Stunning and brave

Stunning and brave

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>>879366738More like suicide-in

>>879366798Suiciden with Biden

>>879366738When someone dies instead of a normal funeral people should just all pretend to be dead, in support of the deceased person. Everyone would get a nice nap, it would be good for them.

can someone please link the transphobic content so that I can add it to my shopping cart?

>>879366738These fags have no lifeThey are obsessed with self mutilation and forcing us to accept itSomeone should just run them over with a steamroller and get it over with

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>>879366965Here you go

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>>879366738Hopefully they get covered with pigeon shit and then say the birds are homophobes

>>879366738>trannies staging a "die-in"Good to hear they're practicing for the real thing.

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>>879366979says the guy obsessed with trans people who can't stop making threads about them and then talks to himself in the threads for literally hours

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>>879366738So Amazon is selling something they don't agree with, but by pretending to be dead, that will change things?How fucking dumb are these people?The people at Amazon hq are probably laughing their asses off

>>879367013Finally, a product for niggers!

>>879366738Practice makes perfect

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>>879367185Wut?I'm not OP, delusional idiot go mutilate your genitals

I love this war between the woke psychotics, feminists and fags.Please keep doing this.

>>87936722530 to 35 seems to be a critical age for those weirdos

theyre wearing masks... hahahahaha

>>879367185Think you got the wrong guy

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>>879366965I will also buy some

1 : to overwhelm usually by greatly superior force steamroller the opposition. 2 : to bring or advance by overwhelming force or pressure steamrollered the bill through the legislature.

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Like I have no opinion if someone is trans, I believe in people's right to do what the fuck they want with their own body, but goddamn the trannies are obnoxious.It's the only thing that matters to a lot of them and if it doesn't explicitly matter to you they get mad because they see themselves as something special. If they'd shut the fuck up once in a while people wouldn't hate them so much, nobody hates the other LGBT folks nearly as much because the gays and nonbinary folks and whatnot aren't half as fucking obnoxious.

>>879366738Suuuuuure ....

>>879367426I agree.Why they have to be so damn obnoxious about it?

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>>879367333>>879367251you're not even trying are you

>>879367328Things get hairy and ugly

>>879367426>, I believe in people's right to do what the fuck they want with their own body, but goddamn the trannies are obnoxious.Correct. It's getting worse and worse every year

>>879367556You have to go back to /r/eddit and twitter

>>879367556It's funny because I'm really not OP but you can believe whatever you want

>>879367426>i have no opinion if someone is transStopped reading. Go fuck yourself, faggot. If you're not against the epidemic, you are the epidemic.

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>>87936732830s heading into middle age is when evolution starts to give older men a chance in the competition with the younger, stronger new generation, by hypermasculinizing facial features. That process basically continues until you're dead.It's why it's relatively easy to use clothes and makeup to make a 20-year-old man look like a woman, but not with a 40-year-old, and it's impossible with a 50-year-old. Starting in his 30s, every day a tranny's mirror makes reality more and more inescapable -- he's a middle-aged man in a dress, and he's only going to look worse and worse as time goes on.I feel terrible for them. Reality can't be avoided forever. The more you coddle and promote a sick person's delusion, the more brutal and painful the inevitable reality check is going to be.

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>>879366738Trannies ruin everything. Even when you try supporting them they are offended.

>>879366738What transphobic content could they possibly be selling?

>>879367714TrueThey're such snowflakes, they protest by pretending to be deadIt's like a child trying to get their way

>>879366738Pride isn’t about trannies, it’s for the gays.Why do trannies have to try and make everything about them?

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>>879367760Anything labelled as either for men or for women.

>>879367134wait you unironically don't know the difference between sex and gender?

>>879367661>>879367615>1 minute sister apartthose cooldowns sure suck right

>>879367956Yeah here's your (you)Run along now children


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>>879368024and now you do all of a sudden?

>>879366738>meanwhile everyone is laughing at them


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>>879366738These guys are hilarious.

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>>879368279honestly why misgender what does that accomplish you just look like a troll

Time to buy

>>879367879what is it? It is a trash theory and not a fact?Is gender the one that doesn't have a dick so you cut yours off?

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>>879368279Nice hairline

>>879368336>misgenderWhat the fuck is that. I'm correct. That is a guy.Fuck off tranny pig.

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>>879368341My favorite is the beard coloring like fred flinstone.These guys are hilarious.

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Accept my mutilated crotch or else I'll kill myself!

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>>879368519I literally can't lose.

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>>879368658the lights make the computer go faster

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>>879366738They'll never learn

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>>879368724No but they look snazzy

>>879367185Autogynephiles deserve the rope

>>879367806Because they're autistic narcissists who lack theory of mind and the ability to understand others

>>879368964This, with a bi-polar side salad

>>879367426>If they'd shut the fuck up once in a whileThey're pathological narcissists and attention-seekers. The only time time they shut up is when they kill themselves.


>>879367185>says the guy obsessedi stopped reading

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