Good morning

good morning

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lol white girls trying to appear asian again...



>>873713514With timestamp


>>873713538I don't think she's trying to be azan

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>>873713514Or get the fuck out

Who the fuck is this whore. I've seen her post several times on this board.


>>873713514Sharpie .... you know

>>8737135142am here strip hoe need to jerk

this is my sweet

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Why do people keep posting this hideous monstrosity?

>>873713751kill yourself.. just die

hello pussy

>>873713646>>873713751It's Valeria. I started spamming her on /r9k/ a couple months back but nobody there liked her so I moved onto here and she started spreading like wild fire. Impressive what you can do on this site to make someone blow up a bit. Hope she enjoys the extra e-girl fame but I think she hates it

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>>873713514good morning sirs

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>>873713885im the only reason she is being spread i post her 5 times a day if it's not me posting her it's you.. there's not some mass wave of hysteria

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OP thinks he simps harder for val than i do lool thats ridiculous and false

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>>873714037Not something to brag about, loser faggot.

>>873714037Can't find her online, what's her socials

>>873714067yes it is :3

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>>873714009I've only noticed 1 or two other anons posting her just as much in the recent days. It's weird because I remember when creating a thread with her cute face would always just 404 into loneliness. I'm glad there are more Valeria addicts now she deserves the fame

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>>873714080OP don't tell him

>>873714103Damn you

>>873713613less so in that picture, but OP, she's gota) black hair, straight forward fringeb) eyeliner designed to make eyes look wider and thinnnerc) brows plucked to arch azn styled) makeup / lighting designed to make her look palee) kawaii hello kitty tshirt

>>873714084no, its really not.

>>873714103I just want to see her naked man

>>873713613Beautiful 10/10 face but her body is a 5 at best. Lilmochidoll is better and she has the same problem since she a retarded stoner loser who hasn't worked out since before she was born

>>873713885I'd probably care more if you retards posted her socials for once.

>>873714353I'm sorry that most of the pics can't be reversed searched because I usually use snipping tool. It's in this pic tho>>873714197pretty sure she Colombiana

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>>873714518Thanks user, you're a real one.

i love that anons had to go so far as to reverse image search to find my queen val.. makes sense :)

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>>873714607no matter how much anons want to talk shit about her, they can't deny the lust they feel when her pretty fucking face lights up their monitor

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>>873714832I'd prefer it if she was nude

>>873714832ugh its time to goon user?

>>873714875shut up and start jerking

>>873714875maybe with all this new attention she'll try and cash in. But idk part of me hopes not I like the mystery involved here and how there's only a few tease pics from her former onlyfans

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im just gonna jerk to mommy

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>>873714877>>873714960I want her to hold me in my arms and edge my cock until I'm a moaning drooling mess of a man. I want her to make me forget my own name fuuck

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>>873715048her arms * fuck I'm already braindead

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>>873715048>>873715065i wannaa blow all over her flat tummyyy

i need this in my lap giving me strokess

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>>873715115>>873715190stroking you slow up and down and grabbing your cum filled achy balls while she whispers naughty dirty things in your earnnghhh fuck Valeria you own me

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anything with dildos?

>>873715309god I fucking wish

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>>873715273aghh mommys so filthy.. just imagine the sick, naughty things she'd whisper in your ear while milking that throbbing cock...this is the perfect oic to blow to user ughh.. just wanna sneak my hand in her top and play with her lil boobies and suck em while she strokes.. just be drooling and slobber boi.. shooting a big fat load all overs..

balls so achey..

just wanna hide under her dress... then pound her lil pussy..

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>>873715419it's my favorite 2 and I think it really deserves a huge messy cum tribute. If she was in the passenger seat giving me those cute naughty looks I wouldn't be able to drive I'd need to take her into the backseat and make her cum herself dumb

>>873715048>>873715115>>873715273>>873715419Wish I could stroke and suck you while you enjoy her pics rn

>>873715419nnghhhh filthy goonerboi for Valeria

>>873715596that pic makes me wanna fuck her mouth so sloppy.. ughhh achey

>>873715608if we had a threesome together we'd really have some mind melting fun ;)

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>>873715633make her cute throat gag while all that drool drenches your dick

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>>873715608id have to fuck your mouth really sloppyyy mommy val brings out the worst in me..>>873715612i love gooning for mommy.. i need my leaky cock in her lil hand

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I have fantasies that she lurks in threads like this and while being disgusted she can't help but touch herself to the horny dumb boys messing with eachother to her pics

btw her favorite pornstar is Charlotte Sartre

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>>873715639>>873715695Wanna try to get both in you into my mouth. Lube me up with your sticky pre

>>873715672mm fuck~ my balls would be so drippy and slimey with her drool.. wanna hear the suckling gurgley sounds she makess.. gargle my dick mommy

>>873715704me too.. think about her heart racing and her panties soaking as she gets lost in all of us gooning and edging our cocks for her and sharing our dirty thoughts..sometimes i fantasize about confessing to her what i do every day and beg for mommys forgiveness... but she'd say it's ok.. she likes it :)) ugh fuck>>873715747that makes all the sense in the world lol>>873715748mmm yeaahh double stuff that throat

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>>873715752you'd keep pumping away at her sloppy throat and she'd just laugh watching you sinking deeper and deeper into ecstasy

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>>873715752Wish that was my throat rn while you keep gooning and pumping for her

>>873715863she has so much fucking power over us, and that's what she loves. She fucking owns our cock and mind

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I'd drink her puke

>>873716051fuuuuck yes

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>>873715881ugh id be moaning and whining like a lil cummy bb pumping in her throat like that.. but she'd slurp me up too easy.. just looking at me with those pretty eyes watching to see the face i make when i explode in her throat.. agh i think im gonna blow..>>873715917need your mouth i'd have a big fat load for your to swallow up.. breed your little throat :3

>>873716045thighsssssssszzsagh you're right... i'm powerless to her.. so small and gentle and soft.. but she owns me.. and my cock.. and my achey cum filled balls..

>>873716051i wanna make mommy puke from my throatfuckys~ messy slut..

>>873715608Are you chick?

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>>873716261thats what val watches when shes rubbing her soaking wet lil pussy.. thats how we should gang her throat~

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>>873716260 No, but just keep gooning and pumping for her. Wanna be your cocksleeve for her

>>873716297I wanna watch pretty porn filth with her and play all night

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fuck i love gooning

>>873713514Good morning, you are amazing

>>873714326>retarded stoner loser who hasn't worked out since before she was born

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>>873716361shed love how big and hard we get watching sloppy deepthroat and anal porn and pounding her little holes..need her bouncing on me..

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fuck im gonna nut

>>873713538and still do it better than actual gross brown bugs, seethe more femcelthey know the power they possess by having eurocentric features aligned with one little eyeliner touch, mogs you to death

>>873713538the 90's or early 00's?

>>873714518>pretty sure she ColombianaGross.


>>873713538choggers and poop are same thing...

>>873713769I agreeChogs should should die

>>873713885>blow upFuck off reddit cancer fuck

>>873714009Nobody cares