What do you think of Yandex?

What do you think of Yandex?

Russian botnet


russia bad full of bad people not like american western nice countries, dem russins cant be trusted


Stop using search engines. Go straight to site. Would sage if I could render html... also stop using html

Russian equivalent of Google

Its a way to dodge the google botnet

It seems that all search engines sells info of the users

So if 3 letters organisations want your info, i say that at least they pay for it to the chinks or the slavs

Rather than giving your soul to the west, you're giving it to the est. And only if you consider regular politics, not if you actually think that they're all in the same shit, giving everything to Israel.


(((FSB)))nigger shit

Russia is one of the few countries that is out of the (((their))) reach, and I'm never going to the slavland anyway, so using Yandex is [probably] better than Startpage or DuckDuckGo.

So the russian bot are no fakenews at the end?
You must be an incredible retard to say such things. Especially when you don't know what the future is made off. Since we're gonna end in a globalised world, you should be afraid of any database, that will at the end be globalised too.

иди нахуй товарич!

It's starting to giving me better reverse image results than google
Bing also is better, somehow.

I never really said such a thing, the post wasn't about Russian intervention on US politics (which I believe is real to some extend) but rather that Russia is a truly independent country.

On a side note, it should be easy enough to deploy polygraph analyzers bundled with telescreens on a large scale in a globalized world and analyze citizens' (subconscious) reactions to various announcements and news, so as a matter of fact, if the true globalization were to happen one day, I would shoot myself two times in the back whether if my wrongthink posts were on the though police' hands or not.

You're talking like it's not already happening, and like facebook/twitter and the whole regular internet is not already controlled. Like Palantir is not already selling to government the capabilities of analysing their whole national and big companies databases to bring out anything they want.

At least it has better image search and reverse search all around.

In its current form, internet can still be browsed anonymously and websites with "questionable" content can be distributed across a decentralized network (I would really like to see a correct implementation of i2p with Zeronet). People whose data is sold currently is irrelevant to the day-to-day politics anyway, so it doesn't really matter if said cattle votes in favor of a candidate or its controlled opposition. I'm talking about a future where mandated use of telescreens will sweep up the rest of the population, the people who were operating under the (((radar))).

How? Because Tor, for exemple, was not designed to resist to any traffic analysis attack, and so to any government surveillance.

The only way is to steal the internet connection of someone else, while being sure to be on a live distro.

That's incredibly wrong. And I have exemple in my own country of how the Palantir tool have been used to dismantle a citizen group that have been forming, and that was seen as totaly irrelevant. People still bring out this "lol the nsa don't care about your porn". Actually, they do. They're simply not using their full capabilities YET, but if you want to have a better real world exemple of direct application, just look at china, and their recent facial recognition tech given to every chinese cop, that can give out who is who just with a pic.
Moreover, I'm saying that they're not using their capabilities, but we don't know about what happened to the people that are anonymous, since well, they're user. I heard that in my country (no USA), there was coup attempts against the government and the president, that have been stopped, but it was hidden, to not give any idea to anyone.
So, for exemple, for a hacker that wants to actually do real nasty stuff against the government, you're not gonna hear anything about it. There is already people in the USA that are in prison for a very long time, for activism, but you'll never heard about them. I'm not talking about Snowden, that must certainly be an agent. You'll never heard about any direct opposition, and they're first gonna try to destroy them with money removal, taxe control etc... There is some exemple, but you have to be in the underground politics to know them.

When the director of CIA is saying that people are incredibly foreseeable, that's true. They don't really care about what you truly do: but if they build a real psychological profil of you, and know what is your network of people, then they'll know most of what they need.

Moreover, selling the data to ads companies is actually a blatant exemple of how surveillance is generalised and integrated everywhere. Ads is more of less a form of control, too.



Are you a French?

Well, since you asked, yeah.
And Palantir's tool was used to dismantle a little group of people called "les bonnets rouges", from a french region called Bretagne.
They're certainly using it to control crowds who're protesting.

That isn’t what I said at all you dumb CIA nigger monkey

Wrong, just look what happened on Ukraine. (((Put in))) conquer Crimea so jews can have more land.

Yandex.market is actually useful and unique, but mostly if you live in Russia. (I was kind of missing it when living abroad and not having any alternative for quick searching of availability of various shit by parameters across vendors, etc).
Otherwise, Yandex is just a Russian version of the botnet.

Russia is a resource colony of the West ruled by cleptocratic jewish oligarchs. Everything they do is taking worst around the world and trying to implement it there, laws, products, software, (((Software as a Service))). Yandex is your Google + Amazon + Accuweather + Uber kind of multicorp, yet the main difference between them and Google is that Google sometimes makes free software, Yandex exclusively does tracking shovelware botnets (just try visiting their "minimalist" search page without turning on javascript and compare it to Google's for example), which once again clearly compliments the fact that Russia is a resource cryptocolony and it's citizens are treated as human cattle.

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