Share your secrets

Share your secrets

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Me and my ex had a safe word that we always use since we're into kink shit.Whenever she felt overwhelmed she would yelled out the safeword and i would back off and stopped whatever i'm doing to make sure she's alright and this was a full 1 year in our relationship.During the period of our relationship after 1 year getting to know eachtoher, i had sex with her and she started to say no and push me away. She never said the safeword which we practice for 1 year.She said i rape her even though she never said the safe word.did I actually rape her Holla Forums?

>>879362875I am currently on psychiatric medication and I am reaching the point of collapse, I no longer want to continue depending on it, my suicidal ideas have increased instead of decreasing as it is supposed to happen, I feel that something very very bad is going to happen to me.. .

I don't love people romantically

no I won’t

I stroke to my SIL almost everyday

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i want a fat sweaty virgin to shit on my tits

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>>879363380Sneak in and eat out her fucking ass hole dude!

>>879363616eating people out is gay

>>879363207Have you told your psych that the meds aren't working?

>>879363721meds are gay

>>879362875I use throwaway Instagram/tiktok accounts to anonymously buy nudes of women I know irl

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>>879363867naked women are gay

>>879362875When I was 20 I started fooling around with a 14 year old girl. We made out a couple of times and she wanted to fuck and became enamored so I panicked and broke it off. I started dating some other girl in front of her and I could tell it destroyed her. She started stalking me afterwords until I moved away. Recently she contacted me and I learned she became a stripper/escort and fell into drugs ect. I feel like I was the reason her life started to fall apart.

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>>879364167You sound like a fuckin loser

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>>879363104>did I actually rape her Holla Forums?Not until she needs it and press charges

i fooled around with a 79 year old granny

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> 9 spending night at friends> friend takes me behind tree in backyard > drop pants and we try to stick pine needles in dick hole> friend tells me to come inside and we can make eachother feel good> go inside, get naked> “My dad showed me this”> gets on top of me and we rub penises for like 20 minutes> he tells dad what we did after dinner> dad says he wants to play> get naked and on top> get held down as he grinds against me> he cums after a few thrusts> go over a few more times before friends grandma catches them

>>879364569i think you're a closeted straight

>>879364569Frottage is one of the gay things I'd like to try the most

>>879364701Openly bi

>>879363721yes i did and the only thing he did was prescribe me the same meds that i have been taking for 1 year, i don't know how to explain my situation to him to , in october i have my next appointment and i plan to tell him the whole truth to get out once and for all for all of this.

>>879364460how do you start that?

>>879363867What kind of success rate do you have and what kind of stuff do you do to make your account look legit?

>>879364338Eh this happened 12 years ago. I turned out alright. I'm happily married and my wife knows about the whole thing

>>879364818Good, you should tell your psych the truth.Hope you can hold up until October, godspeed, user. Things will get better.

>>879364962married to your wife you say, sounds pretty gay

>>879364784now i think youre gay

This blonde douchebag used to bully me a lot and act like i wasn't a Chad but this girl he was talking with online ended up breaking up with him and flashing my nigga Matti in a Skype call literally less than an hour after they split up.

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>>879365102getting bullyed you say, clearly only happened becuase youre gay

>>879365102>You must be over 18 years old to use this site.

>>879362875>She said i rape her even though she never said the safe word.When my wife gets overstimulated, she forgetsher safeword or that she even has one. Basically,it's left to me to determine when she's had enough/too much.

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>>879364818dont give up user

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>>879363104No, you didn't. That's part of what practicing the safeword is for, roasties who like to scream and say no and pretend they are getting raped.

>>879365044Dubs must mean proof

>>879362875I made the guy that gloated about poisoning my cat eat poison, he survived but have cerebral palsy now.

Wife's dad left her mom when she was a small kid. She grew up sharing a big house with her uncle and he was her father figure. Over time though he got into gambling debt and got addicted to alcohol. This culminated to the summer before leaving for college he groped her ass while she was making breakfast. she froze on the spot and got her ass and pussy groped before he wandered off. That night she locked herself in her room and was making plans to stay at a friends house until college started. The uncle started banging on her door trying to open it but eventually gave up.Likely would've been raped by him. We have roleplayed it several times. I start banging and forcefully opening her door and she calls me uncle/daddy as I roleplay raping her roughly while she whimpers. Also sometimes this involves blackmail roleplay.He has since sobered up for a few months now and she wants us to visit them. I wonder if she wants to actually be fucked by him. I kinda wanna see it.

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Who's that nigger calling everything gay, he's getting annoying

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>>879365763Good. I hope you got away with it.

>>879366203Yes, I wouldn't be there otherwise.

>>879366162hes sounds like a fag

I dated a 15 yr old when I was 18. That's not that bad right?

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>>879366280Pic related?

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>>879366312fuck you gayfag

>>879366377dubs prove he gay

>>879366566double dubs proves im gay also

I've been raping a girl that works for us. She and I were alone on a quiet day and after she came out of the bathroom I was standing right there with the shop locked up and a closed early sign on the door. She tried to fight just a little and then gave in and let me rape her. I told her if she told anyone that I would tell them she started sleeping with me and then tried to pressure me into giving her a raise and I said no so she made up the rape. When she didn't tell anyone and came back to work for her next shift I took that as permission to rape her whenever I want. I like to rape her at the end of a shift when I know she's going to be seeing her boyfriend after work. I fucking love gullible teenagers.

>>879366377I look nothing like this and I never went to court.

I want to fuck my 13 yo stepdaughter

>>879366893Yo wtf what kind of shop is this and what are your ages?


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>>879364962How does she feel about that?My wife is pretty much an ephebophile, would probably get horny

>>879367056Because she is both extremely beautiful and I love her.Also, always been into girls that age.

>>879367204sounds like youre only into underage girls to cope with the fact that youre gay

>>879367029it's a small retail shop. I'm in my late 30's she had just turned 18 when I got her the first time.

>>879362875I would be ok without my wife. Maybe better. I think she's giving me PTSD.

>>879367279all people in their late 30's are gay youclearly fucked a trap


>>879367204Have you done anything with her?

I became addicted to sharing my girlfriend's nudes online. Every nude we have ever made has been posted. I wish I never did that, and fear that one day it will bite me on my ass. I have deleted everything from my phone, and from messages. I regret ever doing it.

>>879367415hes probably only done gay stuff with her

>>879367415Nothing too extreme. It's just fantasy

Hate trannies and fags but honestly if I woke up as a girl I wouldn't mind.

>>879367506Well what non-extreme things have you done?

>>879367485That is literally impossible my good sir

Life got so insanly boring... if "doing good" in life just not being interesting? I miss the chaos of partying and drunk weekends

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>>879367356If this is how you really feel you need to talk to her user. You don't have to keep living this way

>>879367478So you don't have any to post rn?

>>879367613drunk weekends only get you gay sex faggot

>>879362875I had sex with my friend's 12yo brother when I was 17. Saw in their browser history that he had been watching gay porn and looking at shota and not much else so I figured he would be happy to play along and I was right.

>>879367478look her up on pimeyes, pay 25 bucks and have them taken down.

>>879367755Now that's gayHow did it go? Fill in the dirty details

>>879367755shotas are gay

When I was 16 I made out with an 8yo girl quite a times

>>8793679008yo's are gay

>>879367900*quite a few

>>879367843dirty details gay

>>879367566Coping feels, lingering hands, playing around, that sort of thing.

>>879367782Thankfully I didn't post face, and the one I did post doesn't recognize her face on pimeyes.

>>879367933corrections are gae

I report every Holla Forums archive daily, and have been responsible for taking down 3 chives so far. I hope to take down Moe soon.


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>>879368022Exactly. Fuck them. Any time you see something questionable on here, go to the archives and report it.

>>879367957Did she notice?

My wife is going away for a week. I am going to spend approximately 90% of that week with her vibrator jammed up my asshole. Can't fucking wait.

>>879368726you might be the first stright person in this thread

im a 17 year old girl who imagines being groped by older men in public

>>879368969>17 year old girlNice try middle aged fbi man

>>879369065i wish i was joking LMAO

>>879367843>be me, 17>best friend who is the same age lives in a trailer with his mom and 12yo brother>his mom was leaving for a few days and left us by ourselves since we normally just play video games.>Little brother was always all over me wanting to rough house, ect>a few weeks earlier my friend and I found gay porn and shota in the browser history>we had screwed around some before being bored horny teenagers but we knew it wasn't from us.>I decided to test my theory and tied him up while he was trying to wrestle with me, stopped resisting and became submissive, had a boner>One night we are all watching a dragonball marathon but little brother was watching in his room (probably so he could play with himself)>Friend is passed out cold for the night so I go to little brothers room>climb into bed with him and tickle him, tell him I've come to torture him, ect and we end up basically cuddling and rubbing against each other, both of us are getting super horny>dry hump him a little and tell him that I'd bet that he would like it if we messed around, kind of kiddingly incase I had to deflect>he gets kind of serious but says ".....yeah" with little hesitation>we start to kiss and he blows me some, kind of seemed like he might have sucked with some of his friends>finger him, luckily he had some vaseline nearby>sotightsowarm.jpg>with some slow going he took my 6 inches pretty quickly>we start to fuck slowly and sweetly, he is so cute and warm and the smell of our sexy deeds was intoxicating>cum in him and pull out, he sighs and sinks into me and says "that was nice....">Have to get out of bed before friend wakes back upWe did it a few other times but never got that kind of privacy again.

>>879368969Why not do it then?