Ask a black introvert anything

ask a black introvert anything

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post your favorite boy/trans butthole

What do you think of "The Simpsons"?

This is what I need to stroke to tonight. Thank you!

As a black introvert what went into the thought process of the moniker Blintrovert?

>>885908541Is current Beshine bigger than peak size Chelsea Charms?

>>885909505visceratio is still my all t ime fav for that>>885909565used to be good in the 2000's and 90's, but fell off super hard like most shows with 7+ seasons.>>885909668someone just called me blintrovert and i decided to stick with it.>>885909740probably peak chelsea.

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Why are you black?

>>885908541Admit it, you were also in that thread yesterday about the OP and his bimbo mom who was getting big titty implants.

>>885910241i was there, but lurking for the pics.didn't get to see it to the end cause i was busy sadly.

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>>885910241Not him but everyone cool on Holla Forums was there.

>>885910322T'was a great thread.

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Would you be black if you can choose?

>>885910510yes, i love being black.

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>>885910374>have growing implants>never did any inflation fetish stuff>never dressed in cowprint>barely ever (ie only maybe once) did any lactation or BE fetish stuffI loved Chelsea's massively engorged tits but man her videos/photos were almost always the most bare minimum boring stuff. Really wish FMV or Beshine got string implants instead. They would have had more fun with it.


>>885910765Yeah Chelsea was ultimatly a disapointment, of all the videos she did there were only like two that actually had her masturbate or use a dildo. and even those were tame as fuck.sigh.. and Beshine is no different, they're just walking around and getting paid for having big tits.Can't say I was sad when Chelsea retired and got her implants taken out, not like she ever really did anything interesting.

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>>885910903Unpopular opinion, but I don't even care about penetration. I would have just been happy seeing her do stuff like size comparisons (ex. putting her tits side by side an actual cows udders and looking bigger, her tits being too big to fit in a dual sink, etc) or some more woman on woman stuff (ex. having two women sucking on her nipples, using her tits to bully or weigh down another woman, etc). Like, I'm super easy to please, but she had absolutely no imagination. Beshine imo is at least slightly better, but yeah you're right in that most of her stuff is just "look I'm doing [daily everyday task] but with yoga ball sized tits". Not something exactly worth spending money on.

'Ate traps'Ate shemales'Ate transgenderLuv me bimbosLuv me country luv me raceSimple as

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>>885911229She started off so well, I don't think she ever did another pool shoot after she got enormous.>>885911356oh yeah agreed, they dont all have to fuck on camera. but good lord she did NOTHING!me: wear a tight dress and talk dirtycc: *drinks coffee and says hi*me: get into the pool in a tiny bikini and swim aroundcc: *wearing winter clothing and showing a video of her walking through the snow*me: meet up with another titty model and frollick about and kiss each other's tittiescc: walking through hotel with whatsherface, doing JUST.. GET NAKED!cc: *takes off top and shows her tits while she keeps wearing her light brown granny pants*.........

>>885911465You say that as if Nick V Rose doesn't exist

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>>885911675I think in her last 2-3 years modeling she only had one decent video at best (the one where she rests her body on her tits and they look the biggest in her career). Too bad I can't find it anywhere. Nonetheless, even then it was incredibly tame and lazy though it was maybe her last video before reduction.

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>>885911887>>885911924I'm a single man, I prefer my woman with tits and vagene

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blackie, you know what im gonna ask for...

>>885913251jesus christ do I have to spell it out for you?


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>>885914228FUCK YA BUD

>>885908541Why do you think being black or an introvert makes you any more interesting than anyone else?I dare you to ask yourself this question. You don't even have to answer it.


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>>885914591hell yes


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>>885914911>no shemale bimbo to use me as a 'reluctant' fuck doll

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>>885915213last one i'm converting. gonna go back to pics.

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>>885915348whats it gonna cost to see your cock cum like these sluts

>>885908541is it weird i always had hard crush on niecy nash?

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>>885915480quite alot.>>885915549not one bit. she has a very milf like personality.

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Stop masturbate with porn

>>885915652and ass for days.

>>885915730can't use my mouth cause i have canker scores.>>885915742that too

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>>885915855my mouth dont.

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if blacks vanished from the planet, what sector of society would suffer?

>>885916205>living in non black countrynone user

>>885916205prision/security guards everywhere would be jobless

>>885916142Minka always gets me going

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>>885916778still prefer her older works>>885916205alot of american culture would plumit and crash without black folks.

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>>885916778any good vids of this cunt?

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>>885917025We would recover pretty quickly.

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>>885917025dude i love black people i really do. but as far as culture and art go yall been slacking for a minute. so i just watch old wayans bros reruns n shit.

what do you think of simone richards new bbw look?

>>885919062>simone richardsnot familiar with her in general, so idek what she used to look like.she looks good tho, bigger black women look fine as hell.

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>>885919152im loving it. i think she looks 10x better now that shes got all that ass. pic unrel

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>>885919152an absolute queen, post more

>>885919699what he said. she can sit on my face any day.

>>885919699don't know who the girl in that pic is sadly.

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>>885919966well any fat brown booties will do. always like posting gross pasty uggos in the bbw threads. you got taste.

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>>885917025I think the only thing that would go is black "humour" like the madea series

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>>885922072that shit is just marketed to black people. sterotyped cringe bullshit. black humor is like eddie murphy richard pryor dave chappelle the wayans bros etc etc. dont see much of that stuff no more.

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>>885917704She's exactly my type.

>>885923820>muscular bimbo milfbased

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>>885923929lol nice gif. saved. and yea like i said they really been slacking lately. mumble rappers and madea movies aint cuttin it. hey i like that doja cat pretty good tho.

>>885923848>>885924098Saved. Thanks as always for sharing Blintrovert, and introducing me to a new favorite sexy muscular bimbo MILF.

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>>885924495blintro is a true blessing on this shithole. just shows up and posts quality content and chills.


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>>885926050the things i would do for her are shameful.

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>>885908541I think I already asked you but, is revenge worth it? actually in a position to rip this guys head off his shoulders

>>885928475Not OP but I'd say it depends on what the guy did.

>>885928475depending on how bad it is it could be worth it. but it's also noted to take into considerations the legal trouble you could be in if you act on it.

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>>885908541What do you think of my white boy dick?

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>>885929480pretty decent. 7.8/10would be an 8.5-9/10 without the hair.

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>>885929542Thank you;)

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>>885929480>>885929542rate her dick

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>>885929844Definitely a 8.6/10

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>>885930002idk man i think im w him>>885929957shit makes me feel funny

>>885930002bailey gets a 7.7 id slobber on her chode any day

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>>885930196Carol dias gets a 9.5/10. Love the darker ones.

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Favourite bimbo slut?

get a blog faggot

>>885930498amy anderssen in her prime

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look at a woman for once nigganon

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>>885930689Good choice, she sure was something else! However, her voice managed to be both annoying and seductive at the same time in some way

>>885908541I take it you're a fan of giant disgusting fake tits on trannies.. Why are you such a massive cum guzzling faggot?

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>>885930845i actually like her voice>>885930940i'm an american, there's nothing more american than huge dicks and women with fake tits.

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>>885931016I like it too, it gave it some extra dimension

>>885931016>nothing more american than huge dicks and women with fake tits.Well, women with fake tits, sure. Not sure about big dicks though. Cut dicks, yes. Big ones? I dunno..

>>885930394i agree. like a big ol suckable snickers.

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>>885931112jelly eurofag detected

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>>885931112that's the european dream user

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>>885931366No, I'm Murrican. I just don't like fake tits. Or tits in general on men. I do like cut dicks doe, but I realize that's just conditioning and if my incel ass ever has a male child he won't be cut (unless he decides to do it as an adult).

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>>885931483idk man i wavered on that and ended up gettin it done on my son. not something any sane adult would elect to do but its kinda looked down on sometimes in america. i didnt want him to feel self conscious or end up w noodle dick or something.

Am I allowed to say nigga if I’m singing along with a song that says it?

>>885931612well you won't go to jail for saying it

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>>885908541Why do you keep coming back?

Oh gross the nig is a faggot too. Pick one struggle.

>>885931541I don't think I ever exposed myself to a peer except that one time when I was 16 and some friend of a friend and I sucked each other (shut up, I was experimenting). Granted I was forever alone type who played D&D instead of doing sports or dating girls, so you may have made the right choice. I just wouldn't want to do something like that to my child (unless he expressed a desire to be cut).

>>885931947being yourself aint a struggle if you dont give a fuck what other people think.

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>>885931756cause i can

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>>885931960there CAN be issues from not being cut like phimosis or diseases etc but by that logic we should ahead and lop their tonsils and appendix out too. i personally dont care long as its clean and pretty and not attached to a moron.

>>885932215I dunno, 90% of the rest of the world seems to deal with it well enough.

>>885908541Why are you black?

>>885932295youre managing wonderfully.

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>>885932560Ah, Vanniall.. Normally I don't like dark colored folk sexually, but he's a qt.

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>>885932632ooh thanks for giving a name. now i can hunt up some more of her.

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OP How black are you? Show us your BBC or you ain't black biden.jpeg>>885930940SAUCE

>>885933416the people have spoken. lay it on em man we know you got it on you.

>>885933416>SAUCENo idea. In interweb terms that pic is over 100 years old.