I'm in love with my older sister, have done some things that I'm not proud of anons...

I'm in love with my older sister, have done some things that I'm not proud of anons... At this point I don't know if i fap to her because she is hot or she is my sister....

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Same shitty repost from an hour ago. Post her nudes or fuck off faggot

>>879356029you likely really love her in a way youre not supposed to. sorry user

>>879356029>>879356078incoming>>879356117i know as well, thank you

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>>879356029nah shes hot. keep fapping user.Also, you're probably not really in love with her, just physically/sexually attracted to her. Just don't Hapsburg with her and you're fine.You can even fuck her if shes down with it. Could be fun and convenient between you both. It's only sex. Just don't blow inside.

>>879356505He’s azn, his microdick wont even get past her labia


You know she belongs to the white man don't you Chan?

>>879356505I fap to her panties and nudes, took some creep pics in the past but never planned on actually fucking her. I don't think she is down for it so I'm just enjoying on my own. pic related: creep while she slept>>879356540based

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>>879356666>I don't think she is down for itAsk her, you'd be surprised.

>>879356627>>879356655dubs dont lie, she have many white and black "buddies"

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>>879356666holy quads>>879356755dont have the balls to ask her and dont want to lose the friendship we have.

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We’ll time to find out her socials and see if she has a brother or if this is another incel larp

I found a video on my older sisters laptop when i was in 8th grade of her sucking her boyfriend off. I put it on a flashdrive nd kept for awhile and would jerk to it. Eventually i became so disgusted with kyself that i deleted it and vowed to never think of her that way again. Now im in my late 20s amd the memories of it disgust me even worse and am happy i was able to stop beong so degenerate. I dont look at her at all the same anymore and instead just see her as my older sister

>>879356029Says incoming to nudesProceeds to post noneKys

>>879357197im in the same situation as you user but i have not deleted the nudes.... and cant even look my sister without remembering the nudes>>879357279

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>>879357399Your sister has immaculate breasts.. and those nipples! Savor them for a few more months, user then do the right thing - either lock em up on flashdrive and throw it in a safe or.. or delete them like i did. You'll need godspeed to escape from those lovely milkers

>>879357399>>879357642her breasts are beautiful... and locking it or deleting is the correct thing, I have tried sometimes with no success

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i'm in love with my younger half-sister... we didn't grow up together, but now we live together and even share a bed sometimes. we're very close, but she has a very committed boyfriend... it's constant torture and i don't know how to handle it anymore, i know i'm going to do or say something stupid eventually and ruin our relationship just like every other relationship in my life... no it's not a larp. i wish to god it was...

>>879357399Checked. Same here plus those couple of times where she was totally wasted, best nights ever.

>>879356785Is that you on the right?


>>879357894>>879357981i don't plan to be in a relationship myself, but it must be very hard in your position.>>879357987my got wasted during college, thats when i had to take the sleeping creeps.

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>>879356029Hello fellow incest sufferer

>>879357894Sexy. Tough situation i know although set yourself up with some goals. Ie try to go a week replacing her during your fap session with new and different content. Increase the time scale each time you succeed. >>879357981People fall in love with, fetishize and faen over incestual fantasies all the time its not new. Just keep yourself in check. Stop cuddling your sister if you want to break the spell. It has to make you absolute diamonds in bed when your with her.. set some boundries and try to be stoic when she acts cute around you. Remember your her big brother so she will inherently cross the line with you to safeguard her relationship with you

>>879358208i dont know, what makes you think that user?>>879358308fellow user, welcome to my humble thread

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>>879357197You can't take it back. You came to her.

>>879356785If you're the guy, I promise she'd at least consider being with you. He's seriously hot, and really looks like a man. No younger brother energy there

>>879358275Nice bush. mine is hairier lol

>>879358512not the guy, just one of her black "friend"

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Only 3 nudes on her whole phone? Stop holding back

>>879358391>Stop cuddling your sister if you want to break the spell.we don't really cuddle in bed, but the hugs are very warm... ...well, there was that one night where she stayed snuggled up against me all night and kept putting her arm around me, but she "doesn't remember doing it"... idk. whenever i bring the idea up though, she quickly backs away. :( honestly, that night was the happiest i've ever been in my life...>It has to make you absolute diamonds in bed when your with her.. it did at first, yeah, but now it just feels pretty normal...the worst part though is that she'll often start fingering herself when she thinks i'm asleep. i can hear the damn faint squishy noises and it drives me insane...


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>>879358508No, user please stop don't remind meee

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>>879358997Why? It's true

>>879358997the feels

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>>879357197You never think about it? Tell the truth.

>>879356029Can anyone remove the block? Let's see the whole face

>>879359324>>879359324on it

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>>879359230Yes it is. I am ashamed of my past degeneracy.. but i have since moved on to new healthier degen acts like watching porn and having sex with random women i meet online. I have repented >>879359268Only us fellow degens can understand the shame

>>879359520i'd fap to her too if i had all this

>>879356029How much older is she?

>>879359590Shame after, hot during

>>879359590>>879359643well thats me and im addicted to my sis...>>879359669she just turned 28

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>>879359672Like walking on the sun!

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>>879356029If never understood the sister thing.... Then again my sister is disgusting.

>>879359826keep posting i'm hard for her too

>>879359826It's like having that girl you can't attain but have known forever, best you can do is scrape lewds and fap. There's no future there so have as much fun with it as you can.

>>879356029nigga thats Daph39

>>879359826How old are you?

>>879359826>>879359877i understand what you mean user, its a disgusting thing but i cant help it>>879359906thats my current plan, just enjoy the easy source for fap material. have the used panties and nudes.>>879359945some similarities but nah, my sis is not on a level of ig model>>879360000nice quads, im 26

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>>879360201Have you ever rubbed her feet/tickled them?

>>879360201I had a buddy who's wife I was nuts for, stole lewds and used the panties when I could. Was cash as fuck, still fap to the lewds and memories of looking down her shirt or at her ass.

>>879358810>the worst part though is that she'll often start fingering herself when she thinks i'm asleep. i can hear the damn faint squishy noises and it drives me insane...Have you done anything to get closer to her when she does that?

Summer fags

>>879360282yes, but never in a sexual way>>879360346must be hard to steal lewds from her...

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>>879360647Describe it.

>>879360548nah, the slightest movement or peep out of me and i hear the snap of her waistband as she yanks her hand out... she only does it when i roll on my side facing away.

>>879360647I was able to get access to his computer a few times and scooped some good shit, the faps were insane for a while.

she's ugly and you're just her bf pretending that she's your sister

>>879358810It sounds like you have done a good job at dealing with it so far and youre not impulsively turning over and putting your arm around her or pretending to grase her privates while 'sleeping' you have control over yourself which is good. Again i eould create boundaries on sleeping together or in the same room if you want to rid yourself of such fantasies. Her fingering herself in the same bed as you is definitely a sign she is too comfortable with you or even hints at her latent desire to be caught or please herself next to you.. i mean you have to wonder if she is thinking of her 'big bro' while she fingerbangs herself. Very hot and proud of you user for not being a complete degenerate

>>879361069if its through your friend might be easier>>879361156sure user

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>>879361235believe me, i've wanted to, but above all else i'm simply terrified of making her uncomfortable or scaring her away somehow... i don't want to get rid of the fantasy though-- i want *her*... i love her so much it's killing me. like no else i've ever loved before in my life. i don't know what to do with myself anymore...>latent desire>if she is thinking of her 'big bro'yeah, i wonder about that a lot...

>>879356029you're weak and faggot.you either accept her as a lover or let some random person put his dick in her vagina ?

>>879361746>or let some random person put his dick in her vagina ?You say that like it's a choice when it's not in fact

>>879356029Show us your sister's pussy

>>879361746i wont be the one impregnating my sis

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>>879360346I am in that situation atm and to be honest it´s great, I fap to her daily

>>879361632Do you have any pics?

>>879361632Get her to catch you masturbating or place nudes to be easily found on your phone or computer guage her reactions and approach the subject to her accordingly. Being in love with your sister and infatuated by her cuteness and beauty are two different things. Have you genuinely distiguished your feelings between the two? Are you attracted to other women as far as relationships go?


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>>879362897Damn, I would love to fill your sister's pussy with my cum, user

>>879361632The easy way to do it is inviting her to see a movie and get her drunk. Play you cards right and you will fuck her.

>>879362897>>879363045not happening kek

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>>879363507OP, do you have a kik or Discord where you would like to talk about your sister? BWC here, love her so far, would love to chat about her or even trib her


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>>879362756...i take sneak pics of her ass sometimes. she has no qualms about lazing on my bed in her pj shorts and short dresses. i delete them pretty quickly out of guilt though...>>879362874>Have you genuinely distiguished your feelings between the two?yes. i've been in love with her for at least 3 years now... she is really cute, but i genyinely love her for who she is. basically a younger clone of me... it's crazy how much we have in common.>Are you attracted to other women as far as relationships go?no not really... i'm like 90% gay in the normal run of things, actually... i've only ever been in love with one other woman.


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>>879365107>>879365214my sis is pretty thicc

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more where under the pack


>>879365440you gonna keep going?


The LARP has ended for the day, come back tomorrow for the same thread, same censored pics

>>879368234also stop stalking random asian women on the internet you fucking loser OP

>>879368369Not the OP, I just see this nigger post the same thread every day with the same girl and the same question

>>879362252That’s why my big sis says we can only do pegging :|>>879362380I

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