The future

What will happen?

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I see it as hackers and modders and free software programmers become fed up with normies and brogrammers start filling up the industry with mindless apps that encroach on privacy they will start to push back with just general lulz behaviour. Just generally breaking shit apart or modding things to subvert them.

See Ashley Madison, or those dumb thots that wanted to make yelp for people.... just little by little as they push we shove back.

It will turn into chaos once the big fish come into play, but for now it's just "run around naked and laugh as you stab people" phase. There will come a time when we will need to unite against a common enemy and I fear that day. I hope it comes later than sooner, I kinda was nostalgic of all the mayhem I had on the chans.

If normalfags didn't quit social media after the snowden relevations I don't think this news will shake up them much

Lunduke said it pretty well: we must simply stop it by deleting our accounts.
And that seems impossible without a good campain, solidarity and actually caring.

You can't simply kill all the largest companies of the world by law.

So, botnet dystopia. I feel bad for the next generations already.

Tell me one social media account (((Lunduke))) has deleted.


I feel bad for myself in the next 10 years.
What will I do when my Core2Duo unbotneted laptop dies?
Will I still able to purchase free as in freedom compatible hardware?

Subjectively they won't suffer nearly as much as you who grew up and lived to know freedom. Whatever they'll grow up with will be """normal""" to them even if glaringly unacceptable to someone decades older.

Make a T60 stockpile (or even Pentium MMX 233 if worried about Spectre).

How about you just don't give away your personal data. Did you ever consider that? Is it so hard?

Anyone that sells to trump will be made illegal. Anyone that sells to DNC will become mandated.


You would have to change stadards and deep-rooted nihilistic/dumb/faggotic approach to the world that normal people inevitably have and will have. And think of them as of roaches, because they are roeaches, if they have mindset "I have done nothing wrong, nothing to hide etc". If they don't consider themselves the most important thing ever, then something is wrong with them.

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Or the normies are right and there actually is no meaningful downside. At most they get some spam calls and get advertised to. Even literally identity theft with all the hacks we have seen recently is barely an issue in daily lives.

I don't know how you, but thinking that someone follows me, glues everything I did together, spies on me; it makes me feel very, very uncomfortable.
I would be more comfortable with some tail in nazi/commie era than with omnipresent prying eyes.


You mean advertising where they try to get me to buy pepsi? Lol yea end of the world.

So damaging wow


Who invited the chrome luser? What is he even doing here?

When you have some morals and beliefs, yes, it's very damaging as it goes against it and directly affects you, destroys any sort of independence that single human can have while ensuring it never reborns.
What are you, drone?
Other thing is that anything that is designed to be spyware is something you can't control and is not benefitial to you as a user.

If the software has no benefit than don't use it. Not complicated. Turns out that youtube actually is useful despite all the tracking.

You are somehow confusing software and service which is certainly not the same thing.

I guess you are incapable of following simple one level removed reasoning. Replace "youtube" with "steam" and its the same fucking thing.

Social media is too addicting for anything to change. Best bet is to stay away from it all and let it burn.

Normal people don't know how to block like buttons, Google CDN, etc.
Even if you delete all accounts, your shadow profile still exists and you're still being tracked everywhere you go.

It's not that easy.

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AdBlock takes 30 seconds to install

Wow guys you are completely blowing me away with your knowledge, insights, and technical knowledge. Keep up the good work, the NSA must be shitting themselves that you worked all this stuff out.

kill yourself


AdBlock stops more tracking than disabling javascript, for example tracking pixels.

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I suppose you are one of those people that demands the word kleenex only be used for kleenex brand tissue.



What does webpack have to do with analytics

ublock is completely shit
so is umatrix

what is a better alternative

Talos II, EOMA68, old PPC or Intel Atom, maybe even RISC-V.

functionality scripts + tracking scripts -webpack-> 1 combined script that adblock does not block. lest it break sites.

wow hard

You must not know how web tracking works. Even if they include the tracking script inline the tracking domain will still be blocked.

Google does it from the main domain for their sites, and others could too. There already services that route ever,thing through 1 proxy so that the browser only sees 1 domain. Not enough use adblock for that to be standard, but it's become more and more popular. Go on facebook and tell me what your ublock blocks and if you think zuckerberg just does not bother with analytics.

Thats because google does not use google analytics lol. If you go on facebook with adblock a shit ton of things are stopped. Every site no matter what gets http request logs, nothing stops that.

Holla Forums in a nutshell.

And nothing except convenience stops a site from putting things you want and don't want into the same request, especially with webasm.

Okay they can learn what screen resolution I have, I don't give a fuck, worst case they mine some shicoins.


Not for as long as Jews have any political power.
We're already there and it's fucking imploding.

So neither of them. One is going to be around until we toast a lot of yids like it's 1943, and the other is unsustainable horseshit that always collapses because nobody likes it. There's also some Sun Tzu quote about the wheels of justice grinding slowly but grinding fine, but I'm too damn lazy to look for it.

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I don't see this happening, it's the goose that laid the golden egg, and while Trump made it work Obama did too. Nobody wants this.

Nope, that won't happen either because there's a third option: checking out of the system or switching to platforms where they share the data directly with their friends, rather than using (((platforms))). Luckily with email, IRC, and other internet protocols the infrastructure is there and Gnu Social and Urbit provide new tools to accomplish what Zucc does, which is let you share your cat photos and rail for or against political figures and social causes.

You present a false dilemma. People will turn off their gadgets or seek alternatives as it becomes ever more clear that they're simply nigger cattle for some overlord who hates them, and they can be shown the way. Normies don't make trends, they follow them. Nerds set the tech trends even if the face of the wishes of billionaires. Did you know you can get Gnu Social on your phone?

Normies don't see that way. For them internet = web = everything carried over http(s). Other protocols might just as well not exist (at least when the aren't encapsulated in http(s)).

Better question: will we keep using GNU/Linux for eternity or will it be replaced with something else in the future? Is GNU/Hurd the future?

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systemd is eating Linux and turning it into something else, slowly but steadily. We will live to see /vmlinuz first becoming a mere symlink to systemd-krnl, then going away completely.

Plausible, nothing lasts forever (at least not in its original shape or form).

even no november rain (nor tears therein)

How to get the best out of an old Atom so that it is not overwhelmed and its performance problems are subdued as best as possible?

it won't be able to do requests to third parties anyway. uMatrix filters requests by domains and type.
if your shitcompany wants to put all the data through them, more power to them.



I ain't clicking that shit!

it's a pdf on official 8ch servers you fucking retard

…uploaded by nobody knows whom, possibly containing any arbitrary shit that could have 0-days for my shitty PDF reader.

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They aren't behind you, user. It's all just in your head.

Burning data centers, libraries etc
"The End" aka muslims/semitic cancer.

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Normies don't even know what a protocol is, nor do they care. All they know is they hate Drumpf and want their cat photos.


Who brought up Holla Forums? You seem obsessed, maybe it's time to take a break from the Internet for a while.

the one who said

It's true though, the types of faggots still on Faceberg mainly hate Trump. Basically all that's left there is those pussy hatted morons, boomers, and a couple shitposters feeding the boomers and triggering the cucks.

Maybe on facebook but not on the web in general. On youtube for example many if not most comments are pro trump, and someone with a google account is no better than someone on facebook.

Can we settle on that both final candidates were plants?


Not both, all.

You're moving the goalposts now.

Is this currently used by anyone ?
Looks like vaporware

Smart people have a diversified IT infrastructure in their homes. It's cheap these days, and if you run a variety of computers and operating systems you can probably withstand most attacks.

These days an Amiga can cost upward of $500, same with a Mac Quadra 700, and G4 Powerbooks and ancient Thinkpads are more expensive than entry-level brand new laptops from major name brand computer companies.