Femboy/trap thread

Femboy/trap thread

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Have any of you ever actually hooked up with a trap? What's it like?

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>>879358207yes, it was like fucking a cute, slutty, submissive person

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>>879358311great legs

>>879358444checkdmove your hips sneaky, you walk like a boy

>>879358472hi cutie (:


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>>879358581It's because he wears heels that are way too tall for his experience with them.


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>>879358682i didnt realize they were both you, you look amazing in those fishnets btw

>>879358410Yeah but like what did you do with the penis


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>>879359069suck on it, cage it, jerk it while you fuck them, ride it, etc

oc will post more if there is interest also my discord is: Erindabz#3053

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>>879358120>>879358444post the vimeo link


>>879359033Oh sorry I posted the first webm as well, thats not me that's sneaky. Thought it was directed at me cause dum lolTy tho

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>>879359206idk about vimeo I just find them all from this forum forum.thotsbay.com/threads/sneaky.10969/#post-477942

>>879359245Anything in particular you want to see sir?

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Anyone got screen recordings of traps Jerking off or fucking themselves? Ive done it on grindr before, should've recorded it

>>879359069its just a dick bro, what do you like done with yours? some girls like you to ignore it, some girls are ok with more attention given. so it depends on the girl, but touching, teasing, stroking, and sucking are pretty popular

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>>879359405Are there lots of traps on grindr? Considered signing up at some point but don't want my face tied to a gay sex app lmao

>>879359508You don't have to show face on grindr

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>>879358207yes two times, best head you will ever get no female has ever came closer.

>>879359257yw, you have a cute spankable ass

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>>879359565Fuck that bulge is hot~

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>>879359602i volunteer for cleanup

>>879359567You see thats really what intrigues me. I'd like to get head from a trap but I don't really want anything else.

>>879359602What do you use to compress and revert a video to webm? I've been trying so hard to make them.Also, OC

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>>879359891cloudconvertalso nice ass

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>>879359891rem. on Holla Forums2mb limit and no Audio

>>879359958More please

>>879359336Mmm show that ass off


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>>879360554Mmmm wish I was under you

>>879360801Such a nice looking butt

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>>879360930Fuck I need that ass grinding on my cock~

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Any femboys or traps with a nice smooth ass want to help me jackoff? Kik smoothasslover1

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>>879361027Mmm damn that ass is fantastic

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>>879360920Any more? She's beautiful

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>>879359685Asian trannies are the best

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Is it gay to want to suck off a cute femboy/trap and let them cum in my mouth?

>>879361419nobody gives a shit about who you suck off

>>879361419Not at all

>>879358120>>879358444anyone has these in hq? where do i find them

To straight male anons who look like this, if you were offered $500 to have your anus fucked by a trap for 30 minutes and then she cums into your mouth, would you do it?

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>>879361453I do you faggot

>>879361524Chair force twink. Yes, please!

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>>879359891Post more pls


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>>879361524I'm a little smaller than this lad, but I'd do the assfucking part for free

Been super into Ashley Barron lately

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>>879361772who things anyone finds this disgusting shit erotic?

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>>879358120Holy fucking shit

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>>879361581Thanks a lot!

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>>879362242Damn... Brings back memories of Bkk and Pattaya

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Anyone know where ash got this lingerie?

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>>879361581Is that a Google Pixel 6?

>>879362627god I wanna see her cum so bad

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>>879363069pre cum is best I can do

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>>879358120We may see him getting fuckedIt will take time but it is possible

>>879359336You on my dick

>>879363359You just know his GF pegs the actual fuck out of him

>>879361578Why is the head so tiny?

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>>879361938wedding ring time

>>879361259please more

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>>879361587I'll make and post moar later ^^>>879359958>>879360082Ty both of you :D

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>>879362484It's mega expensive.

>>879364383You would look amazing in thigh highs, maybe some goth e-boy clothes as well

Any more OC posters?Also surprised to see no jes

>>879359811Thats for the best, they tend to like overdosing and make poor spouses get ready to hear "Couldnt you find a real woman" from every family member for 20 years


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>>879358061>>879358120>>879358444Is Sneakys gf slipping him hrt?

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>>879366333Trips. Abuse this sissy.

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>>879366145Hopefully. He just needs a push into doing sissy porn.

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>>879366032This is the kind of love I crave

>>879361772jethuth chwith

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How the fuck do I find a tranny locally that’ll just let me plow their snowy white ass??

bored x 100any dumb requests?

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>>879368113Live in a major city

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>>879368312i have something similar

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>>879368398Imagine the smell

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>>879358207it is fucking horrible. You can SMELL The male pheramones no matter how many ounces of perfume they pour onto themselves. Also, they just don't look or feel feminine in person. You can always just tell that it's a guy. A video/images/filters and AI corrections can fool the human mind, but in person your mind can tell INSTANTLY that it's a man not a woman.

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>>879366145post his gf, isn't she some 11/10 korean chick?

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