Fuck around with AI thread

We make true ART with AI. im using Stable Diffusion, there's a general on /g/ if you want to download it. also there's some versions you don't have to download but idk how they work.

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here's the browser version but youll have less control over what it outputs. if you have a specific artist in mind make you specify who in the prompts. huggingface.co/spaces/huggingface/diffuse-the-rest

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>>885917237>>885917303lel that's great

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>>885917852wait which one is this


>>885917939yep i see it now

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old Holla Forumstards would be obsessed with this AI shit. smdh

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>>885918387veteran of the desu/gaston wars here. this tool would have been extremely exploitable back in the day. now though? eh. not enough people paying attention.Anyway, found this prompt earlier today and it's a good one to share. Lots of potential.> hyperrealistic photorealisitc hyperdetailed detailed (donald trump) screaming, (puking blood), bloody smashed face, hemorrhaging, oozing blood, with sparking circuits, (pool of blood, bloody debris, blood splatter, gore, entrails, guts), studio lighting, by ayami kojima amano karol bak, greg hildebrandt and mark brooks>Negative prompt: (hands), (fingers), leather>Steps: 20, Sampler: DDIM, CFG scale: 8, Seed: 2420332453, Size: 1024x1024, Model hash: 7460a6fa, Denoising strength: 0.5

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I'm using DALL-E instead

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I'm using waifu-diffusion I prompted for a landscape with Classifier Free Guidance Scale at 15, and the Denoising Strength at 0.8This is the best result I could get.Am I using the wrong tools, being impatient(this might take hundreds of tries), or just retarded?

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>>885920673youre not far off i think you might just need to mess around with denoising more and give it a lot chances.

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>>885917852Is that a tranny?

>>885921176v/ meme, its an anime girl with big lips making a stupid face.

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>>885921006Thank you for the encouragement.

>>885920673the img2img memes take a lot of trial and error and patience, try doing same seed x/y plots (check the /sdg/ OP for guide) to figure out a good denoise and cfg level for your particular image/seed combo. be more descriptive in your prompt if you still can't find anything.I've also had some luck with multiple passes at very low denoise (0.1-0.3) followed by a mid denoise (0.3-0.6) but the most important part really is patience.

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here's another browser that lets you mess around with the AI. beta.dreamstudio.ai/dreamit tries to block anything pornagraphic though and you only get a couple hundred tries until you have to pay.

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>>885922242gross user

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I got dezgo to make this

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>>885923265now do it again with zombie in negative

The boulder

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of course you guys would make a bunch of nasty stuff

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>>885923455honestly fuck off with that image

>>885923583your secret is safe with me bro ;)

Can’t believe digital artists are getting replaced THIS quick.

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>>885923790oh i believe it alright

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>>885923790people probably said the same about photoshop, this will just be a time saving tool for artists. average joe wont be arsed learning all this and it will probably be a very long time before people get what they were looking for right out the gate

>>885915764I'm requesting Phil Collins trying to find a squonk (mythical creature) can anyone help with this?

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>>885923948>Phil Collins trying to find a squonk

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i just wanted to make a vampire elle fanning i mean you no harm

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>>885924276horror and landscapes are definitely where this thing excels at

>>885924320You meet this

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This is what happens to an Istari after too much pipe-weed

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>>885924410That looks like a megalodon jaw, turned into a bug

>>885924510that is a giant evil scorpion with the popes face towering over san francisco bay

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here's a useful list of artist it can reference rentry.org/artists_sd-v1-4

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>>885924490>>885924825if you paint in random colors in the white parts first it'll fill those in for you to

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I love when it tries to speak

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>>885925012AI art of AI art

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post yfw they picked on Britney

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>>885924079Thanks partner.


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>>885925437dirigible on a track?

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>>885915764What algorithm do you use? And what did you train it with? I'm curious.


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adele as a 1950s housewife

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>>885916013>>885922219>>885925637Oh I see. I thought you actually wrote the code to build the AI model.

>>885925738yeah, I think the guy that did maybe browses /g/, not sure. the AI definitely knows a lot of artist and popular tv/movie and anime characters.

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>>885925799I'm gonna ask on g. The model is pretty good at drawing so he must of trained it with a shit load of data and/or be pretty skilled at hyperparameter tuning and shit. I bet it's a neural network. Thanks for the help fren


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>>885925906np bro

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fuck yeah

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>>885926021>>885926119pretty stuff guys. whats the img limit on Holla Forums?

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>>885926166150, we're good for a bit

stiffler's mom

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>>885926306damn thats surprising. thought it would be higher.

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>>885926603nah, 300 posts or 150 pics is the bump limitit's designed to ensure there's a constant turnover

>>885926721well, to be precise 150 pics is a hard limit300 posts is a bump limit, the point when it starts the long slide, but you can still post until it hits page 10 and gets deleted

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>>885927058there's something very metaphorical about that

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>>885925676That's actually pretty neat... and hot!

>>885917303>>885917331How to make these?

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>>885927477You download stable diffusion... here: github.com/cmdr2/stable-diffusion-ui#installation

>>885927477stable diffusion img2img, see >>885921789 and >>>/g/sdg

>>885920673add artist names or art styles. try sticking "neoclassical oil painting" or something like "by Claude Monet" in there with the rest of your prompt.

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>>885927403i wanna snuggle with those dragon kitties :3


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abstract impressionism turned out really good

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>>885917491Fuck how do you guys do that? That's fucking hilarious

>>885928141that was kiera knightly wielding a swordbut damn it looks very joan of arc

>>885926034You can turn this upside down. Still works.


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>>885927524>>885927526Oh, it can do this on its own. I see. Thanks guys.

>>885928561it's a double land

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ill make another AI art thread in a couple days when im back at my PC so save some good/dumb/nasty/funny stuff guys

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clown world how apropos

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I assume this is what the average jannie looks like

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Julius Caesar smoking a fat doink

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stole this from another user

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>>885928226oh, what's that you said? you have a tiny dick and scrotum? sorry to hear that

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malfunctioning sex bot

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>>885928928ok cool thanks

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dezgo can make some nice stuff

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>>885923525Is that onion wine?