Cambridge Analytica

Facebook milked normalfags for data and accidentally the Drumpf. Oops.

Will the average soccer mom change anything as a result of this?

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Facebook was only seriously funded when the potential for data-mining was realized. Ditto with Google, especially regarding GMail. Yet now there's a media driven frenzy because of a connection to Trump and Bannon. In reality, they were playing catchup to the analytics and mining work that Schmidt was doing for the democrats. I also got a good laugh at the red-haired vegan fag the Guardian was pushing as the next von Neumann, all because he wrote a few data mining algorithms.

Funny enough, the alternative media sites talked about on Cambridge Analytica years ago. Boomer speed media is not only factually incorrect, it's also horrendously slow.

Pardon me, I meant pink-haired.

No. They will act slightly concerned for a few minutes, and then they will go right back to posting their children's photos for every pedophile out there to see.

it ultimately makes no sense because you're basically supposed to be on the side that is against this shit
you'd have to have a reason to engage in it (ie everyine is cheating s we will too) but implicit in this is that everyone knows that you've had to resort to it
you know what I mean ? If you've won and no one has been blown the fuck out and knows all about it you might as well be the same asshole you brought down anyway

implying the same sponsors aren't funding both parties

I think this is pretty funny. When Obama was doing this it was hailed as a milestone, it was brilliant. Can we somehow implicate Twitter in this too? It needs to be utterly destroyed as well.

Soy boys were literally gushing about how they loved being part of the "digital revolution" and they all became huge fans of data-mining because "le magic negro president won and that's just cool".

I feel like all these data miners are scamming some richfags hard. See Shillary campaign spendings... And she still got rekt.

If Trump campaign bought analytics, what would the analytics have told them? That half the country is sick of liberal bullshit and would vote for an anti-immigration guy? Whoop dee fucking do.

You can see some neat things if you spy on people all day long, and it feels like a lot at first, but it's not really clear to me how it's supposed to sell them a product.

Most of those faggots probably barely know how to use a computer but self-identify as nerds, we all know the type.

It used to be all about massaging tables to find some magic correlation, and testing hypotheses like “which gay ass logo will get more likes” but now they feed the data into the magical AI ML botnet and get some bullshit spit back out which may be statistically valid but probably doesn’t really matter. Of course it’s a scam though. The whole big data industry is comprised of Pajeets and Jews.

It's not bs. With adequate data, you can personally target ads to the people you want to reach, and about the issues that you know they care about. As for the candidate themselves, it could help them craft their talking points.

No. Fuck you. Most people didn't know about the data mining from Facebook because they are misled into believing their data is worthless and only being used for "relevant ads and making their experience better and more personal."

They're never told it's being traded around, the huge amounts of data harvested or who has access to it. Of course they're outraged.

Who are you quoting?

When will Holla Forums do the same kind of datamining on Twitter, Facebook and Reddit?

And who will reach them on those issues? The fact is that most politicians are married to the mainstream left-right spectrum, they know their platform is out of touch with their base, but they have no choice because as soon as they stopped preaching the same old tired arguments that come down to corporate tax and isolated regulation that is completely irrelevant for 99% of the population, their corporate masters will immediately withhold financial backing. And the ten bucks donated by Joe Schmoe won't make up for it.

All the analytics will tell them is that they're out of touch, and they know this already. Analytics is not going to tell them how to fit a square peg in a round hole.

You're mistaken in believing that the normies does value his privacy, and if only he was awakened to the reality of the abuses happening, he would surely be on your side. He is not against you because he is unaware of how bad the data mining is. He is perfectly aware, Snowden for instance with "muh dick pics" hot on the heels of the fappening was much more threatening to the normie than this. However taking action would require challenging the established interest and the normie is too fearful to do this because he is a cuck. No matter how much abuse of his data and privacy you show him, he will always manufacture some excuse as to why it's acceptable and not worth acting against. The current "outrage" is nothing more than a niche virtue signalling circlejerk.

Everyone knows politicians will say what you want to hear to get elected, this allows them to know what you want to hear, and the best way to say it.

Hillary seemed to assume she'd win so probably didn't bother reading the material she spent money on.

The circle of life.

Co-opted media is acting as if they suddenly realized that eagerly giving your entire life to facebook and google in exchange for not having to host various web services yourself allows them to know everything about you.
This is just an evolution of the usa election "russian meddling" narrative and a convenient way for murdoch to challenge the ambitions of 21st century new wave of wannabe information empires.

Seriously. On every "social news" website, whenever the question of data-mining was brought up, it was always met with these responses

The general public has been warned about data mining for 3 solid decades now, and it was common knowledge that Facebook (and company) were tracking people from the very beginning. Now that Orange Boogeyman is involved, _now_ people start to care?

Scott Adams is stipulating that since "Muh Russia" is dwindling down, the mentally disabled are latching onto the next possible cause of "The drumpf" which is "It's Facebook's fault"
I would agree with that

If those retards manage to kill Facebook, I'll give them some credits.

A quarter of the country was sick of liberal bullshit and would vote for a cheetoman. Half the country didn't vote at all.

And those who did chose Hillary by a margin of several million votes.

Sage for offtopic.

You know what might have happened? They probably realized that the Inspector General went through everybody's Facebook and Zucc didn't want to risk prison and delete all the evidence. Somehow I think this sudden move against Facebook is just the first piece in play in this particular round of 4D chess.


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Fortunately, you can't imprison someone else for your own stupidity. Zuck could turn every account public and there's not a damn thing anyone could do because he owns all of the data, embarrassing nudes and all. He made a faux pas helping the wrong people. Had this information fallen into the hands of Hillary, nobody would have cared.

Hurr durr imbeach drumpf
Facebook is secret russian spy network

these fuckers are going to destroy the internet someday,
Even though it was designed to survive even a nuclear bomb.

I'd say it like this:
Facebook is THE secret "russian" spy network.

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I'm unironically in favor of the US cutting off all foreign nations to our Internet except maybe Japan and Poland.

Shilling would drop off by 80% if we cut off Israel alone.

This would be great and stop American "culture" infecting the rest of the world.

What would Sweden do only having 24/7 race mixing porno set to their national anthem?

But I agree, Hollywood culture is toxic and should be contained to the US and then destroyed economically. #MeToo is going to keep biting them in the ass for years.


I wonder what will replace it. G+?

GNU Social

This, and it's up to us to meme it. If Musk went to GNU Social millions of the hoi palloi would follow.

Google's With Her and With (((Them))) so people should be discouraged from using that platform.

Yeah, this explains why the actual Rothschilds are having near-daily freakouts on Twitter whining about Trump.

Oh wait, no it doesn't.

I'm not a Holla Forums expert, but many of those look like Jews:

W-wow I'm With Her now!

wtf i hate drumpf now