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>>873713679And who are cubs?

Yeah, whatever you say, Ivan.

>>873713726I'm from western europe

Hero hunter rescues cubs from pedophile bear.

>>873713723The culturally and ethnically cultural former Soviets in the Ukraine. Despite being deprived of water for their farmland, they're also being a subject of genocide for religious reasons. Check out the Ukrainian civil war for a primer.

>>873713822It's not pedophilia if they think that they are adults

>>873713679i dont get it

>>873713870They are not genocided.Majority of ukrainians and russians in Ukraine voted for independence of Ukrainian SSR.Pro-russian mood of russian in Ukraine is just revengeful shame for destroing wealth left after USSR.Racism towards russians grew because of war in 2014.Non-Russia russians are racist towards ukrainians too. I saw several times it in /int/.>t. East Ukrainian

>>873713679replace the bear with a starved deer, russia hasn't been powerful or relevant in atleast 40 years

>>873714171This means we should ban Russians from the Olympics, right?

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>>873713679Nice try, Boris.

>>873713870You've been sucking hard on Vlad's cock and swallowed some huge globuals of bullshit cum.Vlad invaded Ukraine because they wanted to join the west.Why wouldn't they join the west, it's fucking miles better than joining Russia lol

>>873714231This means we should invade Ukraine, right?

The real funny lies between the lines. Russians have spread so much misinformation and mistrust during those past years that they now expect this lowtier kind of bait to actually work.And why wouldn't it? They convinced people that doctors don't know what they're talking about, that scientists don't know anythikg and that all media lies to them.So of course now they think they can fool you with this garbage. After all you've fallen for all the other garbage too. And I'm afraid that it'll work eventually.

>>873713679Ah yes. Ukraine is attacking Russia by being invaded by them. But Putin says to his own people "because Nazis" as the reason.No evidence of unprovoked Ukrainian aggression. Nice try Boris. Go suck a poo in the loo, as they're your only friends now.

>>873714426What about the Russian Language ban in 2014 and 2017?What about the constant shelling of those Russian-Ukrainians?What about the Azov Battalion/Regiment?

>>873713679Russia literally invaded weeks ago on live TV and posted it’s troops at the border of Ukraine Put the pipe down asshole

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Nice job. Here's 6 million rubles. Buy yourself a candy bar.

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>>873714462What about the Russian national liberation front, the Russian national unity party, the nazbols, the Russian imperial movement, the night wolves gang, etc etc etc

>>873713679the problem with people like you is that you have a need for a strong powerful state + sole leaderthe new world became too difficult for you, and you need something simple to hold on to: like mommy and daddy werei don't blame you, it's not your fault after all

>language ban Lol wut

>>873713870Yet the Russian people are against the war....

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>>873714657>few thousand russians in paid cia demonstrations>vs millionsLet me guess you get your news from us-state controlled media like msnbc

>>873714462>Russian Language bannigger you're full of worse bullshit than CNN, there has never been a ban

>>873714745Let me guess you get your news from Russian state controlled media

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>>873714462>so what>terrorist lives dont matter>useful idiots(like what YOU are to Russia)

>>873714776needs more labels


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>>873714771I get my news from multiple sources because I'm not a retard.

>>873714745Seethe harder tranny

>>873714838Me too and putin is a faggot

t.me/s/rf200_nowPick up your trash

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>>873714838>Defends tyrant sacrificing an alrrady depleted population.>not retardedYou can only pick one retard.

>>873714776So they were smart enough not to include the Afghanistan skull but not the Syria skull?

>>873714838Which VPN do you use?

>>873714462Russian-Ukrainians? Mate they need to pick a national identity and deal with it. Ukraine is Ukraine. Russia is Russia.Putin is the prick who has previously said shit like "Russia has no boarders". They literally try to claim territories they have no right to. Just like the northern Japanese Kuril islands.Keep dreaming of that communist takeover though Boris. When this war actually kicks off, you little commie shitlords are gonna be pissing pants like the early 20's cannon fodder that currently catching NATO javelins with their teeth."Buh buh buh... I was gonna be teaching lesbian dance theory. Why am I going to a work camp? Boo hoo hoo" - U in a year

And all these US media corporations all have CIA and washington "consultants" and board membersHollywood is legislated to be overseen by the DOD since WW2. Every hollywood portrayal of the us military has been looked at and approved by glowies.It's hilarious amerimutt golems don't realize everything they consume is propaganda just because there is a thin illusion of a corporation

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>>873713797Sure you are Comrade

>>873714851>>873714862>>873714905>>873714953Hello amerikike shills

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Democrats have been using ukraine to poke and prod russia

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>>873715017A commie leftist, calling someone "comrade"...

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>>873715054Hi.I do it for free.Do you shill for "yours" so you can avoid the draft or just get some food stamps?

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>>873714776Why didn't he put the jews somewhere?Latuff has losing his touch lately.

>>873715361I swear american rightwingers will do anything to be contrarian.ex-USSR state tries to annex ex-USSR territory and they start calling 'commies' the people condemning that action. McCarthyism fried your brain.

>>873715239Well that settles it then. Kill the Ukrainians....>literally the best you got

>>873715870Well, yeah. Trump would never have got anywhere if Bannon hadn't seen how many slaves would gladly vote for a moron just to trigger their neighbors. In a world where being able to vote in free and fair elections is kinda rare, a massive chunk of the richest people on earth just threw their vote away as a power grab. In being total dipshits they got to do something that was totally their choice. Then it's back to consuming and being basically voiceless and irrelevant.

>>873715870>ex-USSRNo ex-Soviet. Now a sovereign nation. Hard for a commie to understand I know.

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>>873713726shud up jewkrainian

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Belgian here. Got our bags packed, tomorrow we're leaving for Ukraine to kick some Ivan ass.

>>873715870I'm not right wing and we call them communists for a good reason.

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>>873716432That is an extremely bad idea.

>>873716516Let Darwin do his work user.

>>873713679>>873713723So that's why russia killed 7 million of ukranians during the holodomor(to kill by starvation) just a few years before began ww2?

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>>873716476Is it because of a grainy photo of one guy wearing a hammer and sickle shirt? Because that's not actually a "good reason".


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>>873716432I would have done the same if I was still single and depressed

>>873713679Hey Ivan go tell Putin to do the world a favor and kill himself

>>873713679t.ruski>>873714038this nigger is a paid troll who posts this kind of propaganda crap in the name of soviet union and putin

>>873714813I find peculiar how the worst insult to Putin is to be a gay lol

>>873716786It's a fine reason and the ballsy ones admit it openly.

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>>873716820/threadI wonder how much they get paid for this considering rouble is literally toilet paper atm


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>>873716889This the same exact propaganda the left rolled out for Trump. This is the machine getting scared again.

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>>873714171>Racism towards russians grew because of war in 2014.yeah, funny how when you invade a country it makes people "racist" against you.ps: ukrainians and russians are the same fucking race

>>873713679well if that bear wasn't fucking those little cubs up the ass, the ukrainians wouldn't have to come rescue them.

>>873713679Russians dropping cluster munitions, thermobaric weapons, transporting ammunition in "medical marked" vehicles, raping, looting, shelling indiscriminatelysome bears just need to be put down

>>873716889Putin is not gay he just has a small penis

>>873713679that's retarded, Ukraine wasn't about to attack Russia in any way. Russia is committing war crimes in Ukraine and you GRU goons can't cover that up.

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>>873717162>ps: ukrainians and russians are the same fucking raceimagine publicly admitting to not knowing virtually anything about modern history of the world

>>873713679If this were accurate, the mother bear would have thrown the cubs directly at the Ukrainian's spear killing them.Then the mother cub would scream about fascists murdering people, then proceed to missile strike Ukrainian nipples.

>>873714776>whataboutismpredictable but still weak. The USA doesn't have the moral high ground, but that doesn't justify or excuse what Russia is doing.

>>873713679I know, right? Poor Russia. They're so hard done by

>>873715239so that justifies shelling civilians?

>>873717259imagine thinking that the niggers from nambia and the niggers from nigeria are different races

>>873716306aaaaaaaaaand why would the ukrainians need to be setting up defensive positions at all?


>>873717268hurrr we're going to de-Nazify Ukraine by shelling Holocaust memorials and sending in Chechens to assassinate their Jewish president durr

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>>873716717>russiadude read a book, the jews killed the Czars and took over, and wanted to kill euros to extinction then Stalin took over and killed all the kikes.

>>873714580who have they been shelling and murdering for the last 8 years? stfu

>>873717298jesus, just fucking stop and save whatever remains of your black dignity you damn nigger

>>873717251Putin fears the creeping western cult-like propaganda of "wokism", affecting his country. He's stated this openly.

>>873717360>completely ignoring the holodomoryou're a fucking tool m8

>>873717360this basically sums up the last 100 years of t.ruski shithole history

>>873713679I like how you think that expressing interest for a mutual defense pact with Europe is the same as using artillery to blow up residential buildings.I see Russian education system is about as effective as the average Russian armoured vehicle

>>873717410and that makes it ok? Killing Ukrainians is fine because a vain bald manlet is afraid of changing moral standards?

>>873716717STalin did that. he was Georgian and lead a SOVIET Communist revolution against the Russian people.

>>873717464so that's why Putin is trying so hard to sanitize Stalin's bloody history?

>>873716889Russia hates homosexually, the Russian orthodox church has serious influence.

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>>873716950LoL says the dipshit in a country with an admitted 8% inflation and a Prez installed by a coup

>>873717484read about this dog's and his family's heritage, e.g. about his grandfather

>>873717512I know a democratic election is a foreign concept to you, but when someone win's both the popular and electoral votes, it is not a coup. How's YOUR inflation right now Sergei?

>>873717541I don't give a fuck what makes Russians suck his cock so subserviently. All I know is that they're a bunch of surly, subjugated drunks who deserve their sad lots in life.

>>873717460>and that makes it ok?Yes it does. You people are walking cancer. The worst threat humanity has faced in a long time. We've been telling you to mend your ways for fucking years, but no, you're just too smart for that.

>>873717512schizo spotted

>>873717579lol you are pathetic. Oh no, that man is kissing another man, I guess that makes it ok to kill civilians en masse.Fucking grow up child.

>>873717484>>873717541>>873717569Spiridon Ivanovich Putin, check this nigger out and do the math

>>873717612Such brainwashed fools...

>>873717646yes indeed you are. You can't accept your diminished place in the world or mind your own fucking business, so you're throwing a tantrum and killing people needlessly. You don't even have an endgame in mind, this is just a fight to fight.


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>>873713679>Russian propagandaget the fuck out of Ukraine you murderous assholes. You have no more rights to Crimea than the rest of Ukraine, you gave those up decades ago. Every action your country takes is illegal and morally indefensible. Putin deserves to burn in Hell.

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>>873717678I just want you idiots to leave me alone. You started this shit, not us.>>873717681The mask comes off so easily.

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>>873717464now Putin is trying to recreate Soviet borders through military invasion, just like Stalin. Putin was a KGB agent and he thinks the Cold War never ended, he's no more Russian than Stalin was.

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>>873716717the ukrainians did the holodomor to themselves, there were tonnes of famine in this region because retard slavs don't know how to crop rotate

>>873713723Obviously, the cubs are Donetsk and Luhansk, which declared independence from Ukraine in 1994, four years after Ukraine itself declared independence from Russia.Ukraine is one of those hypocrite bitches that want to be free, but freak out when others try the same.God save Russia! Oh, wait, there is no god! So, to hell with Ukraine!

>>873717765leave you alone? When did Ukraine invade you? In 2014? No, that was you guys acting first again? WTF did Ukraine do to you? It has been independent for longer than you've been alive. We don't want to fucking think about you, ever. But you're obsessed with us and how much we respect you. Can you not understand that we just want you to operate as a normal country and not try to recapture the Soviet era? FFS you have an enormous country, is that not fucking enough?

>>873717787but by god the Russians follow him like good little sheep. They're so timid.

>>873716058>>873716306>you should fight a vastly superior military on an open field of battleI didn't bag the Afghans for doing it when they were our enemy, I'm not going to bag a friendly power for doing it.

>>873717826Texas declares itself independent and that makes it ok for Mexico to shell DC? Fuck out of here with your idiot logic.

>>873717826Evidence of genocide in those regions go.

>>873713726>Yeah, whatever you say, Ivan.Fuck off Psaki. Go be a hausfrau.

>>873717826>region declares independence>Russians think this is an open invitation for invasion and subjugationGTFO

>>873713679So even if you consider this cartoon not outright propaganda, you still consider Russia a beast, a fool so shortsighted it cannot see past the bait and would rather slaughter ukraine and its innocent civilians for the crime of being closer to them than answer the US and NATOs provocations in a civilized fashion?

>>873717802>what is central planningyou're actually retarded

>>873717826but they didn't actually declare independence in 1994. You just made that up.

>>873717831You don't understand any of this and that's the major issue. Half the western world has gone mad and are losing their minds that they drove the other half mad in the process.

>>873713679explain>inb4 just google this and thatnot gonna lookup shit, explain

>>873717950>you don't understandno, YOU can't justify or explain what Russia is doing to the Ukrainian people right now.

>>873717923Russia has been interfering in European elections and spreading anti-vaxx propaganda for decades, not to mentioning funding terrorists and putting bounties on NATO troops.Russia is crying like a little bitch throwing a tantrum because THEIR provocations are finally being answered.

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>>873717990I did, you just don't understand and/or, wont accept it.

>>873713679Yes, because Ukraine invaded russian territory, and russia is only defending itse...Oh, no, got that backwards. Fuck off Ivan.

>>873718009>this is the machine getting scared again

>>873718100>wokism badthat's not an explanation that justifies what Russia is doing to a nation that's been independent for 31 years. You have no explanation, and on some level you know it and it shames you.

>>873714256I'm not liking this rabbithole user. I feel like I'm being watched now.

>>873718117It's implying that the 2 cubs are the breakaway regions in the east but that doesn't make any sense because Russia sure as fuck wouldn't tolerate any breakaway regions today. Hypocrisy at its finest.

I like how Attacking Ukraine has sent multiple countries running for EU and NATO membership almost immediatelyIf Putin's goal was to slow the encroachment of NATO in eastern Europe the mission is already a monumental failure


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>>873718126I'm quite sure that's what it is. Has been for a very long time. This is just how the end of it manifests. I would have preferred dialog, but that time is past. I put my time in, I tried my best to make people understand that this WILL end badly, but no... nobody listens to Turtle.

>>873718209Just because some people want independence from Ukraine in that area doesn't mean ANY of them want Russia in power. They're not Russian cubs, that's just a big fucking LIE.


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