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>>879356824What does s/fur mean

>>879356973"straight and furry" porngfur is gay furrycub is juveniles aka furry kids

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>>879356824Loona Bump

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>>879357585And another...

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>>879357740And a third...

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>>879357782Last one of my waifu bumpage

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>>879357892your waifu has an std

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>>879358795Hi faggot

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>>879359020How are you darling?

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>>879357950We can share!

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>>879359950Thread needs MOAR LOONA

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>>879359201Would be better if I didn't have to work today.

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>>879360478I'm all out now sadly, have this instead.Captcha 4 THRD

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>>879360524We can't have everything we want now can we. Except if you are a cat of course, then everything is served on a silver platter.

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>>879357585>>879357740>>879357782>>879357892>>879359950Found a better version of her.

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>>879361615Nice furpattern.

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>>879361687I was thinking of something else.

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Well this is fucking great.I got a little cut on a finger and now that hurts whenever I bend it. Makes housework a lot more exciting.

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>>879362621Given that most people don't want to date transpeople I have a hard time seeing that a re/constructed vagina is better version though.

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>>879362889>I have a hard time seeing that a re/constructed vagina is better version thoughwhy would those guys think of themselves as worse.Those guys already think of themselves as women any other delusion after that is small potatoes.

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>>879363102What the fuck are you on about schizo. I'm just shitposting towards the fortune cookie user.

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>>879362889If you make it look more attractive, I wouldnt see why not.

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>>879363102uhhhhh what about delusions involving infantsand litle kidsyea fuck offfff

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Attached: when your sister is watching people make you run for your life 3fcdbe18ad792467581d65bf4e16efeb.png (737x592, 92.61K)

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>>879356824>Whygena comes back>Changes styleWHY THE FUCK, NOOOO EVELYN UNIRONICALLY RUINED FOREVERAt least Regie is the same.

alright, time for sleep...

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>>879357232"Furry" in the OP would trigger autosage.

>>879366728lol what? I gottta test this

shit's gonna die

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>>879367912shit feet

Can I get some mare pics? Love equine pussy.

>>879367912nice feet

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The furry days are over when I'm governor!


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well wed best make sure you can never run for major mayor in this town!

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>>879369068>that picYou just know

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>>879363631if the doctors could give me even a slightly believable dog pussy i'd sign up for genital mutilation today

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thats gross


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>>879369429awful, kill yourself


>>879369490no u

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>>879369429Based, dont listen to the haters.

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>>879369579enjoy being as bad as trannies, faggot

>>879356824fox spotted

>>879369668>dog dicks in porn is fine>dog bussy = badLmao

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>>879369787genitals in porn = gooddoing it irl and being a freakshow = kill yourself

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