Reminder: Republicans don't actually are about children being murdered so long as they were killed with a gun

Reminder: Republicans don't actually are about children being murdered so long as they were killed with a gun

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Ha ha hope you're next!

When people talk about mental health they mean the 1% who are violent towards others.

>>879367726lmao dems act like they care about mass shootings then talk about aborting 5 year oldsget fucked muppet, all of the mass shootings happen in liberal states anyways, so I'm happy to watch you all get executed

here's how you fix it.All parents of spree shooters are jailed 5 year minimum. They raised them, they're at fault.People who sold the gun are jailed 5 year minimum.

>>879367987>Putting innocent people in jail will prevent liberal headcases from killing more peopleUse your brain dipshit

>>879368021How are they innocent?They failed all risk assessments

>>879367726How come Swtitzerland has lackluster gun control aswell, same goes for Austria, and they are fine? FUCKING MAYBE IT IS THE SOCIAL COHESION AND NOT THE GUNS

>>879367726in 2019 nigs made up over 50% of homicide offenders but only 13% of the population

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>>879368021Have you not seen any of the post-event interviews on the parents/legal guardians?They're all whackjobs and psychos.

>>879368080Now do demographics!!!!

>>879367938This is how fucking STUPID republicunts are.This moron proves yet again that ALL republicunts are stupid, lying, racist, uneducated shitheads.Good job Cletus.

>>879368222what a waste of trips

>>879368021Hey asshole, ALL mass shooters are republicunts and the whole world knows it.Get a fucking clue you stupid, lying shithead.

>>879367938They happen more specifically where guns are banned. I'm sure more gun restrictions will fix the problem. It's coomen sense

>>879367987In some cases, sure, the parents are to blame. In other cases, what are they supposed to do? If you end up with a really fucked up kid, there's nothing you can do once they're an adult. I don't agree with sellers having liability. Do you think car dealerships should be liable for costs when someone who drives a car bought from them gets into an accident?

>>879368278YOU are a waste of skin you stupid shithead.Fuck off and DIE asshole.

>>879367726Reminder, even banning all firearms everywhere won't notably decrease murder rates.And supporting the disarmament of civilians, while the militarization of the state means you're either the biggest idiot in the world, or actively pushing for an authoritarian police state.

>>879368042imagine thinking people have the legal burden of preventing crimes outside of policingkeep trying though maybe you'll say something intelligent

>>879368324>once they're an adultSee something say something, they are morally guilty. Most of these spree shooters still live at home anyway, fuck off dealerships are LIABLE if there are defects and they CAN BE sued for it.

This is what the CDC released in 2013>estimates indicate that defensive gun uses by victims are at least as common as offensive uses by criminals, with estimates of annual uses ranging from about 500,000 to more than 3 million (Kleck, 2001a), in the context of about 300,000 violent crimes involving firearms in 2008 (BJS, 2010). On the other hand, some scholars point to a radically lower estimate of only 108,000 annual defensive uses based on the National Crime Victimization Survey (Cook et al., 1997).National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine. 2013. Priorities for Research to Reduce the Threat of Firearm-Related Violence. Washington, DC: The National Academies Press.>

>>879368080They don't, they have quite a bit of gun control

>>879368222You said a lot and yet at the same time you said literally nothing, that's a skill you might be able to get paid for, bud! No more being a NEET!I'm happy for you, son. You've found your calling. Being worthless

>>879368295try again, but good try lil guy

>>879367726>banning murderDidn't stop it>banning guns in the areaDidn't stop itSo I bet removing constitutional, and natural rights from every citizen will stop a psychotic murderer from murdering. Big brain move.

>>879368080Switzerland and Austria aren't part of NATO.Their civilians are all soldiers.They are trained and keep training.Their villas are bunkers: barns are artillery nests connected by endless miles of tunnels: know jack shit about the world around you. That's the most important reason why you, of all people, should never ever be allowed anywhere near a gun.

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>>879368435>legal burdenoh nooo my mcdonalds tier jewish legal system.Can't even conceptualize law without immediately resorting to "what is".You're a smooth brain.Holding parents and their offspring liable for one or the other has been around since the beginning of civilization, only in recent times has it changed.

>>879368554Too bad you're a fairy faggot and your opinion means jack shit, gonna sit here smugly enjoying the feeling of my 45 in my hands. Stay mad though ;)

>>879368080 a license is not required to own a gun by itself, but a shall-issue permit is required to purchase most types of firearms.[4] Bolt-action rifles do not require an acquisition permit, and can be acquired with just a background check.[5] A reason is not required to be issued an acquisition permit for semi-automatics unless the reason is other than sport-shooting, hunting, or collecting.[6] Permits for concealed carrying in public are issued sparingly.[note 2][7] The acquisition of fully automatic weapons, suppressors and target lasers requires special permits issued by the cantonal firearms office.[8] Over-the-counter sale of hollow-point and soft-point ammunition is limited to hunting.[9]regulations which restrict the acquisition of semi-automatic firearms with high-capacity magazines.[12] A permit for semi-automatic firearms equipped with high-capacity magazines is issued to anyone fulfilling art. 8 of the Weapons Act under the promise they will show after five and ten years that they're members of a shooting club, or that they used the weapon at least once a year within that five and ten years period [13] or to weapons collectors.

>>879367726>thr country that defines a mass shooting as a shooting event where 4 or more people are injured has more mass shootings than countries who have more stringent, or no definitions or don't even record their occurrence Wow

>>879368506Another stupid 3rd grade dropout.Fuck you and your braindead family.

>>879368091What % of that 13% live in extreme poverty? Does growing up in an active war zone (like Chicago) have any impact on the likelihood of continuing the cycle of violence

>>879368355an even more disappointing waste of dubs

>>879368538Keep on believing republicunt LIES asshole.No one cares what you white trash morons think.

>>879368560Cool, and yet, you're still mad, and I'm still right ;)

>>879368080>>879367726There are only 2 proven things to decrease crime.Increasing the economy of the country.A homogeneous ethnic makeup.

>>879368080Why can't we accept we don't have social cohesion? I swear it's like I grew up in a completely different fucking America than the one a lot of people have. Even the conservative states teach kids in school that we are the melting pot. We are the great experiment. There's almost no country in the world like ours. We are all fucking different and we all hate each other but it is what it is. We have 14 yo goth sluts and evangelical christians. The entire value of this country as a whole rests upon its universality. People always say if you don't like it you can git out. That's right. If I don't like Christians I can get out. But if you don't like black people, you can also just get out

>>879368545How is killing children a 'natural right' you stupid fucking asshole?KYS now and the world will party.

>>879368722b/ro who hurt you? Did a republican steal your girlfriend? Or was one your stepdad? Or did all the virtue signaling never get you laid, thus putting you into a perpetual state of anger and seethehood?

>>879368683Awe, cmon, don't pout sport! You know the family still loves you, even with all that black makeup you wear and they posters with that skinny guy guy marilyn you hang up in your room. We love ya sport! We do! One day maybe you'll feel like joining the rest of the family in being productive members of society ya little rascal *tussles your hair*

>>879368737you're the one getting mad over the idea that your psycho brother could put you in jail under a moral system.Got psychos in your family then huh?

>>879367726Stop trying to assimilate people who are clearly basket cases.. put them up in the state hospital in a padded room and shock the shit out of them until lights turning on frighten them.

>>879367726This was made by an american, you can tell because of the map's proportion and borders

>>879368692So you admit niggers are guilty?If you're trans cousin rapes you then you rape someone are you still trans? Wait - hold on.I mean - who makes chicago an active warzone. Maybe if these niggers stopped shooting each other they'd be in a better situation?My point is black people can't be blamed for their own behavior. Keep inventing excuses you piece of shit shill.

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>>879368794Right, this bullshit coming from a stupid, racist, hateful republicunt asshole.Really sad post moron.

>>879368692I'm not trying to sound racist even niggers have positive qualities. They kill faggots for example.

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>>879368692When they aren't being faggots themselves at the time.

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>>879369028that nigga knew he got sucked off by a Troon for a whole month though lol

>>879367726Oh my, what's this?

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>>879368977LOL. I'm a registered democrat you twat. I didn't vote for trump both times he ran. You don't know shit about what I believe but just because I don't follow the party line of "all right-wings are retards" you just have to know who I am. This is my problem with this group, we are supposed to be the accepting ones but listen to you.

>>879369168is this gun 'ownership' per 100?

Can we all just nuke the US, so the rest of the world can live like normal white people?

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>>879369344stop using dark skins to do the jobs you don't want to do.

>>879369262>thats the problem with this group...And yet your stupid ass still supports them. The fuck outta here!

>>879367726Oh wow, all of those countries have equivalent levels of mental illness and access to treatment? No? This is a strawman argument? Cool.

typical sheltered neocommunist drivel

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>>879369168Dont bring data into this, its about their feelings u jerk!!!!

>>879369502>2015couldnt find a more recent incident, could you?

>>879367726No, it's just that the traditional Republican view is that the individual and their respective liberty is the basic unit on which a free society is built. That's confusing on its own, so consider this:1. You have the liberty to own a firearm. You do not have the liberty to use it against another person unless it is in self-defense.2. You have the liberty to have children, but children are also individuals, so you are not allowed to harm them (so no abortion).3. You are responsible for yourself and your children until they come of age. The government is not your parent.The charge of the true individual is the responsibility to self-manage. That means having liberty, but it also means that your actions have consequences. You want to own a gun? Okay, just don't abuse it. You made a kid? Great, but YOU have to raise them. You don't just get to throw them away because it's inconvenient. The right wing viewpoint on firearms isn't in contradiction with abortion, you just don't understand it.We really need to start teaching philosophy in schools again. Nobody know how to think anymore. As Thomas Sowell put it, people don't even know what thinking is. They confuse it with feeling.

>>8793696801 guy owning a hundred guns, rinse repeat>SEE SEE IT DOESN'T CORRELATE

>>879369168Ah yes... US losing the medal for poor third world countries.Fair and balanced comparison.u smart, bro.

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>>879368435>imagine thinking people have the legal burden of preventing crimes outside of policinghe's literally saying the law should change so they do have the burden. why are you so retarded? is it the guns?