Why are so many Hispanics Nazis?

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>>885905885she doesn't look white

>>885905885Where do you think the Nazis went after WWII?

>>885905885she's a cute nazi

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>>885906042>>885906034>>885905986>>885905936>>885905885Latino nationalist discord discord DOT gg/MhuY99pt death to gringos

>>885905885Post her ass

They're white.Hispanic is a white ethnicity you dum 4chin retards

>>885906324Go fucking kill yourself gringo we aren’t white. I’m 80% Indio and Isabel Medina is literally mestiza stupid fucking gringo god i fucking hate you stupid gringos


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>>885905885Why wouldn't they be?It's seriously only cucked beta-whites that have given up on placing their own ethnicity above others. Jews do it, hell, even niggers prioritize their own shitskins over other races.. So, the real question is: why aren't you a nazi? Are you a beta-white cuck that hates his own ethnicity?

>>885906421Typical rage comment from a retard that has no idea how the world worksMestizo =/ hispanic you idiot

>>885906610Who the fuck are you a gringo to tell me about terminology like mestizos. Most Hispanics are mestizo stupid fuck

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>>885905885Hispanics are far and wide conservatives that value family and faith. Good folks. Problem is OP the media has programmed you to equate conservative with Nazi.wake the fuck up


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>>885906703OP is a literal Nazi woman though

>>885906610Hispanic =/ being from latin america you dumbfuck

>>885906421>Hispanic =/ being from latin america you dumbfuck

>tfw no insane nazi spic gf

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>>885906927gonna draw her now

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>>885906034typical Spaniard mix with Arab blood, disgusting

>>885905885>>885906034>>885906927Ok bros hear me outWe cast her as Dora the explorer

>>885905936The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

>>885907623Photoshop this

>>885905885>Why are so many Hispanics Nazis?Prove it

>>885905885Its because they are probably tired of Muslims raping their kids and watching jews jerk off to the leaked footage.

Dios Mios..

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>>885909291Nah all mexicans have to do that for school. It's the roman salute

>>885906421what the fuck is an indio

>>885906324Hispanics are half native American Spanish Muslim mutts. They're not even close to be being white



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Beats a liberal white girl anyday! I'll take it!


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>>885905885>>885905885they think they're white people, they aren't though. like how all those slavs and balts and estonians killed a bunch of jews on their own when the nazis arrived then the nazis shot them anyway for being sub-aryan scum to teach them they were the same as jews and niggers.

>>885910304Spaniards ≠ HispanicsSpaniards are Mediterranean Europeans, just like some French, Italians or yugoslavs.Only southern Spaniards(and portugese) are heavily mixed with berber blood, which again is Mediterranean even if not European.

>>885911329bitch got dem nice tittysalso OP is clearly a spic faggot

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>>885911555>>885911523>>885911503Fucking anti latino gringos won’t join the server and confront me in vc about it pussies

>>885905885Damn dumbass stay WHITE Fucking cucks

>>885905885Is 'many' more than 'so many' or less


>>885911555She's ISABEL MEDINA PERALTA (I copied the name), she is Spanish.


>>885905885How big is her butt

>>885911700Bro I'm a Spaniards suck my dick lmao

Nazism is not about race, it was an element (not the most important) in german nationalism, but that lady is from falange, spanish between wars nationalism.

>>885906034She looks like the girl at my taco truck

>>885905885Because they looked you white soya niggers and understood how destructive of a path that is


Lefties desperately want Latin America to be like them, and they’re not, this rustles them

>>885915306Obsessing over niggers, caring about gays, enforcinh lgbt, giving women the reign and letting jews run rampant, being generally masochist

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>>885915738I look like this

>>885916395Of course you do, you soya enriched puta

>>885906421Ok, 12 year-old White boy.

>>885906649So you're saying Spaniards are mestizo? Where do you think "Hispanic" came from?

We are fascists not nazis, that's not the same

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>>885913148Lol. This dipshit is equating hispanic with being mestizo.

>>885911523Ok kid.

>>885909288Oh look, the race that has killed the most people is whining about getting a taste of their own medicine.Btw, the "brown peepul cuasing violense!" line is nothing but pure propaganda. Your no go zones don't exist. They only exist in your mind, which is also the only place you whites are a victim in.

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>>885918871unironically she could play the role


>>885905885Because the Basques couldn't kill them all.


>>885905885Wanna know why Hispanics are racist? Its the same reason Asians are racist and Whites are racist. It's because as a whole, blacks suck and everyone knows it

>>885919189Yep, you'd think we'd've figured this out by now

>>885919189This, nuck figgers.

>>885905885el judio..,.,...,..

>>885918213Neither Yankees nor marxists, peronists

>>885919189>>885919439This. >Dad is Mexican born>comes to US and works with all kinds of people>taught me from a young age not to trust niggers>also tells me not to get Jewed out of my money

>>885918871dios mios…


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>>885919648I thought Peron was a fascist

>>885906421Strange how you hatin on sissy white bois when us african kings drop more of you bitch ass spics than white bois ever will. You spics know you aint shit and would get fuckin dropped if you came at us. You a buncha fake ass faggots. Foh wit yo gay ass music go back to getting plowed by juan

>>885922206you are not black

>>885905885she's spanish you fucking retard

>>885910237Its like nigger to natives in south/central America

>>885918358>hurr durr, in publicok well that's not an argument

>>885906421>Isabel Medina is literally mestizashe's Spaniard you dumb fuck, she's white, you know those who colonized south and central America. Read a fucking book

>>885922605Which means she's Hispanic, double-retard.

Because generally they hate blacks and Jews, not as a rule, just in general. Heh

>>885922545Shutup, Timmy.

>>885905936Probably Arab blood from the Muslim conquest of Spain

>>885905885They need nukes otherwise it´s meaningless.

>>885922605Hispanic = Spanish you moron

>>885922206You will never be a real human being!YWNBARHB!


>>885906034What the fuck, she looks like the spics I went to school with. Is she really part of a white nationalist org? If she is, then what the fuck even constitutes white anymore?

>>885926062>white nationalist That’s an amerimutt thing. Plenty of countries have fascist autist

>>885926174So she’s just a spanish nationalist. Is she even from Spain? She looks very spic like.


>>885923937no definitely not, you've fucked up even more than the average retard here

>>885905936That's because she isn't white.

Nazi milkers

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>>885905885>Why are there Hispanics that don't act like niggers?

fucken mongoloids on here don't know the difference between race and ethnicity

>>885926062Have you been to Southern Europe before?

Looks like the GTA 6 protag kek

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>>885926755have sex


>>885921835Imagine the smell

>>885905885i doubt there are many. it is a marginal group of mad idiots just like anywhere else.

>>885922885She's half peruvian retard lmao

>>885906899He's not wrong, Spaniards are from Spain, Hispanics is a denotation of a culture that comes from Spain.

>>885911503Lol you fly over nigger Americans are genuinely the worst kind of people.

>>885922206Lol niggers can't type nearly as well as you larp them to. Tone it back abit and your bait will pass.

>>885906324Gtfo, Hispanic are fucking Indians, people from Spain are white, people from northern Spain have blond hair and blue eyes. I don't know this bitch but in the background are Spanish flags, so I presume she's an Spanish nationalists. Some Hispanics might have 100% euro blood but most have not. That's why they are violent and corrupt. Argentina had the most Nazi's.

>>885905885Because you don't need to be any fascist or racist or anything like this to realise how rotten modern world is and how evil jewish faggots are

>>885919189>Whites are racistA lot of white leftists love niggers, but most ordinary white people don't give a fuck about niggers. Other races hate niggers because they don't have that nigger worship like leftists have.

>>885906421>indioGo eat a nopal with your victim complex. That’s the shit I can’t stand about you 21st century Americanized Mexicans. >>885909291BASED.>>885910237Indigenous Mexican. Typically get treated like shit, which is not ok. However, many contemporary/modern Indio’s have this weird persecution complex, so it cancels out any sympathy I have for them.I’m technically mestizo too, but both my parents are more white than Indigenous so I’m pale as fuck. However I have a wide fugly indigenous nose among other features like dark hair. Shit sucks. But hey, I’m still white lmao.

>>885921852Probably some kind of third position, but not a fascist

>>885913453>Nazism is not about racejust shut up>>885913148

>>885911329For fucks sake why waste your obvious talent with nazi scum like this?

ISABEL PERALTA una mierda NAZI asi de alta

even latinas hate niggers

>>885926576not the other user, but this is dumb. who calls a spanish person hispanic? it's useful to have a word for hispanic americans. and no, latino etc isnt it, portuguese/french speakers are latin american as well