Lel xeons on ebay for dirt cheap

the computers in 2008 had two of these and were from HP for 8 grand.

imagine the potential.

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also, what are you stories of spoiled kids with overcompensating technology?

I knew a kid with a HP blackbird when it came out and he used it for Warcraft kek.

no thank you

I got two opteron 6172s with coolers for 40$. They aren't affected by meltdown, nor intel ME, nor amd PSP. 24 cores for dirt cheap. They were about equal to 6 core socket 1366 xeons. Now the meltdown patches should make the xeons slower.

Mobos are fucking expensive now though. I missed the opportuninty in summer to get one for 90$-100$, and now even the shit ones are over 130$ + shipment to europe.

The money you might save, will end up being spent on electrical bill.

I have 3 reasons:

- It's not like it will run 24/7. It will just be a compute machine. Much cheaper than buying a GPU for OpenCL. ( at least nowadays, even old crap is getting freakishly expensive )

- They are not significatly power hungier than those old xeons. ( 130W TDP isn't high for 12 cores from that time - core 2 extremes were from the same TDP class)

- Wanted to build a cheapo dual cpu machine for a long time. It's a hobby project. ( also for practicing programming for NUMA ).

Other than these reasons, you are right about costs.

Sure, but you could assemble an even cheaper machine by simply buying whatever AMD FX processor you want, and be also able to find used motherboards for not much.
They still have a moderate amount of cores and limited TDP.

I build a quad 6 core K10 AMD system. Someone had a ton of them for sale, they didn't even know the model name, just the model number. So they were really cheap since he didn't know what they were. I got 4 of them for about $40 total. It was a beast, but it's actually slower at rendering than my OCed Ryzen 1700x. now. It was fun while it lasted, though.

I thought about an older Piledriver Opteron system, but I don't think the prices have come down enough yet. But I think with Meltdown, Xeon prices will drop pretty quickly. I imagine there's a lot of Xeons out there powering really sensitive stuff, like banks, and they want to get rid of them as fast as possible.

Why would you buy an insecure piece of shit while funding fucking banks?

Sure, but I was in a special situation. I got 32GB DDR3 for 50$, a case which can accommodate for EATX mobos for free, and I could get a mobo with bent pins for free. I couldn't repair the mobo ( almost got it right but failed in the end and gave up), and while messing with the pins ( I spent 2 weeks on it ) the good deals on G34 mobos went away.

About the FX route: two computers would consume more power and I'd need at least two of those machines to match this one.

I could either get two prebuilt ones ( 150$ at least per machine ) - it would be a little cheaper but usually with worse PSU and memory. Or I could get 2 PSUs, 2 2 HDDs, non-ecc used memory is significantly more expensive, I'd need two cases ( I didn't have two of them at that time ).

All in all: I risked some money by doing this, but I thought I could manage. Still, it was a valueable experience and I don't regret it too much. I'll just wait for another good deal.

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You could tell them to put it on an ARM SBC to save space and energy


Lucky you



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A53-based boards do not employ speculative execution and so are safe from spectre/meltdown

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They are also non-out of order and are slow as fuck

we're talking about replacing a fucking 486 here

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The 775 mobos support 771 chipsets with a easy trick for old computers if someone want to upgrade is a cheap way


Terry Davis' former workstation, Black Satan, had a Xeon and 128 gigs of RAM.

Tell me more.

And I thought I was hot shit with 32. I was when I bought the mobo/RAM

GNU Parallel:

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