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oh look I've posted straight porn

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>>879367996cope, seethe, dilate your asshole with this cock faggot>>879368004>meme monthwtf this is the first time I'm even celebrating it

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I voted for bidenNuu~

>>879368073whatdya mean? All this porn is straightif I want to put my penis in it its a girl to me

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>>879368073Booty finger

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>>879368073not a weenie reeeeeeeee>>879368079yeah its a meme month being gae isnt special or hard no reason to celebrate >>879368090never!nuu~

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>>879368079seething wokefag >>879368144must be painful >>879368161reeeeeeeeeeeeee

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>>879368188Probably most are

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>>879368161this is the first time I'm allowed to be gay and by god I will be given the month, I am special and my dick is hard

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>>879368079I plan to get dicked down soon enough.


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>>879368447Cockbig ballsgreat cock>>879368004I can't play tarkov I tend to rage to much

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>>879368541and good tum

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>>879368589Your tum is better

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>>879368611aww thanks hun

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it is/was a nice day today, user. itll be a nice day tomorrow too. summer is so good


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>>879368664only if you admit your either cute or handsome, or both!

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rabbit spotted!hes actually really cute


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>>879368636he looks gay>>879368026pic unrelated

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>>879368716do iiit>>879368721hot pic

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>>879368693Snuggle fuggle

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Welcome to the cat cafe, what do you order?

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>>879368721he's not gay and neither am i

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>>879368875yeah you are.

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>>879368735Good snugs imo!>>879368759*smoochyes!

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>>879368721it'll be just like that

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>>879368812gay sergal>>879368902*smooch*nuh!

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>>879368894you can't prove that I am>>879368937thats a cute pic

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>>879368941gay bird, how you doing?

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>>879368188reee u>>879368262well it is fun to be gay tho why are you allowed to be gae what does that mean>>879368541yeah it makes me reeee quite a lotbut its also fun agh!nuu~

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>>879369046That's even what you'll say

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balls arent valuable for the gays. you guys dont use themmen cant get pregnant by other men

>>879369038good, gonna run soon>>879369063you are secretly straight

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>>879369083hmm>>879369090but it feels good to have someone else's balls slap against your's, faggot.

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>>879368902best snuggles :3

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>>879369106that would be REALLY weird considering my past XDnuu~

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>>879369207straight in denial

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>>879368941*liccyes!>>879369063Thats good!thats me with CoD tho>>879369186yesh!!

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>>879369090Unnecessary but they make tasteys

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>>879369242nuh!pat pat

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>>879369063used to live with my dad before, he wouldn't accept I was gay, he'd get mad when I showed signs or persisted in saying I didn't like girl and would do weird passive things like tell me I should stop staring at girls's butts in public when I wasn't.but now I can wear w/e and act however

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hey all ^-^erin where you at ?!?!?!


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>>879369239if im straight then explain all the cocks >>879369242yeah XDwhy must life be hard>>879369278well thats good i always sorta didnt tell and acted like i acted but thats goodi used to be fast and loose but now ive simmered down its something most gaes doso i guess go hog wild while ya can>>879369330hoinuu~

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>>879369497they are just a cocks, nothing weird here.

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>>879369275this is gonna happen to you one day>>879369497cause god hates us

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>>879369631having a gay sex? how horrible.

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>>879369164Well maybe, it's either that or you don't say anything and just moan

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>>879369497what do you mean by fast and loose?

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>>879369734It'll probably be that one. and squeaking too.

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>>879369776My squeaky toy~

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>>879369846Damn, I guessed that you would have said something about feeling funny from that

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>>879369544cocks that im doing gae stuff tovery gae stuff>>879369631is that why weenie hard too?>>879369737ah uhhhh i used to fuck as many guys as i could to get back at my dad that i hated in highschoolalso why i dressed all gothbut now its stable and steady relationships!no backstabbing or cheating or sluttyness>>879369812GAEnuu~

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>>879369847Seizure Warning


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>>879369891ur gey

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>>879369687I know right now come here i want to smooch>>879369896weenie hard cause we just gayplus I need more weenies in my life

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>>879369896oh, Im not really goin around fucking tons of dudes Im just dressing faggy and stuff, brain damage made me practically ace

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