I keep getting banned from Holla Forums for $h!!t I didn’t do, appeal and I’m still F’d

I keep getting banned from Holla Forums for $h!!t I didn’t do, appeal and I’m still F’d.
Then, Try to post on cuckchan and get this (pic)
Download VPN , same thing
Download TOR , use TOR , Same thing
My Chan $h!t posting days over

Me: Old Guy , found his way to 8 chan when Lizard Squad took my Play Station out during my Christmas Holidays a few years ago because I wanted to find out what this Internets is about
Have I-Phone (long story why)

You have to go to the 4chan IRC channel and ask the mods to unban your current IP address.

Holla Forums is cancer anyway.

This place truly died with the influx of 4cuck refugees from /g/, eh?

It's very very sad, but that's the vibe I'm getting too.

Did you try clearing your cache and deleting System32?

yeah, its the user's fault /pol was sold to shills

my sides

No , I thought adding a VPN App and/or going through TOR would disguise my IP and then I’d be able to post

Any recommendation for bunkers/alternatives? I've been lurking on a Holla Forums board on another site that I don't want to name here. [email protected]

4cuck has banned VPN's and Tor since forever. Go die in a fire, you fucking nigger. You killed a thread for this.

Holy $h!t , what thread could I’ve possibly killed on F-ing Holla Forums ? I could come back here 2 weeks from now and my shit , normie , help me find my way around in the dark thread would still be posted

Any thread that was killed was guaranteed to be better than this

I just lurk Holla Forums Holla Forums . My closer to normie posts ain’t cool enough for guys into the Butterfly War , creating a New Emotion or digging up Jews in Poland. So I post on halfchan

Ok well at least tell me why I’m banned from 8 Holla Forums when it’s not even my IP and not my post

Great, thanks for scaring away all the Holla Forums fags with your gore $h!t , A$$hole .
Now I’ll have to figure this out on my own

is this bait?

No I’m actually dumb as $h!t , when it comes to the simplest crap and the last time I had a low tier “your not worthy” F-ing question on another board they told me to go to Holla Forums
But F-it never mind , I wish I never posted this F-ing post, cause I just got the same sh!t I got the last time about a year or so ago

Because you're a stupid retarded phoneposter.

Would you mind deleting your own thread, then?

Well $h!t can you?


You deserved it.

lol you saw the ban message, just buy a 4chan gold account XD

You know my a$$ ain’t paying fo $h!t