The fastest, most hygienic hand dryer ever

The fastest, most hygienic hand dryer ever...

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Just another elong musk/steve jobs bushit "innuvashun" train. Take something that already exists, fancy it up and tell normies to call you a genus or risk social isolation.



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made to trick trend slaves to give up their hard earned cash for a shit product

most of academic facilities here have dyson because they have proved to be more cost effective than buying paper

so does every hand dryer since they existed

First of all it is a noisy piece of shit. For those with good ears at least. Also works great for all those open plan offices.
Second claim is that it is "hygienic". Utter bullshit. There is a German report out there that claims it is very good at blowing contaminants all over the place. They also checked noise levels, iirc they were way too high.
Third. During intensive use a puddle of water will form below it. Great aesthetics
Fourth. They claim its better for the environment. Could be of course, but I think the impact from using throwaway towels from plantation forests in negligible. You just end up with transportation costs. Washables are also an option of course.
Fifth. They claim it's cheaper. Could be, but you'd have to factor in the risk of employees getting sick. Disposable paper towels are still king in this regard.

If you used them you would see how shitty they compare to dyson

Dyson cups your hand with air from all sides, while hand dryers just blows in one direction with hot air

Top jej, DIDF has arrived.


you're really overthinking this, paper towel shill

not , but in foodservice, paper towels are where it's at. you don't want to recontaminate your hands from the sink handle or doorknob, do you?

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for fuck sake, WHY THE FUCK do normalfags have the constant urge to replace old shit that does work with new shiny shit that doesn't work? I see this everywhere, cars, computers, vending machines, even fucking hand dryers. I don't care if its old or dirty or not covered in brushed aluminum just give me things that actually do what I need them to fucking do.

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Not rocket science, nigger.

Shit in your pic is almost 12 years old.
It still blows your hands with strong air force, but from one side like more conventional dryers, you can't accidentally touch it's parts. Hepa filter and external ventilation prevents contamination.

Unironically, while being "Apple" of home appliances, Dyson shit just werks for everyone and actually works good. Too bad, it's too expensive, but it is actually more economical for use in big shopping malls, theatres and restaurants than paper or generic chinese blowers that leave your hands awkwardly spot-wet.

So, pic related is the mk2. Still the same concept
It is meaningless when your filtered air subsequently gets used to blow contamination all over the place at 400 mph.


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Surely an unbiased report

The measurements and report are done by TuV although it is true that the client is in the paper business.
But the same argument can be made about any research in favor of dyson.

The most hygienic is to use paper towels. The water is trapped there and takes all that shit with it.

-some poonigger is going to shit and piss in it
-some sand nigger is going to stick his dick in it

-some burger is going to get their fat hand stuck in it and sue dyson for billions

Fucking disgusting shit, i hate that retarded shit. your hands always touch the sides. hur dur.

also fuck sink faucets that are so small they make you touch the back of the sink when you are trying to wash your hands.

This thing is the Gnome3 of handdriers

Wow, burgers actually never seen a newer model? It's like 5th or 6th iteration, even quieter than previous ones.
Costs around 700 pounds.
Burgers? More like poorgers amirite xDDD
Maybe if they don't have adequate air extraction systems.

this is also a possibility. whoever designed this thing is an idiot.

So instead of just blowing just some microscopic gunk over your hands they blow a vortex around them in order to cover more surface area instead?

They find nonsense and busywork soothing, as they prevent people from thinking.

They are flatter than traditional hand dryers.
Demonstrably untrue

Their hands going to be too dry? Nobody gets sick because of hand dryers moving too much air, retard.

Found the shill. KYS faggot.

this thing is a monstrosity and you are wrong on every point

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I honestly hope you're trying to defend the hand drier and not Gnome3

Uh huh.
Muh one dimension forget the other three.
You didn't demonstrate jack.

what's the point? I've seen those fuckers for years.

Now I wonder how people dealt with hand cleaning issue in pre-electricity age. Or let's go even further, pre-cheap paper.

I know hygiene wasn't that big of a deal in the past, but it's not like they were walking with shit smeared all over their hands everywhere.

it's simple you just stroke your jeans pants with your dirty hands. pants are dirty, hands are somewhat clean.

it's closer to the wall, so it has a smaller profile. Dyson airblades are not taking up any more space than traditional dryers or paper dispensers.
I don't have a fucking airblade to hand, but unless you're being an obtuse moron, they work better than other driers and paper. The shitty 1ply hand-towel paper you get in bathrooms never provides adequate dryness unless you spend ten minutes scraping them against your now-exposed bones

These beautiful digits can't hide the fact that you're shilling some shit product here m8

Those are shit but these are great.

They'll never replace everything, paper towels are better for when you need your need to be thorough, towels are essential for getting grit and oil off.

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Apple and NeXT used to be business-oriented fam...

This. I hate those types of hand dryer. I'd often hit the sides with my hand or it'd blast water in my eyes.

why? why does it need to be trendy? why the fuck does it need to be blowing 2 different directions at a 45 degree angle, for style?

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as long as it isn't one of those roller towels, i'm good thanks
air drying is better than the towels


protip: stop being fat


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who says im fat retard

Bet you faggots are against eugenics too.

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You boys never seen Airblade V in your life?

Maybe because human arms grow from the sides of the body, not middle of the chest?

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This is actually old and it works really nice

Seems a lot saner and sanitary than
Maybe they should have started with a more conventional design but with the same tech. And a bit less noisy obviously. Now everybody associates Dyson dryers with those monstrosities.

May we assume that it blows water from the basin all over you? Otherwise pretty nice I guess. Probably quite silent as well I suppose since the mechanics are build in somewhere.

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the only ones that work

Those things are shit memes and sell solely because of the name on them.
No. You have to stand there and dip your hands in and out of them. There's no room to rub your hands together, so you just have to stand there moving your hands up and down like some kind of retard trying to work an invisible washboard.
No. The insides of those stupid things collects more filth than the rim of a toilet bowl. Theoretically, peoples' hands are clean when they're using one of these. Theoretically. In reality, the bottom of the unit fills with dust from the air, arm and hand hair (possibly also pubes), pocket lint, and other assorted grime.
No. I've never once come out of the Dyson with actual dry hands. the best you can accomplish, after nearly two minutes of working the invisible washboard, is considerably-more-than-moist, which is only a shade behind still fucking wet. God forbid you actually come in physical contact with the inside of the damned thing, at which point you have to go wash your hands again and start all over.

The Men's and Women's washrooms at my work each have two installed. Nobody uses them. They had to re-install paper towel dispensers because people were taking rolls of paper towels from the kitchen to use, rather than put their hands into one of those stupid pieces of shit.

Pic related is the only true hand dryer for people who are not retarded and susceptible to reddit-tier memery.

Dyson does make a good vacuum cleaner, though. I'll give them that. Too expensive, though.

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lol, jk. it's absolute shit

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This. I'm pretty sure paper is cheaper and more environment friendly in production, usage and maintenance.

Why not just go full pajeet then?

Downward blowing air blower is only acceptable air blowers . After u wash ur self from the clean toilet water U can do handstand underneath to dry yourself.

Well, it is very quiet.
Certainly not powerful, but quiet.

The last time I used one of those, it was noticably better at actually drying my hands than your typical 30 year decaying hand dryer. Paper towels are still better than anything else though.

Bingo. Paper towels are always superior. Door knobs, door handles, and sink knobs are always the most dirty parts of a public area and attempting to use any of them AFTER you've washed your hands is retarded. A paper towel mitigates this simply.

I just can't stand a lot of the new paper towel dispensers. You either have hand wave sensors that fail to feed due to some poo who can't put the roll in properly, manual "touchless" ones where you just pull and its supposed to cut a piece off the roll and a new one comes out, but your wet hands always tear off the paper first before it pulls OR you pull it and the blade isn't sharp and it doesn't cut the paper OR there's no paper sticking out and you have to manually turn the knobs on the sides requiring you to touch a dirty surface again. Then you have push button ones with the same problems but require you to pump something to get a towel, but usually work better. What ever happened to just standard tissue style dispensers. I guess cause places like to skimp out and get the cheap ones, they end up getting ones that aren't made for the dispenser and won't pull out easily or they all pull out at once.

Then you didn't use it properly, you fucking moron.

White people. I wonder why you complain about such not important things?

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