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>>879348747HOLY FUCK KEK

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>>879349181Why did the American man spazz out

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>>879348867Jesus Christ. Can I find a soap that focuses on cleaning and not “I support the current thing”


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>>879349210>>879349232interesting stuff

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>>879349573Ito Junji collection.

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>>879349029fuckin kek

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>>879350285Why are they touching his dick, that's kind of gay

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>>879350715>>>/wsg/4550178if only you knew how bad things really are...

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>>879351193nice. except he did violate the prime directive... like all the fucking time

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>>879350398It's pride month.

>>879349204That's a YouTuber doing shit for attention

>>879351938Looks like TikTok. So it's worse.>>879350398Africans believe you can provide medical help to a man by masturbating him, becaus ethat improves the blood flow.

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>>879349204>>879351938>>879352068its nikocado avocado, infamous fat faggot

>>879349181>Oh fuck they saw meBetter pretend to be a retard to prevent punishment.


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>>879349232Reminder that Americans make a shitload of money by just being dumb guys sitting in chairs and putting a video of it online.

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>>879349259Some people here into 3D modeling stuff? I so wanna make Fat-Racers a reality. Basically a Mario card where you play fat Americans on mobility scooters.I need someone to make the models.This is one of three game Ideas that are currently sitting in my brain waiting for me to have time to do something with them.

>>879349384Typical nigress whore price.

>>879348747Granny got wheels. kek

>>879349010Now that's a website I'd pay a subscription to

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>>879352068Omg nooooo im getting rid of all my guns rifht away.Just after i shoot some libtards trying to take my guns but after that i swear im done for good


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>>879352394Nah, pride is only a problem if you are proud of being part the majority.E.g. being proud of being white is just cringe as fuck. We get it you got slightly lucky to be born as part of privileged races. That's not an accomplishment.

>>879352919being born is an accomplishment seeing as most folks is dead

>>879349307>interesting stuffIt's "Splatter Film" from "New Voices in the Dark", but 4chan doesn't allow me to post the link.

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>>879353231But all folks were born otherwise they'd never became folks. They'd just be aborted embryo or an ingredient for gene therapy. And tbh. The latter would still be a better reason to be proud of than just for being white.

>>879353329>but 4chan doesn't allow me to post the link.Take an image of it, muppet

>>879348747Happy Wheels!

>>879353231and yet 100% of all dead people were born too

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>>879353329actually he thought he killed his own father, and his uncle wasn't trying to kill him, he just told him to leave the pridelands... did the person who made this even watch the movie?

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>>879349232its called splatter film

>>879349029More greentexts anons

>>879348747Imagine the sound

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>>879349232This is fucking retardedly gay. Gosh damn I hate japan and their faggot ass cartoons, but moreso I hate the faggot ass retards that watch this nigger shit. Fuck you, queer.

>>879348900Chinese kid factory stress test

>>879348747Yikes. That actually made me cringe. I care for an elderly relative, and no way in HELL would I just leave her like that. What a douche.



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>>879349737Damn I want audio for this

>>879348867Whelp, just found mine a new home. I dislike chicken, yet have always respected Chick-fil-A for having the balls to tell em we don't like ya or want ya here, literally:)

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>>879348931wish we would have that shit in my country. also fuck you user

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>>879348931Get rid of teh Death Penalty. It's nothing more than legalized lynching of those who can't afford a lawyer.

>>879349232So why didn't it destroy the house roof in the first webm, if it's coming from the sky? Makes no sense.



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>>879353329he doesn't tell 'em. They think he's just a lonely kid and try to cheer him up. Then he reveals his story and they're like "what the fuck" and tell him he should have totally cared. That's like an important part of the story, this meme is retarded.


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>>879348883I still can't get over the fact than a male Elden Ring boss tried o marry his own brother, who was a baby.

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>>879355579I wonder how many (((people))) have tweeted his recent "get back to work" e-mail 'leak' at that tweet so far.

>>879349029This is the only good one.

>>879355042weird that you just threw out money....

>>879355382this generation is gonna be psychologically fucked

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>>879351625Fuck yes. White pride all the way!

>>879355700Thank you for your awesome contributions and terrific input, too.

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Imagine the US in 30 years.

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>>879355832>where do you see yourself in 30 years?

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>>879356335In the grave, hopefully

>>879355713Their money's no good here.

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>>879356506There's a theory that, since so many things in nature are circular and revolving, that your life is too, and that when you die, you're just born again into your exact same life, living it over and over for all eternity.

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>>879355382Looks like she has noticed the bulge

>>879355800Go fuck yourself, I'm an old phonefag who can't sit in the basement all day with a crusty battlestation because I need to hold down a job. Y'all are just here to entertain me between moments.

>>879355718Yeah first they had to live though the rise of the idiots since the start of trump's campaign. And then they were stuck at home for two years. No wonder you guys have a surge of right wing domestic terrorism.

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>>879355321It isn't coming from the sky - It's coming from a telepathic tree that can teleport it's branches

>>879357540Oh please you think voting republican is terrorism. Also>here i posted another Twitter cap. I am good comrad now?Kys mini tyrant

>>879349181I honestly can't wait for this faggot to die.


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>>879349210very spoopy animu. Once you get to this episode its very spoopy. The tentacles that smash them is invisible until you are targeted by the giant monster. Huehueuhueh.Japs so clever

>>879354753Lol. Wish I could find a sign like that so I can replace the word biggot with Faggot.

>>879357760>Oh please you think voting republican is terrorism.I think voting Republican is stupid. But being stupid is not terrorism. It's just the result of a failing school system.>mini tyrantWell I'm not a tyrant, politically speaking, might be that there is a little tyranny in my relationships, consentually of course but what I do with my wife is private. I'm not authoritarian in your two party system there is no choice that align with my political alignment.But the statistics don't lie, if you can't agree with that, well then> KysYou would definitely not be a loss to humanity.

>>879349849lmfao lost. Masked fucking retard sheep at it once again ......

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>>879350715Its really the thing of horror movies the type of shit we see here on the internet. Cuckholds are absolute scum, worthless, garbage, good for nothing but death faggots.That he involves his unborn into it just shows how deranged leftoid cucks are. Disguisting.The "pedophile-left" everyone...

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>>879358306I don't know about how mortgages in the US work. But right now with 8% inflation I would rather have an extra house on a low interest loan to rent out than the money on my bank.

>>879348917That looks like the screen my Nintendo made when I needed to pull the cartridge out and blow on it.

>>879356590AHAHAHAHA HILARIOUS !!! ... not. You disgusting fucking creep. I know for a fact that you look like a real pedophile incel. Never forget that you deserve nothing good in life, you faggot. You unfunny, creepy, little man

>>879348747He clearly put the brakes on, pressing down with his foot. What happened? When she got to the bottom I thought she might hit the grass and pitch forward out of the chair - but when she kept going and disappeared out of sight, I lel'd. I'm so sorry.


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>>879357540>muh drumpfgb2r nigger

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>>879349737So much emotion. This story can rival the likes of Iliad

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>>879357702Then what's this

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>>879349363Fuck, got me.

>>879349737This guy's so fucking retarded beyond relief.

>>879350229It's a shame the back of her head just barely missed the curb.

>>879349181I can't wait for this fucker to die

>>879355152Pedophiles should be lynched without layers I agree completely

>>879360842it's faked for viewswho's retarded now

>>879358292Literacy isn't your strong suit, huh

>>879350973Which game is this?

>>879351473This nigga looks like the fucking Guy Fawkes mask.

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>>879358732Says one browsing 4chan, shut your mouth and dialate.

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>>879349010Any sauce, I like. Maybe put in a poster...

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>>879349181IS he larping as a retard?


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taking bussy tickets for the chess game

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>>879356335Happily married to my crazy but loveable sweetheart, gently kissing her forehead as I gently brush her silver hair with my wrinkled fingers.

ja vet hur man aldrig förlorar i luffarschackyoutu.be/mpQ5M9h6SlU

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youtu.be/CNf8Aks8iKgvilse i pannkakan kommer hororna fejka skONská på

>>879361608I hope this nigger was left sterile.

>>879362243I'm afraid I've got some bad news for you bro

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>>879362270wow thanks I understand sweedish now

>>879362566You're just a butt-hurt incel.

>>879362673femcel please


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youtu.be/T7eGAixfeWI>mr bernadotte surrounded by the swedes sex industry- ROBERT GUSTAFSSON Ä SVÄRJES RÖLEGASTENS MANN!

>>879349737If I were in his place I would dig a hole in my back yard And use a bucket to scope them out and throw them in the hole I mean burying stuff it's one of the best ways to get rid of something And what is great about it tooIs that people would dig up whatever you buried in the future and it would probably become a valuable artifact from the pastSo it's a win-win for everyone

>>879356590Aight this just isn’t funny. I’m a seriously fucked up jigger but this just is not it bro.

>>879355042Okay, chud.I reported you to the LGBT enforcement unit. Have fun explaining that one when you're in a FEMA camp

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youtu.be/lcjFmZ6ve0Qkeep diz in or påcket until de sketsch iz done orr u R deddyoutu.be/pV__p0bsj8k

>>879348747Although faked/staged, I'd like to know what the source is from. Youtuber?

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>>879348867Is this not based as hell? I'm reading it as a thinly veiled version of "OK, groomer".

>>879348931Recurring criminals should get the rope regardless of crime

>>879349737I'm a plumber and I've been to a house where a kid flushed a shit ton of them down the toilet. $5k later it was cleaned LOL

>>879357540>right wing>vegan communistRly makes you think.

>>879358440need bio weapon research? this is your guy.


>>879362973You're going to die alone, forgotten and left to rot. The stench of your hideous carcass will be putrid and strong enough to make anyone within the block vomit and puke all over themselves.


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he died from a bum coke deal in Cambodia getting hanged from a chopper because of you faggot

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>>879358440why would you post a picture of a guys dick and balls? Are you a fag or something?

>>879358440geee Ohio gop took money from les wexner… the guy that funded epstiens island…Calls the other side pedosYou goddamn stupid bitch lol

>>879362123what errors are annoying in this pic piss off the creator

>>879363604I never get the lactose intolerance meme. A little diarrhea isn’t gonna kill you, faggot. Also, being an adult and using tummy is the gayest thong you can do.

>>879362991is it cake?

>>879365115i think there's spoon

>>879360481Artistic liberty so the audience has an idea of what's going on

>>879360481ur mom

>>879350398the real competition begins after you get knocked out.

>>879350285WTF?!the loser gets raped?

>>879350973is that roblox?

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>>879348747The free bird solo just kicked in while i was watching granny accelerate to ludicrous speed

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>>879352492>walmart racetrack>shart instead of bannapeels>no need for bullet bill, they've all been shot alreadyi like it

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>>879355800That's Hitler yes?

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>>879355718>The fire rises

>>879366226> Banner literally says they're a conservative news networkIts no different from a tranny linking a Buzzfeed article. Come on step it up guys.

>>879357540>Still seething after all this timeKek

>>879348931Dp sux


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>>879349181Somebody kill this motherfucker already

>>879366751>I don't like the source, so the statistics don't matter

>>879348905Pic for ants

>>879367431He's on it, full steam

>>879349181when he sits, frozen, staring for a few seconds with his mouth agape i just KNEW he was about to do something bafflingly annoying. And he did not dissappoint.Like just ask for help cleaning up. Don't do that retard shit where you act like your helpless

>>879349539Classic. I remember this from the times i was a summer faggot. Good times

>>879354206What are you doing on 4chon then? go back

>>879354270pull the plug on the old useless cunt

>>879365996it doesn't have the head shape for that haircut. even tho it has the shape of a 12 yo boy that gets beat up.

>>879349737Quel connard, bien fait pour sa gueule

>>879367512That's hate speech

>>879357540>Trump still living rent free in leftoids head

>>879348931Tbh the death penalty is a good way to save money on prisons


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>>879350229>female power !!!!! xD

I am 100% ok with troons assuming any of the listed things about me.

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>>879366226Source : fucking unreadableYou're a nigger

>>87936852411. I'm slightly unhinged and is looking for a somewhat morally justifiable excuse to physically hurt someone for sport

>>879362270Helvete dom där semlorna ser inbjudande ut.

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>>879369221You got it all wrong, this is a list of things you as a normal person say to a deranged tranny.

>>879369287Yes, but I'm also slightly unhinged and is looking for a somewhat morally justifiable excuse to physically hurt someone for sport, so there's that.

>>879369221Thats the best part. I don't even have to touch you. I just have to talk.


>>879369221More along the lines of "I don't see you as a human, so I really don't give a fuck what hurts your feelings."


>>879355718I wonder people like you with the same BS during the first polio jabs.

>>879368524This is a great list, I'm putting it on my fridge.

>>879369622>vaccine = (((vaccine)))

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>>879368524all of this, yes

>>879369622polio was actually killing people, you colossal faggot