I'm going to adopt this little fucker.His name must start with a TI'll let you Holla Forumsros decide how I name it

I'm going to adopt this little fucker.His name must start with a TI'll let you Holla Forumsros decide how I name it.

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>>873715763Titty tit






Triple kitty

>>873715931>His name must start with a T

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>>873715763Trump, like our supreme lord


>>873716143Tyrone, Tyrell?

>>873716171TyroneMy cat ain't black

>>873715763Tamagotchi (rechargeable). And in some years you make a thread showing us you you change its batteries

>>873715763Tutankhamen.I mean if you are going to have a Sphinx cat, why not choose an Egyptian name?





>>873715970T. Draugur


Call it Turbo

T. T. Nigger



>>873715763Can we please stop thinking about fucking names for a fucking hairless cat and go back to the Ukrainian crisis?

>>873716684I like Turbo





The Faggot


>>873715763tittyfucking. so when you have female thot at your place you can ask her "how do you like titty fucking?" and if she panics you can say that's you faggot nude cat's name.

>>873716838I can picture a cat named Turbo, the Turbo cat. I'd dress it like Lightning McQueen for Halloween and I'd walk it with my cat leash. And if anyone makes a comment or says it's cute I'd just randomly run at them full speed and throw Turbi at them in attack mode

>>873716815I voted against Ukraine in the EU.Not my problem, if i wanna watch cats i will watch cats.

>>873715763"This cat was named by a retard"


Turbococker the goodboi cat


>>873715763What about T-Cat, like T-Dog from the walking dead but a cat instead of a nigger

Now I really consider naming him Turbo

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Tom's CatBonus if your name isn't Tom


TannerTammyTrovsky TrumanTeepeeTinaTiggerTipTimTimboTigabooTripTaraType

>>873716456Why not just Tut for short.



>>873717951Oh yeah, just call him tater tot while youre at it, fuck face. Now my day is ruined because youre gay and stupid. I hate you


>>873718008Can I play with your asshole?

>>873718008I own your ass for the day. Rent free.:)

>>873715763Call it Tranny


>>873718049Ew, gross, thats gay. Go fuck yourself you homo, I am not gay>>873718078Faggot, I hate you, I hope you die.

>>873718078I already got hard, gently stroking my dick atm, wanna help?

>>873718113Christ that made me hard. Send us a pic now xxx

>>873717951More like Toot

>>873718153Youre gay and going to hell for being a gay homo that likes putting your penis in the shithole of men. Kill yourself for being gay.

>>873718212I bet you're stroking as hard as I now. You're such a twink I bet you can suck a golf ball through a garden hose.

Guys, stop acting like sandniggers and vote between Testicle and Turbococker



>>873718243Projecting your gay faggot fantasies. I am straight, i like girls.


>>873718385I bet your dream vacation is going to Thailand and sucking dick all day for two weeks straight