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lol funny thread



Scrappy was just that annoying character with too much need for attention.

ummm i posted here like 2 weeks ago for a bit here
i was a bit busy but decided to say hi again
so hi everyone


hey welcome back
how are you today then? What's going on for ya ? Nice to meet you I'm Bard

lily is pretty

That's Nezi.

All he did was say "puppy power" and pee on stuff.

He ruined everything


who would do this

o.o -wanders over to you-

This is worse than "Zumi."

ah hello
ahh i forgot to use the name i used here in my first post >.<
and not much for me just calm atm nothing too interesting yet nothing bad
pleasure to meet you!

ah yes she is, plus i love her personality alot


I suppose better to be bored than bad right?
I'm quite Bard myself but oh well

Just got back from a meeting at work
that was a drag
but i'm hopeful tonight will be fun

I don't know what that is referring to.


Shut up, whorebag.

Most of Holla Forums.

It is another one of his abhorrent nicknames.

hi I'm new

Yeah, same.
Me too,

*hugs the pretty lily gently*

I think trebler is funnier.

I'm not a whorebag. Call me a pure maiden. bag. puremaidenbag.

why that's absolutely pitiful


It is not.

Cumguzzling Jizzrag.



Hey hows it going? Have a nice day? Sleep well?

I'll come up with something even better for you.

That's moving in the wrong direction.

mhmm it always is, sadly im a bit of a boring person but i try to be cheerful for everyone so i can be more enjoyable to be talked to
ah well i do hope you enjoy your night, its a really nice night tonight afterall

ah thank you, hugs are always nice and a way to calm or make another person feel safer or comfortable

Let's compare piercings and spread ebola!

You will not.

I woke up 7 hours ago!

do you make the best tea, sonata?

You're as much of a maiden as a tranny is a woman.

Do you have one of those plates in your lips too?

hmph, maybe for you
I got quite a soak on my way home I did

I'm all for a good shower but not while I'm wearing my good clothes





o////o -tries and hands you a cup-

i'm placid

and uh... stuff. ^ ^;

both ass cheeks too

Darwin... Darwin... Winny?

So at least I might look like one in some cases, and none may be the wiser?

That's so troll dude.

It has been used.

oh yes the rain an be a bit bothersome sometimes, well lets hope you dont get sick or anything from it
and yes that is a shame about your nice clothes getting wet but sometimes its just unavoidable right?

placid is nice and good
and stuff is always nice, since stuff could mean anything and everything!


clearly the answer is yes



Nah. It's like a pig pretending to be a bird.

I shall make you a nickname fit for someone such as yourself. And it'll be original, just you wait! Hmm... I'm trying really hard to come up with something better than darblin or darbler.

I'm not going to bed.

I have the discs on my ass cheeks too


I'm not gonna fall for this and say "welcome to my butthole"

That's not the only thing in your ass, fag.

ah hello how are you today?

well considering my name is tsuchi I'd be hard pressed otherwise

pun intended

lilly x hanako!~

they look so happy together... im jelly.

I just inject steroids straight into my microdick.

Darstar! Daddy D! Darbaby.

When hell freezes over, they too shall have their time.


Nah, man. Nah.

Fix those sleep schedules.


You know I've heard something since he started doing that. That it grew 20 times it's size.

I'll come up with something, I promise. It's gonna be one of those things where you'll forget, and I'll remind you when the time is right.

It's not even that bad!

yes :)
such a nice and happy relationship they both have, both are frail separated from each other
but together are so happy and safe and comfortable

Ah no matter
what are some things you're interested in? Care to share a bit about yourself?

Darby. Durben.

why would they be separated? ;~;


It will. It'll stick too.

It's like you've got the schedules all the other way around.
And you say it's not that bad.

I hope you end up in hell, heathen.

Pretty sure steroids just turned it into a wilted mushroom.

It's like you've got the schedules all the other way around.
And you say it's not that bad.

Oh wow, 8ch quality errors.

Well I'd love to stay here all night and argue with Lenko but I have panty bulges that need staring at.

Pics or it didn't happen fag.

Later, homo.


I have far too big a ks folder and too few opportunities to use it

-leans against you and sighs-

Heaven may have the weather, but hell has the better company.

I get by.

Fine Darby.

ah of course, that was rude of me to not say a bit of myself right?
well im 20yrs old
i got a cat, bi polar disorder, no friends live with my mum and pop pop
for hobbies i like anime, enjoy music like the strokes or interpol , i love to read, and i used to think costa rica was an island and not a land locked country until last november

ah i dont mean as they are, i would never believe that they could ever
just an observation fo a what if scenario

ah that is lovely to hear!
i only have like 20 lilly images i had saved up so i just use them and also i love lilly so double the reason too!


yeah, I've only got about 30 lilly.
rin, on the other hand

You sound like a pretty relatable dude
What brought you here?

Glad to hear that, I just think the whole being awake during night thing is a bit depressing.

Haven't heard that name in a long time.

-closes sore eyes and sighs...relaxing a little-


If you're a degenerate sodomite like you, sure.

ah she is really nice as well
i kinda fell in love with lilly since she was my first route

crippling loneliness
and well to try and ease my social anxiety by talking and conversating with people here i feel would help a bit
since i can go on weeks without any human interaction and im guessing that isnt a good thing

yes i love them they are nice to hear this is my favorite from them

No worries, I am awake because I want to, not because I can't turn things back.

sodomite, catamite, people call me many big boy words.

tfw Grim's mad at videogames and you just wanted to have fun and play some void teleport man



Yikes I
I got to give my condolences friend

It sounds loneley
but do you enjoy the introvert way?
I hope Your time around here is a good one and I hope you can find meaningful and lasting relationships

This would be my favourite from them.

Ah, well then.

i like you.
you are nice.
do you like me?

Best Katawa was none of them, what is wrong with you sickos?





do you think this girl is cute?

thats a man

Maybe if her chin wasn't razor sharp, I'd fear for my life kissing her

well i wouldnt say i enjoy it much but i guess im used to it so it doesnt affect me much negatively
but im trying to atleast feel human interaction so i can crave it and therefore actually try my best to want it

ah i love that one!
not interpol but another band i enjoy alot

ah well so far you have been nice but i cant really make a structured and confident statement towards your question
so ill answer it with im glad we can chit chat and get to know each other

Is that supposed to draw parallels to all of your "big boy cummies" comments?

do you think this is a cute girl?


Wish, where are you? I need a canadian to bully.

Grim's trap senses are tingling.




How do you feel about sleep?
Do you dream often?

What is your opinion of these two
fine ladies


That song reminded me of this one, since it's kind of a story as well.
Kicks in pretty fast once you get over the start.

cute pic

i desire to know more!
you seem happy~
who are you?




Oh, fuck you, 8ch.

i hope you are doing well!



I liked rin the most because she was troubled and artistic and abstract. KS is really weak in comparison to actual VNs made by people who make VNs as their job though.

I don't make those comments very often anymore!

I'm not a fag
I love beautiful women

Fucking queermo.

kawaii kawaii

Why can't I post images?

She also had no arms bruh

No arms




i dream of a day when grim admits that he faps to trap porn



-is feeling a tiny bit better. Still misses his kitty terribly but isn't manically upset anymore...just...numb-

It was just a cap of Grim's post saying he has a magic sense to find traps.

hmm well the very few nights i could say i get a good nights sleep i rarely dream, but one dream i remember is i was laying down on a ledge and i fall over , and also dream of drwoning but i almost died drowning when i was smaller, granted i dont remember it so it must be my sub conscious messing with me

ah thanks! this is nice, makes me smile! and i love how it just kicks in to full gear right away!
i found this band awhile back i love this song

ahh well im nothing too special just some bipolar 20 year old whos only friend is his cat, and spends all day listening to music and watching cat videos

I fap to asians and hentai mostly

Donc oui. Vous devriez poster pantsu maintenant. Et dites-moi comment obtenir ma voiture pour courir sur le sirop d'érable.

asian traps are aight




do you listen to nice music?

o-okay ;~;



Ah jeez far sight
You're gonna get my heart aching for ya

I apologize

Dreaming is one of my favorite things about being alive

IIt is such an amazing experience
I wish I could dream all the time but its hard to sometimes :p

You were close to death? what was that like?



i can't tell if chii posts memes ironically or unironically anymore

SFW stuff i can even post on that other board

ummm well i enjoy it
this is a nice song i like alot but it varies per day or mood

well like i said i was about 4 years old so i recall nothing about the incident but sometimes i wake up gasping for air or feeling like i cant breat, im not saying dreams are bad or unpleasant but sadly i got the worst luck with them
but no need to feel pain for me, sometimes we get the short end of the stick is all i try and keep my chin up most times

Glad to hear you like it, found it a while ago too.
That has a punkish feel to it, not bad.

What's a queermo!?


I love it
implied sexual is best sexual
in milfs

Tp it's not even friday

get off my dick

Yours is a face I'll remembver and hopefulyl we can cross paths again
I'm glad you can keep a chin up

anyways folks
early night
trying to bed i suppose

lol funny old jazz music
you like all that really old musics?

i like all the kewl new electronic musics!


A combination of queer and homo.
A super gay queer: a queermo.


G'night Bardo.

Is TP or Grim "the girl" in this?

im sorry sonata i hope you feel better soon, it sucks when shit happens like that


m-me ;;

We're Yuri~ lesbians~

T'as les dent longues, probablement les magie?

ah i enjoy your musical taste really nice songs!
i found this 4 years ago on youtube and ever since i have listened to it idk how many times

good night it was nice to talk to you

closest to electronic i like is this

-hides eyes against you and squeaks-

wow... you're sooo retro!

I think I've seen somebody else post that before.
You don't happen to post in 4chan nowadays?
Also mad props for New Order.
That blood part in the video reminded me of this one, I think you'd like this considering you liked Interpol.

I have never seen a thread be necroed like this.


find your charger,

D'aww. You're like Todd and Andrew.



Guys what haircut should I get?

I can't. I don't have a spare here.





Karthus autos aren't that bad.

Buy a super cheap usb to the 3DS charger.

ah its just stuff i have listened to in my life

hmm i lurked /ck/ but thats about it
ah that song is also super nice i enjoy it alot
i also enjoy some more updeat faster stuff like this
i used to now someone in high school who liked stuff like this and it rubbed off on me


I have decently long hair right now and it would be a shock at this point. I am working my way down to that eventually though. I like pic related but I can't figure out what it is called

I had like 7 wards down at once I wish Neru was here


Just got home.
My entire chest down in the front is shaven.


Oh well, could have been from the earlier time you were posting then.
So more faster stuff eh?

im sleepy~

You seem....lively...

Don't cut it and become a girl.

I thought he already was one.


Who says I am not. Don't enforce your gender roles on me shitlord!

i just woke up

thats what im doing

Its like a shittier version of Streelight Manifesto and Streetlight is not even that good.

well i dont listen to it alot but it is nice to hear from time to time
i do love his voice its nice!
i found this artist when i used to scrounge up songs from websites when i was like 14
and fell inlove with her

ahh im sorry to hear that my new friend you should lay down then, so you can rest


Tom tainted that band for me.

This late?

y-you too

Hes not you.

Prove it.

I thought you had like super short hair though.

But I already have long hair and you've seen it.

ive lost control of my life

sounds like urisk



Yeah, same.

You are awful.

its getting rather long.

i know

Pas sûr. Je suis gay, pas intelligent.


hopefully you'll be back in the future~
*snuggles teh lilly and hanako with you*

nini thread! :D

at least this long

Heya, thread~

He's gonna fuck that lion, isn't he?

How long? Mines long enough to go in my mouth.

Bastard 8ch. FUCK.

I still love ya.

ill try and do so !
it feels a bit nice to talk to others

Yep. Unprotected rectal coitus. Pretty sure there will be a dirty money shot to the fur.

Mission accomplished.

bye luka>>927299

But whats in it for me?

I don't even know what that is, but that's just like, your opinion, man.

Kind of reminds me of t.A.T.u. but that could just be the fact that they're both Russians.
That actually reminded me that this exists.

mine is long enough to cover my nose. im not at your level yet

thank you


I only state facts

Moogs, I'm scared again x_x

Hihi Grim. How was your evening?

how was yours you love me back...?

hehe it does sound nice
this song my grandma showed me, makes me tear up a bit because it reminds me of her but its a nice song

It'll be years before you can face me.

That's just like, your opinion, man.

Pretty meh.



oh.. wow..

dont you want to be cute!



Grim's just mad because he's bad at video games, don't listen to him

That's a classic.

Improve your skill and then come see me again.

I'm not sure honestly.

ah i band i havent heard in years, yes it is a nice song to listen to
for some reason i remembered this , the whole soundtrack is amazing


I thought vidya was supposed to be fun and not able to ruin somebody's night.

Grim takes them too seriously

Say it ain't so.

Holla Forums is great


That's a pretty great movie to be honest.


Elma will be daijobu.

It will not be daijoubu.

Wow what a faggot.

Right? Completely unrelated, but I start first day new job tomorrow

whats wrong

Th-thanks, Squashie

everything will be fire

yes its really nice
the remake was good too
plus i love that they did a twist ending since they expected everyone to expect the same ending really nice

This is not a place for you!

Oh, right on man. Congrats again btw.

You'll do fine I'm sure! Day ones are usually a boring paperwork day anyway~


I'm not even worried about the first one, but the second one x_x

And then I'm closing tomorrow afterwards lol

Still super nervous tho. Me and new things don't really get along

Then you better make space.

got nothing to worry about. its fun

good luck

Fucking die

ban im on the fence about streaming jojo since only like 3 people watch it

Wait, how many of my folders do you have?

Just think of the money!

mmkay. thanks..

I am but iunno if it'll be enough

I haven't actually seen the remake, maybe I should get on that at some point.
Also to be honest, I don't really know that much about punk.

Your butthole will not recover.

You only gave me Husky and Paulie.
If folder poverty is real I feel it.

Did you not discuss wages yet?


Well I've already seen all of it so I won't feel bad if you don't stream it.

I have, I meant enough as in... not a number value lol

i like the song because its more pop than punk
and yes the remake is great people give it alot of flak but it is a good watch

Then I am confused.

That I've noticed, but hadn't seen it.

Well if it helps you have more of my folders than I do.
I no longer have any of my folders. No backups either.

As in like... I don't know if the thought of making money will be enough to get over the new thing anxiety and whatnot

hmm well definitely a good movie to watch even if to just kill some time
well it was super nice to meet you but im starting to feel horrible now since im an autist and not too mentally stable so im headed to bed!
but thanks for talking with me! feels nice to talk to others even if it was just sharing a bit of music oh and ill drop in one final song thank you again

Forget folder poverty, this is now folder devastation.

Oh, I see.

I guess everyone's different x_x

To be fair I was not intending to come back at all after I left last month.


Why do we always come back?

I feel the same way, hope you drop in more often.
Also Joy Division is always appreciated.
Sleep well.



George asked me to.
Literally my only reason to still be here.

I blame it on your withdrawal to my intoxicating charm.

Are you agreeing or telling me to leave?

This seems like an accurate conclusion.

You are never going to let this go, are you?

No, I'm agreeing on your question.


I come back for the people.

The fact that you even have to ask reinforces its necessity.
Every day until you like it.

Now that I think about it, that guy in Far Cry 3 was right.

You know my opinion of you is the same as it has been. It's not like I dislike it...

Giving an angry, alcoholic proto1 hardware advice is scary

See ya in a couple weeks threaders~

tell me how it goes

I'll be fine I'm sure of it

he can keep my trip idc

If you're up around noon I'll give you the play by play ;3

cyu soon welmies

If you really wanna quit you gotta delete everything and not half ass it.

It is not like you dislike being a heterosexual conservative protestant white male.

"Did I ever tell you what the definition of insanity is? Insanity is doing the exact... same fucking thing... over and over again expecting... shit to change... That. Is. Crazy. The first time somebody told me that, I dunno, I thought they were bullshitting me, so, I shot him. The thing is... He was right."
See you Elmers.




but wow, using someone else's trip lol.

See you tomorrow.

What does cj stand for though?

Also don't forget to remove everyone off steam and other social programs.


Christian Journal.

Oh and make sure you tell some of them to fuck off before you go.

Burn every bridge

Sounds sticky

last time I took a 2w break I posted this

I knew it.
Do I have to get a vagina now for you to find me appealing?
Is that what this is?
I wonder how much it costs to get a vagina actually.

The one thread I quit I never posted anything in the thread saying I was quitting.

best way to quit is phasing out

almost did it in the winter

And when I quit here I won't say anything.


-promises to make better toast soon- :