Quake C is the best language, Rust is for losers

Quake C is the best language, Rust is for losers.

why even try


why even try

Quake C? What the fuck is Quake C? Dude did you really just fucking say my mothers name on this fucking hell of a shithole you call an imageboard? I'll fucking have you know I'm the top dog when it comes to Quake C and I'm going to fucking beat the fucking house out of your home if you come to me and say shit about my mother ever again. Listen, dickwad, you little fuck, you told me that Quake C sucked dick, right? Well listen up shithead, you're about to experience misery beyond misery. Right this moment I'm programming a new Quake mod in Archlinux like the fucking comp-sci madman of a gift I am, and I'm going to fucking beat your ass with my superior programming skills. You're a little bitch and your "Quake C sucks" talk isn't going to get you anywhere in life. Maybe when you're old and on your death bed you can think "Yeah, at least I told that guy his mom eats ass" on the internet. Fuck you and fuck everything you stand for; there was a last straw and this is now it. You deserve misery and fuck you.

smh tbh fam

inb4 some autist actually implements a Rust dialect compiler for ioquake* codebase

One thing I really like about Nintendo is how they keep innovating with their new products, like Quake C Labo. Quake C Labo is a gift to the gods because the boxy, low-poly game we all love is now MINECRAFT IN REAL LIFE. And listen, if you tell me that's not the dopest shit, you can get out of my face. Me and my (to-be-existent) children are going to have a great time playing real world video games when it hits. Yeah, to be existent; I'm pregnant because I'm buying Labo. Why? Well, the games are rated R and what happens when you add an R to Labo? Labor, yeah, that's right, labor. I'm going to give birth to a bountiful harvest of children and we're all going to enjoy this feast of box-related gaming together, and you can't stop any of us. I don't care if some of the children are black or something, it doesn't matter; all I know is that we're going to be playing the coolest games on the street and you can't do anything about it. My children are ready to spawn right this moment and Nintendo Quake C Labor is about to grace my life. I'm listening to my favorite anime OPs because I want the first thing they become introduced to to be wonderful songs such as "Naruto". Yeah, that's right; Naruto is joining in on the fun too. When I give birth, one of my children, no, all of my children are going to be named Naruto, and we're all going to enjoy these great Nintendo games together in Quake C. So listen, you know we're gonna be hot shit when you see me and several of the next hokages rolling down the streets in our hot Labo gear. We're coming, boy, and we're ready to live with Naruto in Labor.

Rust? Yeah, Rust is that website people use to make new episodes of Dragon Ball Z, right? I remember one time when my friend Kevin made a Dragon Ball Z episode and we all had a great time watching Goku fight all of those wacky zany 90's cartoon characters with the gang.of negroes that I legally own. We're all ready to boot up Rust and program our own Dragon Ball Z superheroes and get going with the gang outside. Say shit about me and I'll sic my own custom Goku and friends on you. Get fucked.

Furries are real but listen I don't know what you're talking about when you're saying that they exist in Quake C. I mean yeah I Could go and boot up Quake C right jnow and play it a bit but liste ni fthe furries exit too then that just means that quake C is really there and i don't know what to say about that because honestly theres some shit going on downtown and my mom doesnt really want me going there to pic k up some doritos because if i did my mom would be very angry at me and my mom and please oh no help here comes it lol nevermind haha yeah anyways like i was saying theres this really cool guy that shows up at my house and gives me oreos but then he goes away and i uslaly fall asleep after eating them but thats okay because sleep is cool but honestly sometimes i like to go to the store and pick up some doritos actually no LOL gotcha haha i was just kidding my mom doesn't like me doing that because as i said im the number 1 naruto fan in the world and quakce c is my life because naruto talks in quake c if you remember correctly so im here and im now and guys im ready to go to town but not to the store to buy doritos!!!!! gotcha haha!!!! anyways as i was saying anyone remember that level in sonic 1 with the marbles but it wasnt marbles it was just sonic rolling up in a ball LOL more like marbles zone am i right or what because listen marbles are gonna show up and do some wacky shit if you dont step into that marble zone and dig up some of that funny mama boner juice for me and my lad naruto just dont step in the lava because it looks like doritos and my mom will get mad at me if you do lol so anyways as i was saying theres this man who shows up and he calls me a nigger but im not black so what i do is just paint my face pitch black and walk up to obama and hes like salutations brother and im like my name is barack obama and i become president because haha but despite being that i cant eat a dorito still because my mom will get mad at me also psyche im not actually obama or the president i just thought itd be funny to say that my runescape username: superchill77 password: sonicrocks12345 so have fun with my runescape account i have full bronze armor so you hacvkers are gonn ahave a field day being op like me in real life anyways see you guys later pewdiepie i gotta do chores for my mom brb

what if i told you that john carmack said he regretted making quake c and that if he were to do something like this again he just would have built a python interpreter into quake instead?

what if i told you that thats not right and sonic says ur gay

guys what happen when my peepee get so hard what kind of computer virus did it get please help Holla Forums

rust ass my dick obama come back home

obama really doesnt know what to stand up for because listen im fucking done with this shit and im going to eat a gummy bear lol!

there was a man who came to my house and i told him to go home because my house is not his house

C is like obama but quake c is better

sonic the hedgehog exists and i know it because i went to bed and died and sonic was there


bobby didgit knows how to fidgit give him a fidgiet spunner and he does a cool trick that will wow the babes #relatable

The question or condition is interesting. Nevertheless to embarras Obama will enrage Carmack



Reflections are images of tarnished aspirations.

A crow is a bird, an eagle is a bird, a dove is a bird. They all fly in the night and in the day. They fly when the sky is red and when the heaven is blue. They fly through the atmosphere. We cannot fly. We are not like a crow or an eagle or a dove. We are not birds. We cannot dream about them. You can.

If it can't run well on a 4 MHz Z80 with 1024 bytes of RAM, then I'm not interested.

Terry? Amanda?

I only ever used Quake-C for Half-Life's model and sprite compilers.

what a quality thread


DeHackEd master race

DEH is DEH-d. DDF is the future.

I don't care about the future though. Don't even play much Doom anymore tbh. I got some old shovelware CDs, that's plenty enough.

Just because the mods are asleep does not give you permission to shitpost.