Why do the democrats want open borders?

Why do the democrats want open borders?

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>>885904362Their policies are bad for native citizens. they must import new votes if they are to retain power


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>>885904362better question is, why dont republicans want immigrant votes. latinos vote republican because they oppose abortion and have other conservative views.


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>>885904554>latinos vote republicanMost of them do not vote republican you retard

>>885904362We had open borders for hundreds of years. They benefit both sides of both borders. We need cheap Mexican labor to keep prices down. Those Mexicans need to be able to freely cross to get here, and then freely cross to go home. They don't want to live here. But if crossing the border is dangerous and difficult, and there are no jobs in Mexico, they have no choice but to leave their homes and families and people they grew up with, and try their luck here. And then they're stuck here.Open the borders, let the Mexicans work here and go home.Also, legalize weed so there's no need to patrol the Canadian border.

>>885904682Most come from Socialistic communist countries and did what they had to escape that. They do in fact usually vote republican

>>885904962>They do in fact usually vote republicanThen why is everywhere they live a democrat controlled shit hole?

>>885904433Its sad how retarded conservatives have become

>>885905066Latino's are different than Mexicans. You are aware of this yes?

>>885904962I know this is true for Cubans, not sure about others.

>>885904433Florida does that with Cubans though so that they'll vote conservative

>>885905249You still haven't answered my question retard. Where are all these "latino republicans" and why is everywhere they live in large numbers a democrat shit hole?

>>885905073It's a cult

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>>885905474Texas, Florida and California are where most live. 2/3 are RED states

>>885904362Why do you repuplicans always lie?

>>885905849GaslightObstructProjectThey should be like the LGBT community and keeping adding letters. Because lying needs to be included.

>>885904581There is fanfic of that cunt I have blasted uncountable loads of yummy cummy.

I love AOC.

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don't be a sheepread the transcript

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I worship AOC.

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>>885906601just look how much you can bend herI would like to bend every inch of her body

>>885905809Texas and Florida are red states IN SPITE OF the "latino republicans", and California was a red state before it was taken over by "latino republicans", but of course you left that part out. You also left out that everywhere that "latino republicans" move to almost immediate turns blue, like in Nevada and Arizona as two examples.


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>>885904362I really want to eat her pussy whilst her cuck boyfriend watches

You realise open borders doesn't meant just backing away and doibg nothing, right? You can still, and should still, police your border, just do it fairly for all.Fucking MAGA cunts problems are that they also don't wabt oversight because muh freedumbs. Allow the government to track every cunt, then allow them in. Bring back severe punishments for those that don't follow laws, be they immigrants or not, you can identify everyone most of the time so your problems are solved.creates jobs, creates government work, grows economy, puts faith into law enforcement etc.Just stop being bitches about tracking you isolationist fringe fucks.

My Queen.

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>>885907062So bring them in legally as opposed to illegally?

>>885904362why do republicans want cheap labor?

>>885905614>okay symbolReeeeeeee>holds up 1 fingerReeeeeeee! Cult!

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>>885906731or you could cuck yourself and eat her pussy after he fucked her

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>>885907699Why is the left so fucking gay?

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>>885907787Why are you so homophobic and why do you project that I am left? I am a proud sissy for Trump you cunt.

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>>885904494This actually makes the most sense

>>885906438I guess if I had a cult of retards following me I'd have them pay off my business expenses and bills too.

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>>885908172>Implying Hillary did not do the same...

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>>885904362They don't the martha's vineyard Shenanigans proved that they want you to suffer the aliens while hide away in their gated communities

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>>885904682Explain Texas, nigger.

>>885908499Ok and?

>>885905066You ever heard of Florida?

>>885908561>Opposition = fearlol fucking retard

>>885904362>high ranking party leadersBecause their states and their businesses run off of the backs of illegal labor. You can hire unlicensed dock workers for a fraction of licensed ones and since they are illegal they will gladly take it and you can pay them off the books, saving tons of money.It fucks over actual Americans but Democrat bigwigs do be like that>Democrat scrubsBrainwashed by the leadership with sob stories so that the leadership can get their cheap labor.

Because government was only created to oppress us. And useful idiots that the elite see as inferior like to deny it.

>>885904494That's Ireland.

>>885904849>NAFTA Libertarian. Opinion Discarded.

>>885908730What you fear you oppose.

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>>885904849That was great 100 years ago. Once you start adding social welfare programs, you need to start being careful about how many needy people you let them. Here, the real problem isn't actually illegal immigration so much as actual legal "temporary" programs that go on for years and decades and drain the economy to support these people.

>>885906715Nevada and Arizona went purple because of outpriced white Californians. not Hispanics. They're hardly blue states user.

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>>885908907>Nevada and Arizona went purple because of outpriced white Californians. not Hispanics.It's because of both and it's not just those two states. Every state that has seen a large influx of hispanics has either turned purple or blue over the last 30 years. Claiming hispanics are voting republican in large numbers is not only wrong it's laughable. Yes, a portion of them vote GOP but it is nowhere near the vast majority, or even half for that matter.

>>885904554We do want immigrant votes you absolute moron. We just want said immigrants to you know, be legal!


>>885909452So nothing wrong with people calling aliens.Right?


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>>885909556No but apparently we can't even call them illegals either even though that's literally what they are

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Because it's yankville. One does not try to explain the actions and motivations of a retard. One merely observes them, and tries to not get wound up in the retards game. Common sense really.

>>885911147Not a single thing you said is common sense, unless you're a fucking retarded fuck

>>885904362What exactly are Biden's policy on controlling immigration? What were Trump's policy on immigration and was he able to reduce illegal immigration?All of this is very confusing to me.I live in Canada and do not understand all this stuff.

>>885905066It's not.Check out Texas and Florida for example.Latino's live there in multitudes.

>>885905249Who is considered a Latino?OMB defines "Hispanic or Latino" as a person of Cuban, Mexican, Puerto Rican, South or Central American, or other Spanish culture or origin regardless of race

>>885912895>It's notYes it is and I already addressed Texas and Florida. This is like saying black people vote GOP because they live in red states, when clearly they don't. >>885912987That retard was gonna try to claim "latinos" are white europeans or some other schizo-tier retardation

>>885904362Because democrats are the spiritual manifestation of the divine feminine, with their legs spread of course, waiting for foreign seed to impregnate them. Just like the cunt in picrel. Waiting for a white man to colonize her.

>>885904362So they don't have to do chores.

>>885904433If it were not for gerrymandering and restrictive voting laws, republicans would have WAY less people in congress

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>>885904362Do you have this scheduled on your calendar to shitpost this every two days?

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>>885914221You mean if republicans would roll over and allow the democrats to cheat and rig the system, they'd have way less people in congress?

msn.com/en-us/news/politics/u-s-arrests-along-mexico-border-top-2-million-a-year-for-first-time/ar-AA120geORecord number of illigals arrested. It's almost as of Democrats don't want open borders and OP is is full of shill

>>885906601You can tell she has super saggy fried egg on a nail titties....and she doesn't even have kids yet. Yikes.

>>885914538Mf Have you seen Texas or North Carolina? Their county lines are fucking abysmal because republicans have decided that unless they look like that they would lose votes. I’m not even exclusively blaming republicans for gerrymandering, both parties do it. However, it is only republicans that make it impossible for minorities to vote by not opening voting polls near their areas, not allowing people to drink water while in line, trying to pass voter ID laws, etc.

>>885915135>it is only republicans that make it impossible for minorities to voteYeah and how do they do that? Because they're not handing out fried chicken to people as they wait in line to vote?

>>885915224I told you how they do it in the same sentence. They just don’t open polls near them and when they do it’s only when they’re at work and can’t vote. Haha fried chicken I guess but it’s not even about black/brown people anymore. Poor whites get fucked too

>>885915434First of all your employer cannot prevent you from voting on election day, so that's a bullshit excuse. And unless you're pulling a 16 hour shift at some point you should be able to vote. But lets be honest, this isn't really about voter suppression. The real issue here is that the democrats want to rig the system enough so they can't lose anymore elections. That's why people like you are gonna continue this bullshit lie that minorities aren't being allowed to vote no matter what they do, including handing out buckets of chicken and providing free massages while people wait to vote, but only if they're voting democrat. If you're voting republican you don't get any fried chicken.

>>885904362It is pretty simple.>democrats fight against the basic fucking idea of having only the citizens of the country voting in its elections>immigrants come in with the shirts on their back and want socialism which benefits them at the cost of the actual citizens of the countryand the funny part is>They only want socialism right up until they're only moderately poor since they are the very first ones who will have their quality of life sacrificed and scrutinized by the further influx of 1st generation immigrantsIt is like running into an escape hatch during a natural disaster that was left open by a psychopath knowing that you'd support them for holding the door open and would give you rations despite them being more and more finite with each person they let in.Then realizing this they want to shut the door knowing that for each person let in they themselves are more fucked only to have the person they elected to be leader telling them no because since they have to keep letting people in to make up for their lack of support from inside the shelter.

>>885915602Since when is election day a federal holiday? There’s a few states that give you time to vote but even then it’s not all of them. If you bother to read any article about recent voter suppression laws that have passed, you’ll see they were overwhelmingly passed in red states. Wtf do you even mean by the fried chicken and massages. There’s no way others can know who you’ll vote for while you’re in line. Just say you’ll vote democrat and get some fried chicken if you’re so mad about it

>>885908881This is easy to go around by just making social benefits available only to citizens. Once you have paid enough into the system you can make use of it too. This is literally the way it works in every civilized country that is not the US. Legal migrants get little to no access to publicly funded programmes.

>>885916137Maybe we should give illegal immigrants an easy path to legal status instead of endless money through welfare programs? idk just a thought

>>885915943If you don't know who they're voting for then why are you assuming it's democrat voters that are suppressed? And why should it be a federal holiday? Also yes I am aware of the new laws they were passed because of the blatant fraud that was allowed to happen in 2020. But no it was not only red states that passed new laws, so that's another bullshit lie from you. There is no voter suppression going on here. If anything it's the fucking left that is voter suppressing by claiming people who vote GOP are extremists. There is not one shred of evidence that democrat voters are being suppressed, so yeah they may as well start handing out fried chicken and massages so fags like you can finally shut up about an issue that doesn't exist. Even though we all know you won't.

>>885916397By your logic, it would make sense to not suppress them anymore since “we don’t know if they’re democrat or not” your orange idol may have won the presidency with more red votes from those people. Do you know what voter suppression is or how it works? You don’t make laws “banning democrat voters”, you look at the demographics of each party and try to make it as hard as it can be for those people to vote. Minorities usually vote blue, so we make it hard for them to vote. Poor people usually vote blue, but they are too poor to take a day or hours off just to go vote, so they don’t. That is why we need election day to be a federal holiday, so everyone can be free to vote.Here are examples of laws passed in the last year, all from red states.brennancenter.org/our-work/analysis-opinion/5-egregious-voter-suppression-laws-2021If republicans didn’t need to cheat to win, they wouldn’t be against initiatives that create a cleaner, more direct democracy such as getting rid of the electoral college

>>885904362because theres a billionaire jew who will pay them more to make it happen

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>>885916802Again how are they making it hard for minorities, who you assume are voting democrat with no proof, to vote? >A ban on food and waterYou see I fucking knew it. People like you think if minorities aren't being given buckets of fried chicken and malt liquor while they wait to vote they're being "suppressed". People have been voting for centuries without being given fried chicken but now suddenly it's a problem. That is a fucking joke and you know it. But of course that bullshit link doesn't mention the new laws passed in blue states, because they realize it would expose them as biased hacks.

>>885915112Don't care, still going to jerk off to her.

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>>885917342> assume are voting democrat with no proofHere’s the voter demographics for the 2020 election and proof that minorities vote overwhelmingly blue. Can you show me voter suppressor laws that have been enacted in blue states recently? The reason these laws are being passed in red states is because lawmakers are heated that their party lost the election. People are not going to vote expecting a whole feast for them. Banning food and water only becomes a problem when people must wait 6 hours in the heat due to other voter suppressor practices such as the ones I mentioned previously. Many people lose their cool at around the 4 hour mark and leave without voting.votingrightsalliance.org/forms-of-voter-suppression

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>>885904362They are oversocialized homosexuals who want more beautiful POCeees to join their degenerate consumerist orgy. Ironically conservatives are doing them a favor by keeping them in poverty and outside of Sodom.

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>>885904362Oh. It's this autist again.

>>885917857>Can you show me voter suppressor laws that have been enacted in blue states recently?No because there were no voter suppression laws passed ANYWHERE. But I think I'm getting it now. It's only "voter suppression" when red states pass new laws. If it's a blue state it's "voter rights" or some bullshit like that. Is that the issue we're having here? You're so balls deep in the DNC's asshole they do nothing wrong while the GOP consists of nazis that hate minorities. Hence why you are upset they banned "food and water" because you think they can't go more than 30 minutes without fried chicken and malt liquor. Also, please show me where minorities are waiting 6 hours to vote. I know you can't so I won't hold my breath.

>>885918158I’m sure that blue states have or had voter suppression laws of their own, but they don’t pass new ones every time the opposing party wins the presidency. I’m not a die hard democrat fan like most republicans are of their party, democrats are stupid assholes too, just slightly less evil and stupid. Here’s the proof you say doesn’t existnpr.org/2020/10/17/924527679/why-do-nonwhite-georgia-voters-have-to-wait-in-line-for-hours-too-few-polling-pl

>>885906715I'm just trying to figure out how voting republican has EVER benefitted the working class. You retards will vote against your own paychecks just so you can pretend to be Nazis


>>885918346So one person who's story cannot be verified claims she waited 5 hours to vote. Is there any actual proof that happened? Should be pretty easy to prove given the details, no? Of course NPR doesn't bother to do any of that because it would destroy their narrative if not straight up prove everything written there is a lie.>>885918363How does it benefit them to vote democrat? Where is the benefit of paying more taxes for more welfare programs so people can sit on porches they don't even own all fucking day long?

>>885918713Unverifiable? There’s multiple pictures, videos, and accounts of it happening in many states. You can go and look at them yourself. Did you not see the trumptard that got arrested for threatening voters that were in line like last year? Holy shit dude, straight denying of hard evidence

>>885919025>You can go and look at them yourself.>Even though it doesn't existSure kidAnd that's the best example you have of voter suppression? Because we all know there are no liberal nutjobs threatening people on election day right?

>>885904362Because they think all those folk are going to vote Democrat. But the reality is most Mexicans and South Americans are deeply religious, family oriented and are hard working. Once the liberals start to realize that most of them are voting Republican they’ll shut the border down lol

>>885919125That wasn’t an example of voter suppression. It was an example of a conspiracy nutjob like you going IN PERSON to a long line of people caused by voter suppression laws. If he went in person just to threaten people, how could the line not exist? Are you saying he was standing alone next to nothing and got arrested still? Conservative doublethink is crazy

>>885908754>Because government was only created to oppress us.pigs are always your enemies. secret identities.Op question: what if you had a dude that insisted you sleep at night with your front door wide open. you would probably assume they don't care if a criminal kills you in the middle of the night.

>>885904362They don't, Sergei. Why are you killing Ukrainians? They're supposed to be related to you.

>>885914538Elbridge Gerry was a Republican. MAGA!

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>>885914538Republican subhumans are less than 25% of the country. They'd be a very vocal minority of trash if it wasn't for their constant cheating.


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>>885904362Why does your faggot shill ass think anyone buys your lies?

>>885909229She should have complied with lawful orders. If she wasn't committing a crime she would have had nothing to worry about.

>>885904362They only want open borders for some

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>>885922240What lawful orders?

>>885904362>Biden administration arrests a record number of migrants at borderYou people are beyond retarded. But go ahead, keep feigning outrage over shit you don't understand.

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>>885920218lol this is so embarrassing, Republicans truly cannot win on their own merits

>>885904362quality tacos and cheap lawn care

>>885904362has anyone legitimately made any moves towards making open borders a thing (campaigning on it, introducing legislation) or is this still just a made up talking point by the right

>>885924262>introducing legislationWhat do you call sanctuary cities?

>>885924786huh, good point. that's not quite the same as "open borders" though. more like if you manage to make it over the secured border then you win

cuz none of them have ever played zombie panic source, co-op horror, free on steam

>>885924908If that's not open borders then what is it? It's literally telling people they won't get deported if they move to a democrat city and/or state.

>>885925001Well I would assume open borders wouldn't include fenced off checkpoint with a bunch of dudes with guns and a hard-on for paperwork. Are there any dems saying we should get rid of those checkpoints and guards? inb4 not wanting a fence across 2000 miles of desert, that's not the same

>>885923124Please, Ma'am. Stop being a retard and trespassing on federal government and attempting to gain forced entry to the floor of the senate with murderous intent or we will be forced to assist you onto the afterlife.

>>885922891You're such a moron.

>>885925277>inb4 not wanting a fence across 2000 miles of desert, that's not the sameHow is that not the same? No one is saying we need to shut down the border completely, but there is not a single country that isn't a lawless state that allows people to just walk across the border and be allowed to stay.>>885925322>trespassingThey were literally allowed into the building you dumbass

>>885924786Sanctuary cities are a proven means of bringing crime down in areas and building a positive repoire with the locals in ethnic neighborhoods.

>>885925367>They were literally allowed into the building you dumbassThey broke in through a window you goddamned brainlet.

>>885925367>No one is saying we need to shut down the border completelyso nobody is advocating for actual open bordersit feels like I'm talking to the "abolish the police" people who end up saying they don't really want to abolish the police. if your problem is with sanctuary cities then just talk about that instead of making these hyperbolic claims

>>885925431>Sanctuary cities are a proven means of bringing crime down in areasThat is total bullshit. Every city that is a sanctuary has seen spikes in crime.>>885925451No they were allowed in like I said. You need to turn off cnn.>>885925490Let me rephrase that. No one on the RIGHT is calling for a closed border. We want people to come here legally. Just like we want hardcore criminals kept in jail when they break the law. You see that's the problem, the democrats want the exact opposite of both of those things. They want an endless steam of people coming here illegally AND they want criminals to be allowed to do as they please, and if you defend yourself you'll be the one who goes to jail on upped charges.

>>885904362they want western civilization to fail so they can usher in a one world government

>>885904362>Why do the democrats want open borders?Falling natural citizen birth rates means economic growth would be stunted. It doesn't help matters any that huge corpos like Walmart and McDonalds and all the other low wage companies don't want to pay workers more and importing large numbers of unskilled people helps provide cheap labor and suppress general wages. Finally, as >>885904433 stated, democrats, as the party of the welfare state and open borders counts on newcomer votes to win elections.

>>885925570>That is total bullshit. Every city that is a sanctuary has seen spikes in crime.Bring the peer-reviewed data then faggot. Demonstrate actual causality or sit the fuck down and go back to your paranoid mentalizing about immigrants raping and murdering your family

>>885925570The Biden admin literally just set a record for most migrants arrested at the border in a year

>>885925570Amazing. Every last thing you just said was wrong and complete bullshit. Three replies. Three massive lies (well technically, the the third reply is multiple lies).

>>885925791Why are so many more people coming here with Biden in office?

>>885925842because this country is a great place to live and raise kids when Democrats are in charge. It only turns to shit when Republicans steal election and tardify the country.

>>885925842is that even true? is that even true and not due to COVID?

>>885925882>because this country is a great place to liveOh really? Because the democrats love to claim it's racist and oppressive to minorities, and yet those people keep coming here. Why is that?>>885925902>is that even true?YesNext question

>>885908172And yet, none of these thousands of accusations turn out to be true.And liberal idiots will keep repeating them until their masters give them some new bullshit to repeat.

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>>885926008Did you miss the "only when Democrats are in charge" it there, Corky?

>>885926072Oh look, it's Sergei again. Everybody wave to Sergei, kids."Hiiiii Sergei!"


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>>885906727i would eat her sweaty asshole

>>885926116You really suck at this

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>>885926084What the fuck is your point? If democrats love illegals so much then why are they angry about the evil, racist republicans sending them to blue cities and states?

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>>885925842Irrelevant. You're suggesting Democrats want and encourage open borders—reality shows that they're still arresting illegals at record pace. Right wing media has eroded your brain.

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>>885926354Biden has a sense of humor, unlike depraved faggot Trump and his shrimpy ball tuggers like ukek

>>885925277>Well I would assume open borders wouldn't include fenced off checkpoint with a bunch of dudes with guns and a hard-on for paperwork.Err, Democrats campaigned on repealing Trumps "remain" policy where migrants were refused entry until they were cleared and it was repealed the very first day Biden was in office. Also, there is a step between laws and people called enforcement which is where Democrats operate the most because they lack the supermajority they need to make meaningful changes to border law. So rather than changing laws, they simply direct ICE and border patrol to not enforce the law.I'd like to know what you have to say about how these deep blue "sanctuary cities" handle the buses of illegal migrants to their cities by then sending those migrants to a different (normally Republican majority) city?

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>>885926247No, Sergei. YOU do. But that's ok. You're doing your best and you really need that kerosene money to survive the winter. We understand.

>>885926354>stolen left meme tardified into shitty right meme>COMIC. SANS.Come to my office, Ivan. We need to have a little chat.

>>885926608He's not gonna address anything you said. Instead he'll just find a way to claim they're pro-border enforcement and blame Trump and the GOP for a problem they've created at the border.

>>885926896Hey sorry bud remind me what side these Nazis were on? Can't seem to recall

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>>885927080The Nazis were leftists though


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>>885926896This level of projection is just self parody at this point.>those who vote Democrat are doomed to wear cheap shitty red ball caps with Nazi-ish slogans on them.

>>885919025Of course they're denying actual evidence. Republitards have to keep up their cognitive dissonance to maintain the illusion their opinion matters

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>>885926193same. I love her.

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>>885927217They absolutely were not. In fact, Nazism pretty much defined the boundary of what extremist right politics was for almost a century.

>>885927349What actual evidence though? There is no evidence of voter suppression anywhere

>>885927534>They absolutely were notLook up what they stood for and their policies. They were absolutely leftists in every sense.

>>885927217If you're gunna troll you gotta try harder than that

>>885927578Just stop. This is pathetic at this point.

>>885927404I swear her milkers have gotten at least 2x bigger since she took office, it's a great look for her

>>885904362They are rich. They just want cheap and non-unionizing labor. Moreover, it grows racial tensions which is the core mechanic for them to maintain their control of the people.

>>885927639No he's right. They weren't conservatives, they were leftist nationalists who were on top of that racists and anti-semites.


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>>885927612>>885927639They were literally far-left socialists. Their view of an Aryan state isn't even that far off from what leftists want today, being to live in mostly white enclaves while the darkies live in containment zones and only come out to serve white people. Maybe you should try reading actual history books and sources instead of the woke bullshit they teach in public schools these days.

>>885905249You're fucking retarded and have no clue what you're talking about

>>885927534That's about as intelligent as "The Democrats and Republicans magically switched and Democrats became equal rights advocates and Republicans became racists."ABRA KADABRA!

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>>885928064There are plenty of retarded bartenders.

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>>885925570Kill yourself retarded lying sack of dog shit

>>885928279But how many of them are as beautiful as my queen?

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>>885928115The switch happened because of the civil rights movement you fucking retard.The right knew they'd never get the women's vote after fighting suffrage so they decided to go after the religiontard vote and convince morons that abortion and gays are Satan trying to take over the country. It's called the Southern Strategy and it's very well documented.

>>885928115>The Democrats and Republicans magically switched and Democrats became equal rights advocatesWhich is hilarious because it was the democrats who passed Jim Crow laws. That's their platform though, create problems that don't need to exist then offer bullshit solutions to dumbasses for votes.

>>885928078You are literally a goddamned imbecile.Nazis called themselves socialist movement to convince Europeans they might not be "that bad after all" and because news traveled slowly and they already had control of a fair few media sources to propagandize people and run interference. The Nazis were exactly as socialist as the Democratic People's Republic of Korea are democratic.They were never anything but atrocity committing fascists authoritarians. And that's as far right on the political scale as you can go.

>>885928537There was a transition period, I'm not going to lie. Lyndon Johnson was a great president who did a lot of great things for the country and he personally was extremely racist BUT his policies were not, and that's the key.

>>885928078lol just because they called themselves 'national socialists' does not mean they were leftists in practice. Jesus Christ you retards really do just zero in on buzzwords and ignore everything else, don't you? No historian or political scientists considers Nazism a leftist ideology; fascism is by definition a right-wing system of government.

>>885928569>>885928648Interesting how you ignore how they governed the country. Tell me though, what policy in particular was ring-wing in the way they ran Germany? I understand they don't teach this in the nigger-infested public schools you attended, so I'll give you some time to research this. You CAN do research on your own right? Since you leftist dumbasses love to brag about how college educated you are to everyone.

>>885928753I'm through with you. Go read a book, retard.

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>>885928639>There was a transition periodYes because they realize they can get the nigger vote if they promise them endless gibs. Is that what you're saying, they found the modern way to keep blacks as slaves?

>>885927322The right has no platform and no ideas. They have nothing except "blame others for your problems" and "project all your failures onto others".

>>885928829Young one, EVERYONE was racist in those days. Some more than others, but that was the cultural zeitgeist. The modern Democrats were the first ones to truly get behind a platform of using public policy to help EVERYONE and not just a handful of criminal cronies and white Christians.You morons who pretend the switch never happened so you can try to pretend like you aren't the party of the Klan and NeoNazis are truly pathetic. Hey, here's an idea. Go up to a Klansman or a skinhead and tell him he's a Democrat. That'll solve the problem REAL quick.

>>885929008>You morons who pretend the switch never happenedBecause it didn't, and only the retards who allow their kids to go to inner cities schools believe this bullshit. You claim the "parties switched" yet can't show how many people switched parties. You claim the democrats care about black people but ignore how they owned slaves and passed Jim Crow laws. You also ignore that they allow and enable 3rd world conditions that minorities have to suffer through everyday but somehow it's republicans that are the problem. Democrats have done jack shit for black people and anyone with a serious education knows it.

>>885928279>”pull yourself up by your bootstraps party”>shits on a congresswoman for having had a normal jobI know republicucks love sucking off their rich overlords but damn

>>885904362Democrats are spineless cowards big on performative activism.I want open borders because it's cheaper to let people move across borders freely. Immigrants end up being a net positive on social services (they pay more in taxes than they cost in using services) and because food production in the US runs off of (and grinds to a halt without) immigrant labor. Patrolling the border in the way that we do is a huge waste of time, money, and resources. It's laughably useless at stopping drugs and mostly is just reinforcing paramilitary border agents, and the 'scary people' we're told it's supposed to actually stop don't have any trouble getting in. I don't care how much you hate foreigners; I want my taxes going towards roads and healthcare and public utilities, not roided up washout cops who get hard to the idea of shooting someone.The fact that killing people for trying to build a life here is immoral is secondary to the fact that anti immigration is a predictable nationalist/fascist dog whistle used to distract people from trying to pursue meaningful policy.

>>885929470> Immigrants end up being a net positive on social servicesWhat the nigger?

>>885908880I oppose you being a total faggot but I don’t fear you having a dick in your mouth. Understand yet?

>>885929276Way to prove his point moron, I hope you're being retarded on purpose

>>885927552Sure kid

>>885904362Remember to donate.

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>>885904362You poor Ruskies can't even win back the Ukraine.Losers.

>>885904362because only dumb monkeys will vote for them, and they need more

Third world pussy hits different.

i fapped, got drunk and slept and this shit is still heredo you pol fggts not have serious stuff to do?

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>>885904362Because they are owned and ran by the tribe. Imagine a house with doors and windows wide open. Everything from Mosquitos, rats, vicious stray dogs and all manner of animals come in and reek havoc. But when you complain idiots point to a few butterfly's and call you names. Those behind the current state of the west own the financial institutions and the corporate press. And they do it on purpose.