What's your most taboo sexual fantasy?

What's your most taboo sexual fantasy?

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>>885908495hand holding

>>885908570You should be in prison, filthy bastard

>>885908495being cuddled and kissed on the forehead

>>885908495Probably raping my daughters until they are pregnant and then snuffing them all including the infant

>>885908790Damn kek, for me it'd just be sex with really spiteful context

>>885908495sex but her panties are on the entire time and wanting to keep them afterwards

>>885909111Check em, and so they'd be moist? Kek it'd probably be awkward for when she'd need to go somewhere

>>885908495Being a player and fucking hella hoes

>>885908495Domming a girl I am dating and then doming her mom and making them both my needy sexual playthings that also do incest together when I ask.

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>>885909543Kek, even creampying the mom?

>>885908495I want to press my (male) anus against a woman’s anus, and fart at the exact same time, repeatedly.

I want to be in a romantic sexual relationship with my sister-in-law. I'd give anything.

>>885909648I would do everything with both.

>>885909824How would you bang her ideally?

>>885909846It'd be an interesting dynamic to have a kid with both

>>885908495Having sex with a 9-13 year old, I would gently caress her, gradually taking of her shirt, her training bra, her jeans, then her panties, I would be gentle with her, but love it

not sure if taboo but putting an athiest (or satanist) on a cross while reading them the bible while sitting nude in a comfort chair

>>885909875Nah, they would have my abortion. Also then a sipping session for not taking the pill properly and a few nights of forced orgasm on board table with a vibe.

>>885908570That's nothing, I know a guy that loves having sex in missionary.The absolute madman.

>>885909962HAHAHA, I'd pay to see that one user, fucking priceless

Raping my crush's ass in front of her mom and gaping her so much she can't stop shitting

>>885910154Damn, I remember one of my crushes. Would've loved to strip her publicly

>>885910227Embarrass them in front of thousands

>>885910340Eat her out like I haven't had food for days

Seems the site ate my reply. Oh well.

>>885909962Based af

I started taking test last week and I've started to notice my sexual interests changing. >wanna fuck my girl in a gang bang>fuck her while she sucks cocks at a glory hole and gets covered I've never had any interest in sharing her ever until I started taking it>I've started choking her and making her call me daddy My ultimate fantasy is to have her in a three way with another woman and get them both pregnant. And then do it a few more times to a few more woman

>>885908495Banging a pregnant girl - an escort helped me fullfill that fetish though here's the greentext:

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>>885910668A few years ago I got to bang a pregnant escort>Find preggo advertising online>Meet up - she looks like she's about to burst>Give her money, we start getting down to business>Take off her bra, she's lactating >Suck on her tits like a baby, her milk is making me rock hard>Lay her on the bed, slide inside>Start railing her hard. She's taking every inch of my titanium dick>Suddenly she covers her face and starts to cry >I look down. Blood and fluid starts running down my cock and dripping on the floor>"My water broke, fuck!" She tried to get up, I hold her down and start railing her harder>Starts to groan, I can feel something pushing against my cock >One final thrust and I cum like I've never come before >Pull out, look down, her pussy is wide open>She starts to cry, the head of her baby is starting to crown>I push her further on the bed, open her legs even wider and start rubbing her clit>As I rub her bean I put my head between her legs and start to lick her pussy around her baby's head>Head pops out, I start to lick the baby's head clean as she continues to push the newborn out >Rest of the baby comes out, I put my lips up to the baby's bellybutton and start to lick up and down the umbilical chord>Placenta slides out, I grab the fleshy mess with my teeth. >Cock rock hard again from witnessing this slut give birth right in front of me >Can't help myself, move her baby aside and go for round two >Fuck her like an animal right infront of her newborn >Pull out, dick covered in birthing fluids>Slide my cock into her mouth and cum deep down her throat. Being the good whore she is, swallows every drop. >Start getting dressed, bitch still laying there, legs open, pool of blood under her wrecked pussy>Grab a couple twenties out of my pocket drop them on the bed>Reach for the door, realize the perfect opportunity to quote one of my favorite movies>I turn head slightly towards her "Keep the change, ya filthy animal!" Slam door and leave


>>885908495>multiple guys use me as a toilet>piss>shit>all night>force me to suck their shitty cocks>film the entire thing>stream it on the internet

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My taboos are on a different lvl

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Living on a space station/o'neill cylinder populated with 2b/9s androids, Dogs, Horses, Cows, and my generations of incestious offspring.

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>>885910693It’s not exactly funny, but at least it’s edgy

>>885910877How would it start? You and your sister only ones left on the station?

>>885910954Vat born test tube children. Immortality and age control. Crossbreeding/Genetic defects are not at play in this fantasy.

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My husband fucking my daughter. Especially when she's being a bitch to me I have a fantasy of him fucking the attitude out of her

>>885911080Do you think she'd grow to enjoy it? Imagine the initial shock kek

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>>885910803Thank you, you like cunny too? It's great!

>>885908495you mean what's my beautiful dark twisted fantasy ;)

>>885911127Who knows. She dresses like a slut on her social media and her entire generation seem hypersexualised so probably

13-16 yo girls getting fucked and bred by ugly old men. The thought of girls that age being so horny and out of their minds for dick that they'll fuck some fat old geriatric is hot.

i'd turn any of my friends with 3 holes into my free use fucktoys if i could. ive thought about it, if jerked off about it, for every one of them

>>885911492How old is your daughter? Would you join them both? Or just watch.

>>885911492What kind of panties does she wear?

>>885908570How does this make you feel?

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>>885911643Thongs or white briefs mainly>>88591159016 (uk). Probably wouldn't join. Just fantasize in her brattiest moments his bellend sliding up her arsehole

>>885908495there's nothing exciting enough

i'd like to fuck twins, a boy and a girl, age debatable

>>885911852What kind of panties do you wear?You should tease your husband by using your daughters vibe and wearing her panties in front of him.Just don’t let your daughter find out, that would be degenerate

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>>885911967French knickers or briefs

>>885908495I don’t really want kids yet, but I want my boyfriend to impregnate me and throughout the pregnancy I want to breastfeed him while he fucks me raw lol. It’s too bad pregnancy only lasts 9 months, I have a huuuge pregnancy kink i haven’t told anyone about

>>885912036Care to share a pic of your daughter?


>>885908495Fucking my friends wife>can check that box when she drank and took xans

one of my ex's and a furry novel gave me a fetish about knives during sex and now the thought of cutting someone while fucking them gets me pumped up to no availeven just one stab would probably get me to "grunt with each thrust" levels of horny

>>885911852Do you fantasize about him fucking the brat out of his wife when you get debatey as well?

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>>885912458Yeah, probably where it stems from


>>885912526What do you think she'd sound like as your husband takes control of her body?

>>885912727No idea, I've never heard her having sex

>>885912727bro stop asking this poor woman about her daughter . get help pedo

>>885913032hey retard she's the one who said she wanted to see her husband fuck her daughter


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>>885913234yeah and she’s fucking messed up and probably shouldn’t be a parent but you could stop worsening her situation by asking such fucking disgusting questions about a minor


>>885913032>>885913314Easy bro, just having us a conversation

>>885913314In UK, not a minor amerifat.

>>885908495>What's your most taboo sexual fantasy?pic related

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>>885913262>>885913893You guys have been repeating the same joke for littertally 10+ years. I get it it’s ment to be an old fat secret handshake or something, but get new material already.

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Locking a woman in a guillotine, taking the rope for the blade and putting it between her teeth, then pounding her until she lets go.

Then they held hands duh duh DUHHHH

>>885911513I was the only daughter of parents who were in and out of rehab/prison. Used to talk to guys online when I was about 13 and meet them for sex. Most were surprised I was real, and most were fat and ugly. Still fucked them though because I wanted attention and I was going through puberty and horny af

>>885914324Hot, any good stories?

>>885914497Depends what you mean by good

>>885908495Fucking my ex-bf in the ass when I visit while he's asleep and sending the video to his bf

>>885911080I think they would both be down if you ask them

>>885914684Just any re-telling of the sexy stuff, like hot stuff

>>885914684What do you look like now?

Wanna drug my wife and just use her as much as I want. Never will do it but wanna

>>885914324It’s so fucked that this is considered morally “wrong”From a biological standpoint, it makes perfect sense that all involved parties want this kind of thing and are capable of consenting to it.

>>885914937Skinny, slightly bigger than average boobs. Brown hair.>>885914915Used to get picked up from school by one guy in his 50s, nobody batted an eyelid because my parents were absent and anybody and everybody used to pick me up. He used to take me to his house and within 20 minutes of me finishing class he'd be balls deep, me still with my uniform on. He had a huge beer belly but still quite a big cock. Found out he had a disabled wife in care home down the road

I would like to give up sex with my wife permanently in exchange for turning her into a free use cum slut for ALL of my male friends. It’s just way hotter to me that way.

>>885915227I mean, I wouldn't do it again probably but it was my decision. Would never metoo anyone over it

being sexually dominated by a bratty young girl

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>End of the world scenario, thankfully I have built a bunker stacked with food and water to last me for years.>Suddenly, I hear screaming and shouting on the outside so I ceck the security camera>Mother (~40, not attractive) and daughter (~11, just started going through puberty) standing outside pleading for help.>The mother pleads for me to at least take her daughter in, I "reluctantly" agree.>Sadly, don't have enough food for both of them ;)>Daughter is of course sad and frightened at first but over the coarse of a few days I make her feel comfortable and happy. >Weeks pass and we are locked inside the bunker, getting closer to each other, laying side by side and talking.>Eventually, she starts to get curious about my magazines and movies which I have hidden (poorly, so she can easily find them). She also showers behind a transparent curtain (only the bathroom had a door)>In the faint light inside the bunker, I can see her washing her budding breasts and smooth, hairless pussy. >In just a few moths time she will be mine

>>885915343The best fetish especially since logically she shouldn't have that much power but how can you look at a girl that cute and crush her dreams, plus if she's in control she's definitely coming back

>>885915270Wait, I think I've seen you before, hi again, your stories were hot!

>>885915411"moths" kek

>>885915437Hi, yeah I posted a while back

Becoming a politician/religious leader that convinces an entire population to lock underage/unmarried women into chastity.Pornstars, prostitutes, all of them would become anal only. Girls would grow up only being able to masturbate with their assholes, and when they finally matured into women. They would prefer anal over vaginal.

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>>885915270Bring back memories?

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>>885915270God bless you, although the men should have waited till you were legal.God bless you, the world needs women like you, I hope you know you did a valuable service to the community and brought a LOT of joy into the world, one of the best things a human can do

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>>885908495getting a blowjob from sonic

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>>885916102Yeah...>>885916193Well thanks I guess

>>885915423To me its the idea of conveying lust. Someone using you, taking what they want for their own gratification is able to convey their lust way more than someone being shy and expecting you to make all the moves. Being able to pleasure someone their desires is a huge turn on. Its also a bit of a scapegoat since you're definitely going to enjoy it too but since you're not taking the initiative and letting someone else decide there is less of a reason to feel bad about it.

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>>885915343>being sexually dominated by a bratty young girlthispost more related pictures?

>>885916597>taking what they want for their own gratification is able to convey their lust way more than someone being shy and expecting you to make all the moves.Honestly this is why I don't date, women don't like making the first move or being dominant so I don't try to date, I know what it feels like to date a dominant girl and I can't date submissive girls because of that, kinda sucks to since I'm fairly ok looking

>>885916193>although the men should have waited till you were legalI hate this way of thinking because it basically screams you only care about the law, especially since barely legal porn is popular

>>885916269I saw a pic of sonic turning his socks into thigh high socks and honestly I completely understand

I watch/help my wife and her bestie get raped

>>885916710lookup coffee-milk-moumou

>>885916851Well I basicly agree with the age of majority.Anyway you slice it, 13 year old with a 50 year old sounds wrong to me.I could argue over 17 vs 18.But 20s is even better, my main point is the world needs hooray needy women

>>885910693You don't lactate until the day after giving birth. Incel.

>>885916970>Well I basicly agree with the age of majorityI could tell from your mindset, there was a time when girls as young as 13 and possibly younger was marrying older men because those men were better equipped to take care of them and only older women and male losers hated it, I'm just mad people see two people that want each other and think it's bad, rape is bad but if it's mutual attraction we shouldn't cry and even I think that's a weird age gap

>>885917193Are you sure about that

>>885917193This guy never truly satisfied a pregnant woman

>>885916786Honestly its like a lot of women expect you to always make the right move with a guessing game which I cba to. Its like they expect you to have this sixth sense but if you make the wrong move it turns sour real quick. Women should be taught to speak out more about their boundaries and act more on their own desires inb4 going along with everything because they are "scared" to say no and in hindsight they say you raped them while you didn't even know you were doing anything wrong.

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>>885917252>there was a time when girls as young as 13 and possibly younger was marrying older menYeah, like 30 year olds MARRYING 15 year olds. You know, agreeing to take care of her for life.Not a 50 year old using a preteen as a cumdump.People who talk like you haven’t been around 13 year olds in20 years and forget what they are like

>>885916269How about you give sonic a blowjob

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>>885917371>Not a 50 year old using a preteen as a cumdump.If it's illegal and/or basically demonized to marry or date someone that young of course guys would just use them as a cumdump, you can't actually expect men or anyone to commit a crime and treat it like an everyday thing, sure some guys take the chance and actually date someone that young but half the time the kid gets scared by others opinions, tell someone and the guy ends up regretting it because he's treated as a rapist

>>885917362Are you me because this is literally my thought process, especially the part about wanting them to stop using fear as an excuse just to cry rape

My ex is an alcoholic and pretty sex adverse after a rough childhood. Never touched her even when she was black out drunk without her consent but now I fantasize about how good it would have felt to fuck her all those times, maybe even knock her up without her knowing. We still talk occasionally, maybe still could happen.

>>885917362Women should be taught to make any guy that asks cum

>>885917813I think its just a reasonable standpoint to have if you expect people to be responsible for themselves instead of infantilizing women more. I've always been pretty careful with taking the initiative not really a dominant guy, most of my ex gfs were starfish as well. Its just a mix of those stories where women say they got raped when they did fuckall to let the guy know they didn't like it and they just went along with it, and most of my exgfs being starfish that made me think women should speak out and act more.

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>>885917362A big part of it is offloading of responsibility. It's probably the least sexy thing to think about, but it's 100% true. By being the passive player in a courtship, you can never "do the wrong thing" - you're only subjected to someone else risking their reputation/ego/whatever by them deciding what actions to take with you. Women are naturally prone to avoid responsibility, so they have a naturally inclination to being passive.There's also the attraction of someone just knowing what to do. A guy shows up and knows (or guesses) exactly how to treat you, it's hot. A fantasy for literally the vast majority of women.Having a tall, dominant girl is one of my biggest fantasies but there are literally maybe a few hundred on earth who'd actually fit the bill. I'm already tall and have a classic "handsome man" face, so the idea of a girl being dominant over me or especially of me being submissive, is extremely off-putting. Kind of like seeing your dad cry. It's really unfortunate, but that's just how humans are wired.

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>>885918245>I think its just a reasonable standpoint to have if you expect people to be responsible for themselves instead of infantilizing women moreHonestly it's just common sense, especially when most guys hate rapists>>885918245>most of my exgfs being starfish that made me think women should speak out and act more.Sorry you had to deal with that

>>885918323>Women are naturally prone to avoid responsibility, so they have a naturally inclination to being passive.I hate that this is an observable fact>>885918323>By being the passive player in a courtship, you can never "do the wrong thing" - you're only subjected to someone else risking their reputation/ego/whatever by them deciding what actions to take with you.And women are starting to wonder why less guys are approaching>>885918323>There's also the attraction of someone just knowing what to do. A guy shows up and knows (or guesses) exactly how to treat you, it's hot. A fantasy for literally the vast majority of women.Although I completely understand it pisses me off

>>885908495I, a male, want to have consensual sex with a lesbian.Not really taboo, just want it.

Fucking my best friend's wife bareback while she goes down on my wife, but with two twists: my wife is tied down and doesn't know who's eating her and my buddy's wife doesn't know it's me.

>>885918726>Although I completely understand it pisses me offThis is how I feel about women, yes. In college and up to my mid-20s I was really active on dating apps, one night stands and fwb, but now a few years later I just don't put in any effort at all. It's not worth it. Not because I'm particularly worried about pregnancy or false rape accusations (real problems, to be clear), but because women today are so fucking ugly and fat and gross. Easily 80% of women are unfuckably ugly, and 15% are just barely passable - not worth putting in any effort whatsoever. Most of the remaining 5% are attractive enough that they figured out they can be constantly showered with attention on social media, making them physically ruin themselves with tanning and thick, gross instagram makeup while also completely ruining their personalities.Are most men trash today? Fat, ugly, boring or creepy? Sure, I'm sure most of them are. But I know for a fact that the vast majority of women are fat, ugly, and have the personality of a folding chair. It's a fucking shame because if I had been born 30 years earlier, I'd be getting a new -actually skinny, attractive- girl every week and been able to continue it well into my 30s, or marry whichever one I wanted. Now, I can do that, except most of the women are fucking fat and ugly, so it's literally not worth it.If I had been alive in any other era, I would've been surrounded by exotic sports cars. Now the only options are minivans that think they're ferraris.

I want myself to be a twin looking boy with a similar looking twin sister and together we will make a cute incestuous couple until the end of our days.The sex part honestly will be quasi irrelevant. It has to exist, sure, but it will be just secondary compared to our cuddles. She will be the why and wherefore I'm alive, my motivation to survive and my companion to the day we die.

>>885908495I wanna get pooped on by a twink

>>885909942incredibly based i need this

>>885918811I, a lesbian ended up fucking a guy recently. He was a gay guy tho. Don't know if it would be any different with a straight guy

>>885908570Filthy kinky mad man

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>>885919311Curious about both you and the gay guy's motivation behind this.

>>885908790That's pretty tame

>>885919401Both had a couple of drinks and neither of us had done it with the opposite sex before and were just curious, he's a friend

>>885909942Very sad how you'd be considered a rapist

>>885919465well, that's basically my phantasy right there, so cheers to you.

>>885919018Honestly after highschool I didn't even try since I saw women going downhill, call me incel idc, I used to have women try to get my attention but none of them asked me out, I was more interested in my teachers but had any classmates took initiative I definitely would have dated them

>>885919547Well it does happen I guess, so cheers

>>885919465Is it awkward now or because you two are gay it's pretty much the same as before

>>885919631Pretty much the same with an added layer of awkwardness, if that makes sense

>>885919696I don't understand but then again I haven't been in this situation so I can't truly empathize

>>885910693>my titanium dickdon't know why this made me laugh


>>885908495I enjoy the thought of all Protestants being shrunk to an inch tall and abused by Catholics

>>885911954My twin sister and I are 58. What do you think?

>>885916269My fantasy is getting a blowjob from you in the drive through at Sonic


>>885917193Look at this fucking dork

>>885908495Deporting all blacks to Africa.

>>885908495mine is the biggest taboo that a human could commit. though i choose to keep that idea as a mere fantasy rather then act on it.

>>885909172either that or just finishing on them and making her wear them for the day

so out of curiosity, does anyone here want me to try to write any of these fantasies into a short story?

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My favorite fantasy is watching my wife at a gloryhole. Realistically, it's gross and stupid, but it's super hot to imagine.

>>885921000Questioning the Holocaust?

>>885921000I too, keep my questions and concerns about the Holocaust a secret.

>>885921000so, either saying "nigger" or expressing doubt about the holocaust

>>885909111Literally my fetish, yes I'd probably cum on them but full nudity isn't as attractive as a girl wearing something like booty shorts and muscle shirt, just imagining her pulling her shorts or panties to the side is boner fuel

>>885908495there's this butterface that had a crush on me in HS.She let me get away with a lot because she liked me.Sometimes I have fantasies of taking her and using her in degrading ways like when we were younger.

Sexy fun with my gf's nieces

>>885908495You tell me: furry/monster, ss, jailbait, rape/slavery, or vore.Pic related, Jasmine was canonically 14 or 15 in the first movie.

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>>885922057Too old.

>>885922553I thought this joke was too extreme, glad you posted it

Actually fucking OPs mom

Never had a gay thought in my life until a week ago when my sister-in-law (15) commented on my brother-in-law's (13) dick bulge (told him he was gross and to put proper clothes on)Since then he pretty much exclusively wears loose fitting boxers and I can't help but stare & today I caught a glimpse of it and it is at least 6 inches soft. Monster size for his age.Can't stop thinking about it...

>>885908570Fucking degenerate

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Make out with a 7yo girl

Rape I suppose though thats fairly vanilla by todays standards. Luckily my wife is into that too and we do some fun consensual nonconsent stuff.


>>885908495Being abducted by an imaginary, secret hi-tech organization for a while and given weird experimental horny permanently mind-altering drugs as well as breast/butt/whatever cosmetic surgery until i resemble a sexy caricature of a woman... albeit with a penis although maybe i could get work done on that as well to make it have a nicer aesthetic? Ideally, i wouldn't actually get to see myself until the transformation is complete and so extreme would it be that i wouldn't recognize myself, lol.

>>885914986My gf lets me do this, it's hot

>>885924423Would be fun, especially her 1st time. Would love to explore her little body with my hands too

>>885924918Would you be ok if she let you touch her anywhere without acknowledging your touch?

>>885923308You should SUCK his COCK!

>>885925019Yeah definitely

>>885910651>started taking test>becomes a cuck faggotchecks out I guess


fuck with my sister, i only kiss with her

I want to find a mother/daughter set of meth addicts and keep them drugged up for free-use sex toys.

>>885926253>fuck with my sister>i only wanna kiss her Are you a rapper?!

>>885908495>the contents of this threadI just wanted get seduced by my hot algebra teacher when I was in HS...

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I want to get a dog pregnant. I'd throw away everything if I could sire puppies

>>885909942ThisNothing violent or forced, just intimate, and maybe a bit playful

>>885908495Being raped in the ass and mouth, the rougher and the more people involved the better. Going to prison and becoming their cumdumpster is my sexual dream, Including of course forced tattoos, forced prostitution, eating more cum than real food and permanent anal gaping.

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>>885923308drug sis and let lil bro discover how to be a man w/ her

>>885908570You monster..

>>885910693Green text is for faggots

>>885927745age & body type? I need a faggot cumdump

Being the cum-pumping slave for a gaggle of thirsty young girls.

>>885927606yeah samebut only if the resulting offspring still looked 100% like dogs, with longer lifespan and the ability to talki wouldn't want to sire some gross hairless ape-dog hybrid

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>>885912071Do you want kids? If not you could always surrogate and get paid to be pregnant

>>885908495Letting my little brother fuck me (I'm male)

>>885921000Deliberately misgendering someone?

>>885928961Actual transphobic fantasies go hard

>>885908495I want a harem. Nothing massive just maybe two or three wives.

>>885928783Not who you're responding to but similar fetish. I've looked into surrogacy but my fear is the hormones bonding me to the child.

>>885909942Pre-teen/early teen is biologically the best time for breeding, because from 20s onward the reproductive cells start to form imperfectly, causing genetic issues later down the line (i.e. autism).

>>885908495Watching a girl shit and piss in nature like an animal whilst I masturbate on her.

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>>88592824622 and twink-like but I'm not that feminine.

>>885909942I know some 9yos I'd love to have fun with, would be amazing

i want to let my friend who hates on the cuck lifestyle all the time cum inside my wife

Incest with my hot aunt

>>885909942That would be the cleanest, best pleasure.

>>885928755I want them to be normal dogs tbh. I just want to make some puppies

Having a daughter whose mother disappears after birth and I move away to a remote part of the country. Once she’s flowered, start having sex with her and get her pregnant. Continue this process with the subsequent children and snuff off any of the genetic retards are the born.

I want to have basically Epstein island when I'm feeling too off the rocks. Most times I'm a very tame person that doesn't even think of sex though, don't know what's wrong with me.

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>>885929253Yeah thats a big risk, some say its better to not even hold them once cuz that one time can be enough

Raceplay with a white guy

Drink my girlfriend's urine and me being used as a toilet for her. Being spitted on by her and drinking all her fluids (no scat, that shit's fucking gross)

Being naked in front of every girl I've ever known, or being forced to be naked 24/7 wherever I go.


Having a mommy milf make me her cat and make me go pee in a litter tray

>>885908495Age Regression. I was a big fan back when I was a kid, and loved to imagine older women slowly turning back through puberty to just a year or so younger than me. Essentially forcing them to relive their life alongside me. I'm still into it because of the whole transformation + Excitement turning to fear/shock/sadness/etc aspect of it, but I don't want to be. It's too weird for obvious reasons, so I stay away from it once they start to dip into their low 20's.

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Being inseminated by a cute Shemale, then being pissed on and treated like trash.

>>885910057That's nothing. I know a guy that wants to marry a woman, have children with her, and raise those children together with her.

for my cute innocent wife to become a prostitute on the side

I want to fuck a girl 9-13 years old. I sort of have a pencil dick so I can legitimately say I don’t know what a tight pussy feels like. Every woman I’ve been with has felt so loose that sex with them just feels underwhelming.

>>885908495Killing someone. Watching the life slowly drain from their eyes.

>>8859302668/9yo would be so much fun


>>8859304458 is a little too young. I have a friend with an 8 year old and she’s too much of child still. I’ve noticed from other friends kids and my younger cousins that a few switches start to flick in a girls brain once they turn 9-10

Take your pick. if I'm told I shouldn't want it, I want it more.

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I want a mommy Dom to control my orgasm

>>8859305338 is fine

>>885914256Anon, it's 2022.Two white people making love, face-to-face, lovingly, with the intention of making happy healthy white babies who grow up in a loving family is literally terrorism. The joke finally became real.

>>885930613Also have her fuck all of her college teachers, work bosses, and coworkers on demand, sending me all the details

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>>885908495Making an entire family tree with just me as the male. Like, I'll impregnate my wife, then my daughter, then my daughter's daughter, and so on.

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>>885908495Small Penis Humiliation/WMAF Race Playing I'm Asian and my girlfriend is also Asian. I finally built up the courage and told her that I was into SPH a few weeks ago. Surprisingly she took it really well and was interested in engaging in my kink. After telling her this she started jerking me off while calling me small and compared my dick to a BWC she saw in a porn video. Came the hardest I had ever came that night.

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I'm simultaneously horrified but also really turned on by shit like the toybox killer or that tranny that escaped being kept as some couple's sex slave in their basement for years.Just the idea of being kidnapped and owned by some sadistic couple. Being used for whatever sadistic idea comes to their mind or whatever kink one of them likes but the other finds too gross/degrading/painful. Like he doesn't like going down on her during her period? I'm on suck duty, if I don't keep up and there's the tiniest stain on her pad they whip me still I learn what bleeding really means.She thinks anal is painful and eating ass is degrading? I'm his anal Fleshlight, always plugged just enough to be ready for him to bend over whenever and wherever but not too comfortable/still tight. Wheverver either wants to freshen up I'm their sweat rag to lick their ass clean inside and out.He wants to fuck up some tits but she wants to preserve her looks? Tie me, pump me, stretch me, scar me, tattoo me, deform my tits into your personal art piece of pain and humiliation.She's interested in hardcore cbt but wouldn't want to risk his potency and he doesn't want the pain? My junk is only good for amusement anyway. Play pincushion and wager with friends who can fit more needles in each ball. See how much you can stretch out my dick hole before it's ruined permanently.On that note get me whatever piercings, hair-cuts/dyes or other modifications they want without asking or even informing me, just suddenly drag me to the car trunk and next thing I know I'm at a studio getting ANOTHER piercing through my cock like some game of jenga betting how long till it's completely fucked.Keep me blindfolded/gagged with earbuds whenever my senses aren't needed for others so I'm desperate for any situmuls. Keep me hobbled in some form of bondage at all times till i forget what it's like to move unrestricted like a human. Pavlovian condition and hypnotise me to forget basic skills like math and reading

>>885930917Also have her teach a very hands in sex ed class to a bunch if horny 13 year olds

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>>885911080That’s fucking HOT AS FUCK, babe! It’s especially hot coming from a mother. Damn!

>>885930613Make her work at a slutty place like Hooters, invite all of my and her friends without telling them that she will be serving us

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>>885932155Hot. I want mine to beg my friends for their cum and pretend like she's not on birth control. I want to see which ones still try to cum inside.

>>885909942Living the dream we all want

Men getting their prostates destroyed on the train/bus

>>885932277I want her to know that everyone she meets has seen her naked and knows every detail of her, and I want her to surrender to anyone's desires

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>>885908495>What's your most taboo sexual fantasy?Middle school orgy.

I used to grope my sister and play with her nipples through her shirt when she would fall asleep in my bedroom watching movies or whatever. Now I need incest to get off.

>>885932514Let's see her tits + face then

>>885932544Here she is

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>>885932623OP delivers!


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>>885932639One more of face

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>>885932680Would love to see her pussy, shes cute.

>>885908495Literally be a house bitch for a well off black. But I'm to afraid aids to even a suck a dick so never gonna happen.Shame too, I'm a manlet with nice hair so I would have made a nice little cockslut. So evious of women who go to just be a girly girl and let someone take care of them, but being a man does have its own perks so I can't complain.

>>885932680If she were mine I would let her bring back cum from my friends so I could eat it out of her pussy while I guessed who's cum it was

>>885932721>>885932721Face and pussy. Also the pic of her working was taken by an anonymous that met her when I gave him some hints.

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>>885930594>Nobody's noticed

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>>885932744I didn't eat her out after, but I did regularly finger another guys cum out of her and feed it to her. Also she gave a coworker a bj after work one time, so did share her a bit

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>>885932747Thats a great looking pussy, got me hard as fuck.

>>885932781Close up of her pussy in the same thong

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>>885918323"Women are naturally prone to avoid responsibility"They are literally our species' child birthers and raisers. You are dumb.

>>885932781One of my favorites

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>>885908495to urinate inside my gf's ass. She said she'd let me do it, but we didn't have the chance.

>>885908495watching my mom get gangbanged. basically been my go-to fantasy from the time I started having fantasies lol

>>885932802Fuck me thats hot

>>885932835Pulling her panties aside with a nip poking out

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>>885932623Another picture she didn't originally take for me

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Start a family with the sole purpose of turning my daughters into breeding slaves for myself

>>885932969She looks remarkably like my ex with that hair, always had a thing for that hairstyle ever since she got away.

Love watching my wife creampied by other men. I really enjoy watching his girl eat her out after or watching her eat my cum out of other girls pussies.

>>885929591Oh cod!

>>885930839based Holla Forumsanon

>>885908495Fucking my girlfriend's teenage daughter. And, ideally, a threesome with her mother.

>>885933330At least impregnate your stepdaughter if you do.

>>885912071Location lol?

>>885910693Disappointed that this didn't end in someone walking the dinosaur 3/10

>>885933478Indeed. That way we can all go on Jerry Springer as a family when the baby is born!

HS girlfriend refused condoms and eventually got knocked up, but never told me. She went and had it aborted, and she only let me know as a final fuck you when we were breaking up.>TFW Facebook stalking decades later reveals she has an almost legal daughter>TFW she looks just like mommy did back thenGod help me for my vengeful heart, but given the chance I would woo, seduce, marry, and commit to that young woman and fill her life with family, joy, and children. So many children.Take one of mine, I'll take all of yours.

>>8859130322 things.16 is legal in the UK. (Britfag here).Pedos are inly interested in PREPUBESCENT children.Retard.Kik me based mom r0bz0rz

>>885908495Being a slutty preteen who's daddy trains to be a full animal slut, with a visit to the pound where I get fucked by strays for hours before daddy picks me up.

>>885908495My most taboo sexual fantasy is jerking off while watching catholic and orthodox rabbis argue

>To get gangbanged in our bedroom while hubby is out on his overnight fishing trip

I just want to fuck my wife's two thick sisters and their thick tis. I'd even have one of their husband's wife my wife if it meant swapping.

sweaty sex

>>885908495Fuck a disabled woman, few days ago I helped a disabled woman get out of her car because the curb was to high for her wheelchair.she was a pretty woman in her late 20s, was hot hold their flaccid lifeless limbs.Fapped to her several times.Fuck a pregnant woman

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>>885933941>Fuck a pregnant womanI've done this and it's great tbh. Met a married woman who was pregnant with her husband being out of state for work. Her sex drive was fucking crazy high and it didn't take long for her to hop on my dick. 10/10 experience since I could cum inside her all I wanted.

>>885908495Drinking my girlfriend's hot piss strait from her pussy or from a glass.

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>>885908495I want to fuck an autistic girl who hasn’t bathed in two weeks or brushed her teeth in a few days and is absolutely filthy with messy hair and hairy armpits and a smelly hairy bush.