Why does the West suddenly care about Eastern Europe being owned by Russia...

Why does the West suddenly care about Eastern Europe being owned by Russia? You sure didn’t give a fuck in 1945 when you gave all of eastern europe over to Stalin.

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Because we were alive and had any say in the matter, also they totally weren't our most critical ally or anything. Do you even have a point to make, or?

>>873712459Ukraine isn’t even apart of NATO, they’re not a critical ally now. What shitty fucking reasoning for being so obviously brainwashed by the media

>>873713864I see the propaganda machine is working overtime.Fools


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>>873712328Niggers really are huge self-obsessed pieces of gutter shit.

>>873712328>>873714950ITT: self-absorbed ignorants doing what they always did

>>873715131can it, chud.


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I don't hate black people, but hate people like OP so muchshut the fuck up, cunt

Remember when they found out that Russia repeatedly funded both sides of divisive issues to create fractures in society?You think war in a different country would stop them continuing to do that?

>>873712328why do you feel the need to piss everyone off with your bullshit."CaUsE, iTs 4ChAn"dickhead

>>873712328umm my brain explodes. this gets heavily nuanced and out of control. i better only follow msnbc from now to keep my unbiased and honest view of the worldevents

>>873712328i care about all white countries:)

Because USA is stronger now than in 1945, at least compared to Russia.

That is the most ignorant shit I have seen and I am no genius myself, a few black people getting shot because they fought and resisted is not the same as your country being invaded because putin wants to reinstate the soviet way of life and because he doesnt want ukraine to join nato. Bombs are being dropped and a war is being fought, I dont hate black people but it just is not the same.

>>873715559Slavs aren’t white.

>>873715638us is overstretching it and can barely keep the misery at home under the rug. every nation will point at the abysmal life conditions in the us as a stark reminder the elites dont care about their own people

>>873715666yes they are. slavs, celts, anglos, germanic, norse, balkan, armenian, ect. as long as you have white skin and euro features and have heritage from a euro country you are white. (except turkey ig) theres no reason to exclude white countries. im irish so ig my perspective is broader

>>873715813West of the ural mountains i agree. The rest, no.

>>873715933why? they look like us and have similar cultures. what makes them not white to you? even people in countries like Kazakhstan have white people there because almost half of the country is russian(gennady golovkin is white imo)

>>873715813so turks are white too

>>873716017teachnically they are caucasian. there are white turks and there are more arab/ottoman looking turks which i wouldnt consider white. hasan piker, for example, is white

>>873715933Whites are west if the urals, north of the italian alos, south of the arctic circle, and east of iceland

>>873712328>black lives matter>you sure didn’t give a fuck in 1945 when you gave all of eastern europe over to StalinWho? Did what? Strange color of bait...

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>>873716427but why not just split it like this? theyre all european(except arab turks)

>>873716524pic didnt include srry

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>>873716524I consider white to only be labelled on people with white skin. Italians and greeks are generally brown

>>873716654there are some, especially greeks with more olive skin, but their features are still very white. ig im more lenient because like i said im irish, and less than 100 years ago(and to some now) i wouldnt be considered white. one of my friends when i was younger was italian and him and his dad were pretty dark. most italians/greeks ive seen are lighter, but more olive than reddish skin

>>873716808The problem with italians is the cultural obsession with fashion. The food is awful, too. Just tomatoes, bread, and olive oil.

>>873716858they have some ok food i think. olive oil on the bread is a nice appetizer. the italians are like the french w fashion. i dont mind but it is definitely important

>>873716909I detest tomatoes. Too sour

>>873713864The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Russia opposes the west in basically every area.

>>873712328another Russians with questions threadIs much big mystery, why does the sun rise? Why does a mother love her child? When you can answer these questions then return.

>>873716967there are sweet tomatoes as well but you're obviously retarded and parochial

>>873712328Nobody gives a fuck about Ukraine. What people give a fuck about is not letting an unhinged dictator with nuclear weapons control massive portions of certain rare resources

>>873716808If its not blonde with blue eyes its not white, end of story.

>>873712328Have fun, shit like this drives people away from your cause in droves. actual retard

>>873714950That's racist.But then again, BLM was always racist.

>>873717108k nigger

>>873712328Agreed. The US should've conquered Berlin and immediately started slaughtering the red army back to Moscow.

>>873717048I don’t like them. I try them occasionally and they’re unpaatable

>all lives don't matter until black lives matterlogical fact>Ukrainian lives don't matter until black lives matterRacist and immoral sentiment>>873712328Since Ukraine started trying to join NATO/thread

>>873717086So I’m Irish, with brown eyes, brown hair and orange beard hair. I’m not white n your opinion?

>>873717429No, you're a mutt

>>873717467What makes Irish people mutts? Because next to no celts of any kind have blond hair or blue eyes

>>873716542>spanish people are white

>>873716524>>873716542Move all the whites west of the Bosphorus, all the Arab Turks East, and rename Istanbul to Constantinople (or Byzantion). Move all Turkic Kazakhs south into Kazakhstan and all white Russians north. Done. Oh, and eliminate Islam in all white territory.

>>873716654Italians, Greeks & Cossaks barely made it. Consider yourselves lucky.

>>873717731Im neither iralian, greek, or cossack

>>873717623(I’m the map guy) I mean they look white to me

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>>873715647Well the original tweet was from a 5 minute old Twitter account with a fake picture. So yeah it's. Russian bot doing Russian bot things (making morons upset)

>>873717761If you're white, good for you. If not, sorry about your luck.

>>873717731I don’t see why they wouldn’t be white. They’re just olive white instead of pink white. Like I said before, Arab Turks are the only not really white European group

>>873717549Not any more they don't, too much immigration during and after Roman times have diluted their blood.

>>873712328The name of the game is missile locations. The Cuban missile crisis was over Cuba being used as a missile location, a counter to Turkey being used as a missile location. Ukraine is just a kind of toy Cuba / Turkey right now where the west wants it to have first strike missiles and Russia / China doesn't.

>>873717786There's a lot of north African in the Spanish gene pool. Regrettably after the fall of Rome, the Visigothic kingdoms were too busy squabbling amongst themselves and let the Umayyads take over the peninsula. Luckily though the muslims were not super big on intermarriage with the Christians. There's still enough admixture to keep an eye on though.

>>873717847As stated in the post, Italians, Greeks & Cossaks made it. Barely.

>>873717429 Red/ginger beard heavily implies Viking ancestry. I have the same type of ancestry going on but yeah technically we are mutts.

>>873717991Thanks for the interesting history lesson. So for you would you say they arent

>>873718069Ik I was saying that I agreed

>>873718072Yea that’s true. There was interaction between the two groups so that would make sense ig

>>873712328Because we're right next door to Russia. If they attack Ukraine unprovoked, then we might be next. And while sucking Putin's cock might be a lifelong dream for you, it isn't for me.

>>873715813>except turkeyThe only difference between slabs and turks is religion. They're both mongols who migrated west and raped native white populations until they made pale mongols of today. Slav-face literally means someone with a round face and chinky looking eyes. Russia is basically the second mongol empire that wants to come pillage and rape europe again.

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>>873717786Those are the Americans who are exploring Spanish culture and picrel is the map guy. Want to lie for a third time?

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>>873718135Yeah and don't pay attention to some wanker having a go at you because of "MUH ARAB" guys having the same kind of ginger beared. The Kingdoms of the Vandals and Allens existed in north Africa and near east before the Arabs dominated the Mediterranean.

>>873713864I believe the reference was to Russia being the most critical ally of the western powers in WWII (which is how they ended up "owning" half of Europe)

>>873717991Oh no the german savages that raped native iberians and realized they were disgusting subhumans so they started larping as latins were conquered by sand monkeys. What a tragety.

>>873712328NATO is a globalist war machine that is in a constant state of gaining strategic advantage over russia in the inevitable war for world domination. If nothing else Ukraine's geography would give NATO a HUGE advantage in a war against russia, without it russia could easily hold off western forces at the european plane due to the carpathian mountains.

>>873718187There are white Turks, however there is a large Arab/middle eastern Turkish population, which is wry obviously not white. Russians in my eyes are white, especially since their skin isn’t even pigmented. They look like me so I don’t see a reason to separate.

>>873718187>They're both mongols who migrated west and raped native white populations until they made pale mongols of today.Huns, perhaps, but not mongols.

>>873718298There are also white indians and pakis then. I know how you people really operate. Stick jew religion=white, moon jew religion=not white, pagan=not white for some reason, hindu=not white too despite being the closest cousin to the greek and roman pantheon, which are white because if they were niggers too then a lot of white achievements go out the window.

>>873718369Wtf is the difference between huns and mongols?

>>873718091Oh I suppose they're white enough, similar to Italians and Greeks. They should just be aware that we know the taint is in them and we're watching them.

>>873718398You people? I’m white bro. I don’t care about religion.there’s no evidence that Indians and Greeks/Romans are related. I don’t know how what I said is that wild. If you are from a euro country, have European features, and have fair/pinkish white/olive white(not brown) skin you are white.