How are you handling inflation bros

How are you handling inflation bros

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>>885902593Consuming less.They want to play that game, fine.I'll effect their bottom line by hoarding cash and paying myself.

Yeah I used to be able to eat well for $50 a week. Shits fucked

>>885902593Why do you keep using the same pic from fucking June?

>>885902593Making my own burritos at home. Probably gonna buy a lot of potaters and cereal. Protein mix for supplement

>>885902593This is progress, goyim. Don't get left behind.

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>>885902593Save 50$ if they skip all the sweets

>>885902593What’s inflation?

>>885902593Rice, beans, eggs, cheap hamburger meat. If you buy it at Sam's Club the cost really isn't much higher. Don't go to the corner store for your nutrition. Shop like a Mexican.

Cooking the free vegetables I get at the end of any open air market


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>>885902593Pretty much sucks. Everything is way more expensive and wages haven't kept pace. But the whole goal of the federal reserve interest rate hikes is to drive up unemployment and curb demand literally by making everyone poor. So I mean, TPTB is succeeding at making everyone far more miserable than they would be if there wasn't an elite class of literal vampire potbelly goblins, but what else is new?

>>885902593drinking more tap water. letting my kids eat first.

>>885902710LOL shouldn't have voted for Biden.

>>885903358smart move bro.

>>885902593I call bullshit, anyone can post a picture of groceries and say it cost whatever. Gotta get those imaginary internet points ayy lmao

>>885903181It's where your government prints $5T, hands it to the 1% and tells you, "Oops, you have way more money now, time to raise prices!"

>>885903830Fuck you nigger. Everything I used to buy is $1 to $1.50 more than it used to be at the start of the year

>>885903832it's weird how money works, but if we didn't think this system was good we'd stop using it right

>>885904059Half the population is happily told what to think and the other is told what they are thinking is misinformation.

Easy because I live below my means for this type of eventuality. Complainers are just people who cant budget for a rainy day.Hopefully this makes people more responsible and defensive against unexpected times.

>>885902593I'm robbing rich people. I'm holding them at gun point and forcing them to send me 500 to 800 via cashapp.

>>885904207hmm sounds like there are bigger problems here

>>885902593>60 eggsDo americans really ?

>>885903994Yes, prices have gone up that's not up for debate but that amount of groceries in OP doesn't come close to the amount the twitter fag claims

>>885904274No, actually. Most of these shopping cart threads are pure carbs.

>>885902593Poorly . . . ba dum tsss

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>>885903503Capitalism is cycle.When the growth period is over they make us foot the bill.Then when it picks back up, they buy up our cheap labor and exploit us with cheap goods.It's the same stupid cycle. It keeps wealth in the hands of business owners and impoverished the middle class.It's rigged. Not that the media will report any of this. Unless if it's voting for the blue or red monkey in a suit. It's all one party.

>>885904274I guess it'll save money on toilet paper

Haven't noticed it at all. I make enough money that I don't really have to think about it anymore. The only thing I've noticed is that gas prices are higher than they were last year. My 401k and other investments have tanked but that is pretty normal for them to lose value but increase again over time.

>>885904274He'll yeah I'm a bodybuilder and eat so many eggs

>>885904444dank quads

>>885904274unironically one of the best protein sources if you're vegetarianI eat 3 almost everyday

>>885904648>vegetarian>eats eggsYou're just a poser ass nigger, I guess you eat veal too?

>>885903830Subhuman neet detected

>>885903181A fetish usually shown in furry porn. We all love inflation here

>>885904792>I dont know the difference between vegetarian and vegan.Look up "Ovolactovegetarian", the most common form of vegetarianism.

>>885904936A fellow man of culture.

>>885904224I don't know where you live but where I live people cannot afford to live. There is only so much you can work and only so many jobs certain people can do and the cost of living has become choose between rent food and medicine. No one should live simply to work and pay every cent they have towards bills. If you think they should then you can start watching a lot more businesses close down left and right. We might as well just have targets and costco everywhere that people walk into to work, get handed food on the way out and are housed in a building next door to it. If there is no hope for people to prosper even in the smallest sense like something as simple as retiring in a somewhat comfortable way then what is the point of them working? That being said, I am fine financially and live within my means. But I can see a lot of people falling apart around me and think it will be getting a lot worse

>50 dollars in nuts alone>12 dollars for a pallet of chicken>20 dollars worth of cherries>18 dollars worth of cheese>10 dollars worth of eggs>all the other cherry picked most expensive foods you can possibly findnigga went out of his way to buy the smallest quaintly of the most expensive stuff to make the cart look bare. Should have thrown some jerky in there to really bump the price.

>>885904059>most people think like thisGrim

>>885905022Lol welcome to late-stage capitalism.Inflation is inevitable in a system like this.It's basically Monopoly where one person owns all the property and you just go around the board paying them.It has nothing to do with politics. It's just a consequence of a finance driven system.Wait until AI replaced knowledge workers. Then they'll be forced into manual labor. Renting everything and borrowing constantly. Their net worth will be controlled through interest rates.Greed. Greed. Greed.

>>885902593Really well. Growing your own food has its benefits.

>>885902593There is like $40 in groceries and $130 in almonds there. What is this person doing?

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>>885905071Why do rightoids have to be so dramatic?

>>885903629Ok Ivan

>>885902593>buying overpriced brands to make it seem worseI know the inflation is real, but smart people learn to buy cheaper brands to compensate. Retards buy high end name brands and complain it's expensive.

>>885905822He was shopping at walmart. He could have shaved at least 30% off the price of those nutts by buying the Great Value Walmart brand.

>>885904408Imagine being dumb enough to espouse central management and blame capitalism, the absence of such, for it. The US has never been capitalist. It has never had a free market. It has just had socialism for the wealthy, facilitated by useful idiots like you who are too biased to learn any facts about the situation.How many times do you have to be told? Rich people pay government to regulate out your happiness and prosperity, so you are forced into a series of monopolies. That is all government has ever done.

>>885905173I agree interest creates financial collapse mathematically. But our system became very manipulated the past couple years. Anyone who can't see what was going on or can't see what is coming, well screw them. Personally I will kind of enjoy watching everything collapse because people were stupid enough to give into fear. But they will live in denial and blame it on whatever it is they are told to blame it on. Unfortunately I think all that will come in the end is war. I don't really care but it should be entertaining on some level

>>885905977You're smart enough to understand political theory. But not intelligent enough to actually make useful sense of it.I see your point but it's like arguing the water is a solid so it's technically called ice.Thanks for sharing.

>>885906022It won't collapse lol.You'll just get poorer. There is no central authority that controls all the world's wealth.Rather people with wealth have a common interest. To make more of it.Just apply Occam's razor and you see the whole thing.

>>885902593>People: Things cost too much right now. Help>Democrats: Ok here is a bill that will limit prices. Don't worry guys we will get through this.>Republicans: ..... NoWhy has Biden done this?

>>885904207>dude lol it's the other half of the country :)

>>885902593I'm fucking loving it.Saw this whole cluster fuck coming in 2020 once the libtards shut down the entire economy. Bought calls in inverse bond ETFs. up 10x in the last year.

>>885905977Our government actually used to be for the people until after the Civil War when it was rewritten as a corporation to oversee trade. The federal government is actually structured as a corporate entity and its biggest job is really overseeing commerce and anything that has to do with it, which can be anything really in a capitalist market, and which is why later on we got things like id's, social security and agencies like the IRS and FBI. The average person is basically considered an employee of the government and they make it pretty clear if you look at the right documents after the Civil War that they are open for business. It is pretty much the right of other corporations to influence the laws of the federal government in whatever way they seem beneficial for trade and economics. All they really care about is keeping the system going one way or another and their duty as such is to stop any kind of civil war from happening again because the war was over a commerce issue. The rest of it is just acting

>>885902593The crazy thing is, when the dollar collapses and the USA falls for good. there will be Americans that still hold a torch for the Democrat Party and believe it's all Trump's fault.

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>>885902593I don’t by alcohol, I shop very cheaply, I don’t have subscriptions to 10 streaming services, I walk many places, and I meal prep. I feel it for sure, but I’ve protected myself for quite some time

>>885906204And what bill was this?

>>885902593By not spending money on retarded shit shit. I don't understand how some people screech about being poor but have disposable income for ordering takeout, five streaming services, the latest iPhone, two dozen pairs of shoes, and a two year old car. It's like half the fucking country forgot the difference between luxury items and actual necessities.

>>885906201There is a central authority that controls it. It even has the word central in its name. All those people you think are working together would gladly slit each others throat. There is always a hierarchy of power, even for the world's "richest" people. Occams razor works on equality of principle. Humans are not equal and our finances are not simple. They deal with a huge range of unnecessary tangents and I would say we rule through chaos, not simplicity. The simplest solution has never applied to humanity but in terms of our animal nature the simplest suggestion is that there is always going to be one person who wants to claim authority. They may look like they are trying to work together but that's because they are clever and if opportunity came to be the one who gets to rule it all then they would destroy everything in their way. That has been shown many times in history. It doesn't mean they wont have a quick group of followers to help them rebuild. I wouldn't doubt the idea that everything we know could collapse to make way for a new system. That's not any less simple than trying to keep the chaos going

>>885906110>the government and the rich are working together against you>*insults and gives up*Truly a left winger.

>>885906321No controlled market is capitalist. You are referring to corporatism, which DOES describe the US - and is a left wing (fascist) ideal.

>>885902593America is playing turkey simulator kek

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>>885906784Interest rates are not some magic wand that shifts all wealth in an economy.You change rates and "hope" the economy follows.If it were the way you'd describe it, then markets would be 100% efficient, predictable, and scientific.But that clearly isn't the case.The Fed is just as clueless as you, me, and any other wealthy person/business/nation out there.Stop being a conspiracy theorist and think rationally.No one is that powerful. Let alone competent.

>>885906876I pointed out your observation was pedantic and useless.And then you introduce politics in the mix ebvause that's the only way you can make sense of anything.Cope.Cope.

>>885906441Amazon prime holds it's weight just in their free next day shipping. instead of driving to Walmart I just buy essentials and toiletries etc on Amazon.

Was reading california is the least affected state by the inflation since everything was already expensive as fuck. Of course the prices went up but not as much as the rest of the usa and what they can afford.

>>885904959You're a dumbass dieter that shoves avian menstrual cholesterol bombs down your retarded throat.Die of heart disease already.

>>885906977There is no conspiracy behind it. You think they were clueless when they threw trillions into the market?...The dumbest of 4channers were saying it would cause inflation while they were doing it. You would have to be in total denial if you couldn't see what shutting the economy down was going to do. I know what their policy is when there is too much money floating around, to raise interest, and there are plenty of things you can predict based on that. Lets hope that people controlling the money supply aren't really that clueless and assume they had an idea that almost doubling the entire money supply in a year was going to have an effect of some sort and that they would predictably raise interest rates in the years to come as a way to cool things off. If I could predict that then I'm sure they could. So what is clueless about it? If they weren't entirely clueless about it then they have been lying to the general public. And no the markets would not be 100% predictable. Smart traders make money on fluctuation. There is no other way to make money. Everyone else is living on debt, most of the economy is debt. That is how the market is controlled and that debt is controlled by a central entity. The fluctuations of the market have nothing to do with that. And yes there are people competent enough to use debt as a means of control.

>>885902593Extremely well.

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>>885902593>60 eggs>barely anythingThese people must be fucking fat

>>885906333it is all trumps fault

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>>885903629I'm not American dumbass

>>885902593It's common sense. Change the way you live/spend. Most people who are broke are living outside of their means. You don't have to have a new a beater. You don't have to eat out, learn to fucking cook. Eat cheap. You don't need energy drinks or cigs or alcohol or any of that bullshit. Also cancel every subscription you have and learn to stream or torrent things for free you retards.

>>885907738Then why bother controlling interest rates at all and not just create liquidity through predicting the markets with 100% accuracy?Then use said cash to finance lending?Because they don't know user. No one is clairvoyant. It's why risk management is a thing.

>>885908294They don't use cash to finance it. It's credit. These gigantic companies that produce most of what we have are in more debt than they could ever bring in. They have the power of lending at their disposal, investors, and leverage in many ways. Everyone else works on smaller scales. The money or cash isn't actually there. What they did was hand out trillions as if everyone woke up with an extra thousand bucks in their pocket, or in the case of the unemployed they had thousands extra every month even beyond what they were making to begin with, and a lot of money went out in "loans" in unequal proportions or necessity. Of course they know that is going to cause inflation. What was the risk management in that scenario? Make it impossible for small businesses to operate realistically. Obviously tons of them are going to close down and there would be job loss across the board. That was easy to predict. Scare everyone non stop into thinking they were going to die if someone breathed on them without a mask? Another obvious factor that would create loss. Make it so small stores or restaurants could have very limited capacity while giant stores could have as many people in them as they wanted? Hm, wonder where the money is going to go. These are just some of the very obvious things going on that would lead to financial ruin for a lot of people. Job loss, employment issues, production being affected was an easy prediction, supply loss, a pile of cash thrown in to keep things afloat, all obviously would lead to nothing good. If you think they didn't know then like I said people will just blame whatever comes up presently. Maybe they can blame it on Putin. They control interest rates when there is too much money floating around, actual money. That can happen from natural prosperity and growth or in this case it can happen from just dumping cash in everyones pockets. That's why they control interest rates.

>>885902593nuts are very expensive bro>>885902710i pay about 60 for five subscription meals a week for 2 people (which are extremely filling) or $30 per person and then pay about $32.48 for 7 days of breakfasts and lunchesso you totally can do around 50-60, you just can't have fast food

>>885902593most people would say that biden completely fucked up the economy but it isn't as cut and dry as that.these prices needed to rise because of the fact that globalism is beginning to fail and we had the pandemic to show us this.when the prices rise the idea of buying local becomes the cheaper alternative. I live next to a grocery store that is a local grocer for stuff like eggs, chicken ect. their eggs still costs 1.59$ for a little over a dozen large eggs and still sells chicken for .99c a lb.If youre truthfully being effected by this inflation its probably best to move near farm lands because this inflation isnt exactly that bad.

>>885910045You’re a leftie aren’t you

>>885910163You're a retard aren't you

>>885910045What service? And is the food actually good?I'm thinking of doing this but it's only for 1 person (and I don't eat seafood just an fyi)

>>885903629I live on the other side of the planet, Biden isn't our president, bit our prices have doubled in a very short time. How does this work? If it's Biden's fault, how are everyone experiencing the same?

>>885902593Why so many nuts and cherries?

>>885902593Perfectly fineA box of KD cost $1 a decade ago, $1 20 years ago, and $1 today.

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>>885902593I can feed two adults for $60 per week. Chicken drumsticks are like $4 and can make two meals. Niggers are just too lazy to cook and buy frozen food

>>885908007Typical Leftist that cannot grasp the concept of Supply & Demand.

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Why is that everytime i call some kind of suicide hotline or depression line: All i get are people who say the same shit read from a script, they ask you tons of questions but never talk about what's really going on or what's wrong. They just want to push you off to somewhere else, ask you the same shit, ignore your objections or issues with the robotic dialogue and they just might make everything worse by threatening you with the police. I'm tired of being on edge of doing something drastic and stupid and having 0 place to talk about it without just being brushed off.

>>885902593Pretty well so far but if it continues it will eventually destroy my livelihood. I kind of hope it happens though because then people will finally get pissed off enough that we can throw the faggots of the roof.

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>>885902593goyim-cattles will do nothing.

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>>885902710I still can, you faggots are just spoiled bourgeoisie cunts.


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>>885911920Based rice and beans eater. I admire you.


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Goodbye American Dream

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>>885902593Americans buy eggs in boxes of 60??

>>885905022I feel ya there. Things are about to get cut throat where I'm at too. It's like everyone around is just working to barely scrape by till the next check, even trying to live responsibly if you only have so many options of employment you're just kinda stuck. I genuinely think once people realize how bad they are getting screwed it's just gonna pop off one day, it'll be like some dumb random event like fentynol floyd only other people will will be joining the chat then it's basically every man for themselves.

>>885912572The fat ones do

>>885904518the eternal goyim strikes again

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>>885902802Would you like an update since June? Ok, here it is: Shits gotten even worse.

>>885910346Please excuse our more ignorant retards here in America

>>885905173This, also fuck the royal family

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>>885905822>>885905951smart people print trillions of dollars of new money, send it to jews, and then make you foot the bill.

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>>885902593The fuck are you gunna do with 60 eggs?

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>>885902593Is 60 eggs a normal thing to buy in the US?>mfw

>>885906441>>885906675good cattle.

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>>885902593Governments test run UBI for a year. Crash global economy.

>>885913218>>885913326There is that one guy on /fit/ that eats like 20 egg whites a day and that’s pretty much his whole diet

>>885908007illegals lower wages for actual citizens, you commie fuckwit.

>>885908225>more goyim-posting from entitled boomers that got handed everything

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>>885905071Agreed... And even in 2022 if that person paid $168 for that cart, then they're an idiot that deserves to be swindled


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>>885902593Buying less processed crap and eating less.

>>885902593I don't mind. I get to hunt and fish more.

>>885913395The thing is... they do not even sell that size in normal stores around here. They sell 6 or 12 packs.The only stores where you could possibly get such large sizes is wholesale stores that serve restaurants, smaller stores and other businesses - and actually need you to have a valid business license to shop at

>>885902593>$80 in almondsAlmonds contain phytic acid(anti-nutrient). you're literally paying to be malnourished.

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>>885902593grow a garden

>>885907316Dietary cholesterol hardly affects your blood cholesterol. Read a book

>>885914326Use faggots and leftists as fertilizer.

>>885905071Where the fuck do you see cherries retard?

>>885902593I bought white bread, 1 lb of aspargus, 12 eggs, CHEEZ-Its and a pack of gum for $20

>>885914326I live in a tiny apartment and it's winter, also I'm hungry today. what do?

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>>885903629Except Europe is even more fucked than the US. Quit being a Trump cuck

>>885905977Libertarianism is just astrology for white dudes

>>885906204That's because they're all culture war cucks of the GOP. They would rather LARPas Nazis than afford food and rent

>>885904408It's not capitalism that's doing it, this is socialism. Or to be more precise, it's technically fascism in an economic sense (not making a political statement). This is what happens when the central government is given great control over the economic system, and then works closely with corporations. It creates a cronyist system. .

>>885906204Pricing fixing doesn't work. It just creates scarcity. That's why all socialist states end up with bread lines.

>>885902593Just fine, but I dont live in some overinflated bullshit city so, take it with a grain...or deer lick, of salt.

>>885902683Good job, so will I bro.

>>885913218Make her eat a bowl, duh

>>885919489this is the terminal phase of capitalism as accurately foretold by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engelsyou can argue against this but you'd be wrong

>>885917070Start with your left arm, it's the most expendable

>>885919599lick my nuts

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>>885906204Pretty sure dems have the majority, what planet are you on?>certainly not the one where republicans where obstinently oppossed to student loan forgiveness of any kind and it still happened>or the one where liberals where obstinently oppossed to the abolition of roe vs wade but it still happenedYou fuckin npc.

>>885919691No, it's not. It's what happens when Marxists are allowed to fuck with capitalism.

>>885902593by not spending what little resources i have on frivolous bullshit. lifelong proletariat so im gettin pretty good at barely gettin by.

>>885919740Dont need to, cashews are $3.99 for 12 oz here.

>>885919777Oof...painful trips of truth.

>>885902593this is just old people from the 80s when I was a kid bitching that bread didn't cost 5 to 10 cents a loaf anymore.inflation happens. it's a good thing. if money increased in value just by holding it, the economy would grind to a halt as people chose to sit on their wealth instead of being forced to constantly reinvest it.

>>885919905>inflation is goodPost nose

>>885911920You must be eating bum tier food. I was in Walmart and they had these nice big apples I wanted. They were $2 a fucking piece.

>>885902826get into beans. beans are a great staple.

>>885919817trust me thats the only jackpot ill ever hit lol

>>885902593>imported avacados>premium cherry tomatoes>60 fucking eggs>5lbs of pre-shredded cheddar cheeseYou mom bought bologna and white bread PB&J you dumb hooker.

>>885902593I'm not, parents died and I got their house and money that came with a nice little bomb shelter. so Im down here pretty much all day after my workout reading, writing and browsing 4chin. Dad programmed a bunch of porn sites in the 90s and mom was just lucky in the stock market

>>885903830dude, do you not shop? literally everyone I know is getting less for their dollar.

>>885920101Stop hurting so much, its hurting me.

>>885919952do they hand out any kind of paperwork when you don't make it through basic high school? I don't know what to ask you to post

>>885920163My bad semantic nigger>artificial inflation based on marked scarcity is "good"Post nose jew fagit

>>885905071pretty obviously a bodybuilder

>>885920143oh i aint hurting bro. i got a killer life. happiness is free if you know where to find it.

>>885913218>The fuck are you gunna do with 60 eggs?feed a family of 3-4 breakfast for a weekish3eggs x 3people x 7 days = 63 eggs so still barely enough to feed your family breakfast for a week.

>>885920163>basic high school

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>>885920262Its like $120 a ball for me tbh

>>885920310What poor family eats breakfast that isnt in a box or has time to mKe breakfast that isnt in a box? Go back to the suburbs keith.

>>885920240>artificial inflationwe held back inflation for like 15 years artificially with interest manipulations.this is just the value self-correcting. it should finish up soon. then it'll stagnate a while again.>>885920311Bush might have lied about WMDs, but the motherfucker could dodge a shoe

>>885920413tons of them. flour, salt, sugar and baking soda are cheap as hell. eggs are too. if they're poor because they're lazy or stupid, no, but if they're poor because of mere circumstance, nah. they'll cook up plenty.

>>885920449He also passed a "no child left behind" law that allowed millions of kids who failed classes continue through scjool regarless of their retardation. But youd have to be a millenial to know that. Faggot ass poofy headed zoomer

>>885902593Half the shit in that cart is optional to health.>muh inflation>muh $26 for a single MrBeast meal on DoorDashTighten your belt fags, eat once a day, buy stocks while they're cheap.You're welcome.

>>885920557no, I'm aware of that disastrous my state, it's basically rewarded schools for being more retarded and stunted money towards kids in advanced used to be a sieve to sort out the dumbfucks, now they have them all linked so none can go faster than the slowest dunce.should reel that one back.

>>885920516I was poor, literally didnt know a single person who got more than cereal because "getcha ass to school" while mommy sucked dick for crack and hit the bottle. Again, youre from the suburbs, its fine. Just dont talk about poor people like you be them.

>>885920413>What poor family eats breakfast that isnt in a box or has time to mKe breakfast that isnt in a box?stupid lazy poor people don't cook breakfast.

>>885920635The fuck are you talking about, its still an active program and some states (try Oregon) went even further by saying they no longer have to pass reading or math as a requirement because its racist. Get fucked kid, your generation is trash.

>>885920647I'm sorry your parents were shitty, but they could have made some pancakes for not too much.not the premixed priced up shit, but from scratch.if you parents were degenerates, I'm sorry. one of my parents got on drugs back in the day and spent the rest of his life a useless shit.I hope you can do better for any kids you have, man.

>>885920723Its not that they are lazy, or particularly stupid, but once the nigglets leave the coup, theres drugs to be done.

>>885920752I'm saying it's a shitty program that should be stopped.

>>885905022maybe surround yourself with better people

>>885920788Shut the fuck up faggot, dont sideline and act like what Im saying isnt true. Regardless I turned out alright, I make 6 figures and still dont eat breakfast.

>>885902593Check out the work of Julian Simon.

>>885920812Why? Are you racist?

>>885905022>has become choose between rent food and medicinealways has been, man.some rich folks seem to have an insatiable need to have more and to fuck people over to get itshit, I was going to post the old 1800s picture of the guy in the vice labelled rent and food, but can't find it on search. they got us, boys.

>>885920917dumbass isn't a race

>>885902593This person shops like a fucking retard. What the fuck are they going to make with 5 bags of almonds?

>>885921026You sure? Last I heard it makes up 13% of the population and the majority of our social polices these days.

>>885920892my family bordered at the edge of poverty, but never fell in.I don't doubt it was true for your family. I'm just saying, if you were in a similar situation, learn to cook from basic shit. Way cheaper than buying shit premade, and you can still eat well.Most of history has poor people fixing shit at home from cheap ingrediants.Congrats on making it out.

>>885921103conservatives make up way more than 13% of the population

>>885902683Cash is losing value during inflation buy an asset retard

>>8859210965 bags of activated almonds.

>>885903830I work in a grocery store and I agree. The most expensive thing there is probably that chicken, but even that is around $20. The eggs are around $15ish. I don't recognize the things next to the almonds but I doubt it adds up to what the person is saying it does. Prices are insane but that's not $170 of food.

i am single and make $120k and dont give a shit about any of you weird poor people lmaoI SCRAPE by on my salary, how you could do it for less is unfathomable.

>>885921143Ha! Got me. Anyway, its not going to stop while this type of mindless npc response happens. Vote local. Vote hitler.

>>885921225where the fuck do you live that you're scraping on 120? That's only a little less than I make, and I'm saving without even being careful with spending and I've got 3 kids.are you retarded?

>>885913428In shit tier jobs for plebes grow up and get a real job that can’t be done by some shit skin or wetback

>>885905349Activating the almonds, obviously. If you were smart you'd do the same.

i bought $160 at the store yesterday. that's food for 1 person for 1 week. $20+ per day. wtf is going on?

>>885921225How you could accept 120k as salary blows my mind, i chase storms as a lineman and pull that without overtime or chasing storms. Hope you pay off your debt one day.

>>885911451>Faggots Of The RoofI saw the Topol version

>>885904408Fake news, capitalism is still an experiment and wealth always accumulates more wealth. The system is designed to try and slow that transfer, recent political moves from red and blue have accelerated that transfer.

>>885902683this is what creates depressions.

>>885921311maybe bro, i need help15% into 401k12% into savingsCar/insurance/motorcycles $560/monthHouse/utilities $1700/monthAlcohol $300/monthEating out $1000/monthGroceries, gas, vacations, etc etc etc idfk

>>885902988ok chud, why wont you eat ze boogs? Mr. Swab says they're great.

>>885905653Ok Chinamen.

>>885921510Tobacco $100/monthClothes, strippers, contact lenses, idk?

>>885921377what did you buy? what did it cost before?

>>885921510>alcohol, motorcycl(s), vacation(s) eating outLiving above your means but blaming everything else...priceless.

>>885921382I work a couple hours a day in my pajamas at home


>>885921510>15% into 401k>12% into savingsso, you're not scraping at all. you're saving just fine and just blowing your other money?

>>885921629well bubs that leaves $1,500 for liquor, $270 for smokes, and $50 for groceries.

>>885921673Fair enouhh, stop spending your money on anime girl body pillows.

>>885921678whats this mean nigger?

>>885913186Oh, just shut up man.

>>885921718maybeI graduated with an insane amount of student debtI guess after paying it off I got kind of recklessBut that was 6 years ago


>>885921803Ok Ivan

>>885911296They're only there to walk you back from the very edge, not even get you off the bridge unfortunately. You GOTTA gotta work on these problems and find people to talk to when you're feeling better too, or at least not as bad

>>885921821seiner, trailer park supervisor. It's the big money.

>>885921817the people scraping are the folks living on like 30k.this shit eats them alive.

>>885919691Adam Smith predicted this too, long before either Marx or Engels. It's where they got it.

>>885921834That's rich, Gazzprompter

>>885922045Adam Smith and his good friend David Hume

>>885921377Get a CSA box for your produce. Typically fairly inexpensive for dank organic fruit+veggies plus you're supporting community farmers. Then just pick up whatever else you need at the grocery store for the week. I'm also buying for one and rarely spend over $100 on food/week. I swear most of you either shop like retards or spend way too much money on unhealthy bullshit you shouldn't be eating anyway

>>885922114To be fair, they were Classical Liberals. By today's standards in America, they'd be Radical Left.

>>885902593>60 eggsWtf man. Are you trying to give yourself a heart attack?

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>>885922241Capitalism is left wing. Conservatives want corporate monarchy’s

>>885905977>It has just had socialism for the wealthyReagan and his fantasy trickle down economics started this 40 years ago. The wealthy don't create jobs, they keep their wealth working only for them by creating LLCs and taking out loans against their investments to finance their lifestyle. This way they don't have taxable income.

>>885921337Kek well played

>>885920340nah i used to play that game. youre just killing time and dulling your mind. wait til you find the love of your life. have a kid or two. family is where the real joy comes from bro.

>>885904408>Capitalism is cycle.>It's the same stupid cycle.>It's rigged.just like a casino

>>885902593I'm doing very, very, well. Maybe next tune you fuck learns won't scream do loud at the sky. You got what you voted for and I love it.

>>885902988I want to know what he knows

>>885902593With a pump

>>885902593$165k household income.

>>885922830I have two columns on my accounting sheet. Debts and assets. I leverage my assets to gain more debts which in turn get paid for and are added to the asset side. And I cycle it like this, never using or saving cash. Saving cash is stupid and is vulnerable to inflation

>>885924234Are you sad, becasue you are poor? How do afford shit?

>>885914363There's no such thing as "dietary cholesterol" retard.Your body makes cholesterol naturally. Consuming it like a retard clogs your arteries.Die of heart disease like everyone else.

>>885921158yeah until rapid deflation happens and your assets go to shit


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>>885908225>live like a pauper. America fuck yeah! Now, where are some boots that I can lick?You fucking cuckold

>>885926296Those are actually cherry tomatoes, user

>>885926886i was half right

>>885926935I'll give it to you, but I'm not that other guy


>>885919691>muh prophets Marx and Engels, bout bout that!You sure showed us, lololol.These 2 fucknuts are a plague on modern society.

>>885922716>monarchy'sStay in school, kids.

>>885902988Who is that?

>>885902593Lmao there goes the greatest country in the world. America will fall in your lifetime.

>>885902593>60+ dollars worth of almonds.>20+ dollars worth of blueberries

>>885922285So you just save pictures of children onto your harddrive, huh?

>>885902593Not buying $70 worth of nuts in a single trip like this tard

>>885902593Pasta and red sauce still only costs 2$ for 3 meals.

>>885902593Now you know how it feels to be a russian.

>>885905977>central managementYeah, by a clique of mega corporations that formed through deregulated capitalism. But sure, it's socialism because you've been told that means government taking an economic role (aka doing things).>>885919489The government is bought by global market agents and corporations, not the other way around.

>>885921335Which job do you work where outsourcing and illegal immigration haven't caused wages to suffer?

>>885925859You dreaming buddy? When the fuck has there ever been deflation in the US market in the past 100 years? Trillions of dollars came out of nowhere and you think deflation is going to happen?

>>885917739So because Europe has it worst it somehow legitimizes a shit president? Get the fuck outta here. If I'm not mistaken, Republicans were heavily in favor of just opening everything up. They said there would be inflation if you kept up the harsh lockdowns.You can't have your cake and eat it too. Democrats shut everything down to "save lives" and we all knew the price you would pay was the economy. Accept that we're now all paying because of shit Covid policy.


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>>885919691You're an idiot. This is not a consequence of capitalism. This is the consequence of socialism trying to inject itself into a capitalist system. This wouldn't have happened if you let the free market be. If people were allowed to choose how they wanted to handle the lockdowns then this wouldn't have happened. Thousands of businesses were forcefully shut down and all that business was pushed to big corporations who were exempt from lockdown/quarantine rules. People were told they couldn't work. People were told to get vaccinated or they couldn't work. People were told you couldn't travel. This is all a consequence of trying to fuck around with the free market.

>>885902593Fine too be honest I just play Vidya and practice hema all day. Food wise I started buying less junk which ironically made me allot healthier and start exercising more. I would imagine it would suck balls tho if I had to support a family with current food prices. By myself tho 50 can usually stretch me 2 weeks at least. Depends if I buy fancy shit like artisanal bread or extra ingredients for a new recipe

>>885932793>my fave parasitic side of the political duopoly was more inclined to hardfuck the average American earlierLick the boot a bit harder m8, it still has a bit of shit on it.

>Government prints a trillion dollars on every whim>Dumping it into social programs and special programs>Disincentivizing people from working/producing and incentivizing lifelong welfare and attachment to government programs>Guys this isn't socialism, it's capitalism!

>>885902593my local grocery store has these containers they used to put 4lbs of beef in, now they are 2lbs spread out, and cost more than 4lbs used to and this happened in the last year

>>885919691what people call late stage capitalism is just the consequences of socialism being inflicted on everyone like how much gay spending and interference do you need before you realize that freedom to make/buy/sell things is not the problem it's the people stealing and wasting all wealth that are

>>885932887>gubmint doing economic things = socialization of means of production by the peoples' dictatorship>in 4 'you don't get it, market needs to be deregulated to a point where it only serves the oligopolies, even more'

>>885902683Literally they want you to do that to stop inflation, joe fucking retarded are you.More money in the bank means more money for then to use. DRAIN YOUR ACCOUNT AND BUY ASSETS, buy Pokémon cards or some gay shit

>>885932923What you call socialism was the social contract by which capitalists were allowed to continue business as usual as long as they threw a little crumb to the working class every now and then.Social programs, unemployment, 8 hour workday, etc. were the bare minimum to keep soviet-style uprisings from happening.Since the 80s the pushback by capitalist elites to not participate in the sustenance of public spending through adequate taxation and the corporate predation on working class have had no counterbalance and so the global financial markets reign rampant.

>>885915470You got screwed.Bread is about $1.50-2.00 anything more and you're buying specialty breads. 12 eggs are about $4. Gum is about $1Chee-zits can't be that much, $3That's $10 right there. You're telling me you spent the rest on asparagus and tax?

>>885920041Beans make me fart. Contributes to global warming.

>>88590259360 eggs.... wtf?!!

>>885902593>planned economic shutdowni'm sick and tired of retarded paranoia like this. society should shun schizofags like we used to