Drawthread: Born To Die EditionPrevious Thread: >>879336654

Drawthread: Born To Die EditionPrevious Thread: >>879336654

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Beware of Cece the Jewish Midget Spammer>Harassed ena after she ignored him>Harassed snacks, wl and vy to draw for him after they told him no>Actually made vy filter him and then kept harassing them and trying to get around filters>Helped drive away ena from threads>Talks about personal information and private conversations in threads>Parades his deliveries around acting smug whenever someone draws for him>Preys on newfags who aren't aware of his history>Spammed threads as a false flag attempt for sympathy draws>Was caught changing IPs to samefag>Creeps on drawfags that happen to be female>Admitted that he shits up threads on purpose for his own amusement>Is an ingrate who ignores deliveries then goes back to requesting>Holds autistic grudges against drawfags for drawing pictures he doesn't like>Simped for Fernando after losing all his friends>Believes in a person/entity called "botfag" that is awake 24/7 and uses multiple IPs to do nothing but harass him specifically>Believes that nearly everyone in the thread loves him, and that any criticism he gets is from Dante or "botfag">Keeps requesting the same request even after getting a delivery simply because the delivery didn't meet his commission-tier standards>Keeps fighting with other requesters and trying to run them off because he gets jealous of them for getting requests done or if they hurt his fee fees>ehg's argument with them about cece always shifting the blamearchived.moe/b/thread/868665487/#868671227>thread where majik killed his egoarchived.moe/b/thread/876960709/#876970194>kay's commentarchived.moe/b/thread/877543060/#877547238https://archived.moe/b/thread/877547723/#877550037https://archived.moe/b/thread/877547723/#877552347>Lee had enough of his bullshitarchived.moe/b/thread/878855537/#878858858>Pretending he never got caugh lying archived.moe/b/thread/879062538/#879064297https://archived.moe/b/thread/879062538/#879064031

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>>879355198>nooo there's not somebody living in the thread 24/7>Is here all day to make every thread early to make sure this is at the top of every thread

>>879355167I farted.AMA.

>>879355263>Cece already seething

>>879355263Good. Midgets deserve no peace.

Requesting Mania asking user if he wants to see a neat trick, then slowly opening her jaw to progressively show more and more teeth, until she close it back with a cute gesture and adorable smirk.

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>>879355263Okay Cece.

>>879355198>>879355282>>879355334>>879355346>>879355348This is definitely 5 different people

Requesting this woman from The Fairly Oddparents having sex in this position.

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Requesting the character in the photo provided giving a blowjob to someone in 1970s American military clothing plus equipment (deepthroat recommended, but not necessary) for more information on the character: deviantart.com/mariiboops/art/Xinyang-Dixie-Ref-Sheet-908462447

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Requesting Luna from Earth to Luna! enjoying being raped by tentacles.

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>>879355475>>879355438>>879355432>>879355346Stop spamming nigger

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>>879355841Shut up schizophrenic

Requesting your character and/or any character wearing this shirt please. It doesn't need the pride colors if you don't want those.

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>>879355841>You cant post a request! it is spam! reeee!okay

I’m not sure what happened with the new pokes that seemed to unlock levels of horny unseen by even the furbait Pokémon, but /god damn/ I love it all.They draw em like they’re Monsters from MH.

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Requesting Nun Sku expelling the horny within me with a blessed fellation

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>>879355271felt good?

Requesting Tasque Manager facesitting an user with his nose peaking inside her anus

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>>879356079Dogfucker Johansson

>>879355438Not a Beejay, but...

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/r/ lewds of this little boy pls

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>>879356079draw the birb fucking a pokemon pls

ok last change for real tis time

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>>879356646imma bite that spicy lil pepperoni

/r/ edit her body to match Snooki's

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>>879357097why are you outsourcing your orgasms to the c list celebrities of 2009

>>879356838Ouch, leave his poor sausage alone user :'(

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>>879357145Wtf are talking about, I just need it as a body reference, not once did I say "ima gonna bate to it"

>>879357160I meant his nipple you doofus

>>879357426While that's still mean it is more acceptable. I will allow it


/r/equesting Gabriel wearing a reverse bunny suit and posing shyly

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>>879357871Here's my drawing from the previous thread so that there is at least one attempt

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>>879355167Requesting this dickgirl getting railed in the ass while cumming

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>>879355271Was it professional level? Or you just bringing amateur shit-whispers?

true love elevates people to their best and most happy. no compromises

>>879355263It's a bot

>>879358777and that's even if it is for a moment only. even if nothing ever happens.

>>879359054a fag...with a bot?

anyone do graphic design? logo stuff


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>>879360085Do you have a cat permit for that cat tower? It looks dangerously out of code. One lightning strike and you'll have a bonfire.

>>879361012Go away gubmit man, I do what I want.

>>879361012i left it in another dimension. i have to visit someone in another reality and bend spacetime to see them. i left it with them, but i swear i have proof. if not, let lightning fall. ill be fine! i promise! trust me

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>>879355167I went to HS with a guy who kinda had this style

>>879361585it's every other person who watched both cartoons and anime dude. they all look the same



>>879361750autocalculation said 2-3 from recent certainty p value of < 0.00008. nothing I'm doing seems to be fixing it

>>879361828go get a boat idk



>>879355167How can anyone deny that Ren is Scetic after seeing this gif? Seriously, does anyone else realize it or is it just me?

Requesting roped Babs sucking dick

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>>879362125lots of drawfags have like 30 identities

>>879362359only linear and milk are retarded enough to have that many

>>879362359Might have to check collages to compare style and characters

Alright chums, lets hear loli requests. Bonus if it implies a lewd act

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>>879362626Is that Cece?

>>879362626Lmao based

>>879362688Not every character with long hair is cece

>>879362626Thunder squatting with someone giving her a wedgie showing her cunny through her thong

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>>879362626>>879362793except that one, that is cece the jewish loli

>>879362828>he is here 24/7 waiting for the chance to beg for more artBotcuck

>>879362626Peni Parker on the back of a van stroking 2 dicks of boys dressed in furry fetish gear. (Puppy boys). She should say :I love your puppies, but where the free candy?

>>879362868Midget Seething

>>879362868Hi cece>>879362626Saved

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>>879362688No. Take a closer look at the nose

>>879362596Known scetic alts:kiyumikohatguymuslim ceceaugustcynthiafagteachiesand 2 or 3 other unnamed altshe is retarded enough to do it

>>879355167drawpile://drawpile.keiau.space/01g4b6503xg3z963jt1371knfrpass: orangecurrent board:files.catbox.moe/d6tu8u.png


>>879363141I know that's what you have, scetic


>>879363269That was all the proof I need

>>879362626Requesting implied fellation

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>>879363101nice canvas loving this one

>>879363278Scetic is in jail

the thread theme is "take your meds"

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>>879363306>>879362828Desperate botcuck

>>879363414being a schizo means having an open mind, being diagnosed tho means lacking protection from what is out there

>>879363664Seething midget.

>>879363664>Says the spammer

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>>879362626Requesting the daddy fucking the black loli

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hello thread

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>>879363664>>879362868>>879363736that loli cece really fucked his braincece is now turbo mad


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Botcuck is addicted to requesting

Jewish loli moment

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cece more like fece

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>>879363779>>879363736>>879363664>>879362868Jewish loli seething because he got blacked again>>879362626Based Pie.

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>>879363740Heya Terez, how's tricks?


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>>879362983august is me and only i am august but i am more love for... than august

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>>879363952i dont know who tricks is

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Requesting Cece fucking the pac mom

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>>879363414the 8th month always takes the horrible poison.

>>879364079Lying Jew

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>>879364079Midget seething

>>879364064It's old U.S. movie slang, I think maybe 70's. I think it was a prostitution joke, but also just a jokey way to say "how's things?"

>>879362626this loli furry girl being blackmailes

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>>879364079Seconding to spite botcuck

>>879364276>>879364079>Schizophrenia moment again

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>>879364079why dont you die tho lol jjk notrlly


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>cece arrives>thread goes from chill to shit

Cece go back to requesting the whorecat nobody cared then

>>879364582He's too busy smelling feet, crying about imaginary boogeymen and eating junk food

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in this world

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requesting a shota version of leslie with an above average sized dong but not huge

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give me proof and i will draw a request

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by poison i mean love

>>879365032draw armpitjob cato

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>>879365032draw yourself receiving proof

>>879365032"Bookkeeper" is unique in the sense that it is the only word in the English language with back to back to back double letters. There is your proof!Now draw me a thick oreo slimegirl.

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>>879365032What's proof?

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Requesting Darla Dimple giving an assjob and getting cum all over her back and butt.

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They will let scetic out of jail to kill midgetnigger. The CIA put a chip in his head and now he is a weapon designed to KILL

>>879365409Deciding, but add baby doll in too

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>>879362626blowjob with a loaded shotgun as long as my body

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>>879364582He gave up requesting her because milk wouldn't draw for him

>>879365032Please >>879357097


>>879365326you tell me>>879365197no you need to give it>>879365202gerastgraregraegaerer

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>>879365774i think milk not retweeting the verna he commissioned broke him lol

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requesting a lewder redraw if this furry

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>>879364565>cucked by the file size limit

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>>879366406Rare coon

>both named gooey>both dramacunts

>>879366504That's so insanely based holy fuck

Hi everyone. Some request?

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>>879366687>both dramacuntsexpand your post user. Why they are dramafags?

>>879366700Roadkill >>879366406

>>879365498Based, more the merrier.

>>879366700Cece as roadkill

>>879366755They know what they did

>>879366885lol, providing free art?


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>>879366924Free art made for the purpose of causing drama

>>879366504Wtf I love milk now

>>879366620lmao who keeps making these

>>879367103Not my fault doodles cause someone to spaz out

>>879367031lol niceThanks!

>>879362626Abby from Turning Red in this swimsuit but tighter.

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>>879366755Cece is mad because one of them provide based loli Jew content>>879366620See

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>>879366620>Israel flag bikiniKino

>>879367154Coon is cute._More req?

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i see you looking at me

Attached: clown.png (725x742, 71.01K)

>>879366406>you tell meNah, I just got you wrong. I meant to ask "Proof of what?" but then I read more of the thread and I'm guessing that you are pro/anti the EVERY SINGLE THREAD fight lately.& I don't blame you, I mean if I had a monkey in this circus, I might be bothered too.


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>>879367291Cry more lol


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>>879367283a cute girl flinging her bikini bottoms away saying "suns out, buns out!" it could also just be a bnnuy gril

>>879367291Am I having a stroke

>>879366620Now this is certified kosher

>>879367439Thanks! :]

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>>879367367thanks for the deliver

>>879366687ok Cece

>>879367678Does CeCe hate Gooey now?

>>879367752the Cece fears the based Gooey

>>879367678>>879367752I can kind off understand why you always try to retardedly frame cece of doing this and doing that, newfags might take the bait, but this?

/r/ him fucked silly in the outer wild by a werewolf with a massive dick

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mistakes into miracles lol. the thing is people who tend to compartmentalize mistakes as something separate from themselves and move around stuff with blame and things usually is the calling card of a bad person. everyone has a reason for what they do and everything happens for a reason. the willingness to see that is the key to making the world a better place. i was in the wrong place at the wrong time for all the who cares reasons. anyone who protects themself from any of their failures is weak, and it is your place to call yourself out on that nobody elsem i dont think it was a mistake what happened at the place with the flattery. in some verson of reality i grew sick after hearing news of someone'a engagement and literally shit myself to death. i was talking about that person at work for what i think is a good reason but it helped me realize a lot about myself. if i could know for sure, it would mean an entirely different world over for me and then some, and this world, and the next world. sorry if this is totally insane. in happy regardless since this experience let me know what it was like to feel that way for sure. even if it ends horribly. even if it was imaginary

Attached: fiie2uue28w88w8.png (1346x1464, 430.2K)

im so sorry i made that post please stop threatening my loved ones because i made a post on 4chan i really just want the drama to stop and my loved ones to be safe its not cool to threaten my boyfriend and his family because they know me on a 4chancece isnt actually a jew i never even said that and you know im not even scared of jews so why would that even be a thing i would sayalso i dont ever impersonate dante or post that picture of the rat pointing out a random post in dante that would be a silly waste of my time to repeatedly do that under user for lols and i really think that its actually offensive that you would say that to my employer and try to get me fired this entire ordeal with jim has really shown that i should just leave these threads forever because its actually negatively effecting my mental health and making me stray further from my religion i havent even gone to church since i started doing requests here and i honestly think its fucked up my head a bit and i need helpim so sorry i said anything please stop

Attached: drama1.png (281x216, 16.4K)


I think Gasm was completely right. Aloha!

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>>879368049The fuck was this?

Attached: wtfisthis.png (1626x283, 62.74K)

>>879368049coon i think you should take a nap you're acting like an insane paranoid schizophrenic right now

>>879368049are you a woman or do you have a "woman" brain like eggs?

>>879368075>a woman is a woman and a man ain't nothing but a man!that wasn't gasm, that was Brian Setzer

rin if you wanted to meet me in another country, or dimension, or timeline, or whatever, please tell me. i don't want the first time i talk to you again to be over the phone or whatever. ill go anywhere and if you stand me up, i probably deserve that

>>879368165coon, one of the few based drawfags calling dramafags out

requesting the two schizophrenic drawfags to seek help

how are you people doing?

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Attached: 1645710099199.gif (640x618, 1.4M)

>>879368165Who the fuck is Maurice?

>>879368412OMG SAME

Attached: biggger.png (838x909, 243.76K)


Attached: drama2.png (192x144, 9.96K)

>>879367474Here boss

Attached: file.png (767x865, 226.73K)

>>879368165>jim>maurice>alexLiterally whos

>>879368574dude just stop

>>879368574You ok buddy?


Attached: 1646416026509.gif (403x498, 1.18M)

>>879368414I vaguely remember him, was this guy from the looks of it?

Attached: maurice.jpg (331x485, 16.09K)

>>879368371Watching Inside with gf

Is Norric a dramafag?


Attached: amunnnng.png (558x592, 72.2K)

>>879368574hi friednyou ok

Attached: oh.png (367x353, 51.73K)

Why is august posting coon pics?

>>879368927that's probably a bot/plant. ignore em. mega sussy. federal sus. fussy

>>879368849not sure but he did use to mass reply to fucking everything and gives stupid explanations that everyone is a man and that no underaged users like fig exist

I need amogus not very sus pls

>>879369001He is very cringey at times.


Attached: 1645689027740.jpg (200x252, 8.37K)

>>879368849Sometimes he goes on long rants about dramashit


Attached: amunus.png (663x936, 200.95K)

>>879369048he's always had the feeling of a cringey zoomer. you can even see it when he's under user.


>>879369177He's based for calling milk a retard that one time

>>879369237>He's based for calling milk a retard that one timeArchive link? Sounds based


I totally get that it just sounds crazier and crazier. I am typing it with the total expectation that it is in favt dismissed. I hope nothing I've said has upset you or anyone else. Really and truly I only love you and I'm trying here to do my best to (very unfasionably) get over it as quickly as possible and move on, though that doesn't mean I'll ever be searching for love again.

>>879368990>>879368988i am very real please do not disregard my words its very importanti live in a drawfag prison. a dramafag runs my prison. in prison the dramafag tries to torment me. we can take away his knives by confessing, every day. In about 2012, i masturbated fantasizing about furry shota cumshots. it looked like that one tom nook nephew. in 2013, at ehg's wedding, i stuck my crotch in his ps3 because it kind of sucked. in 2010 shadow tried to fuck his dog. from 2011-2014 i fantasized about leading a furry army like dune, of mexicans or brazilians? that was dumb because they are niggers. in 2003, i played tag with a black man about 40-years-old. he reached for my crotch.

Attached: drama4.png (286x305, 21.32K)


Attached: t20.png (510x511, 315.54K)


Attached: woaw.png (417x342, 33.15K)

>>879369472Ok botfag

>>879369319this was me.>>879369382wtf that is not my art. it isn't s.h.i.t.t.y enough. i love my shit art. does anyone here have any clue who I am at all?

Attached: jf9e38ueuuwu.png (1346x1464, 143.96K)

>>879369382>played tag with a black man about 40-years-old. he reached for my crotchEHG kinda wild huh?

>>879369560yeah, I put copyright botfag in the corner for a reason

>>879369310YAY_more req?

Attached: file.png (582x607, 74.61K)

>>879369319>unnnh unnnh unnnh aaah aaaah aaah mmph mmmph mmph hukgukgukguk aaah aaah mmph mmph mmmmmmmmshe slipped into my DMs to send me this. I told her I wasn't you, then she said>oh sorry, I'm at the sex offender wing of the retard hospital getting spit-roasted, must have voice-to-texted you by accident, user. I think that was for you.

Requesting a loli tied up with a stick of butter in her mouth.

>>879369478poi lewds?

>>879369702someone holding a military-class squirt-gun not afraid to make stuff wet.

>>879369478Hey Fig, how are you doing today?

Requesting Cece fucked like this

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>>879367941omfg dude stop fucking replying to my posts dude like really i dont want to fucking talk to you after you told my boyfriend to jump into a vat of acid and then into a pool of water so the acid doesnt wash off properly like he would expect so he gets acided a lot more and dies because of it and makes me sadfucking cant believe you want my boyfriend to go into a body of acid liquid and then a body of water right after because you are aware that it wouldnt leave his skin and it would burn off all his skins and that would leave me with a boyfriend with burns and no skinfuck you

Attached: drama5.png (266x307, 17.28K)