Microsoft joins group working to 'cure' open-source licensing issues

Where were you when Microsoft single handedly save Linux and Open Source?

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Well, Microsoft is a member of the Linux Foundation.

Shhh, don't let the freetard LARPers now that!


Might want to brush up on your buzzwords, you're misusing them.


Brb, installing windows now.

>(((open source)))
It's Free Software, you fucking shill.

>Free and Open Source Software
Sure thing, kiddo



MS likes the GPL. It's the BSD license that bothers them - all their competitors are using BSD licensed code and projects.



Microsoft pls release Xenix source thnks

I am sure there is nothing sinister behind this...

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Remember that Linux will become part of Windows.

Holy shit Ballmer knocked it out of the park there guy should have been an actor.

so random

I fucking hate Microsoft so god damn much. They never changed and are just as hostile to software freedom as they were in earlier years. They've proven so by letting their shill John Gossman speak at SCALE 16.

The GPL (especially v3.0 and Affero) are the only licenses that guarantee the users freedom, which is exactly why Microsoft hates them.

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Linux going full retard incorprating systemd-project directly into kernel when?

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september 11 2001
a jewish holiday

But that's wrong, it runs everything but linux. It's GNU/kWindows.

what? You mean NT?

This is GNU/Linux

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for consisteny with /kFreeBSD

That was years ago, before MS funded a bunch of trannies and faggots to infiltrate and ruin prominent GPL'd products.

But we only do this because the OS and kernel of BSD is just called BSD. The kernel of Windows has an actual name


Trannies and faggots are a minority and haven't actually affected anything. This is just more FUD by shills like you who want to steer people away from GPL projects.

Was the incorporation of those CoCs and influx of incompetent commits around the same time Microsoft began joining in and contributing to open-source?,_extend,_and_extinguish

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Hello fellow memer! How do you do?

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I don't really get it. What exactly is going on?

Microsofts primary business model is cloud computing and software as a service model targeted as businesses. Linux makes up the majority of the Internets backbone. Microsoft adopted Linux for Azure Cloud (which is basically just Windows NT with Linux Subsystems for Linux) for support reasons. There's really nothing to get. Except a bunch of confused LARPers

So this is what billions of Dollars looks like.

No, I mean the whole "cure open-source licensing issues".

GPL is the disease for corporations.

Here's what rms has to say quoting from

How much free work have you been doing for Sony and Apple lately, BSDcuck?

>not getting paid to post crap like

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Microsoft makes open source software, and they want to wring money out of companies using their software without conforming to the license. Dual licensing and noncompliance settlement letters can be a lucrative industry.

Lol, so basically cuck out for the proprietary devs. I also notice that nowhere in this article does it mention the users.

This is also a blatant lie. Dual licensing exists.

Or that that research was paid for by the public, but somehow a small elite should siphon off the benefits.

The GPL does not forbid commercial use, that is part of Freedom 0. It forbids proprietary use because that would violate the 4 freedoms of the user.

This is also FUD. Not a single citation to back this up. I can't believe BSDfags have to be this dishonest to push their shit.

why are there only 4 freedoms? Why not 5 or 8 or unlimited?

There are 4 essential freedoms needed for a piece of software to be considered free.

Says who?

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what none of you have mentioned so far, and probably do not know, is that Microsoft and SUSE are partner companies and MS involvement with SUSE is to iron out some of the problems that linux has in interfacing with windows. MS actually does a lot for the open source community and those who publish under the various open source licences etc. It is part the reason why you can now use Samba as a windows domain controller with Active Directory properly

you mad bro?

mad about wat?

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