Best apps in F-droid?

Best apps in F-droid?

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Yalp store :^)

shattered pixel dungeon

Termux, LeafPic, Mather, LibreTorrent, Orfox, Orbot, MuPDF. You need to enable the guardian repo for Orbot and Orfox. Sometime this week I'm going to do a leak check for android running Orbot and see what comes up - probably fucked by auto-update tbh

This is pretty fun.

Deprecated, install MuPDF viewer

k9mail, since mails are the main reason I use a smartshit.

It's called programs you applecuck.
Install AdAway, OsmAnd, Ghost Commander and Vanilla music.

Literally slow as molasses to redraw on pan, unusably so in my opinion


Document Viewer, Fennec, Firefox Klar, Graph 89, Hacker's Keyboard, KeePassDroid, Termux, Syncthing

fucking outdated.
literally years behind google play versions.
how do?

OpenVPN for Android
Overchan (fork)

>A computer program is a collection of instructions that performs a specific task when executed by a computer. A computer requires programs to function.
>An application program (app or application for short) is a computer program designed to perform a group of coordinated functions, tasks, or activities for the benefit of the user. Examples of an application include a word processor, a spreadsheet, an accounting application, a web browser, a media player, an aeronautical flight simulator, a console game or a photo editor.

Not in f-droid or this list:
Nice Russian free OpenStreetMap interface
All emulators in one, nice interface and performance. Also available for desktop

Slimsocial is better than Face Slim in $CURRENT_YEAR

botnet owned by the group

do yourself a favor dude…

newpipe is bretty good if you wanna watch youtube videos without ads, and dont wanna root, or listen to youtube videos in the background without buying youtube red
>t.not a newpipe dev or shill, i just genuinely like the piece of software


Newpipe is pretty cool
Another jewtube client on f-droid is skytube, which let's you 'subscribe' to channels without an account. Also, no ads, ofc

Really racks the old ringer.

that's great for the 3 phone's it supports

actually more than 100

The plural of phone is phones, and LineageOS supports more than 3.

NewPipe can do that too now, it's been able to for months

Remove the bloat from your phone and try again, or don't use a shit phone.
For me it's the most reliable app for navigation I have ever tested.

There is literally no reason why it shouldn't be smooth on any phone over 200$ which came out in 2017, stop making excuses for them.

Are there any Android smartphones that work without baseband chip?

Conversations is nice if you know people who will use it.
There's a group of apps with circular orange icons that are pretty good. There's a gallery, note taker, file manager, etc.
I use Amaze for a file manager because the orange one lacked recursive searching when I last checked.

these are good as well.

Anything that supports Replicant should work if you remove the modem firmware.

Can the subscription list be exported yet?

Both apps have functions to export their subscription and favorites lists, and they can import their own backup files as well. The backups seem to be sqlite databases, so one could try to get the data out of them to use in other applications.

Its a Moto E, it does not have a flashlight.
The app turns the screen white and puts the brightness at maximum, very useful.

Vinyl Music Player is really good.

They are all website wrappers in the end

No good rss apps?

NewPipe has a better downloader.

and also not really efficient, a big part of the screen backlight is absorbed right in the phone.

F-Droid version is too old. Download the alpha version from the GitHub.

Just use Dashchan

I don't see what conclusion you're coming to, because what he said is false.

Clover is better but i use dashchan (not bad) for this fucking site.
Why dashchan not in F-droid?

I like dashchan Webm is pretty good

Only good FreeSource Music Player on Android.

ddb2 can be easily "pirated" though.

b/c they don't want to spam f-droid with the chan plugins. There's an related issue on shithub.

Shit interface, no advantage over Vinyl.

Most importantly, it's not FreeSource Software.

Nice, don't mind me stealing that terminology.

I've been considering a term like this too for permissively licensed code. Unlike the GPL, the software produced from the code is not free, but rather proprietary, so it is misleading to call it free software.

I call it proto-proprietary software, because while it is not technically proprietary yet, its purpose is to end up as it and writing it is donating code to proprietary software vendors.

hmmm, let me check it then…

The sourcecode and binaries produced under MIT and BSD ARE Free Software.

The difference is that others have no obligation to publish the source, nor are they prevented from adding any additional restrictions.

As long as the release refrains from doing this, it remains Freesoftware. idk where you got it your information from but its wrong.

Wrong. Since BSD does not require making the source available, you can dump a binary licensed under BSD, which is not free software.

Then those other versions are non-free, the original is still free. Stop 'pretending' to be retarded.

No. Let's say Mr. B develops an application under the MIT license. He then compiles it and adds a download for the binary on his website. Users download what you are calling free software. Since that binary is free software by your logic, how do people use their freedom to modify the software. They don't have the source code for it.

Dashchan does not support Hispachan.

Look, if you're going to be retarded, don't pick something that can be easily googled to sperg about.

Like I said: If his binary is identical to the source version that's publicly available, it's still FreeSoftware. Otherwise it isn't

Vinyl is the best one.

I never said that Mr. B made the code public.

Why is it so hard to mirror the source code together with the binary?

Amaze is a great file browser, but native support for a lot of compression formats is dodgy as fuck

There's no good network file browser either.
Y-you could install termux and do it from the c-command line...



Does anyone else get the impression that the Guardian repo apps are somewhat carelessly produced? Orbot's log messages seem vaguely inconsistent to me every time I run it, it once or twice it changed the language of one of its dialogs out of nowhere IIRC, the release archive on its website was inconsistently named as well last I checked, and the description of the ObscuraCam app mistakenly refers to it as "Orweb," which I'm not even sure is an active app anymore. (Not to mention that they can't even decide if to use asterisks or trans-ASCII chars for stars in their descriptions.) Together, it kind of undermines the gravity of that Guardian project.

There's hardly anything wrong with shilling for libre software.

It's pretty, but I recently realized, by accident, that it identifies you by the "accept language" header. I would like a privacy-oriented browser to unify such data (which they already kind of have done with respect to UA -- they unified "Klar" and "Focus" in it), at least optionally. It's not useless if you Torify Klar.

The ultimately probably innocuous fact that it is apparently derived from a Google app notwithstanding, I hate the design pattern that locks me out of the application's core interface before I set something (ie. an email account) up. I want to check it out and look around before I blindly feed it my data. Much of my trust towards an app comes from judging the stability and literacy of its UI.

How did I fuck up my quotes so bad.


I wish I knew half the shit this thread was talking about.

Newpipe is my number favorite app on there.

F|L|OSS Browser is good, I use it along side my Yalp Store downloaded version of Brave.

I just wish Dashchan was on there or had a repo.

telegram, connectbot, termux, materialistic
those are ones i use, at least

Jesus Christ how horrifying

I use a bluetooth keyboard when there is an emergency and I need to use emacs / ssh.

use GNU Ring.

Dns66 is a pretty cool adblock solution for unrooted phones.


does it always do true gapless playback?
does it support ReplayGain tags?
does it do high quality resampling when the hardware doesn't really support the sample rate of your files?
does it do proper dithering when converting to 16 bits?
does it support less mainstream formats such as Musepack?

Has OsmAnd improved over the years? Last time I tried using it I couldn't even search addresses. It would only let me use cross streets which I then needed GMaps to look up. At that point I was better off sticking to GMaps for directions.

When will Dashchan add hooktube embed support? I'm not too concerned because I mostly browse at home, but when I am using my phone, seeing posts referencing an embed that isn't showing is annoying.

android is already botnet.

android per se is not botnet, it's just usually installed on shit devices and with (((vendor))) additions, but there's also LineageOS for example.


Lineage OS != Android

they don't support adding people by usernames
i'd use wire but it's shit with group chats

Except they do...

what's your point?

Panjeet rom is also botnet. Even if it wasn't it wouldn't matter since all cellular devices track you at all times.


is icecatmobile good?


so you knew about it but are pretending to not know? nice trollin' bro.

Airplane mode doesn't do shit user. Why is it that I can go into some remote area hundreds of kilometers away from any sort of civlization with zero phone service, yet I can convientely still call people for 'emergencies'.

Is anyone else using silence? Is there any better alternative to the default messaging program?


it's shit, a lot of bugs and outdated
use regular firefox

it first disables airplane mode.
calls cannot be made while it's enabled, this is not an exception.


I don't know why i have it. It's the most reddit genre behind yookale shit and 80s synth.

What about Fennec?

NewPipe, Yalp store, Twidere, FastHub-libre, Slide,Odyssey, Cythara, Firefox Klare, Orbot, I2P, VLC, USB Mountr, Termux and Maps

What is the difference between focus and klare? except disabled user activity by default

I only use OsmAnd and totally ditched gmaps, it's perfect and I don't even live in a populated/well-mapped zone

I use fennec and it's fantastic. Stopped using icecat because it was slow

No adblock :-(
You can post a screenshot?

Yes, it does. It turns off the antennas in your phone. Said antennas cause interference and introduce noise to readings in several specialized equipment (back in the day planes were susceptible for this, hence "plane mode".)
You can easily check this by placing your phone besides a big speaker and then making a call. If the phone is not in airplane mode, you will hear interference in the speaker. If it is, you won't hear anything.
You can't. You can only call emergency numbers in the US and Europe because they put special infrastructure for emergency calls (and even then good luck making that call if there is, indeed, zero phone service in that area.)

uBlock Origin works. Too bad Fennec doesn't have an AMOLED theme.


How is Fennec different from Firefox?
Does the owner need me to whip up a new logo? His looks awful...

this tbh

They take Firefox and remove all the "nonfree" code (Pocket, Telemetry and EME support.)
It's like IceCat, the difference being that GNUzilla is more sensible and forks the ESR release, while Fennec forks the regular release channel.

I started to make one before realizing that it's an official mozilla logo and they don't do the flat icons. is free software

I have even contributed to OSM recently, correcting my whole quarter and adding details to the city

it's still botnet because it reports to servers


Klare is just the name for Focus in Germany.

I know it's datamining thread, but who cares.

I think you can be a bit more pedantic and pompous if you truly put yourself to it. Keep practicing.

Wow, it's even better than Odyssey

MicroG is pretty cool, it replaces Play Services with libre software. The repo is:

Go to Settings->Repositories->+ to add it.

F-droid is an app store for Android that contains only free as in freedom software, you can download it here:

Okay, I checked it, not your post, the Fdroid repository. Packages are not compiled and signed by developers. And there is no way to prove their authenticity otherwise. Seems like an outright honeypot to me. Dumb noobuntuers "yay, we fucking love package maynagers wazing wo-hoo! ding!" thought this was a good enough idea. Let me explain what's wrong: when I use a distribution like Debian, I trust it's developers with my whole system, therefore I trust them with modified software packages they ship. When using AUR, which is an exactly what Fdroid tries to cosplay, I import every developer's keys prior manually, unless I want myself to be rused by random highschool hackerman.

It's a real good thing too seeing as how devs could just inject whatever shit they want. It's signed by the repo. Source:

What is going on with the influx of retards into Holla Forums recently?
People that insist that web browsers are "leaking IPs to web servers" or that the guy saying MIT license isn't freesoftware because it's not copy left.
How about the retard who thinks he needs to re-license his publicly avalible GPL program as proprietary in order to sell it for money.

Why is Holla Forums flooded with gypsy niggers making 20 posts per thread?

Yeah. They're called "tablets".

Unfortunately Osmand isn't useful day-to-day for those of us who rely on public transit in many cities. I'd love to ditch all things google for good, but I don't really have the option to not use google maps unless I download the schedule PDFs of all 189 bus and train routes in my city and manually work out connecting schedules. Even my city's official transit app is just a google maps wrapper, and every single transit schedule app on F-droid does not support my city at all.

Though I do love and heavily rely on Osmand when travelling. That offline map functionality is just glorious. It's saved my bacon more than once.

A-fucking-men to that! There's all too many real-world examples of developers (particularly on the Play Store) selling out to some random Chinese data-mining company, and those Chinese companies pushing out super-sketchy updates since they now have the signing keys. Chinafire selling SuperSU to CCMT, anyone?

I'll take F-Droid's "we repo devs compile all, we repo devs sign all, we repo devs are god" approach over the fucking Play Store's "lol, feel free to sell out for a quick buck at the expense of your users" bullshit anyday.

Wait, what am I going to use now if supersu is niggered ?

Its been fucked for at least 2 years at this point user.

See above. Fdrod has Telegram with proprietary dependencies and no one gives a shit. Comparing developer's redistributable files with your own compiled binaries and then signing the original would do the job just right. This way package manager ensures that files are received from Fdroid maintainers, and user-controlled key storage ensures that they were not modified by non-developers.

Are you from 2010? Few recent tablets come without LTE. Only option today is hot air blower and steady hands.

All cities that have botnet transit planning apps already have a clockwork-like schedules, you won't loose much by waiting few minutes at a bus stop. That's from my personal experience.

This is an utter abortion of a sentence

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Go read the description on F-Droid for Telegram. I quote, "Several proprietary parts were removed from the original Telegram client" etc etc. The version of Telegram on F-Droid is specifically described as replacing binary blobs with forked sources that replicate those blobs functionality, or removing functionality entirely if alternatives to blobs are completely unavailable. Aside from using Telegram's closed servers, the Telegram client on F-Droid does NOT use proprietary dependencies.

Show us on the doll where F-Droid's maintainers touched you.

Yeah, this is just completely wrong. Thirty seconds on amazon will pull up a shittonne of recent tablets without LTE, at all price points.

How the fuck is that supposed to help with figuring out CONNECTING schedules? Do you have reading comprehension issues? My city is just a little on the large side. When I need to figure out how to get to some place I've never been, I need to plan out a multiple-stop route. Waiting a few extra minutes at a bus or train stop won't do jack shit to accomplish that. Bad weather can screw up those "clockwork-like schedules" pretty easily.

Does anyone know of an app for twitch that can popout videos? I found newpipe for youtube but couldn't find one for twitch.

Just use your roms su binary.

what if there's none (you know, not all phones are sold with LineageOS preinstalled), which one to use for the initial moves (to be able to install twrp and finally swap "rom")

Irrelevant since you are replacing it anyways, even chinkshit will do.


Blokoda, stop ads befor they even reach your phone. Works for some shitty games ridden with ads

I2p, I scared the fuck out of my sister with it, shared a spoopy video with the tv she was using, great for pranks on people who don't know about I2P prolly like 99% of all normies know nothing of it

Ouroboros seem extremely fast, at least 3 times faster than normal browser not to mention its open-source, im not joke its fast as fuck

You shouldn't play pranks on senior citizens

You have no clue what your talking about, all my sisters are under 50, nice try

dead app

Not dead if I'm using it, come at me bro

dead meme
i prefer dashchan



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Fuck your promotion of a non-free!

Paperlauncher is pretty sweet

KISS launcher is perfect

Did they finally fix widgets not working / not updating?

I'd take the molasses over Google spying any day!

I use it as an app searcher: lineageOS standard homescreen and KISS binded to the long pressed home button.
Never activated the widget, the mere fact that it exist defeats the purpose of KISS to me.
The only feature that I really want is a grid visualization of the apps, if they did that I think I'll move only on KISS itself.

Barcode Scanner
Hacker's Keyboard
Yalp Store

It's good and all, but I remember having some issues with it, which was solved with Flym.
Pretty much the same app, honestly.

What's the difference with Tachiyomi and Perfect Viewer?

widgets do work, you just need to restart KISS after you add them.

Not him but I'm not seeing the source for perfect viewer, its certainly not on f-droid. The difference though is that Tachiyomi lets you search and view many different taiwanese comic book sites. You can use it to batch download from those sites or just use it as a reader for those sites.
Also I recommend TachiyomiEH instead, it supports more sites and the builds don't break with every update like the one on f-droid does(it can auto-update from github instead).

Actually looking at it, I don't think TachiyomiEH will be necessary anymore once f-droid fixes the build for 0.7.0 since the non dev version now supports plugins. Avoiding gayhub would be nice.

Anyone else have fdroid crash every time you try to install cameraV? Happens to me and can't install it

Do you know if there's one person or organization behind the "orange circle" programs? I'd love to donate to them. I use their camera and gallery on an almost daily basis.

Read the app description on the download page


Yeah, I considered that I could have just looked it up when I wrote it but I wanted to keep the conversation going.

Fuck MuPDF. Document viewer is where it's at.

IzzyFDroid has a lot of nice apps

Any good browsers?

Lightning Browser

The only problem I remember having was to import the OPML file, with Flym and SpaRSS.

Besides Tachiyomi I have only used OpenManga. I changed because someone told that it had some nice plugins, and I just discovered that its only in the dev build
OpenManga also had only a few English sources and a bunch of Russian

Same story, but with mi manga nu, now I'm using tachi

So I checked it.
It doesn't even support Musepack format, which I use for phone listening because it takes less battery than most of the other and is really good.
Re-encoding whole collection just to test a player which, as it looks, is likely inferior? Nope, thanks.

Seems like solid FOSS replacement for Rocket Player. Thanks for the recommendation.

You could just re-encode a few select albums, you know.

this would be unfair. I won't detect if it has got any bugs specific to such a big size of the collection.

Is there a way to clear the currently playing list in Vinyl? I can remove a single track in it, but find no entry to clear all tracks.

Also, can it download album covers?

Testing that didn't pass my mind. How big is your collection?

last time I checked, about 30 days of sound

Holy shit are you me? I find that vanilla is pretty good but its just using the native android api's so I don't know if it supports musepack. I can't follow what you said you were currently using though, so I'm not sure what you were looking for in an audio player.

ddb2 on android, foobar on desktop.
unfortunately, haven't found anything that ticks all the points among FLOSS. maybe I will make one myself eventually, but this is far from an easy task.
I'm looking for support of most useful formats (and not only the mainstream; this is not hard if decoding is delegated to ffmpeg btw), maximum glitch-proof (not possible on mainstream operating systems because they are not realtime, but it should try hard to never glitch), DSP support (including convolver, good resampler, crossfeed, etc), replaygain support, and everything one would expect from a music player.
ddb2 doesn't meet all of this but it's close.
foobar2000 is almost ideal, but it's not free as in freedom, and it has a couple of stupid limitations which are too hard to explain for those who aren't using it for 8+ years or so.

that sucks

I was about to complain about gapless playback but it does seem to work so far.
Thanks for the recommendation.

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FasterGPS and NTPSync

From the dev's site on both fasterGPS and NTPsync
"IMHO there is no need for this app on newer versions of android

Using foobar2000 for more than 8 years, genuinely interested in the shortcomings you mentioned

android was a mistake

I like orgzly.

Don't your bus stops have a list of all buses that go through that particular stop, with all the stops they individually go through? With that, you don't need all those PDFs because you know where to go.

it's not OS fault you dinghole
nobody stops one from doint it in sub-500kB

it cannot do any DSP delay compensation when converting (that is, if I use a filter which has a delay, there's no way to make foobar2000 compensate for it) this results in wrong resulting records lengths and/or misplaced track transitions. the only practical way to combat this is to not use DSP-effects with non-negligible delays. (unfortunately, not all useful effects are possible with near-zero algorithmic delay)

converter's behavior for DSP restarting is really limited; it either treats all tracks as completely separate (thus potentially introducing discontinuities) or treats all selection as one continuous record (doesn't make any sense for converting multiple albums in 1 go; especially given the previous problem); I need to select each album separately to have the desired results.

there's no way to paste items to playlist at the end using only keyboard; I can only paste before the last element. "solvable" by having a dummy silence track at the very bottom.

there's no way (even with add-ons) to let it feed a few seconds of silence before starting to play a track (but not do this on automatic track changes), I have to manually add "silence://2" to the playlist before the album I want to play and start with this. this is needed if the selected output method for some reason may glitch for first seconds, a very common thing actually, especially with wine.

it doesn't save nothing if it is killed abnormally (crash for example), it's a PITA if you forgot to manually save your playlists and settings and crashed it (that is, gracefully quit it and launch again) and crashing it under wine is 100% possible.

IIRC, functionality for editing/adding/viewing embedded CUE sheets is lacking but I haven't seen files which use it for a while as I got rid of them in my collection.

it understands UTF-8 CUE sheets only if they have a BOM (that's really stupid for UTF-8 as it's byte-order neutral by design); if there's no BOM, it will interpret it as some other encoding, often displaying garbage.

it can't read CUE sheets with precision greater than 75 fps (as in CDDA), but almost no player does…

when converting to 16-bit, the dithering is not configurable; it's either on or off, and the amount of dithering is almost too excessive. one can prevent harmonic distortion with a lot less added noise. it's okay for listening anyway, but excessive noise, even when not heard, leads to worse compression efficiency by subsequent compression.

random playback is quite limited; one can jump to a random track, but not to a start of a random album. (possibly solved by addons but I rarely need it, so I don't feel like increasing attack surface only for this)

level matching is only possible by putting ReplayGain tags inside files; there's no way to do it transparently on the fly (automatically scanning files in background as they are added and storing it in a separate DB)

I use one of these.

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Really fucking good, just downloaded.
watafuk man


Still not a proper keyboard

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Holy moly, thanks for that effortpost.
The thing with the silence before track play start has been driving me crazy!
Many thanks for the tip with silence://2
I actually started coding a music player with a coworker just to get this feature.

Also with the pasting songs at the end, noticed it too.

I guess it's kinda the effects of getting spoiled. being with foobar for so long only get's us started on the shortcoming, but any other player pales in comparison to the point of being useless in the shadow of the dependable colossus that is foobar2k.

That's even worse than a virtual keyboard

oh yeah

Before I roll my own, what is the absolute best text editor for Android with FOSS license?
minimal requirements:
1) Up-to-date look and feel ("material design", native to Android 7.1)
2) stable, never crashes
3) can save&load both to its own private data folder (inaccessible by other apps) and to any other place on the filesystem
4) small APK size, no botnet features
5) can accept text from other apps via implicit intents

I tried a few from F-Droid and each one failed by several of those simple points. Yet I know that it's really easy to do them right.

It doesn't satisfy your requirements, but Emacs in Termux is perversely much better than you'd expect. It actually has basic touch screen support. I've used it to write non-trivial amounts of text.

Can it be trusted?

wtf is that

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Installed it, realized there's no way to see if an app is free software or proprietary, uninstalled it.

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you need to go back to reddit

>basic touch screen support

Any good free software keyboards beyond HackersKeyboard and AnySoftKeyboard?

Use nano instead if you can't into exporting enviroment variables pleb.
Use CTRL+x to save and quit.

usbOTG connected keyboard+mouse or nothing. The OTG converter costs like 14$, what's your excuse?

muPDF is non botnet atleast on desktop. So it would be better to use their libraries on android atleast.

simplemobiletools = one pajeet learning to program in pajeetscript. It's nice he keeps it opensource atleast.

Pick one.

Use orfox and force it to not use TOR and use a VPN instead. It still pings the search engine you have set on pressing the adress bar though. I don't think there is a non-botnet webbrowser for android. Someone really needs to port GNU icecat or palemoon to android ASAP.

Unless you're running a non cucked OS such as copperhead on your phone you cannot trust that there isn't a backdoor that can send 4g traffic without you knowing.

If you want to block all signals buy something like this:

I have one myself. Works good.

GNU Icecat is on Fdroid

Lineage OS version

Firefox is the most feature rich and customizable browser. It may be twice as slow as your average webview browser, but it's better in every other area.

Untrue, Quantum is a considerably faster than chromium, I even went out of my way to test it myself, although I currently use ESR, which is admittedly really slow, but more secure (it was never affected my specter/meltdown), customizable, and doesn't have pocket botnet.

wait I'm retarded, it does have pocket botnet.

you can delete the xpi and others from the /features folder and make it read only

I'm missing the "rename" utility in termux. Not the util-linux one, the perl one known as prename. How to get this in termux? Installing Perl didn't work (like in Debian).

I'd rather create something new than reinvent the wheel.

Brave is the best mobile browser

Off topic.

On topic bitch. Fite me IRL fgt

Barcode Scanner
Ghost Commander

I'm using K9 mail for email which is fine, but my boss is pushing for us to use html signatures in work emails which K-9 doesn't support. Any good alternatives? I'd rather not install the GMail app if I can avoid it.

What makes Vinyl so good? I've just used Vanilla player because it supported white-listed folders. A lot of players either lack the feature or charge for it. (It also added re-scanning for songs which is great when syncing songs via Syncthing from my desktop.)

What a strange cat.

I was referring to the android version. On desktop I can't tell the difference, but Firefox does score worse on some benchmarks.

Orbot and Orfox are steaming piles of pooinloo.

nice try CIA

Brave is the best option for normies, just install and go.
But I like how AdAway works in the whole OS and gives me freedom to chose any browser.

Before Quantum FF was unusable in my phone, but it performs very well now. And that's impressive considering it is a four years old budget phone (Moto E). But I still use Jelly most of the time.

Document Viewer use MuPdf to render PDF and it has other libraries to render more formats, like XPS and epub.

It does more than just block adds you kike


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whats the best open source file manager with otg support? solid explorer is probably the best but i want one that is actually foss

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Bitch I've got a VPN that nukes ads, pi-hole to stop them at layer 3 before they hit my network. adaway to block it on my device and deny outgoing traffic, and brave to block it from requesting on the 3rd layer and hiding any on the 7th layer

Try selling me nigger dick enlargements now, Joogle.

It was so good. Why did they give in?

did they change devs? i think they were always chinks, so it was just a matter of time. back when the old es explorer was still a thing, an user found out the app phones home to china so that was the start if the app becoming adware. normies still love that shit though, i dont know why

What soft keyboard are you guys using?
I was using Hackers Keyboard but the creator hasn't updated in awhile now and the English autocorrect dictionary is no longer on the Play Store OR on F-Droid and has not been for months now. It seems to have been abandoned.

I am currently using AnySoftKeyboard from F-Droid because it has an English dictionary built-in with some Terminal functionality BUT my biggest caveat is that it gas no function keys like HackersKeyboard did and my autism demands a keyboard that can do everything I could ever potentially need.

if any keyboard can replicate the flawless swipe-backspace of gboard i will switch to it immediately

I hear Gboard feels very bloated. I would rather just use a minimalist keyboard that's open source and does what I need. The last thing I want is more Googleware on my phone

Amaze is probably the best file manager out there

it has a built in search bar now which you can disable, and a built in gif searcher too but in my phone it still feels fast

Its 2018, you don't need HTTPS everywhere anymore

Become a mobileposter today.
Because if you have google play services and google apps nuked from orbit, and you should, this is the only other GPS app.
OsmAnd+ is SHIT so sometimes you have to niggerrig an "address" by using GPS coordinates.
M-muh minimalism weather.
Blocks ads except when it doesn't.
You can't learn Japanese.
LARP as a STEM student.
Read everyone's shit SSID and keep pumping more Tx power in your router until it dominates the local spectrum like the six antenna Chad it is.
All of the real apps that FOSSniggers can't have.

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Does it actually play vinyl records?

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It is ancient, Apollo used to be the default in Cyanogenmod.
You should try eleven, its the default of LineageOS and it was added recently to Fdroid. The only problem with it is that the devs seem to suffer from the same illness that the GNOME people do and it has very few options/configuration. (All Lineage apps are like this)
There is also Vanilla Music, very nice simple player. It has a better metadata reader, as my library didn't became a mess like it did with eleven.

Holy shit for once a music player that isn't hot fucking garbage. I've been using Hikkiplayer until now but it's only on the Google Play store, not f-droid.

Hikki still has a cuter icon though.

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nah, apollo is like winamp, if anything it could use less features

Fingerprint protection and script blocking

I recommend Maps (the one that just has the letter M for the logo) searches stuff quickly unlike OSMAnd which takes forever to search and when it does, it's the wrong thing

Does it do GPS navigation for the car or is it just maps?

It can do car, walking, cycling and train navigation. The only shit thing is that it only gives you one route to the location, doesn't show any alternatives unless you add stops at different points.


guys how do I compile real executables for android
don't care about apps, I want real control

It's that easy! Why doesn't everyone do it!?

Install Termux and then install GCC like you normally would

You don't need to root your device though you retard. The problem is Android for security reasons installs its apps under its own user. That's what Termux is for, it basically creates its own root with its own package under its own user, like a chroot but not really.

Prove it nigger.

Just install Termux. It doesn't require root and it runs native binaries.
You can install a toolchain and compile your own binaries once you have Termux, but Termux itself already depends on the ability to do that without root to run at all.

what's the best antivirus for Android / lineage OS ?

Is it a free and outdated version of like fdroid's version of Telegram?

is this bait

No, it's most likely to be a refu/g/

So are you dumb enough to not stop malware, or more likely you're goddamn kikes, and your jewery won't work on me.

This is bait.

Orgzly and syncthing, it's a nice combination.

m8, I know of the meme that Linux "can't get viruses". That only exists since most broad viruses target the largest user group--windows. There are still viruses for Linux, and especially many broad/generic viruses for the Android version of it.

I am not like you with "nothing to hide". I protect every device I have on all 7 layers of the OSI model. I wanted a recommendation for to help with Android / Lineage since many I've tried have done much more than block viruses. They are what you guys would call a "botnet".

How do you protect the session layer? Delete your cookies or something?

Viruses are mostly an OS design issue. Android generally speaking doesn't get viruses because every application in Android is installed as its own user. You can't spoof Android applications because the APK has to be signed with a unique signature to even be installed (lest you get the "Package appears to be corrupted" error) because package signatures are how Android determines wither or not the application is already installed. You never even hear about modern Windows getting viruses because Microsoft learned from their mistakes (there are viruses that can disable the Windows anti-virus services but they need to be installed and executed locally first)

Seriously. How do you protect the session layer?

Nigger I don't know. I wasn't even directly addressing your question, I'm not the guy you're replying to

Shit nigger. Just say that.

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use encryption and authentication to prevent session hijacking aes-256 gcm works great

or for what you were suggesting, yes just delete the "crumbs", do not allow certain things (or anything) to write there, and only allow certain things to read it.

Thanks man.

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Well, I've installed a custom rom (Linage OS) and disabled certificate checking with Lucky Patcher to enable my...ermm.. unapproved apps.

Google won't datamine me, nor will they protect me with the antivirus they put in Android.

In short, apps can be spoofed, and I have some ones I've done myself. However, I don't know how to only disable certificate checking for certain apps

NewPipe is great, im glad you can turn off all the recommended shit.

wish it supported hooktube

It does support hooktube you retarded hooknosed kike.
Go on hooktube look at the embeds
Go on newpipe look at where it gets its video
They are the same thing.

If you have a decent device Lineage has SELinux enforcing by default

Can we extend this thread to FLOSS programs which aren't in F-Droid?

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No, you fucking idiot. The most profitable targets are servers (Linux dominant), critical systems (linux dominant) and smartphones (linux dominant). Desktop computers are irrelevant. Linux is just secure by default and getting malware on it requires the user to allow it's execution manually through a super user permission. Getting malware on windows is easy because it's an insecure platform by design.


You fucking buffoon. Those are targeted attacks. Broad attacks are most common on Windows devices.

Because it's easier to make malware for it since it's full of security holes.

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how is an image library susceptible to vulnerabilities? all imagemagick is doing is either reading raw bytes, inflating bytes into raw bytes, or decoding bytes. how can it have nearly 400 vulnerabilities?

That's not exactly comparable, as Android and Linux are FOSS, and most people find security issues in it through code audit rather than in practice. It doesn't necessarily mean that they are buggier, but that it's easier to expose and fix vulnerabilities.

Makes me wonder aswell.
I think it's just susceptible to be patched to include maleware in it's libraries, since this happens often.

and that's just for last year

CVE exploits include any way to overflow buffers. Those are likely many of its exploits

sounds like imagemagick needs to go low-level and use assembly to make sure certain memory isn't overwritten. sounds fun too.

That's a nice feature to have. However, exploits blah blah... I guess I should just diligently check for updates, and I should be fine without an antivirus since they typically only check signature-based ones, and ideally lineage updates patch it.

Then again, having an anomaly or behavior-based antivirus would help protect against 0 days, where Lineage can't help me by definition

Did you even watch this video? . windows has more servere vulnerabilities.

How do you even test for a backdoor?

Are you implying that Debian is less secure then Fedora?

you have no idea how programming and computers work


Setup a man in the middle between the phone and your wifi and inspect all the packets. Although conducting a MITM on cellular would be harder.

You would have to do this with every update and also there could be updates forced onto you that are not even made public. Its best not to track stock Android.


As much as the original devs of the respective apps can be trusted i.e. not at all. A lot of apps include proprietary libraries despite being open source themselves. I just use it to keep some of these, where there's no good alternative, up to date (fbreader, mpv, etc).