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Waifu thread Extra toastyPrevious: I'm not pasting previous.Rules:>Claim your Waifu/Husbando>No Claiming Waifus/Husbandos that have already been claimed>No stealing (unless you roll trips)>Only one claim per person>Keep RP/ERP in private.>Discussion is welcomed>Insults must be original>No oversexualized content>If you're posting images you're not lurking>Stop reading these>3D is almost always trash>Joining means a reserved place in hell>Most importantly, have fun!

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Eternal faggot balding.

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>>879364697Finally his face will look like a white slice of bread.

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>>879364772Soaked in milk.

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>Glitch City best Bartender claimed>>879363505More or less yes. And usually yes they go by fast, thankfully.

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Heyhey Fred o/

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Jules will become a blonde bimbo in 2023

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>>879364819Man, the splitter is looking so nice, so professional. Better than factory. And it's done with car parts lol. I need a smoke, and some heavy thunderstorms now to cool off.

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>>879364843Who's fred?>>879364879Ghast.

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>>879362497Managed to do 3 quests.. man I love diablo immobile>>879362805u gay>>879364480Nay, I feel amazing. Just ran a dungeon while taking a shit. Best game ever

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>>879364915Why don't you jack off while you're at it too.

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>>879364984High levels of discomfort. >>879364969Run your fingers through your capillary carpet. I bet it's going off.

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>>879364915Wow the new League graphics are wild!>>879364933All of you, duh>>879364984L e w d

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>>879364933Knock the fireballs back.>>879364960The cutest jeans wearing ghost

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>>879364969Nah, I'm super straight

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>>879364827Nice. I still don't got mine but I got like two options that I'm considering, and I'll decide on the spot depending on how many HP I roll.Sweet, sweet.>>879364843>>879364933>Who's fred?I dunno but he said Right.>>879364969God damnit. It's a different game, not a remake of one of the old ones, I imagine...

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>>879365054I don't know what that is and I don't think I should trust u>>879365219Uhh.. yeah, it's a new game. Who wants to play ancient shit? We've already seen it a thousand times

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>>879365209Skirt on top of jeans, never forget.>>879365219Fair enough, I just want to remove the -1 INT and maybe get either get the passive perception or initiative.

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>>879365278You shouldn't trust me. I'll shoot you on sight. With screwdrivers. >>879365219Based boomer.

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>>879365133All of me.Not lewd, I just wouldn't be surprised if he creamed over his car projects.Pointy.>>879365209Kind of rude.I just tore one of the belt loops of my jeans.

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>>879365278On mobile. A mobile game.>>879365382>or initiative.If you mean Alert, that one doesn't give you INT, but it would suit you.>>879365449Thank you, I'm here every Friday too.

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>>879365382Yes very important>>879365507What were you hanging on it?

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>>879365578It's a mobile game, yeah. I don't get what you are trying to tell me.>>879365449I'll use an ahri cosplayer as shield

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>>879365631I forgot my belt this morning, so I was pulling them up.I'll have to sew them up later.

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>>879365507No I mean like… never mindYou deny the lewd allegations in the court of law then?Pointy teef~>>879365578“Mobs (short for mobiles)”

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>>879365812Okaayy!Fucking try me, I'll bleed you in lawyer and court fees alone.Teefs~

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>>879365724>he think idk how to curb the screwdrivers.eternal faggot. >>879365578But are you too sexy for this shit?

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how do i resist temptation? I've made an oath to never masturbate to perv stuff of my hubby, but the urges are getting stronger. I don't know how long I'll hold out.

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>>879365724Yeah I'm telling you things.>>879365812Terrible short.>>879365965You know I'm not, gal.>>879365989Is he from the murder mystery games.

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>>879365989What's so wrong about it?

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>>879365578Elven accuracy would be a good one too.>>879365631What else?>>879365989You don't.

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>>879365989get a motivation, stop masturbationg just because its not enough, you need something to fight foryou can also excersise, that will help you improve your disciplinedo stuff you dont feel like doing, like bathing on cold water, excersising or getting up early, that way if you can do those things you can just stop masturbatingadditionally, hear music, whenever you feel like falling, hear music, that helps my mind to drive away the urges

>>879365965The cosplayers love me, they'll build a wall of ahri around me. You stand no chance.>>879366024and I have no idea what.. the game is sick tho

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Holy shit I took a 4 hour nap.

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>>879366024Ah, another chinese fake then. >>879366308Eternal faggot.

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>>879366024Yes. >>879366051They're not a pervert. They'd never. Masturbating to r34 would feel incredibly OOC and it'd break the immersion, along with making me feel like shit. It'd make me feel unpure and unworthy. Yes I know it's a you problem but it's something I've been dead set on to do. >>879366176I never did it to begin with. >>879366177I already lift every morning, and draw only SFW fanart of my hubby. I don't normally have these thoughts, but whenever I stumble on artist galleries with something more risqué and R18, I check them out and the urge gets stronger. It's not every single time, but it has been surging in frequency.

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>>879366381Well I'm not turned on by those tits so.. touche

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>>879366373CuteI had nothing to do with it

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>>879366424Of course. But I don't have any balding ahris. Or faggot ahris. Eternal faggot.

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>>879366424Quit lying, you love bewbs

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>>879366176Nice, yeah that'd be pretty hot. Basically with ranged attacks your advantage gives you three dice instead of two.>>879366308Saying it's bad and you should feel bad.>>879366381Can't be fake if I never make the claim to be something. Gotchu good.>>879366414Ah alright, I gotchu. Don't rightly know why you took that oath but you do you user.

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>>879365916Joke’s on you, financial squalor is my ki-Teef gang teef gang!>>879366024I mean I can’t argue with that tbh>>879366051L e w d>>879366373Good afternap~

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>>879366443Are you sure about that, my body feels awfully sore now.>>879366627The only problem Is that it's 10pm now.

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>>879366373Sleepy hornyHappens>>879366617Good things, I'll see whether I want to see more stuff or more damage.

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>>879366414Imo, if you are this comitted to it, allowing yourself to give into it sometimes should be fine.As humans we often have needs, if these go unfulfilled it isn't surprising one would end up frustrated.So I say, try to unlearn some of the dogma regarding purity, and enjoy hubby in all ways, shapes, and forms. As long as they make you happy obviously.>>879366627Is your what?Horns gang.Not lewd.

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>>879366617That's the same thing the chinese say, yet apple says otherwise. Conform to Apple.

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>>879366627I'm glad we're on the same pager here.>>879366786Alert might be better than seeing more stuff, I already got observant, and alert gives you more survivebility. All up to you though ^^Though alert is one of my two options as well... but I think I'll go for INT because it not only gives me better attack/DC, but also one more spell to memorize every day.>>879366937Irrelevant. Only apple pertinent to this conversation is the Adam's.

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>>879366761All nighter time babyyyyyyy>>879366839NothingHair horns~Absolutely lewd>>879366937Apples ARE pretty healthy…>>879367078Pager?

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>>879367326Oh no, I'll try to go back to sleep.I can't do all nighter anymore, I used to do them very often but the longer I am awake the more likely I am to have a panic attack now.

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>>879367326Mmmmh :thonking:Horned horns.What's lewd?

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>>879367326...page. I meant page. I never even owned a pager.

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When I wrote that post I was almost close to give in, but I took a cold shower and now I feel better. Thanks to the user that suggested that. >>879366617My main moral is that everything needs to be as close to the character writing as possible. Therefore, is my hubby would never do r34, I will simply not consume that kind of content. >>879366839It's not like I *never* masturbate. I do, but it is rare and to works I have no attachment over. When I find dirty works of my hubby I'm interested in they're mostly objectively good. appealing drawings, and I'm conflicted because my artist/horny side wants to see more, meanwhile my "hubby"/purityfag side doesn't. >>879366553If things get too close to disaster I'll read it. Thank you.

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>>879367078Adam you say? He got a good single I like, it's called Sugar.

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>>879367860post a drawing of yours

>>879367860Well that is your prerogative user. You're pretty serious about this husbando thing huh.>>879367949Adam? No it's The Archies.youtube.com/watch?v=h9nE2spOw_o&ab_channel=RaynorBear'sCave

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>>879366761I uhMaybe >>879367860>>879367916Who is this cute little lesbian and how tight is her pussy?

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>>879367488Oh no, stay safe yea?>>879367585>:thonking: is this Discord?Horny hornsYou>>879367690Oh I feel like REALLY dumb for not realizing that…>>879367916Cute>>879367949Yeah apples do have a lot of sugar in them you’re right

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>>879367860why are you so serious about stopping masturbating


>>879368273:eyes: Maybe.Why are you horny?Me.

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>>879366466Someone is a little obsessed with faggotry. Does it turn u on?>>879366543not those>>879366617Why is it bad? It's super fun. Are you a blizzard hater or something

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>>879368473:eyes: :smug: :dance: :blush: coolcoolBecause horns!You finally accept the truth? No takebacks!

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>>879368273You should feel dumb but only slightly. Any more is inappropriate, if you asks me.>>879368675Mobile games hater.

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>>879368878You are so weird.. Diablo is made to be a mobile game. Nobody wants to use a keyboard and mouse to play games, especially not diablo. It should be played on a phone

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>>879368825Tight.So horny.So what if I am.

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>>879368675I know, you love big anime boobies

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Someone invited me to go to a weebu meetup. Only like 200ppl.. wonder if I should go. >>879369124Yeah, those are awesome

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>>879368923No, as they say, u.>>879369117>TightThat's what he said!(To Altair)

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>>879368878I have like one braincell, okay?>>879369117Radical?Sooooo horny!I’m taking you to horny jail

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>>879369335You sounds like a mad nerd, the uber sweaty kind. Playing Diablo with a keyboard..

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>>879369391It's all good anone.Cuff his hands while you're at it. Behind his back. Actually, above his head.>>879369418Hey not my fault the weather's been so hot lately.

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>>879369569Man, if only diablo 3 wasn't a keyboard game. I'd have sunk a thousand hours into it

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>>879369391Radicool.Pointy.That's where all the horny people is, idiot.

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>>879369632Cute trans colors

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>>879367078I'll have a look at what I could get later as well and see how to set it up.

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>>879369755Trans colors are ew

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>>879369569You got it!>>879369656Tacticool!Super sharp tooYes that’s the idea. You are lewd so you go to the lewd zone! You’re coming with me.

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