Ukraine-Russia REKT thread

Ukraine-Russia REKT thread

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>>873713572Is he ok?

>>873713572War is Glorious. HAIL PUTIN. Bringer of Chaos.

Spilled his cheesies

>>873713619Yea he brushed it off

>>873713619Nothing a duck tape can't fix


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>>873713844Asleep on the job


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>>873714268R.I.P. Ильяcoв


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How do we tell who is who I'm retarded

>>873714444Holy check'em

>>873714453Russian uniforms are dark green digital pattern.

>>873714453If they're dead, they're probably Russian.

>>873714453>>873714568there are 20-30 ruskies dead per 1 ukr generally

>>873714268Is he dead or pretending, I can't fucking tell.

>>873714594so far and as long putin does not use his fatal weapon systems on random targets to demoralize the defensiveness of the ukrainian people and fighters

>>873714330At least have the dignity to not make the man look like a dirty pus ridden cadaver. Try imagine dying and getting photo bomb for the ‘exposure’ of the conflict. Laugh now Ukraine, when Russia mobilizes the brunt of its forces y’all fucked.

>>873714648according to his face his last thought must have been a good one

>>873714684ruskies always make war like that , send a horde of useless peasants and kids as cannon fodder and see what happens

>>873714706Yeah, probably being free of Russia.

>>873714684and wait a second wtf are you talking about , ruskies are bombing random civilian cities on ukraine

>>873714857fake news

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>>873714684That's exactly what they've been doing. Indiscriminate shelling on residential areas and a possible, alleged use of a vacuum bomb (which are banned by the Geneva convention).


>>873714693You DO realize Ukrainian soldiers die too, no?

>>873714916ruskies are attacking civilians and housing on ukraine , your mother is a fake news

>>873714916There's video. There's video of damned near everything is this war. Everyone has a cell phone in Ukraine.

>>873714648Original pic

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I heard this fag cried and shidded his pants before being executed. Hilarious if true.

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>>873715003where's the photos of dead Ukrainians?

>>873714933>oofbut bad enough bobba that if she makes to the EU she could quality for free augmentation(disability needs fixed so she can get back to servicing middle aged Germans at 30euro a pop)

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>>873714916Damn, a little bit of breast surgery wouldn't here right here. Bet she has fat ass tho


>>873715154I really hope he was shot with one of those bullets smeared with pig fat

>>873715157ruskies dont live long enough to make pics and send them to internet

>>873714857read carefully anoni said 'fatal weapon systems on random targets' - not the average weapon systems like tanks, rpgs, etc. they are usig mostly right now

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>>873714684Oh really? Leveling residential areas and genociding civilians is not demoralising enough?

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>>873715226motherfucking grads and iskanders on civilians is that fatal enough for you ?

>>873714693I agree. Fucking Ukraine committing war crimes.

Anyone fucking the dead bodies?

>>873715270Dude turned into jello what the fuck

>>873714916Out of all the fucking dead bodies in this thread those titties are the worst fucking thing on this thread. Good lord, imagine getting nervous talking to her, you finally seal the deal and then once the clothes come off you see that. What a waste of a pretty face

>>873715342Fuck off, ivan

>>873713639I'd fucking love to see you faggots having a war in US

>>873715355There's got to be at least one person whose like "an opportunity like this will never come again, I'd better make the most of it."

>>873715391They wouldn't know what to do. Their gravy seal LARP hasn't prepared them for it.

>>873715391No need, bidens just giving it away without a fight

>>873714693Chill Vlad, you are about to get the NK treatmentAssume position and spread those cheeks

>>873715432God I hope. Could you imagine being a poor fuck and all of a sudden you’ve got a fucking tank. This is where men are made

This is Irpin - residental suburb of Kyiv. It doesn't have military infrastructure

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>>873715390I'll rape and kill you and your ukie family. Not necessarily in that order.Going to level your fucking shithole of a "country".Executing surrendered soldiers is a war crime you pig.

>>873715217Burger logic

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>>873715482Not only are Ukranians not executing surrendering soldiers, they're actually offering them the equivalent of around 50k for doing so.

>>873715482Not even Ukrainian you fucking sperg. Go take your ritalin and quiet down before you get too excited and throw up, Melvin.

>>873715463these dudes with "vlad this vlad that" must be the dickheads of the world, imagine being a mutt and being racist towards a country whose roots are very related to eastern europeans

>>873715507Invading a peaceful, liberal democracy without provocation is just a tad bit worse, I'd say.

>>873715507This cartoon is funny because if America didn't say shit about Ukraine being invaded, everyone would cry and shit their pants about it.

>>873715482typical russian orc. you would kill everyone around you even unprovoked, it is just essense of the orcs.

>>873715560its a memey way of calling out sponsored posters and you know it.

>>873715560>whose roots are very related to eastern europeansThis is the best you've got? "At some point in history we had a brush with whites"

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>>873715549Bro don’t even let him get you out of rythym. He needs to take his butt plug out, put his binky in (same device), go watch Morning Joe and jump on Chaturbate for validation. He is giving up girls for lent.

>>873715507The only reason america is condemning russia is because of the gas and oil. You think russia isnt doing what the US did to those aforementioned countries? Making up bullshit reasons to invade when it is all motivated by gas and oil.

>>873715573You can't even comprehend a fucking cartoon, can you. Americans are a scourge on society.

>>873713572LOL what a Russian bitch

>>873715391Me too. My guns getting cold

>>873715712I comprehend it and disagree with it, you mongoloid.

>>873715355>Anyone fucking the dead bodies?No, Chechens left already Wars such a sad effort by Ivan they felt bad. Chechen dogs cant loot&rape cities Ivans just gonna flatten first(like Russian army did in Chechnya)

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>>873715434Keep watching our news and thinking we're fat and ignorant. That's your downfall

>>873715712Youre so smart faggot. America is being a hypocrite, there, go suck a dick and gag on the balls faggot

>>873715678put a pic and a timestampur a fuckin nigger or some muttur word does not matter4chan is the only place where you can write anythinglike screaming at a wall

>>873715776You must be Australian


>>873713892And on his period. But it is a strong sign to free bleed

>>873714268Saving this as a new Kek-image

>>873715560Cry me a river faggot

>>873715507>Burger logicthink about it they have no time for it and most importantly ruskies are terrified because putin told them they are fighting nazis on ukraine , ruskies realized they got fucked in ass by their goverment and commanders again and they feel like shit when they found out they invade ukraine

>>873715875Crimea river

>>873715757You are fat and ignorant though.

>>873714268>>873715099So the colgate guy is at it again?Topkek great work

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>>873715737so do russian tanks and ballistic rockets

>>873715446Biden Brain dead.

>>873714693I support Ukraine but accept the reality that they will lose. What we have seen though is that the Russian military is pathetic. Yes, they will defeat Ukraine but they are no threat to the rest of us. Putin is a coward who is scared of NATO but pretty much just Poland by itself could easily kick Russia's ass.

>>873716049At least my skin color is better than yours

>>873716169You said it sloth

>>873716119Just remember behind every blade of grass

>>873716202Yeah right. Those Russian pigs are getting their asses kicked. Next time pack a fucking lunch

>>873715154I didn't know he what himself but yeah, apparently died like a complete bitch.

>>873716202Lol Poland. You mean Americas airstrip?

>>873713572What did even happen to this person? Lower part is intact, but head's gone and his whole torso is destroyed How do you kill someone this way?

>>873716270Badass muslim """"men""""

>>873716336Air couldn't keep.Bitch

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>>873715507>Americans are cunts>Therefore Russia should be allowed to slaughter Ukranian childrenMakes sense. You convinced me.

>>873716345Look closer. RPG head nearby. More than likely killed himself. Backblast area clear?

>>873716414Who would want to keep Poland?What does Poland produce other than Potato Vodka for Russia and Wooden Chess sets for Amazon?

>>873716406Their morale dropped after they found out that "Goat of Kiev” was a hoax.

This is American Dream

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>>873716468If he's not real, how do you explain this photograph?

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>>873716488How much they pay you to post that welfare stripper pole?

>>873716202Vote for Bernie you troll

>>873715507What? No way? A western country is more concerned about a war in the West than in the East? Western media is also covering it more? That's so evil! Why are they like this? I just can't understand!!!

>>873714453The attacker is usually the one sustaining the most casualties and considering how much cannon fodder units comprised of petty criminals beggars and orphans russia has we can assume most of them are ruski

>>873714734Let your men get killed to identify strong points, then rocket artillery it into shit.

>>873714693>>873715342>>873715482>>873715560imagine being both gopnik and nigger at the same time, absolutely disgusting

>>873715278Not Ukraine

>>873715278Apparently it just pisses Ukrainians off even more. Vlad made a big fuckey wukey going into Ukraine.

>>873716463>Who would want to keep Poland?Someone who needs a nice airstrip.You're not to good at moving the goalposts.In case you don't have a VPN: Your troops are running out of fuel and supplies, so it's not only you who knows shit about logistics.

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>>873716550I don't know what you mean. Do disagree that Ukraine will lose.or do you think Russia has a strong military? I'm saying that Russia will ultimately win in Ukraine but they will still look like a joke to the rest of the world.

>>873716488>eastern europe related thread>war related thread>ruski & hohol related thread>tries to bait reaction to BBC masterrace troll postingthis doesn't even qualifies as brain damage at this point

>>873716550Nobody cares, Bernie wasn’t ever on the ballot. Thanks for voting for Trump, and then Biden.

Zelenskyy is just gonna be another dead Jew >captcha: 8dady

>>873716709Did the us ultimately win in Afghanistan?

>>873715278It can be.But consider London during the Blitz.The people actually got pissed, hated the Germans and supported the war even more.They even supported the retaliatory bombings of German civilians, even after the Luftwaffe was decimated and the London bombings stopped.

>>873713619Obviously not, nothing can survive nerve gas

>>873713619Lovely plumage on> notloBThe Norwegian Blue.

>>873714916Pregnancy destroyed her tits.

>>873716709I highly doubt that. Ukraine is getting the best weapons from around the world. This is a proxy world war because Putin will use nukes as his ace if any country he doesn't control crosses into Ukraine.Even if, and that's a big rubbery IF, he wins, he's lost the psyops aspect of the war. He'll never win that back.

>>873716204Also white, dumbass.

I really cant believe how most of you can be so stupid to trust everything that you see or read.All media western and eastern cant be trusted as they are both making news to support their claim.Facts are that Russians are advancing into Ukraine at great speed, but we cant know what is going on by reading twitter or watching tv. Ukraine propaganda must say that there are large casualties on Russian side and also that they are killing civilians in order to demoralize Russians and boost moral of their own troops. Normally Russians have to say opposite thing. We will never know the truth.I am speaking as a person who went trough bombing, and I can tell you there is a lot of disinformation out there. We also as a people didn't do shit to anyone but whole west including you fags was like kill them all, fuck them. A lot of innocent people died on both sides and only one who profited from that whole shit where politicians!I can tell you all one thing, I wish for all of this shit to stop as soon as possible!

>>873716169He's also a pedophile and has dementia.

>>873716818Good you got internet back, Sergei. Papa Putin will deposit one million rubles into your account. Hold on that, because that's only like, a dollar fifty.

>>873716840That's the best you got?

>>873716818At least we don't need VPNs to read both sides.

>>873716818>russians advancing at great speedBruh they haven't taken a single major city in over a week, they're bogged down, demoralized and running out of fuel. This'll be the end of Putin and its glorious. Slava Ukraini!!

>>873716868I am not Russian first of all, and second read what I wrote first as I didnt say anything good about Russia!

>>873716939Look dude, how do you know that? That is my point!


>>873715374she looks like justin bieber, what are you a fag

>>873716892Russia is not blocking you to read their side, US is! Think about that. You are getting one way information. And all I am saying is that they both lie!

The media making out that the Russians are taking heavy casualties for the ground gained, may be true but we sure as shit will not get the true figures from the mainstream media. Letting the Ukranians know they are fighting a losing battle will cripple morale. I would like to know how it is really going over there. I'm surprised there arent more gopro/helmetcam type vids due to the popularity of the hardware.

>>873716887He's a faggot career politician that has done nothing for civil rights yet these retard leftists voted for him as if he's going to do anything good for civil rights.At least orange nigger employed minorities at his hotels and worked with minority groups, even going so far as wearing a prayer shawl at a black jewish church, rather than authoring the 1994 crime bill which targeted minorities that that nigger faggot Biden did.

>>873716954Sure sure, Boris. Russia scary, Putin big daddy, roger. Anything else?

>>873716991Not him, but there's videos from people in both occupied and unoccupied areas. These can be easily matched up with geographic landmarks. Additionally, the news (at least good news) reports when there's a difference between what Ukraine reports and what the Kremlin reports. Your lack of understanding of the journalism that goes into reporting these facts does not imply that we don't know anything.

>>873716954>I am not Russianprove it by taking a shit onto russian flag and post pics

>>873717045I agree with you completely. This is what I was saying!

>>873717063Boy, you so full of shit, you squish. Trump employed illegals and kept their passports and threatened them with deportation if they said anything. Face it, he lost. Get over it.

>>873715374I'd still have fun with these

>>873717026kys blacko

>>873717043They are, actually. They're literally blocking non-Russian IPs. Probably a DDoS thing, but you're still wrong. Besides that, the West has a free press. Anyone can disagree with the narrative, and they frequently do. In Russia, if you even call it a war or an invasion, you will end up in prison. Two newspapers have already been shut down by the government for reporting on the war negatively. Russia is not China, but it sure as fuck isn't a liberal democracy.

>>873716991There are videos, user. There is independent reporting and there are satellite images

>>873716662free fuel for locals

>>873715507Who gives a fuck about those shitholes though? Sand niggers and camel fuckers.

Shut the fuck up and post more content. You insufferable faggots arguing need to go back to your tranny threads.

>>873717045Even official Russian numbers are pretty high.

>>873716939>russians advancing at great speed8th day of a 3-day job.

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The best thing about this are scared american shitheads, they're afraid to even fart in the direction of russia, only thing they can do is post some stupid anti-putin videos on twitter

>>873714453Anyone who runs is a commie. Anyone who stands still is a well-disciplined commie.

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The only thing wrecked in this thread is the topic.>thread derailed

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>>873717297The only thing Russia has accomplished with this war is to show that they can no longer beat a modern nation in open war. They're only good for bullying Caucasus goat fuckers but anything more and they fail hard

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>>873717339>they're afraid to even fart in the direction of russiaBy writing russia you meant Russia, right?

>>873715755>that picThat's exaclty why i never play war thunder with more than 20 rounds of ammo.

>>873715166this is your dead ukrainain army

>>873717399I'm sure the people living in a city surrounded from all sides have all the choices in venues.Faggot.

>>873715154Who is/was this guy?

>>873717382Even if consider it's ukraninan and not ldnr "army"...Did they attack targets inside russian borders? No (yet). So why the fuck ruskies need to attack anything at all, be it in towns or not, if it doesn't affect anything inside russia?

>>873717677The commander of the "chechen" army sent by russia to fight in ukranie for some reason.

>>873717677one of chechens leader. But he is alive btw

>>873715482You type like you're going through puberty.

>>873717775Any prove?

>>873716818> A lot of innocent people died on both sidesShow me a single "innocent" from ruskie's side

>>873717043I've seen Russian news where "Ukrainian POVs” were all happy and wearing covid masks. That was fucking hilarious. Also some nice stories about Ukrainians shooting phosphorous ammunition as well.

>>873717808We have no proves that he is dead. So it means he's alive, I am Russian and read news in ukranian and russian language. There is no news about his death. But who cares?

>>873715154>>873716270Are there any pictures or videos of the body? How so did he die like a bitch?

>>873717919He's on vacations.

This needs to happen

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>>873718004"Russian businessman" Putin put it on himself just to divert attention from himself ironically, how the fuck do you put a hit on putin without kgb killing your family and raping you to death?

>>873715342>Ukraine committing war crimesHello again, Ivan...

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>>873717940>there are no "bodies" after shelling


>>873715507So is what Russia doing to Ukraine okay then?

>>873718059What exactly is the kgb being paid with now that the ruble is worth less than Roblox currency?

>>873716202It's a war of attrition at this point which means Russia will only bleed for so long until they capture the several strategic points they want and then call it off. They can not sustain these losses for long. On the other hand we have hardly seen any of their new hardware in this fight, mostly been old soviet era heavy stuff. Don't judge their full military might based on their second or 3rd string players.

>>873715482>i'll kill you THEN i'll rape youooo, edgy.

>>873714928This message brought to you by the Ukranian Government. Next a word from our sponsors, the Globalists.

>>873718246>On the other hand we have hardly seen any of their new hardware in this fight, mostly been old soviet era heavy stuff.From an optics and momentum standpoint, why would they not use their best equipment for the opening blitzkrieg?Even if they ramp up later it still makes them look incompetent.

>>873718087You've just created a man who will stop at nothing to defeat you, congrats. He now has a terror in his life he will hold until the day he dies fighting against you.

>>873715154Probably about a bunch of bullshit like the Ghost of Kyiv, Snake Island, Ukraine beauty queen fighting etc.

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>>873718235Promises of good living if they serve their master well.

>>873716751No, but I don't think Russia will abandon Ukraine in the same way>>873716807Agre he lost the psyops aspect already. Disagree that foreign weapons will be enough to make a difference without troops.or air support.I'm pro Ukraine, I just don't think they can win here. I'm not happy about it, just being realistic. I hope they prove me wrong.

>>873717394i'm confused about their tactics. i guess years of not really fighting has fucked up their military.thankfully USA has 20+ yrs of GWOT

>>873715479Thats what it looked like before the Russian invasion.

>>873715342>committing war crimes.they are only war crimes 1. if you lose2. if you get taken alive3. you aren't connected

>>873715507As a "burger" I think we should let the rest of the world handle this one. You guys got this champ. Idgaf about the Ukraine or russia. Not going to pretend to

>>873715573Kek, love seeing how you guys try to justify it. The others are just sand people and not white if you want to try and feel better.

>>873718343Because they are fighting an enemy, in their eyes, who is far less capable than they are so it should have been a walk in the park similar to Crimea several years ago. I would agree that you should go in full force but clearly they didn't do that here. I think I've only seen one picture of a T90 at all.

>>873715709Ja, ist da Amerikans leading de way.

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