Cheating thread. Are you a cheating cheater? Did you get caught? Did you get away with it...

Cheating thread. Are you a cheating cheater? Did you get caught? Did you get away with it? Post your tales of infidelity here!

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couple days ago I made this white girl fuck on me even tho she has a whole husband and house back in her home state. Sometimes they just need to whore out I guess.

I'm cheating on my gf with a dog yes

cheating is bad

seduced her into cheating on her fiance. now whenever she is in boise we go out to dinner and dancing then i fuck her doggystyle back at my apartment.

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>>879361359I still fuck an ex coworker who is now married with a child. She was a friend with benefits long before meeting with her current husband. The guy hates me, he knows something is fishy, but she tells him we are just friends. Also she doesn't taking up the butt with him because she doesn't want him to think she's a whore.

>>879361359I keep getting away with it, but I’m more careful than most. I always feel bad though.

>>879361937I only feel bad when I drink. She would be doing the same to you if she could.

>>879362022>if she could.She could though and doesn’t. I actually can account for all her time most days.

I want to but If I download tinder she'll know. Its not a huge city and we have connections.

>>879362173Try POF, say you’re in a different city (the one you want to operate in) and make it far away (not too far)


>>879361359What’s the best ways to get long-lasting cheating partners? I target women in relationships because they can’t really complain, but I always get paranoid that the jig will be up when their relationships dissolve. So far I’ve had no issue, but I always worry.

I cheated on my ex with some slut at a Halloween party years ago. >start dating ex>she's mousy, nerdy, never had a boyfriend before, total virgin>take her virginity pretty quick>meet her folks, decent people>ff a year or so, she graduates college and has to move in with her folks 3 hours away for a bit>try long distance for months>wind up getting trashed at a friend's Halloween party>wake up with my pants off next to some blonde with huge boobs>feel guilty as shit>fuck my gf one more time when she comes to see me a few days later>tell her what I did>ff a week, she comes back down to see me and wants to "fix things" >tell her no>wind up banging the blonde chick for a few months after that

>>879362444Pretty meh. I’m more interested in guys who’ve been cheating on the same person long term now. It’s a different sort of headspace for sure. Especially if you never get caught

>>879361359Sorry to say user but 99% of Holla Forums is virgins (which is why the porn threads are never ending) they can’t cheat on what they’ve never had

Everyone ITT should kill themselves. No jokes, no trolls. Actually commit suicide. I mean it.

>>879361359i'm trying to. my wife's sex drive is drying up, so i'm like fine. i'll find some young stupid girl to fuck.

>>879362431In my experience if you fuck them good the issue is the girl starting to have feelings and wanting to leave the guy for you. Never the issue of her wanting to end the relationship. So either improve your dick game or learn to use your tongue

>>879361925>taking up the butt with himit's because your penis is tiny

>>879362781>roastie detected

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>>879362806No, the sex is fine. I just can’t really find someone who’s into it consistently enough. It’s hardly a huge problem. Sometimes I’ll lose a connection because they suddenly are in the area again but I’m busy and have to say no

>>879362372met in a performing arts production. she traveled her so her fiance wasn't around. Knew immediately that I wanted that big ass in her jeans. That is the great thing about rehearsals. No one is around for 3 weeks so you really can get to zero in on one person. Last night of rehearsals I ended up bending her over a piano after everyone had left backstage.

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Went to Vegas for a work convention, had no intention of cheating at all but this solid 7/10 blonde was fucking my soul with her eyes for 2 days (national convention so we worked in different parts of the country) she finally came up and asked me if I was married. I panicked and said no. My wife always has so much anxiety and only wants sex once or twice a month. Doesn't really give blowjobs and has never let me go down on her, she says it's gross to her. And i fucking LOVE eating pussy and ass. This blonde girl at convention comes to my room on night 2 after a couple drinks (not drunk) and jumps my shit before she's even in the door. Most passionate make out session I've ever had, throws her clothed off and we just go at it hard. I ate her ass and pussy and fucked the shit out of her while fingering her ass. Best sex I had in years, no reservation just raw lustful sex. Feel guilty about it still (it was 3 years ago) but godamn was I rejuvenated afterwords. Have never told anyone and we've never spoke since.

>>879363181Based, yeah I’m definitely an opportunistic cheater. I just really can’t let my wife find out, it would crush her

>>879363328Same. We've both been cheated on before in the past and I really believed I never would. But I found myself sexually deprived for years and that blonde chick was so aggressive. I wouldn't of pursued her but since she pursued me so hard I gave in...

>>879361359Cheated several times on my ex wife. 4 maybe 5 girls while we dated, then twice while we were in the first 2 years of our marriage. I hadn't cheated on her since 2008. That was when she found out about the cheating that I did before we got married. We stayed married for 13 years was never the same though. It didn't matter how straight and honest I was with her, the trust had been broken and I never got her fully back. She was just basically waiting for me to make another single mistake. When I did (not cheating), that was it, and we were over. It killed me, hell it still does. But she's happier now, and I'm glad for it. I've got a girlfriend now and I'm being 100% honest with her and I'm not going to cheat on her - I've seen and felt what it was like to lose that REAL close connection and love, and to live with it for years and, Holla Forumsros, let me tell you, it hurts. I thought my ex wife was my soulmate. I thought that all the damage I'd done, all the shit we'd been through made us stronger and tighter. I was wrong. The shattering of that "we can make it through anything" destroyed me. I was a mess for two years. Hell, it was even my ex that noticed how bad I was getting and gave me the advice to try dating apps. Go figure, it worked, and I eventually found a great girl who is head over heels for me.

>>879363506The other woman wanting it bad is the worst sometimes. It’s like I can feel my resolve eroding and rational thinking just becoming dimmer

>>879363574>I thought my ex wife was my soulmateyou clearly thought wrong because you cheated on her retard

>>879363646>you clearly thought wrong because you cheated on herVery much this lol. I’ve never claimed to have met or had a soulmate because I know that would be the woman who literally puts me at ease in any situation and makes want nothing more. Nothing’s ever going to be perfect though

>>879363574Question user. How did your ex find out about the cheating long after the fact?

>>879363177that is hot

>>879363850Also curious

>>879363646>>879363803I considered her my soulmate after we patched up when she discovered the cheating. I'd made amends, and she'd forgiven me (sort of). We went through other issues after but we always found a way to make it work. It felt like nothing could separate us. All of our friends and family looked up to us, like we were the example of how to make a partnership work. I learned, then, that a soulmate doesn't mean "perfection" from the beginning. It means partnership, it means being able to read and play off each others strengths and to shore up one another's weaknesses. We weren't perfect, but god we were unstoppable. Trying to tell people that making a mistake means you can never come back from it and never recover is an absolutist falsehood, and shows your naivety. >>879363850One of the girls I cheated with found her and messaged her on facebook. I probably could have tried to lie and say "oh it was just once and with her" but I decided to give her the whole truth. I told her everything, about every girl (except the during-marriage stuff because that would have killed it).

Her husbands a loser, I was the first she cheated with

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>>879361359Found out she cheated. Wanted me to forgive her since we have kids. Tried but now im cheating on her

>>879361359I used to cheat on my ex with her sister. Every time I'd go over we'd all hang out and my ex would have the habit of falling asleep. So her sister and I would raw dog right next to her. She'd wake up after and we'd go to bed and we'd fuck. I loved the fact I had her sister juices mixing with hers. I fucked them so often that I noticed their pussies started smelling the exact same from all the fucking

>>879364430>One of the girls I cheated with found her and messaged her on facebookThank you, this is not an issue for me. None of the women I see ever learn my real name

Would a femanon with a cheating problem like to date a wannabe cuckold?

>>879364838Who cares what women want?

>>879364387>>879363850One small key thing that kept us together that I should have mentioned. I was in the military for a few years and my job kept me away A LOT. Like, 200+ days a year for 3 straight years. It was rough on her and she saw me getting distant. She tried to tell me but I didn't hear her properly or something. She kind of latched onto this dude that was a fellow regular at a bar we used to go to. He gave her the attention I didn't. She almost got in bed with him, but called it off and came home to me instead and confessed. I know this to be true because he was so pissed at her he called me after she already told me and tried to throw her under the bus. She asked me to tell her anything I'd done and she'd forgive me, as her penance. I didn't tell her about the cheating, like I should have. I think her guilt of that moment is what made her think she should have kept on working it out with me.

>>879363574KEK you sound like my current. I don't say shit so she thinks we have this strong connection like no I'm so fucked right now but I'd be worse if I left at this very moment. So I'm gonna fake it until you give back the shit you have of mine and have a good window of opportunity to get out. You're just so shit that what you've done has put someone in a particular set of circumstances and you force them to pretend along with you until they are secure which is hard as you just keep fucking them lol and ultimately you just play yourself because you thought everyone was fucking retarded

>>879364838No. Because cheaters only get the thrill from the thought of being caught and exploding the relationship. A loser who likes her fucking other men is no thrill to her and she'll just shack up with Chad or Tyrone. Kys

>>879365036I'm going to disagree, we were good. We moved across the country together, TWICE. She had two different excuses to stay where she was, let me leave on my own and drop divorce papers on me. Nah, she wanted to be with me and we tried. I knew she wouldn't take anymore cheating or lies, so I was honest and faithful. She knew and saw it, but there was something lingering in her that made her doubt, and question, and some things changed that made her realize that she didn't have the will to stay with me anymore.

I cheated on my bf. I was away for work for three months with my coworker and ended up having sex with him. Had anal for the first time and swallowed too.My bf was happy because I started doing things he wanted, but he doesn't know why

>>879365441Kill yourself

>>879361359I could cheat on my gf any night of the week but unfortunately I love her. She's even rejected absolute hottest for 3ways like four times cause she'll get jealous. Blessing and a curse

I fucked my wife's sister. She had just gone through a divorce. I had always wanted to fuck her as she has massive ass and tits. Her walking around in a bikini was too much to handle

>>879361359I've had numerous affairs in my glory days.Was fucking a HS sweetheart because fiancé was withholding sex to be a cunt, barely tried to hide it, got caught.Was living a double life and seeing two girls in different towns at once. Got sloppy, got caught.Once ushered one girl out of the house. She waited down the street and watched another girl walk in. Got caught. Have banged several married women. One dude showed up at my house and I came out with a COLT LE AR blasting it in the air. He never came back LOLMy current girl served 16 years in prison for hiring a hitman to murder the father of her middle child because of abuse. She's beautiful and loving, but obviously not to be fucked with. Put a lid on the cheating a long time ago for this and many other reasons.

>>879365441is this something you'd do again given the opportunity? Was it proximity or an actual desire to fuck someone else?

>>879365441Did you prep for anal? Or just let the guy get "brown on le dong"?

>>879365730I think I would do it again if I had opportunity. It was amazing and probably the best sex I had.It was a bit of both. Proximity but also always had a crush on him. Also there was alcohol involved

>>879365737Yes , he told me what to do. He does it with his wife

>>879365854Good. Praise be to you.

30M here. Cheated for the first time a few months ago with a married 25F. Her husband was out of town for 6 months so we had a full on relationship together, even had her come and spend the night a few times under the guise of a sleepover for the kids. Fucked her multiple times overnight while my wife was sleeping. Never got caught fully but my wife did catch us cuddling on the couch and I had to end it.

>>879365936That was almost psychopathically ballsy

>>879361359Was out on a river trip with my gf and friends when I was 21. Parked the boat at a river bar and we all got toasted. Barely managed to get the boat back to our dock for the night with a bunch of drunk retards on it. I went to bed early because I wanted to get up early and do some water skiing but the others were blasting music. Couldn't sleep so I went back to the boat and crashed out on the back seat. One of my gf's single friends followed me out. I woke up to her naked rubbing my dick. I said screw it and she rode me for 20 mins until I finished inside. We repeated this a couple times that weekend. Shit blew up a few months later when my gf and the friend had a falling out and of fucking course the ole' "well, I fucked your boyfriend!" Got blurted out during an argument. That was years ago and I've been married for 10 years now to a much better woman.

>>879365990Hahaha awesome. Unfortunately, getting caught is the rule instead of the exception

>>879365970yeah honestly not sure how I got away with it, it wasn't even a single night either it was multiple times she'd spend the night. best part was she was pregnant so I could cum inside her.

I lost my virginity when I cheated on my bf. I'm christian and the most I did with my bf was kissing and handjobs over clothes. I went to college and after a month ended up having sex with someone there. I didn't realize how great sex is and ended up sleeping with a bunch of guys that year.Broke up with my bf when I came back home for Christmas

>>879365936>Never got caught fully but my wife did catch us cuddling on the couchCan you describe how? Like what did she say? Did she mention it afterwards at all? Cuddling some other woman and getting caught might as we’ll be the whole shebang. It’s not like you were old friends

>>879365854Do you touch your pussy when you get fucked in the ass? Women seem to have the most powerful orgasms that way

>>879366146Troll post

>>879366146Praise The Lord

>>879366191I never had an orgasm that way, but yes I did


>>879361359Yeah, I'm in a long-distance relationship and I'm pretty sure we're both cheating.

>>879366167She acted like it was the whole shebang, but no my wife didn't say anything immediately but she was definitely mad about it. My wife works from home and we would cuddle/make out while she was in her office. We were cuddling one day and fell asleep together, my wife saw us when she came out on her break. She didn't say anything and I had to bring it up. It caused a major rift for a few weeks while I tried to be friends with the other woman but it was too much in the end to keep going.

>>879366329>I'm in a long-distance relationshipThat’s not a real relationship

>>879363063That's kind of the deal though, a lot of cheating it the novelty and excitement of a new partner and tasting of the forbidden fruit. Once you've done that it's reached its apex, and the only other alternative is to pursue an LTR with the cheater with all that entails (drama), or to keep it as a sporadic fling that can still maintain a sense of freshness. Anyway that's the way I look at it, I only have room for one regular in my life so I just enjoy the occasional cheat for the thrills.

>>879366342Gotta control yourself mang. I’m sure it was fun though. I can’t get caught, that’s all there is to it. So if I’m cheating I’m gonna be mysteriously out of town that day.

I've cheated on my fiancée a few times with a friend. Not even 100% sure why tbh, she's actually kinda ugly but I've known her for a really long time and had always fantasized about fucking her. She had recently gotten back from college and was engaged and we decided to hang out. She drunk flirted with me and out of no where asks why we never fucked and then she tells me we should go back to her place. Since then she's hit me up occasionally to fuck and I've always agreed cause she's actually pretty good

>>879366461Love got the best of me tbh thats why I was so sloppy. Genuinely fell in love with her but eh I guess the price to pay of not being able to talk to her is what I get. It was fun though.

>>879366418> keep it as a sporadic flingYes, you’re right. This is ideal, I’m just a glutton I guess. Sometimes I sociopathically enjoy knowing that I have a different woman under my thumb. I wish I wasn’t so fucked in the head, a woman made me this way

>>879365334imagine having such a pathetic life you gotta cheat to get some excitement. been in a 'relationship' for over four years now and fuck maybe she really has been telling on herself this whole time on purpose. she must just get bored after a while when i don't say anythingreally i still have no idea how people do it like yes it's very easy and no, even without the cheating I'm not at all sure I want to be with her the rest of my life. Despite that I still have never acted the way my bitches have.

>>879366502>Not even 100% sure why tbhIt’s the previous connection and just the mutual sexual attraction. I feel like the word “consummate” was made for those kinds of sexual encounters, it’s been a possibility for a long time and now here it is. I fool around with a homelier woman I met at my very first job 12 years ago. Every few years she’ll come back to me for a night and it’s always hot

>>879366611My eyes glazed over two sentences in because you type like an incoherent nigger

>>879364769>None of the women I see ever learn my real nameSmart. I used a new email to make a fake facebook, to make for a fake tinder. Used snapchat to talk off tinder. Used it all on an old phone on wifi and google voice. Turned off notifications, kept it on silent, put a password on it, kept it where she typically wouldn't go.I cheated on my ex for probably 6 of the 7ish years without her finding out. Half of the time we were living together. There were quite a few time she asked if I was cheating but was easily able to just say no and move on.6 months or so after we broke up she texted and tried fishing once again to try to get me to admit that I cheated on her.On average, I fucked someone new once a month. Only one did I use condoms with. That was when I went to a conference and hooked up with a local that I swiped on the night before.

>>879361359Yes, and haven't been caught yet. side chick pussy feels amazing.

>>879361359I cheated on my wife with her 16yo niece. My wife had become abusive and I was moving us towards splitting. I left the affair with her niece as a hand grenade knowing it would eventually go off and destroy her.I know it was cold, but my now ex-wife knows not to fuck with me.

>>879366952Based “can’t help yourself” cheater. The list just keeps getting bigger. I realized I’m always gonna be paranoid about it, so better just enjoy it.Tinder I never liked for cheating simply because I can’t really disguise my face well and get matches, then again I don’t do local period


>>879367124Not necessarily. Age of consent varies by state. It's 16 in MI, for example.

>>879367124Not where I live

>>879366725you guys are like shit connoisseurs talking about how this shit is more earthy and this shit is more nutty. there may be many subreasons but ultimately you cheated because you're a cheater. Anyone might think about it, Anyone would get a rush from the risk of getting caught. But only a cheater will actually do it. And only a cheater would tell themselves they didn't get caught. I like smoking weed lol sometimes I actually hate stoners but I love weed and I'm gonna hide it if I have to and I'm gonna act like I've done nothing wrong because I think weed is okay. You think cheating is okay.

>>879366851sorry I didn't type like a reddit faggot like 50% of the people ittyou're a pathetic piece of shit and you just piss all over everyone else's daisies and then get sad yourself like you have a right. you should quarantine yourself. is that coherent enough?

cheated on my gf to breed a twink I met on grindr. worth it

>>879364430>One of the girls I cheated with found her and messaged her on facebook.Why in the name of all that is good and proper would someone do that? This is why we can't have nice things.

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>>879367682>is that coherent enough?Perhaps for an ESL. I myself don’t speak nigger babble

>2006>start affair with girl i knew in high school>i'm single, but she's with someone>fuck for several months>he walks in on us one nightI still feel really guilty about it, but they're both happy and have long since moved on. Karma caught up with me and I got too fat and ugly to get sex.

>>879367682>>sorry I didn't type like a reddit faggot like 50% of the people itt>reddit spacingironic

>>879367744Women like to think they own a man, and can do as they please. I’ve seen this mentality in some chicks. One I ditched the day after she started referring to me as “mine”. Like I never even hinted to her that I would be her bf or anything.>>879367473>assmad roastie detected

>>879367800>he walks inWhat did he do? Of the women who cheated on their boyfriends with me, none had a bf that could’ve been of any harm, not without a gun anyways

>>879367811I'm an oldfag, I've never used Reddit, and absolutely no one gives a fuck about your stupid 4chan rulesNot OP btw. Just an observer.

>>879367832kek ur a pos dude. quit acting like you have any room to criticize anyone. you're the reason no one can have any nice things

>>879367946>I'm an oldfagSure thing newfag

>>879365634Any repurcussions or did she keep her mouth shut like a good girl? I've always considered sisters and besties as off-limits because of their loyalty to each other, and women do stupid shit due to guilty feelings.

>>879368051I’m better than you user. How does it feel to know that someone who cheats will be infinitely more valuable than yourself? I give 200k to charity every 6 months, and my wife fucking loves me

>>879368115> guilty feelings.I never understood why people struggle with that shit so much. It’s stupid. Half the time they just want their negative thoughts purged under the guise of “doing the right thing” when really all they’re doing is hurting everyone but themselves

>>879362173You fucking piece of shit. Imagine relying on the internet to meet women.

>>879361359>Are you a cheating cheater?No but I have been cheated on several times.

>>879367080>disguise my faceAll of my pics were shirtless pics without face. Also they were all cropped versions of public pics of me. I figured I could always say that someone is using my pics to catfish if I got caught. I'd show face (and dick) after I got them onto snapchat though.When I started I used a gps spoofer to change location to major cities like Chicago, LA, NYC and sext with girls from there. This was also when "moments" were a thing on tinder.Later moved it local and made sure to left swipe anyone that might actually know me or my ex. Mostly just matched with college girls and would go fuck them in their dorms or apartments. Didn't want to go to parties with them and risk being seen by people that knew my real name.Later moved to a fairly big city with her where neither of us knew anyone. Felt pretty comfortable swiping there.

>>879363177Any nudes??

>>879368294Lololol get cucked cuck

Cheating is one of life's greatest pleasures. What could be better than being able to experience all the pussy in the world AND have a human fucktoy at home that cooks, cleans and does your laundry for you? Obviously I would dump my girlfriend if she cheated on me though, she's my property I don't consider her feelings valid. She is replaceable and a means to an end, all cheaters share this sentiment deep down. We are pieces of shit and we don't care. We are incapable of feeling true love, we may enjoy the company of our main fucktoy and share laughs, hugs and raise children together but I will never truly love her. I simply can't, women are like chocolates. Sometimes i wanna eat a caramel and sometimes I want white chocolate. I am a selfish person which is why I don't want to just have an open relationship and share her with other people.

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>>879361359I've cheated many times with many gfs, never got caught, and I don't give a fuck about monogamy. Loyalty is on another level in my book.

I cheated on my ex for 4 of the 6 years we were together. I would meet the side bitch after i got off work while my gf was still at work at least 3 nights a week. Side bitch had boyfriends etc, but only one caught her sending nudes. She said i was her cousin and he was somehow ok with that.

>>879367946>I'm an oldfag, I've never used Reddit, >no one gives a fuck about your stupid 4chan rulesoldfag means you've been here a while, not that you're fucking senileone would think a genuine oldfag would better at meme banteryou're fucking sad

>>879368375I love you user. You are an honest person, and an honest person in a dishonest world is worth his weight in gold. Also cheating is the exception to the honesty teehee

>>879368375i agree, nice way to put it user

>>879368338Sensible stuff. I suppose I could try again. Tinder is usually shit where I live

I went to Thailand 6 months, left my gf of 15yrs at home, fucked everything I thought was hot on Tinder... Got a gf in Thailand who I fucked bareback and I cheated on her with several girls and ladyboys (bare). So inception cheating yes. I fucking loved it.

>>879368916Before I met that ex I was pretty successful at pulling girls. I basically just went from flirting with them at parties and online to flirting with them only online and under a different name.If you go with shirtless pics and no face, make sure you are in good shape and also tight gymshorts to show off the bulge. It worked for me since my whole profile was basically>I'm attractive>I've got a big dick>I'll fuck you until you can't get upBe sure to keep conversation light and flirty and mostly steered towards sex. Neither of you are looking for a relationship, just orgasms.

>>879366725>it’s been a possibility for a long time and now here it isNot the guy you're replying to but that's a great way to explain it. I've had sex with two women that way, both of whom I had known in the past (friends of different gfs). There is a certain familiarity about it that is like nothing else, like an inevitability that is so electric it's almost unavoidable. It's also why any man should be on high alert when her women runs into "an old friend".

>>879368938wheres the picrel

>>879366952>On average, I fucked someone new once a month.Aren't you afraid of getting an STI? That is my biggest fear with having sex with a girl on a hookup site.

>>879366999Need some stories user. Also trips.

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>>879369607Not him, but always ask. That and maybe have a cool-off period that’s long enough for you to tell if you’ve picked something up. Then you’ll know who and if they lied

>>879369356How good shape are we talking, ottermode or bulging muscle natty daddy. I gotta get back in the gym and need to gauge if I need a trenbaloney sandwich

>>879361489Damn she had a whole husband? Normally you only see chicks with half a husband.