when parents let their 8 year olds out with skin tight leggings and a crop top barely covering anything though. Seriously shitty parents. Don’t they know guys like me exist out here, cover them up

So many pedophiles in denial.

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>>885930045the fun fact is that im tired of being subject of analitics of some freaks like you, I dont care if im called pedo, you know, drawings fiction, its confy and I dont even feel a little bit unconfortable right now. And Im not seeing what would make it dangerous.

I wish a dude would funk me why I jack off to loli porn


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>>885930622+I mean, I dont feel like Im getting unstopable demons that can make me stop seeing kids like other human beings and respect the fase of childhood in that are they living in that moment. Its like, you wont lose your bases just for having some fantasies or desires. Its totally the opposite, it will makes me see them more like a real beings and not simple weak dolls that I have to be like a programed and correct fool that is not even talking them like equal persons and it doesnt comes from the respect and understanding about their differences towars me.

>>885927450i second this


>>885929694>>885930007lolis seem to like this posture a lot

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>>885916554Man she sure talks a lot for a kid with a dick in her mouth.


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>>885932959god damn sexy lines on paper

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>>885930161Tried looking but couldn't find exactly what you're asking

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>>885921464Lol. Gwen just turned Ben's sperm into a chink.

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>>885933494More glasses?


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>>885933553Yes, more like this. I love it when they're getting creampied.

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>>885933634I like when it's already happened and it's leaking out of their little cunnies.

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>>885932666yeah and tower of cunny posture too, Id seen adult girls who I know do it irl, its a sign of friendship and orgy appeal

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>>885933597This, sometimes my balls and dick hurt and I massage them without sexual arousal, balls specially, has that to be considered masturbation? even if its considered weird, I dont think so.

>>885925132Kago no Naka no Kotori wa Itsu Deyaru San Sousaishikiban

How do you feel about having sexual attraction towards your adult sister's friends?

>>885933833One of my sisters is so unplesent that she doesn't have friends anymore. The other is a weeb and most of her friends are weird shaped nerds who lust over Asian pretty boys.

>>885933870Well, thats not worse than normie tiktok bitches like mine.


>>885929691fumichika mori@clionemaron on twitter

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>>885933936I wonder if asian girls get to decide if their cunnies are out of focus, mosaic or have a big ol line through them?

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>>885933972Or the convenient light beam

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Attached: 1408498263593.jpg (1200x1600, 296.88K) pretending to sleep and mentally scaring your daughter for life just so you can have some spank bank material. Why are you pedos such irrational coomers? I hope this degenerate faggot's daughter grew up to be a lesbian in an abusive relationship because her own father showed her that men are nothing more than dogs in heat that don't deserve to have their genes passed on.

And this is sad, because my sister is really funny when she played videogames since she was child. She would be a good cute vtuber. I remember her peeing herself in the dinner table laughing at my jokes.