Chubby and fat pigs

Chubby and fat pigs

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Wife getting out of shower this morning

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>>879357309Post more Blair

motherless com /17A4017

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>>879358181how did you know her?

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>>879357328That’s like my fav body type

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>>879358389anon said pigs not whales



>>879358316god i love fat chicks with tiny tits

>>879360316Yeah I totally agree they aren't that small but because she is so fat it makes them look tiny

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>>879360960god, look at how soft she looks

>>879358181Husband couldn't stop posting everything everywhere.Think most know her now.


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>>879361382cute fatty. with a piercing in her lil titty!

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>>879361021Once you start it's very hard to stop.

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>>879361630Can very much agree with that statement And it's even harder when people repost as well. Gives a high that nothing else can give. And it locks in a cycle of continuous posting

>>879361708Yes it is a huge high and it is extremely addicting. Nothing gets me off quite like exposing my wife too. It's such a rush.

Any more of this chubby goddess?

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>>879361708>>879361762It's escalating as well. You start with a simple lingerie shot, then a nude, then you start taking sets of photos, then you show face, then you give her first name, then her country, then maybe first letter of last name and on and on and on.

>>879361762I read someone say it better than sex at times too. Is this true you can get off more doing this sometimes?

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>>879361845When I fuck my wife, I think about how many guys have seen her pussy that I have my dick in and how they would want to fuck her. It makes me blow like nothing else

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>>879361977Thanks for answering my question. So it's more of an supplement than something great on it's own.

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>>879361844First name and country would probably be as far as I'd go wouldn't want some horny fuck to try n dox and completely ruin the fun because they either want to black mail or be a white knight.

>>879362157I love the 'heavy' lookI dont have words for it, but, you know what I mean

>>879362135it's great on its own also. It's just such a fucking high and rush.>>879362172I've done first name last name country city state work place and ID


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>>879362172You say that, then one day you're so fucking horny that you just can't help it. You think "fuck it, it'll probably be fine and I'll cum so hard".

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>>879362331and you do cum so fucking hard from another man seeing your wife's pussy exposed against her will and behind her back with her info.


>>879362422Same user here asking of it was better than sex here. The info thing, can you explain how this increases the intensity?

>>879362422yeah it's amazing as you cum. Then the wave of guilt washes over you.>>879362544Sure man.

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>>879362664Knowing that your wife doesn't want her nudes seen by anyone and then you show them off to everyone you can. You know she is shy and yet you are showing her off like she wants to be gangbanged until she passes out from dick. Everyone that knows your wife thinks she is a cute chubby nerdy innocent and wholesome woman, except the perverts that see her online and see her for the fat cum dumpster you want her to be. Knowing that if she knew the truth she would be devastated, crushed, humiliated, ashamed, and embarrassed. She already isn't confident about her body, and you are displaying her to the world and daring someone to say something.

>>879362818Whats her name?

>>879362818I don't know what all you are into, but if you want to trade wife pics and or info I'm down

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>>879362936now we're talking

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>>879361787thats not chubby but thicc

>>879357236holy fuck more of OP pls

Called my chunky gf a PAWG thinking it was hot and it broke her. Literally cried




>>879363250that sucks user, hopefully she gets over it

>>879363250Fucking oof. She knows it means phat ass white girl right? That's a good thing.

>>879362860Not horny enough to tell you that haha

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>>879363250I call my wife fat, fuck pig, make her squeal and moo, jiggle her fat belly and arms, and slap her huge fat hairy pussy.

>>879363330I know right. Lose weight or claim you PAWG status.

>>879361787Sexy as fuck. Please more

>>879363473You would want them to lose their pawg status?


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>>879358949Damn who is she? Can we get some more of her?

>>879363732goddamn user she is perfect, your wife or gf? any more you could share? ty

>>879363873I just saved her from a thread earlier this week.

>>879363681Only if they bitch and moan about being a PAWG.


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>>879357751This looks like a fun time. Would cum all over those labia.

>>879364030I guess that makes sense. Men will walk away from a hot chick eventually if they're awful so if the bitching is bad enough, I see it.

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>>879364420the belly


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>>879364608Remove the panties.

>>879364747Same except from another day

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>>879364745lol that filename

asian gf

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>>879364798She seems like a lot of fun.

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>>879365069She aims to please!

>>879364598Anymore of her? Love her big belly and tits

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>>879364598I love how Blair K-B's public humiliation continues like an unstoppable train. Used to chat with her hubs pretty frequently, nice guy but damn that's some fucked up shit he got off on lol

>>879365276anything specific u want?

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>>879363442Show pussy plz

>>879365301Maybe not as fat as the others here but still plenty to squeeze

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>>879365536would pound

>>879365424Want to talk about her?

Chubby gf

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>>879365674yeah. been a while! you on discord? or drop your email or something and I'll be in touch.

>>879365599She can handle it

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>>879365674would be pleased to. been a while! you on discord?

>>879365757Fatbbwife3 at gmail

>>879365786that ass has drained me before :)

>>879357751Ive fucked a chick like this once. Best pussy i ever fucked.

>>879365896Ha. It has a habit of doing that

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>>879365919having done a fair bit of sampling, I can report that fat pussy is simply better, on average, than skinnyslut pussy.

Enjoy my piggy

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>>879366246the belly

>>879366246Oof, tell me she had a big cunt


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>>879366257Let’s see her ass and puss

>>879366246PLS show nudes user

>>879366208Agreed. This fat pig felt awesome. Didnt hold back a drop.

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>>879366257>>879366378I have a better pussy pic, but no ass

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>>879366520Reminds me of blair


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>>879366520Goddamn! I would fuckin destroy that. Got any of that hairy beast spread wide?

>>879366631Fuckin incredible. I love hairy fat cunts

>>879363344I want a woman like this to make me her infertile cuckold slave.

>>879366635Who is blair? Any pics? Heres another. Love fat pussy.

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>>879366762>>879366246she's pretty :)


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>>879366940look, im gonna be honest: i love her big belly

Big brainless slam piece here

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>>879366744NEED IT ALL

>>879366940>>879366975Want to see her pregnant?

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>>879367058i want to see her pregnant

>>879366998fuuuuuuuuugggg show nudes!

>>879366183She’s the perfect amount of chub!

>>879367087I will in a few! Have to get them from pc

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>>879365427Ass and pussy shots mostly.


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>>879366814I want to fist a pussy like this

>>879366257>>879366799There has this and a last pic of Monica left. Unfortunately I deleted my Snap acc after, so Monica's contact got lost.

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>>879367301fuck, that's hot. moar?

>>879366814>>879367275Idk about fist, she is really tight. The type of pussy that weakens your pullout game

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>>879367269so good


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>>879367453show us more of the piggy.


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>>879367462Sexy, and definitely 18+

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Anyone have that Cardiff fatty that used to get posted

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>>879367437She has just the right amount of softness and jiggle to her

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Debra H

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>>879367269I’d breed her for sure


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>>879367503Gonna blow a fat load for her


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>>879367699This is why I have this fetish

>>879367750always love seeing debra's fat tits

>>879367503>>879367462your gf? she is smokin hot need to see pussy and ass


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This thread smells like doritos in the heat

>>879367896Pure cum material


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>>879367750She looks like a homeless


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>>879368130Imagine the smell


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>>879368322good lord what a perfect pussy, anything showing her asshole or bent over pics?

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>>879367759Oh? And how would you plan to do that?

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Anyone want to talk about fat Blair’s exposure and get off to her?

>>879368130>>879368181Vanilla and coconut

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>>879368487wouldnt pull out for sure

>>879368487Ask nicely


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>>879368661oh man i want to stick my face in there so fucking bad

>>879368751wow gonna have to save her and jack it to her pretty asshole later tonight, i don't save much from b either


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>>879368679>>879368713She might be willing to oblige then

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>>879368856fuck those thighs

Debra H

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>>879368961They're so nice and soft

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>>879369161love those around my head

Gross HTC thread

>>879369304Would feel amazing

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>>879369475thick af