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it's botnet

everything is

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Most flip phones or dumbphones run on android these days

what about a trapphone?

of course
the samsug sgh-x480c is the phone of the NSA

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I'm really sad that 2G networks are kill in burgerland. I don't own a phone - but I was planning on getting a dumbphone soon. However, it seems like you simply cannot get any in the US anymore.

Actually, you can buy flip phones for prepaid services like tracfone. Verizon also just recently released a flip phone that runs on their 4g network.


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A "Stalin's dream" is still a "Stalin's dream" even if minimal.

If you use a flip phone you are either going to be seen as poor, otherwise a drug dealer with a chop phone.
on the otherhand i think the motorola krzr is a very nice phone that captures the aesthetic of it's era.

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Press F for Symbian

Costs 1/5th as much as average smartphone.
Replace Battery when it dies
some get free Fm

doesn't break if it falls.

shittiest china knockoff is 2x the battery life of your favorite "feature" phone.

Downside: cant post cuckerberg memes on them

Are these flip-phone threads some kind of reddit newfaggotry, cia astroturfing or dumb hipster neoludditism from normalfags who see no other use for their slates other than niggerbook consumption they started finding distracting lately?
See, if you remove a baseband chip from a feature phone, you'll get a plastic brick that hopefully will let you play tetris on it.
If you remove a baseband chip from smartphone, you'll get a PDA. This PDA will let you use maps, do scientific calculations, listen to music, watch movies, connect it to a TV/projector, keyboard and mouse, take photos and record videoclips with good enough quality, record voicelogs, take notes, read and write documents, play most pre-2004 videogames, write scripts, access servers remotely over ssh, use email and xmpp, make encrypted calls over sip, basically anything a basic Linux terminal could do, with slightly degraded experience of absent keyboard and small screen size.
Why does this topic has to be on this board anyways? Install slackware, queer.

You can remove the baseband chip from most smartphones because they are built into the CPU. This is why the Librem 5 has some essesence of popularity.

*You can't remove the baseband

First clamshell I owned was an Sch-u740 at 13yo, I still have it somewhere in a box of junk.

Could this be flashed or turnt into anything useful?

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Exactly what can do my laptop, but with an OS I control. You don't control shit on your phone, and it's too small to really work on it. It could be a solution, but phones are such pieces of shit that a x220 or any ultra-book is infinitely superior.

The reality is that we should not be using any phones. That's really a pain in the ass. Socially, if I don't have a "smartphone", I'm either a drug dealer, either a poor fag. So I'm trying to do the best I can with a galaxy s3 with replicant, but even their I'm seen as a poorfag.
I'm really waiting to get out of college, to get ride of phones, or only use old shitty phone just for work.
God I hate social norm. Forcing you to wear fucking tracers. At least, if you're living in a shit tier country, no one cares. You got at least that.

Great. Now I'm a poorfag drug dealer who gets high on his own supply...

I have an older samsung rugby. The non-botnet version with no Wifi. The new version is shit in every way.

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I made that so long ago, nice to see someone using it.